Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Resurrection News 12/26/17 G Storm Shadowcat Iceman Gemini Ororo reveals to some of her fellow X-Men that Phoenix is reborn.
StarTech and Iron Patriot 2018-01-01 PG Linda Danvers, Toni Ho Linda Danvers invites Toni Ho to come see her, and offers her an opportunity.
Models and Modernity 2018-01-01 PG Linda Danvers, Adrien Agreste Linda shows up to watch a photoshoot of Agreste models with StarTech products, which Adrien is overseeing.
Not-So-Light Investigation Thu Dec 28 20:40:08 2017 PG-13 Wanda Maximoff Laura Kinney Luciana Gutierrez Lexi Nemo Kitty Pryde Jean Grey A group of X-Men infiltrate the headquarters of a psych research company in search of a motive for one of their own setting a clinic on fire.
Forbidden Burritos December 29, 2017 PG-13 for Mild Language Divine America Chavez Divine slips off base to meet with American Chavez after being invited out for the best burritos in town…and finds herself questioning her worldview, and what she wants, in more ways than one.
Cracking Up Fri Dec 29 21:30:42 2017 Rating: PG Clea Lexi Nemo The Hunter Tendril, the Hunter, and the mysterious Silver Mist clean up a stain on Mutant Town.
After the Clinic Friday, December 29, 2017 PG Wanda Maximoff Luciana Gutierrez Lexi Nemo Kitty Pryde After infiltrating the Fairlight headquarters searching for information on what ties it has with Jean Grey and the mysterious experiments on psychics, the four X-Men talk about where to go next.
Sister Texts 1 2017-12-27 PG Superwoman, Divine Following About Your Sister, Kara uses the number she was given, and reaches out to Divine.
Aftermath of Heroism 2017-12-21 through 2017-12-24 PG-13 for some grody descriptions of healing and oblique flashes of skin Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo), Toni Ho (Iron Patriot) Following the events of What it Takes to be a Hero, Iron Patriot grabs the still-smoldering not quite corpse of Voodoo, tosses her in the back of her van, and flees the scene before the authorities can arrive to ask difficult questions. The two heroines discuss matters.
Howlett At Harry's 2017-12-20 PG Logan and Logyn Logyn meets Logan at the X-Men's favorite local watering hole - Harry's Hideaway - and discuss some history.
We aim to misbehave Dec 27, 2017 PG-17 - comic violence Star-Lord Rocket Those of the Milano are broke. Time to find a new payday!
The Dangers of Strange Tiger Girls December 23, 2017 PG Okhotnik, Tendril Following an encounter with a tiger-y Vanya, Okhotnik warns Lexi to be careful; Lexi reminds her friend that there's a reason she sticks around her.
Between Two Tigers December 23, 2017 PG-13 Language Vanya, Tendril, Okhotnik Enroute to track down her friend, Okhotnik, Lexi runs across another tiger scent and curiously follows it, running into a slightly drunken Vanya….and then Okhotnik follows.
A Daemonite Dig November 23, 2017 PG-13 for Violence Lexi Nemo, Voodoo Lexi Nemo, graduate student in charge of a minor Native American digsite, has an unusual visitor, who reveals that all among her co-workers and the dig itself is not as it seems…
First, We Need Teamwork December 24, 2017 PG Toni Ho, Dominique Thiebaut Toni (Iron Patriot) and Dominique (Cyblade) discuss the founding of a new organization, the Outsiders, and what it will take to be a team.
A Quiet Holiday Night December 23, 2017 PG Susan Richards, Reed Richards After a night helping dealing with a mysterious possession by something called an 'akuma' and encountering Chat Noir, Reed and Susan enjoy a quiet night at home.
A Fantastic Replacement November 19, 2017 PG Susan Richards, Stella Fisher, Reed Richards Reed and Sue Richards find a backup pilot fly them to Africa, and have a nice chat with Stella on the trip over on the Quinjet.
About Your Sister 2017-12-26 PG-13 for language and bloody visuals Superwoman, Snakebite Following A Question of Freedom, Snakebite reaches out to make contact with Superwoman about Divine.
Mother, Sister, Super Family 2017-12-26 PG Superwoman, Superboy Following immediately from Enter the Superboy, Kara and the Superboy get a chance to talk about who they are to each other, who they want to be, and what to do about Divine.
A Question of Freedom December 25, 2017 (early morning) PG-13 Strong Languages Divine, Snakebite Sophie (Snakebite) meets up for a promised drink with Divine, and discusses the different between having a duty and following orders…and being an agent and being an asset.
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