The Theme of Maelstrom Earth.

Maelstrom Earth is multi-themed Mu with a focus on comicbook superheroes. Here, we have blended real life, DC’s Earth Prime and Marvel’s Earth 616, along with a few tidbits from other sources, to create our history, setting and timeline. The Earth of Maelstrom Earth sits in the center of it all. It is where it all begins and ends. All realities and timelines stem from it and will eventually lead back to it.

The Pantheons and Magic draw from various source canons which have been laced together and interwoven into the game’s history to create a cohesive and comprehensive staple of the game. Our map and grid reflects real life streets and layouts with the major comic book cities layered onto them.

We embrace OCs as readily as FCs, AUs and different timelines. While we are comicbook focused, we also welcome other characters from other sources as well. At Maelstrom Earth, our players shape our world with a dynamic grid; their plots shape the future with each battle and decision impacting the timeline. Here, it’s entirely possible for the bad guys to get the upper hand for a while or a key part of the grid to be utterly destroyed.

Through the use of AU, we have worked out a way to handle what can be a jarring situation when a character switches players so that it now allows past RP to be kept by others, the new player the opportunity to keep or completely rewrite the character and offer immediate RP hooks so there’s little to no struggle to dive right in and find way to get going!

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