The History of Maelstrom Earth

The history on Maelstrom differs somewhat slightly from what is 'common knowledge' or mainstream. As such, we have set up three (3) wiki pages which will let you see the history of our world.

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1880: "On Mutants" is written - Noted geneticists Nathan Essex accurately identifies for the first time the genetic template of the X-gene.

1913: Attilan Relocates - With the rumblings of war in the Atlantic and Europe preparing for The Great War, Black Bolt elects to relocate the ancient city of Atillan to the Himalayas.

1918-2-24: The Purifiers assemble - Vandal Savage joins forces with Lord Helstrom (a Daemonite High Lord), Hiraoka Kotaro (leader of The Hand), Nathaniel Essex, and Morgana leFay. All five seek to vastly reduce humanity's numbers in an attempt to create a 'better, stronger' race of humans, reminiscent of ancient and evolved Atlantis.

1919-1-1: Hitler's Rise to Power - Vandal Savage gives the Spear of Longinus to Adolph Hitler and suggests the direction of the Nazi Party. Hitler becomes the leader of the Purifiers and is exposed to trace Terrigen gasses by Savage. Only the Spear of Longinus keeps Hitler from dying.

1934: Schmidt Rises - Physicist Johann Schmidt is recruited personally by Adolph Hitler into the SS. He swiftly climbs the ranks to the head of the science division of the Schutzstaffel and is approached by The Purifiers to join their mission.

1938-4-12: The Red Skull Rises - The first iteration of the Super-Soldier serum is attempted. Schmidt is gruesomely deformed and driven partially insane. Erskine flees to America.

1939-9-1 - 1945-09-2: World War 2 - Following Case: White, Germany invades Poland and triggers WW2. Corrupted Terrigen gasses, stolen from Kree science ships by Vandal Savage millennium ago, are used on the Nazis, turning them into vicious, undead monsters.

1940-4-9: Germany Invades Norway - Operation Wesurbung begins. Johann Scmidt, leading the Hydra division of the SS, attacks a small town and levels it in his pursuit of the location of an ancient battle between Kree and Asgardians, where a Kree science ship might yet remain.

1942-7-4: Captain America is Created - Project: Rebirth turns young, sickly Steve Rogers into Captain America, the Perfect Human.

1942-7-4: Erskine Assassinated - Abraham Erksine is killed by a German agent and the secrets of the Super-Soldier Serum are lost. Howard Stark and Thomas Wayne each take one half of the serum's formula into custody to keep it out of the wrong hands.

1942-8-15: Captain America Rises - Captain America and Zinda Blake steal a plane and fly into hostile German territory to rescue members of the 107th Brigade. They retrieve not only Sergeant Barnes, but over a hundred Allied personnel. Many of them go on to become the Howling Commandos.

1942-9-1: Themyscira Found - Captain America's plane is shot down over the ocean, and the Gods of Olympus will him be delivered to Themyscira's shores. He meets Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and returns to the war with Wonder Woman at his side.

1942-10-1: Jor-El Lands on Earth - Jor-El's hyperspace ship crashes into the desert of Africa, searching for Kherubim descendants of ancient Kryptonians.

1942-10-25 - 1948: Captain America, Hippolyta, Zinda Blake, Jay Garrick, Namor, Jor-El, Howard Stark, Thomas Wayne Sr. as Owlman., Carter Hall, Peggy Carter, Nick Fury Sr., The Phantom, T'Chaka, Kent Nelson (Dr. Fate), and Lamont Cranston (The Shadow) form a secret organization of Mystery Men to combat Hitler and Nazi Germany.

1943-9-12: Baina-Mighdall Discovered - Rommels' forces sweep into the deserts of Egypt and are forced into a dense sandstorm. They find the ancient city of Baina-Mighdall, and are forced to retreat after taking severe casualties. One enemy woman is captured, and transferred to the SS; Schmidt is able to learn from her the existence of Doom's Gate, which inspires Morgan La Fey to trick her allies into taking control of Themyscira.

1944 Kara Zor-El is born on Krypton

1945-2-10: Battle for Doom's Gate - The greatest battle of World War 2, the Nazis launch the full might of their armies at Themyscira. The Amazons and allies from the Defenders stand between them and Doom's Gate; Morgan le Fey, having lied to her allies, intends to open Doom's Gate and purge the world of all humanity. The Defenders fight off the army of Nazi zombies and their Terrigen-mutated allies.

1945-2-10: The Battle for the Power Cosmic - Schmidt, pursuing his own plans, seeks an ancient Kree weapon known as a Cosmic Cube; half of the Defenders engage him in the North Atlantic, and fight him off of a crashed, abandoned Kree research vessel to try and retrieve the Cube before he can use it to rewrite all of reality.

1945-4-30: Hitler stages suicide - A body double for Hitler commits suicide in a bunker on the eve of Germany's defeat. Hitler escapes to the secret German moon base. Germany concedes the war; Japan follows shortly thereafter.

1945-12-15 With the war effort underway under the leadership of Captain America, Jor-El is able to fix his crashed ship and returns to Krypton.

1946-10-14 Kal-El is born to Jor-El, and Lara Jor-El

1947: Roswell Incident - Carrying a pair of Skrull observer-agents, a recon ship crashes into Roswell. The Skrulls adopt disguises and set about using their technology to create an army of sleeper Skrull servitors.

1947-8-23 Jor-El finds the pressure of the planets core is increasing, within 18 months Krypton will be destroyed. The Science Council dismisses these claims and ignores Jor-El's warnings .

1948-5-13 Jor-El was wrong in half the projected time, Krypton is tearing itself apart, with only a single prototype ship, Jor-El and Lara Jor-El launch baby Kal-El into space, his destination Earth. Zor-El, having believed his brothers warnings has also managed to build a space ship, launching his daughter Kara Zor-El into space to follow baby Kal to earth.

1948-12-13 Kal-El's ship crash lands in Smallville Kansas, found by an elderly farming couple who could never have children of their own, they adopt the baby from the stars naming him Clark Joseph Kent

1948: Nazis Defeated - Hitler is finally killed on the Nazi Moon base near the Sea of Tranquility. The remaining Justice Defenders ensure his body is completely obliterated and take the Lance of Longinus into their custody, agreeing it will be safeguarded and never used again.

1948: SHIELD Founded - SHIELD is founded, a reorganization of the joint Euro-American Strategic Scientific Reserve. SHIELD's mandate becomes to monitor meta-human and alien threats anywhere in the globe. It is formally recognized by multiple international treaties and supported even by the Russians. Tension waxes and wanes as SHIELD's agents sometimes act above international law, but generally SHIELD is regarded as a positive force for humanity. They spend several decades scouring the globe for alien technology.

1955: Project: CADMUS - The Department of Extra-normal Operations (DEO) becomes the US Government directorate responsible for overseeing all research into meta-humans for the government. It operates at times with SHIELD and against it, as various directors take the DEO in different directions. Multiple sub-programs are established, including Project: Cadmus, The Agency, Task Force: X, and Weapon X. Nathaniel Essex remains a shadowy figure in CADMUS history for decades to come. Weapon Plus is founded in Canada as a counterpart to CADMUS. The CCC (Sovetskiye Supere Soldaty) program forms in Russia.

1963-11-22: JFK Assassinated - The Winter Soldier shoots from the grassy knoll and kills JFK.

1964 Clark Kent graduates Smallville High with a full ride scholarship to Kansas State University

1965 - 1991: Cold War Era - This is the Cold War era for the game. During this time the Mutant Rights Activists such as Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier are most active. Nick Fury Jr. and Alex Fairchild work with covert agencies like the CIA and SHIELD against adversaries like the resurrected Mr. Sinister, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and various other enemies. It's a time of social upheaval and militant jingoism all over the world as Russia and America flirt with mutually assured destruction. Weapon X and Project: Rebirth were revived by the Americans, giving rise to Bruce Banner, Alex Fairchild, Deathstroke, and Wolverine.

1967 Clark Kent after only 3 years at university graduates top honors with a degree in Journalism.

1967 A new experimental Space plane is planned to launch from outside Metropolis when something goes wrong, suddenly taking a nose dive back to the planet all hope is lost until a strange man flies into the air and is able to safely bring the plane down with no loss of life. The Daily Planet names this hero Superman.

1972 The Justice Defenders are founded, it's founding Members Superman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, J'onn J'onnz, Thor of Asgard, Nick Fury Jr, Giovanni Zatara, Hank Pym, and Janet Van Dyne.

1981 Several hundred miles from Metropolis a bone covered behemoth breaks free from the ground and cuts a swath of death and destruction on his way to Metropolis. Named Doomsday by the media, his advance is finally halted after a long drawn out fight with Superman, both succumbing to their wounds. A world mourns as Superman is buried with state honors.

1981 An android built by Kal-El to be able to at times replace Clark Kent, along with help from the Fortress of Solitude AI Jor-El retires from his position of Editor in Chief of The Daily Planet retiring to his family farm in Smallville Kansas.

1982 After 8 months in a regeneration matrix Superman is reborn, alerted to a distress signal that's origin looks to be from Krypton, Kal-El decides to leave earth with the hope that maybe he /isn't/ the last Kryptonian in the universe.

1982-12-18: Bruce Banner Born - Bruce Banner born on a US Military installation.

1986-1-28: Kara Zor-El Crashes - A pod bearing Kara Zor-El crashes to Earth in Florida, and is found by Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers.

1986-2-9: Reed Richards born - The famous inventor is born in Central City, California.

1986-1-28: Challenger Accident - The Challenger, one of the first deep-space craft made by humans, is destroyed in low orbit when a freak meteorite collides with the spacecraft.

1987-2-19: Bruce Wayne Born - The youngest scion of the Wayne family is born in Gotham.

1991-12-25: Collapse of the USSR - The Soviet Union collapses. Many KGB assets and projects are transferred to the FSB but others become wildcards or are lost in the transition.

1995-12-16: Howard Stark and his wife are killed by the Winter Soldier, who arranges a car wreck. Later that year, Thomas and Martha Wayne are killed in Gotham City by a petty thug by the name of Joe Chill.

1999-1-1: Xavier Institute - Charles Xavier and his friend Hank McCoy open the first school exclusively for mutants and meta-humans.

2000 Kal-El arrives to the Rao system to find an asteroid belt where once Krypton stood, there are no survivors.

2001-9-11: 9/11 Terrorist Attack - Radical terrorists commandeer several airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Responding heroes help mitigate much loss of life.

2001-9-14: Superwoman Appears - At nineteen years old, Superwoman makes her first appearance in costume to help rescuers after a hurricane struck. Introducing herself as "The Last Daughter of Krypton," Superwoman's announcement reveals the presence of aliens to the world at large.

2006-4-13: Mutant Registration Act is passed - The first fruits of the Mutants Rights Movement come to bear and the number of public mutants spikes. Newspaper sensationalize mutant crimes and violent activity. The Johnson-Kinsey Act (aka the Mutant Registration Act) is passed amid a wave of fearful rhetoric. Dr. Bolivar Trask, part of the Department of Extra-normal Operations (DEO), is secretly assigned to Project: Cadmus. Cadmus generates the Sentinel project, using giant robots with proto-sapient machine learning software to apprehend and detain the most dangerous mutants.

2006-5-1: Mutant Relocation Act - The Johnson-Kinsey Act includes specific funding and direction for the tri-City area. Mutants in much of the United States are forcibly relocated to New York's borough of Harlem. Crime spikes overnight as thousands of mutants are crammed into already dense urban squalor.

2007-1-2: X-men, First Class - The first generation of Xavier-trained mutants starts working as covert agents in the Mutant Rights Movement.

2007-6-26: Batman Begins - The masked vigilante known as Batman makes his first appearance in Gotham City, breaking up a crime ring headed by Oswald Cobblepot.

2010-8-2: Assassination of Senator Kinsey - Anti-Mutant politician and Presidential candidate Senator Kinsey is violently murdered during a private fund raising event. Twenty-three people are killed, including family members. A SHIELD task force led by Melinda May arrives on scene too late to capture the operative known as X-23.

2012-4-17: Wedding of Sue and Reed Richards - The world's most famous meta-humans get married! Many people attend, and remarkably, not one villain shows up to make a scene.

2012-4-18 - 2012-10-14: Skrull Invasion - Skrulls reveal their secret invasion of Earth, which started decades previous. Many world leaders and superheroes are abducted to both weaken Earth and harvest the genetic information of resident meta-humans Superwoman breaks free of the Skrull mother-ship and exposes their invasion; shortly thereafter, Wayne Industries produces a Skrull-detecting sensor that uses common cell phones. In short order, Skrulls are in full retreat from Earth.

2015-6-13 - 2015-6-20: The Week of Brainiac - Seeking latent genetic information on possible Kryptonian survivors and Kherubim descendants, Brainiac attacks Earth and releases a nanoplague on Metropolis. Thousands of residents are temporarily converted into Brainiac servitors. Tony Stark develops a nanophage treatment that undoes the Brainiac infection and allows Earth's heroes to drive the hostile AI off of Earth.

2016-3-1 - 2016-3-31: Sentinel Uprising - Mutant-hunting Sentinels go on a rampage for most of a month. Many mutants are killed or maimed, instead of captured. Non-mutants are also harmed. It is revealed that a rogue AI had taken control of many Sentinels. An unknown group of meta-humans (the Xavier students) destroys a previously covert Sentinel factory. Due to public outcry, the Sentinel program is permanently shuttered.

2016-3-25: Jean Grey perishes - In a desperate attempt to stop the Sentinel uprising, the X-teams fly to Enceladus, a moon of Saturn. During the climactic battle, Jean Grey gives her life to defeat the burgeoning alpha-intelligence. The Enceladus facility is destroyed and Jean Grey is presumed KIA.

2017-6-1: Captain America and Captain Blake survive! - Captain Rogers is revealed to be alive! Having survived in the crushing depths of the cold ocean, he is resuscitated and returned to the modern era.

2017-10-1: Game Canon Begins - Welcome to our interactive timeline! This charts the major recent events of the 100 years leading up to the start of the game. For events occurring prior to 1800, please refer to the Ancient History Timeline file. Use the controls on the left of the screen to scroll right or left and view events as they occur.

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