Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Advanced Ideas Demonstrated Sat Mar 17 21:48:06 2018 PG Toni Ho Delta Haven Linda Danvers Amid the StarTech Science & Tech Expo, a young genius named Toni Ho presents some of her most recent inventions to a crowd that includes Linda Danvers, Haven, and a disguised Delta.
Expo: Jitters 2018-03-12 PG Linda Danvers, Toni Ho The Expo continues, and Linda decides to check in on one of the many people she has sponsored to the Expo, Toni Ho. They discuss the young inventor's plans for her booth and demo.
Expo: Sister Texts 2 2018-03-15 PG-13 Kara Zor-El, Divine As a follow-up to Sister Texts 1 and Texts From the Lost, Kara and Karen continue their burner phone texting conversations, while Linda walks around the Expo.
Expo: A Dire Theft! 2018-03-17 PG Linda Danvers / Superwoman, Tony Stark, Erid Irons / Dire, Dani Masters / Delta, Pepper Potts, The Flash The StarTech Science and Technology Expo continues with the presentation of Dr. Erid Irons' power transmission technology and some other things. However, that presentation is interrupted as the supervillainess Dire and her flunky Delta appear on the scene to steal technology from the Expo. They are confronted by Superwoman and The Flash from the Justice Defenders, and driven off, but not without getting away with a lot of new tech.
Start of a Punchworthy Friendship Sat Mar 17 10:39:01 2018 Vanya Grace Choi Grace is looking for Klavdiya, and winds up encountering Vanya for the first time instead. The two kind of hit it off.
The Prettiest Goo Fri Mar 16 20:45:16 2018 Wally West Dick Grayson Nightwing and The Flash interrupt a strange delivery, that has even stranger properties.
Punching the Clock with Grace Thu Mar 15 20:13:57 2018 R Grace Choi Delta Betsy Braddock Grace Choi is hired to oversee the unloading of some cargo at Fort Hob's, only to come under attack by AIM soldiers hoping to steal the tech inside. Luckily, she is aided by Betsy Braddock, and Delta…or is she?
Safe as Houses Tue Mar 13 00:54:53 2018 PG-13 Divine Sophie Sophie, aka Fox makes contact with Divine, setting up a safe house for her to escape for, while both women determine ways they can help each other's situation.
Singing Otters Tue Mar 13 22:08:09 2018 PG Garfield Logan Lexi Nemo Kitty Pryde Lexi Nemo and Kitty Pryde are out having pizza, then suddenly….singing green otter?!?
Mr. Nice Dude March 11th, 2018 (IC: November 16th, 2017) PG-13 (Language) Jean Grey, Dick Grayson Days removed from a fiery return to life, Jean Grey seeks shelter in Richard Grayson's suite by any means.
Rubbing Elbows Mon Mar 12 21:29:14 2018 PG Erid Irons Aveline Allaway Dick Grayson Adrien Agreste Playboy Dick Grayson, international supermodel Adrien Agreste, actress Aveline Allaway, and technocrat inventor Erid Irons meet at a uptown party.
Two Hunters, One Prey 2018-03-11 PG-13 for cinematic violence The Darkedge, Voodoo Two rooftop-skulking dangerous figures converge on a group trying to make away with several items from a museum. Things get bloody.
Monkey Business 2018-03-05 PG Voodoo, The Flash Gorilla Grodd steals a shipment of advanced weapons. Voodoo and the Flash show up to stop him.
Just Another Day 03/09/2018 6:52:23 pm. PG (Flirty Behavior) Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) and Serenity Malcum (Switch) Pietro (Quicksilver) and Serenity (Switch) spend and evening in with dinner and a movie. Could Serenity possibly have caught the speedster off-guard??
Petrified Memories Sun Mar 11 23:15:50 2018 PG-13 Lewis Aaron Lexi Nemo Savith stumbles over a deal gone bad between Lexi Nemo and an artifact seller, and discovers that the artifact belongs to his people.
Expo: Opening Ceremonies 2018-03-11 PG Linda Danvers, Tony Stark, Haven MacKenzie, Domnique Thiebeat], Erid Irons, Dani Masters, Drogo, Riri Williams A combination of science and technology luminaries and other interested parties gather for the opening ceremonies of the StarTech Science and Technology Expo in Metropolis.<br/><br/>This is the beginning of the week-long Expo storyline.
Russian Wolf Babushkas Fri Mar 09 18:32:46 2018 PG-13 Lexi Nemo Vanya Lexi Nemo manages to track down the shapeshifter Vanya, and the two get down to chatting over an all you can eat Chinese buffet.
Everybody Hates Logan March 10th, 2018 PG-13 (Language) Logan, Jean Grey Logan gets an opportunity to confront the close friend who's been avoiding him since her second birth.
X-Men Don't Kill March 07th, 2018 PG-13 (Language) Laura Kinney Lexi Nemo Carmilla Rappaccini Kitty Pryde Ororo Munroe Logan Jean Grey In a Very Special Issue, a group of X-Men lay out the team's rules of engagement for its youngest recruit.
He Took WHAT Sun Mar 04 21:14:37 2018 PG-13 Starfire Sev Riri Williams Toni Ho Riri, Sev, and Starfire return to Toni's warehouse workshop after Tony Stark appropriates Riri's armor. Toni is not amused.
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