Mary Marvel

Played By: Riki LeCotey
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Position: Position Figure of worship
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General and Secret Info/Identities. Mary Marvel protected Fawcett City as part of the Marvel Family for many years before they disappeared. She reappeared months later in Kahndaq, wearing a new, black costume and sporting a darker, angrier attitude. She has taken an official position as Hemet (the chief authority of Kahndaq's religion) since Black Adam gave her his powers, becoming a relevant player in global politics.

He Who Rises Up grants Mary stamina and durability. She is extremely resistant to harm, does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, and heals from wounds rapidly.

High Above grants Mary flight and speed sufficient to cross the galaxy in a mere 5,000 years.

The King Of The Names grants Mary Kryptonian strength.

Leader grants Mary wisdom. This includes sharpened (but still mundane mortal) senses, quickness of thought, and insight. Zehuti sometimes chooses to communicate directly with Mary, giving her advice or premonitions.

Sun's Disk grants Mary power: the lightning that transforms her. She can use this lightning as a weapon by summoning it, then dodging before it can strike and transform her. She can also share her power with another, if she chooses, at the cost of a reduction in her own power.

One Who Is Coiled grants Mary conviction and courage, protecting her mind from psychic attacks.
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A Modest Proposal Sat Feb 03 12:39:01 2018 Mary Marvel Barbara Black Mary comes to Oracle to make an unsual proposition.

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