Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
In Over His Head? Tuesday, February 13, 2018 PG Aspen Matthews (Fathom), King Orin II (Aquaman) & Sebastion Gilberti (Bastion) Orin and Aspen meet a diver, Agent Gilberti, who is there to retrieve some ‘dangerous’ salvage for SHIELD.
Surprise Announcement Saturday, February 17, 2018 PG Aspen Matthews (Fathom) and King Orin II (Aquaman) After discussing how to approach the surface world with the Court, Aspen has a surprise for Orin.
Sigyn and Thor Meet The Grim Lantern Sun. Feb. 18, 2018 PG Sigyn Aglardis, Thor Odinson & Hogun Princess Sigyn and Prince Thor run into the Weapons Master of Asgard, Hogun the Grim who seems to have gotten an makeover and an upgrade. Things get tense and both boys are sent to their separate corners.
Odin's Put In His Place Sun. Feb. 18, 2018 PG Loki Odinson, Sigyn Aglardis & Thor Odinson Odin tries to teach his youngest son a lesson only for the plan to blow up in his face, an elven Princess to mouth off to him and then it's off to go shopping in the market for the boys and their guest.
The Past Remembered Sun Feb 18 00:48:49 2018 PG Zinda Blake (Lady Blackhawk) Steve Rogers (Captain America) Zinda and Steve go dancing and reminisce before a taking a leisurely stroll and discussing how to move on and healing old hurts.
Legacy of War: Part I 16 February 2018 PG-13 for violence Steve Rogers (Captain America), Haven MacKenzie, Duncan Reynolds, Eve Llowe, Sebastion Gilberti Captain America leads a crack team of SHIELD agents to recover Nazi serum from a bunker in rural Norway.
An Accident At Sunset Thur. Feb. 15th. 2018 R (Course Language) Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), Serenity Malcum (Switch), Darcy Lewis & Sebation Gilberti (Bastion) An accident at Sunset Cafe brings the promise of meeting later for Pietro and Evelyn (Serenity) and leaves the latter to meet and, try desperately!, to avoid questions by Sebation Gilberti (who she calls Agent) and Darcy Lewis (who is now known as Girlfriend).
Myths & Magic Sun. Feb. 11, 2018 PG Loki and Sigyn Loki welcomes Sigyn to Avalon so they can prepare the antidote needed to save his friend. The arrival and help of a large, chaotic creature catches the Princess off guard and when it's all said and done, there are more questions than answers.
Shock and Awwww February 5th, 2018 (IC: January 28th, 2018) PG-13 (Language) Jean Grey Luciana Gutierrez The Gutierrez twins find one of their former teachers hiding in plain sight, giving Luciana an opportunity to confront them honestly and demonstrate how much she and her sister have grown.
An Offer Difficult to Refuse 2018-02-07 PG Linda Danvers, Barbara Gordon Linda is always on the lookout for the best talent in the sciences and technology. She comes to visit Barbara Gordon to try to interest her in a mutually beneficial business arrangement.
I've Got You January 29th, 2018 (IC: January 27th, 2018) PG-13 (language) Jean Grey Rachel Grey Rachel Grey encounters a terribly familiar face hiding in Breakstone Forest.
To Catch a Spider Sat Feb 03 15:59:11 2018 PG Barbara Aesh In which Oracle acquires a new agent.
Reign of the Cybersaurs 1/27/2018 PG-13 Ironheart, Phyla-Vell, Starfire In Which Our Heroes Ironheart, Phyla-Vell, and Starfire Find Themselves Doing Battle With Dinosaurs Who Have Various Cybernetic Enhancements, Which Enhancements May or May Not Contribute to Their Desire to Harm Metropolis On An Industrial Scale
A Modest Proposal Sat Feb 03 12:39:01 2018 Mary Marvel Barbara Black Mary comes to Oracle to make an unsual proposition.
A Wild ColdDrake Has Appeared! Feb. 02, 2018 R (Language) Loki, Thor, Sif, Hogun & Eir the Healer (emitted by Hogun) Loki, Thor and Sif go hunting deer in Ireland and end up coming face to face with a ColdDrake who isn't at all happy about being woken up. A battle ensues and when it's all said and done, Sif ends up in the Healer's Hall in Odin's Palace with questions about whether she'll survive or not hanging in the air.
The Wounded Healer Mon Jan 29 21:03:12 2018 Haven Barbara Barbara offers Haven a job and one of her best guarded secrets.
Cold; Comfort January 19th, 2018 PG Kitty Pryde Jean Grey Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde check in with one another, sharing a warm moment on a cold day.
It Feels Real, Doesn't It? January 15th, 2018 PG-13 (Foul language; moderate romantic content) Ororo Munroe Jean Grey Eager for a distraction from a frustrating fare, Jean Grey reaches out for a conversation with one of her dearest friends; it does not go as anticipated.
Through the Changing Ocean Tides Mon Jan 29 18:02:08 2018 PG Peter Quill Barbara A strange radio broadcast is sent and the Guardians of the Galaxy intercept it!
A Raptor Leaves the Nest Sun Jan 28 22:21:24 2018 PG Barbara Helena Bertinelli Helena and Barbara catch up. Babs finally goes forward with her carefully laid plans.
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