Bobby Drake (Iceman)

Played By: Robert Louis Drake
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Quote: "Iceman"
Position: Quite literally the coolest member of the X-Men.
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Inspiration: Robert Louis Drake was born in Long Island, New York in 1993. He was a smart and funny kid, but he and his parents did not always see eye to eye. His parents were good-intentioned people, but were swept up in the wave of anti-mutant hysteria that festered in the US during this period. Seeing that contrast of behavior from his parents, who were loving and supportive towards him but genuinely frightening with how they viewed people different from themselves, ensured that Bobby was absolutely terrified when his own mutation finally manifested, shortly before the passage of the Mutant Registration Act. He hid his powers as best he could, but was forced to come clean to his family when a representative from the Xavier Institute showed up on their doorstep to invite him to attend.

Bobby accepted the invitation partly as a means of escaping his home life, not wanting to stick around and see how his parents would treat him now that he was one of Those People. At the Institute, Bobby was able to come out of his shell, quickly developing a reputation as a class clown and (to the surprise of many) the go-to guy for help with math homework. His genuine nature and wish to do good — paired with his powers' potential — led to him becoming one of the first class of X-Men.

It wasn't all it was cracked up to be. While the X-Men have enabled Bobby to do a lot of good, it's also been incredibly dangerous. The situations he's found himself in have led him to discover quite by accident that his abilities are a heck of a lot more powerful than he ever imagined, and while it's reassuring to know that he can regrow a limb when he loses one to a giant robot (that was a weird afternoon), it's also rekindled that fear he felt as a child, and that fear is holding him back in ways he isn't even aware of.

Now a graduate of Xavier's, Bobby splits his time between studying to be a CPA at Empire State University and his duties around the Institute. Still an X-Man, he is also a math tutor and a mentor for the younger kids coming into the school. He's still getting used to no longer being the youngest kid on campus.

Rating: || Cryokinesis || Champion || Iceman, as his name would suggest, is able to generate and manipulate ice. All he needs is for there to be moisture in the air, which — on Earth, at least — means he's always got *something* to work with. He is one of Earth's Omega-level mutants, although he has yet to reach his full potential, due in large part to his own fear and wariness of his own powers.

Where he was once limited to snow, Bobby can transform his entire body into living ice. After one particularly traumatic mission, he was able to replace a lost limb and was none the worse for wear when he transformed back into flesh and blood.

Iceman can create blasts of ice, columns, ramps — if he can think it, he can craft it. And there are numerous uses of his power that he has no idea he's even capable of, and may never even stumble upon. Ice clones, for example. *No* idea he can do that. ||
Thermokinesis Champion Bobby is able to lower his own body temperature, internally and externally, allowing him to project intense coldness from his body. He is immune to cold temperatures, and is capable of generating cold to such a degree that he can snuff out fires, and even explosions. The larger and more intense the heat, however, the greater the toll this takes on him — especially as he's still learning his limits.
Note: || Combat || Skilled || As an X-Man, Bobby's receieved training in self-defense and combat. He's not the best martial artist in the world by a long shot, but he's capable of holding his own in a fight without relying on his mutation. ||
Math Skilled Bobby has always had a good head for math, and actually enjoys it a great deal. He's currently attending ESU to become a certified public accountant, in part to help maintain the Institute's books.
X-Man Multinational As Iceman, Bobby is an experienced member of the X-Men. He can call upon his team in times of need and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he's never in any given fight alone. They're his family.

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