Slade Wilson

Played By: Manu Bennett
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Position: Mercenary
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Inspiration: DC Comics
Rating: NC-17
Note: The Terminator!

Slade Wilson is a veteran of the United States Army, and many of the files documenting his service are either classified or do not officially exist.

Under the nom de guerre of Deathstroke, Slade Wilson is perhaps the most elite mercenary on the planet, commanding high prices for jobs that seemingly no one else can pull off. Those who know of him regard him as something like a one man army.

Enhanced Body
Thanks to an experimental serum given to him while he was in the US Army, Slade Wilson's physical attributes are all at near-superhuman levels. He can outrun Olympians, dodge bullets like they were traveling through molasses, lift a car off the ground with ease, see farther, hear better, smell better… every aspect of his physical capabilities has been boosted to the limits of what the human body is capable of doing. He is also more durable than the average person by far, mostly to keep his enhanced body from ripping itself apart doing the crazy feats it's capable of doing.

Enhanced Mind
After being given an experimental drug by the US Army, Slade Wilson's mind was enhanced to a superhuman level. Consider his brain a computer with an infinite hard drive. Anything he sees or reads, he can recall in perfect detail. He can make calculations faster than other people realize that calculations need to be made, giving him perfect timing, navigation, and other skills. Stress and fatigue do not hamper his ability to run through the thought process, and he is never in need of 'a moment to think.' He can map out a hundred battle plans by the time the other guy's realized that he should probably go for his gun. For the most part, problems aren't problems to him. The only competition a brain like his faces is from a genuine innate super-genius like Reed Richards or someone whose brain can work even faster, like the Flash.

The experimental serum that enhanced Deathstroke's mind and body also boosts his body's ability to heal. Too much damage can still kill him, and it's not powerful enough to do things like regrow his lost eye, but his body is capable of mending wounds much faster than a normal person. The effect also slows his aging and reduces his need for rest, keeping him in his physical prime for far longer than a normal person would experience.

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