Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Played By: Chris Evans
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Quote: "When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree by the river of truth, and tell the whole world 'No, You Move"
Position: Department of Defense
Affiliations: "
Inspiration: Marvel
Rating: R
Note: Captain America was arguably one of the world's first superheroes. Along with Wonder Woman and Superman, he formed the original Justice Defenders and fought the tides of oppression during the height of World War II. He was one of the last casualties of the war with the Nazis and their sinister cabal overlords, when he and Zinda Blake were lost in the icy depths of the Arctic sea. Rediscovered as alive some seventy years later, Captain America is a man struggling for his own sense of identity even as he is a bridge between the past, present, and future.

Steve Rogers is one of the world's easliest and most famous superheroes. A product of a one-time scientific experiment, Captain America made his name fighting Nazis and their ilk during the Second World War. Frozen in ice for seventy years after his last heroic mission, Captain America has been thawed and serves the Department of Defense as not just the Super Soldier, but as an icon of truth, liberty, and freedom.


Ideal Human
Captain America operates at peak human potential. In every meaningful measure, he is at the absolute zenith of human capability. He can bench press 800lbs and squat nearly a ton of weight. His muscles are so dense that small arms fire has reduced effect and he's largely resistant to many toxins, radiation, and chemicals. He heals much more quickly than most people, with total regeneration of missing organs or even limbs. His body does not produce the fatigue toxins that slow people down, allowing him to operate at maximum exertion for hours at a time. He requires only a few hours of sleep per week. Steve can perform phenomenal acrobatic feats, like a standing triple backflip and running a tightrope. He has superior hearing, 40-5 vision, and phenomenal hand-eye coordination and nearly superhuman reflexes. Thanks to his incredible focus and prodigious brain activity, he can as easily master a new language as he can take in a raging, chaotic battlefield in a single glance. In almost any human endeavour of physical exertion, only a rare few are Steve's equal at any given practice.


Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Welcome to the Present 2017-08-16 PG-13 Superwoman, Captain America Superwoman seeks out the rumored return of Captain America, hoping to meet the man spoken of so highly by her uncle.
Looking for a Crack Pilot Wed Nov 29 02:31:53 2017 PG Stella, Steve Rogers Steve Rogers meets the scion of 'The Hammer'.
Stormwatch Recruitment: Haven 2017-01-12 PG-13 (Language!) Steve Rogers, Haven Summary
My Brother, My Sister, My Teammate 2018-01-13 PG Kara Zor-El, Steve Rogers Kara reaches out to her teammate and uncle's dear friend, Steve, about Cadmus, her clone-sister, and more.
Steve and the Steak Dinner 2018-01-15 PG-13 for some adult product references Steve Rogers, Haven // Steve and Haven do dinner
Legacy of War: Part I 16 February 2018 PG-13 for violence Steve Rogers (Captain America), Haven MacKenzie, Duncan Reynolds, Eve Llowe, Sebastion Gilberti Captain America leads a crack team of SHIELD agents to recover Nazi serum from a bunker in rural Norway.
The Past Remembered Sun Feb 18 00:48:49 2018 PG Zinda Blake (Lady Blackhawk) Steve Rogers (Captain America) Zinda and Steve go dancing and reminisce before a taking a leisurely stroll and discussing how to move on and healing old hurts.
Two Soldiers 2017-12-09 PG Steve Rogers, Hunter Steven goes looking for a rumored figure operating in Mutant Town. Eventually he finds Hunter.
If or how and when? March 4, 2018 PG Steve Tony Tony goes to visit one of his best friends, Steve Rogers. Tony's not much for social calls, and Steve knows it.//

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