Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Enter the Superboy Decemter 24, 2017 PG for Violence and Some Strong Language Divine, Superwoman, Superboy Superwoman, continuing her investigation into the people she believes to have created her 'sister', Divine, penetrates a Cadmus research facility, where she discovers a second clone, this one a young man. Both are confronted, at least, by Divine directly, pitting sister against brother and sister both.
What Could Go Wrong Fri Dec 22 22:32:11 2017 R (Language, innuendo, Darcy bein' Darcy) Daisy Johnson Darcy Lewis Daisy finally meets the agent working in requisitions that has been keeping her sane all these years. A potentially disastrous plan is hatched.
Storming The Sanctum December 10, 2017 PG-13 Ororo Munroe Jean Grey The X-Men's resident weather goddess receives an unexpected call.
Psquatter Spotter December 02, 2017 PG-13 Jean Grey Sofia Strange The Sorcerer Supreme makes a house call to exorcise a weirdly corporeal ghost.
The Grace in Divine Meetings December 20, 2017 PG-13 for Language Grace Choi, Divine Divine runs into Grace Choi on her way home, and the two end up chatting while Grace walks home.
Shopping for Laura November 10, 2017 PG Lexi Nemo, Laura Kinney Lexi Nemo takes Laura Kinney shopping for some odds and ends the unusual new student might like for her stay at the X-Mansion.
A Bloody Night Part 2 December 15, 2017 PG-13 for Blood and Language Divine, Linda Danvers, Sophie Superwoman, alerted by possible of evidence, deploys to Florida to intercept, but instead meets a badly wounded DEO trooper named Snakebite.
A Bloody Night Part 1 December 15, 2017 PG-13 for Blood and Language Divine, Sophie Divine is sent by CADMUS to support a DEO operation gone bad, and encounters the only survivor, Sophie.
Rubies and Vaults November 30th, 2017 PG-13 for Language and Violence Divine, Sev, Jean Grey, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Wanda Maximoff A group of high-tech bank robbers called the Cowl Kids try to rob Hometown Bank in Queens, with a surprise mercenary villain as their backup, but are foiled by a group of heroes - Exo-Girl, Jean Grey, the Scarlet Witch, Spider Man, and Spider Woman.
A Flying Maze Fri Dec 15 01:21:35 2017 PG-13 (Language) Stella Daisy Johnson Boots on the ground meet an eye in the sky during a brief visit to the Helicarrier.
Logan meets Logyn at Breakstone Lake 2017/12/19 PG Logan and Logyn Logan (Wolverine) meets his trans-dimensional, gender-swapped, magically-cloned "sister", Logyn (Ratel) at Breakstone Lake on the Xavier Estate. She fills him in with an overview of her unusual history.
What it Takes to Be a Hero 2017-12-07 - 2017-12-24 PG-13 for comic book violence and potent descriptions of injuries. Voodoo, Iron Patriot, Starfire A trio of young heroines come together by happenstance and fate to attempt to stop an alien-backed assault on a Halo Corporation facility.
Laura's Older Sister 2017-12-17 PG Logyn and Luciana Gutierrez (Gemini) An unknown but eerily familiar woman arrives at the Xavier school and asks to be let in. Luci ends up greeting her.
Noodles in Chinatown 2017/12/15 & 16 G (with brief exposure of blades) Chat Noir, Laura Kinney, Lexi Nemo and Logyn Four people are out to get food in Chinatown (Laura and Lexi arrive together) and meet at a noodle cart. The L-ladies deal with the concerns (near threats) Laura shows towards Logyn. Chat pays and pun-ishes the three ladies as well. Logyn is given an invitation to go to a certain estate in Westchester county.
Slow Day Sat Dec 16 22:56:11 2017 PG Daisy Johnson Steve Rogers Computer problems lead to Daisy Johnson's first real encounter with Steve Rogers. Coffee is had. At least, she's pretty sure that stuff still qualifies as coffee.
Mysterious Injuries 2017-12-13 - 2017-12-16 PG (No significant violence or other themes) Klavdiya Vasiliev (Ohkhotnik), Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir) Adrien is injured, and he's stumbling his way home when he comes past a homeless woman who takes pity on him and tries to help.
They haven't forgotten! Fri Dec 08 15:43:29 2017 PG Loki Sif Loki has a surprise to show Sif. After all, it's been millennia since they've been to Midgard, and to see that some customs have remained from their time long ago?
I love arrows! Sat Nov 25 20:11:36 2017 G Nat Clint After finding out that all the arrow shafting and heads were grabbed up by a new archer on the block (Roy, that means you!), Christmas comes early in the Barton apartment. Lucky gets attention.
Do they know it's Christmas in Gotham? 12/08/2017 PG-13 Pepper sofia Bruce Clea Wanda Linda Holiday parties are all the rage this time of year, and who better to get money for causes from but the 'idle' rich? Those 'not so idle' rich, however, use the opportunity to talk briefly away from (mostly) prying eyes and ears.
Grace and Tigger Bank Robbery 2017-11-19 PG-13 for comic book violence Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik), Grace Choi Grace happens upon a bank robbery hostage situation, and decides to help. A giant tiger shows up to help too.
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