Gotham's History!

Gotham's History?

  • Something dark, sinister and old stirs in Gotham, drawing attention.
  • Major Companies come under attack.
  • 'Odd' behavior is noticed by police (IE: Random bursts of violence, slowly degrading mental status, etc) and escalates in level and frequency.
  • Routes in and out of Gotham effectively blocked off, meaning to isolate the city.
  • Both Cult and Occult activity increases drastically. Ritual sacrifices are discovered. Various (and some mysterious) methods used.
  • Reports of monsters and 'weird things' pop up everywhere.
  • City finds hope. Dark and Negative energy 'infecting' Gotham is severely lessened but not able to be purged completely.

Rated: R for Language, Dark Themes, Violence

Cast: Bruce Wayne, Sofia Strange
Where: Gotham and the surrounding area.
IC Date:
NPCs: Doctor Gotham, Black Mask, Random Thugs & Henchmen (low to mid level), Court of Owls, Court of Owl Talons (assassins), Blackout, Mister Jip, Occultist & Sorcerers (low to mid levels), Small Time (less well known to entirely unknown) Cults.
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Plot Started:
Plot Ended:
Status: On-Going


Gotham's History comes back to haunt it. Will the city survive?

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