Alternate Universes, Realities & Timelines

While Alternate Universe/Reality/Timeline characters are welcome on Maelstrom Earth, there's a few things that should be kept in mind.

First, we ask that you consider doing everything possible to honor prior RP and adhere to the established continuity as much as possible (respecting your privacy and News Consent) if possible. In terms of the game, we hope new players will pick up the prior player’s torch and keep running with it, rather than the continuity being exposed to constant reboots and character re-writes.

Second, the more the application differs from Mainstream Continuity (IE: Earth Prime, Universe 616, etc.) and/or Game Continuity, the more will be required to get it approved. If you choose to make major modifications to a character, then your app will undergo additional scrutiny as if it were a Restricted Concept. The allowance of these characters does not supersede our Banned Concepts (See: News Banned) nor the rules of consent (See: News Consent.).

Finally, remember that you are required to have your character retain all or most of the memories of the previous 'version', so be sure to familiarize yourself with them.

Timeline jumps will be permitted when it comes to the age of a character. Anything beyond these reasons should be discussed with Staff first before the application process is begun.

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