Peter Quill

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Captain, Pirate, Mercenary




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General Info

Peter Quill is the mercenary/pirate/dashing hero known as 'Star-Lord'. An Earthling who frequently travels the outer reaches of the galaxy, Quill is the hero of a dozen star systems and a wanted fuguitive in ten dozen more. The Nova Corps have conflicting orders on his arrest status and most star systems opt to just get him the hell out of their territory as fast as possible.

Secret Info

Peter Quill is the offspring of the Celestial called Ego the Living Planet and Meredith Quill of Earth. His mother died when he was eight, and he was kidnapped by the Ravagers shortly thereafter. Only Ego knows his real identity or his alien heritage.

Peter Quill is the biological son of Ego the Living Planet and Meredith Quill of Earth. His true heritage is unknown to him; Peter was kidnapped from Earth at the age of 8 and raised by the disgraced Ravager pirate known as Yondu Udonta. The young man took to the life of a pirate quite readily, and by the time he was in his teeens he was a skilled thief, ace pilot, trick marksman and a notorious womanizer.

After twenty some years on the fringes of space, Peter Quill remembers little of his life on Earth. Much of his recollection is hazy and focused on pop culture rather than history. He considers himself a child of the stars, not an Earthling, and as one of the only Terrans in the deep fringes finds himself having to rely on his brains and his wits to survive among stronger, more violent races that populate the criminal underworld on the edge of space.

Born May 12, 1980, Peter was a child both remarkable and unremarkable at the same time. His mother Meredith Quill raised him with the help of her good friend Lisa Chang, as his father had abandoned a pregnant young Meredith shortly after Peter was conceived. His mother told wild and fanciful stories about his father to anyone who would listen, claiming he 'was an angel of golden light' or that he came from deep space. Peter simultaneously grew to be embarassed at his lack of a father and enthralled by his mother's serious stories about his missing dad.

In the summer of 1988, Meredith abruptly grew ill. Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she died within weeks of diagnosis with Peter and her family at her bedside. Blinded with grief, Peter fled the hospital— and was kidnapped by aliens.

The fearsome disgraced Ravager known as Yondu Udanta had been hired to kidnap Peter Quill and return him to his father, the Celestial known as Ego the Living Planet. Instead, he broke the contract and raised Peter as a surrogate son/crew member, training him as a pirate.

By the time he was 14 Peter was a skilled marksman, a notorious thief, and had arrest warrants in several star systems. He was given command of his own ship, christened the Milano— a fast and nimble scout vessel. Peter Quill struck out on his own, independent of the Ravagers, and began styling himself 'Star Lord'.

After nearly twenty years on his own, Peter Quill's reputation as the master pirate known as 'Star Lord' is… decidedly middling. Some high-profile thefts elevated his name; a few equally high-profile arrests tanked it shortly thereafter. He is wanted by the Nova Corps for multiple counts of larceny, violent assault, public drunkenness and illegal manipulation of a Duchess. He's run afoul of several Green Lanterns in the last few decades for various criminal activities. Kax the Unburdened, commander of the Kree 12th Naval Brigade, has vowed to have him stuffed and mounted. The Shi'Ar want him for questioning as part of an illegal hyperloop racing league accident that destroyed a trillion-credit refueling station.

Peter Quill makes his living as a mercenary, smuggler, pirate, and thief. Quill considers the 'Ravager Code' to be more like a series of guidelines— he won't hurt kids or steal from the hungry, but he's not so noble that he won't take any advantage that's given to him in a fight.

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I Shot The Sheriff
Quill is a crack marksman. His preferred weapons are a pair of pistols, used akimbo, but he is a skilled shooter with a wide variety of ballistic and energy based ranged devices.

Rocket Man
Peter Quill is an excellent pilot and a fearless aviator. He uses fast, over-powered ships like the Milano and other scout-type vessels, preferring to rely on his instincts and his reflexes over battle armor and shields.

Dancing Machine
Peter Quill is (in his mind, anyway) an amazing dancer. His movements are the stuff of legends, for he is a descendent of Earth and the dancing tradition of the likes of John Travolta and Kevin Bacon. None can resist the sway of his hips!

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
Peter's been in a few fights in his day. Relative to the other Ravagers, as a young Terran he had to be quicker and more skilled if he wanted to survive their regular brawling. Quill's no martial expert but he's got the moves to be effective and evasive in a fight. He can read body language across a wide variety of lifeforms very well, a necessary trait when trying to decide if someone's being friendly or contemplating you as a snack.

Takin’ Care Of Business
Quill is an excellent thief and infiltrator. He scouts out locations, cases the job, and isn't above paying a premium for the right tools to get an unfair advantage. He's quiet and very stealthy when required and uses his good looks and boisterous charm to bluff through when that fails. Plan B almost never /works/, but that never stops him from trying, anyway.

The Milano
Quill possesses his own starship, an M-class light skimmer favored by the Ravagers. Christened the "Milano", this skimmer has been heavily modified and customized for Quill's use. It has room and bunk space for up to six crew members, and is lightly armored but sports heavy shields, a stealth module, and overpowered (and illegal) weapons and engines. The Milano is extremely nimble and responsive to a skilled pilot's touch.

Rocket Boots
For getting to those hard-to-reach goodies on the top shelf, it's hard to beat a pair of rocket boots. The discharge capacitors hold enough charge to launch Quill in nothing so much as aggrandized 'hops' or short flights, less than a kilometer. The boots do not require fuel but the capacitors take some time to recharge, making sustained flight impossible. The boots are gyroscopically stablized and Peter can maneuver in them easily without a need for hand controls.

Quad Blasters
Quill uses a pair of highly customized and modified energy weapons called Quad Blasters, or Elemental Blasters. They can discharge a variety of impulses and effects, including a targeted sonic wave, a high-heat plasma bolt, an ionized electrical discharge, and a 'cryo-beam' that can freeze atoms by nullifying atomic movement.

Space Mask
Quill's helmet is a rugged piece of survival equipment that was originally developed for surveying hostile environments. It has an integrated air scrubber that can filter out many toxins and particulates from the air and has a self-contained breathing apparatus. The helmet features thermal scanners, a HUD, air pressure regulation, a comlink, and can integrate with many computer systems. It can collapse into an earpiece sized unit at the touch of a button.

A Ravager duster is more than just equipment. It marks alliance to that organization, with obligations both up and downstream. Quill's duster is insulated against extreme temperature fluctuations. Padding offers some protection from blasts, energy weapons, and kinetic impacts. It also looks cool.

Just The Way You Are
Peter Quill is the scion of a Celestial, one of the most ancient and powerful beings in the universe. He is not a full Celestial, but a hybrid of that and a human. This manifests in greater resiliency and a body that heals from injuries that might otherwise be fatal or crippling. The Celestial DNA encoded into his body is rare beyond measure, attuning him to certain powers and energies in ways that are beyond his limited human comprehension. Even if he were made aware of this heritage, it's unlikely he could actually understand it enough to make anything of it except an interesting story.

Peter Quill isn't famous per se, but he's got a reputation among law enforcement and the criminal underworld. The other Ravager factions view him with suspcion due to his association with the outcast Yondu. Most criminals see him as a flake with a soft spot, and most law enforcement views him as a distracting low-level criminal who stays barely on the edge of their awareness.

My Little Town
Quill is a Ravager. Thieves and mercenaries, they have a code of ethics and honor that unites them and guarantees mutual protection. Quill is viewed with some suspicion by the other Ravagers due to his association with Yondu, but is not considered barred from that group.

Peter Quill is wanted in several star systems for various criminal acts. He's also made personal enemies of several high-profile individuals, such as Kax the Unburdened, two Green Lanterns, and a Tandorian Duchess. Not to mention his father Ego the Living Planet would like him returned home before he meets an untimely demise somewhere. Plenty of people would like to see Quill dead, in chains, or both.

Ramblin’ Man
Peter Quill does not have a home of record and his planet of origin— Earth— is not part of any galactic federation. He lives in his starship and travels with the solar winds, wherever work takes him.

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