OOC Date Title Rated Who's Involved Summary
17 Jan 2018 19:53 New York Manners G Vanya Chelsea Midtown Manhattan Adrien Agreste Marinette Dupain Adrien doesn't quite bump into New York's resident were-Russian. Vanya follows through for him.
16 Jan 2018 00:24 Steve and the Steak Dinner PG-13 for some adult product references Steve Rogers, Haven Steve and Haven do dinner
15 Jan 2018 03:41 First, We Need A Plan PG Sev, Riri Williams (Ironheart), Toni Ho (Iron Patriot), Dominique Thiebaut (Cyblade) The Outsiders meet as a group for the first time to hammer out what their team will do, and what they need to do it, in terms of tech, training, and possible corporate sponsorship.
14 Jan 2018 05:48 My Brother, My Sister, My Teammate PG Kara Zor-El, Steve Rogers Kara reaches out to her teammate and uncle's dear friend, Steve, about Cadmus, her clone-sister, and more.
14 Jan 2018 01:26 Stormwatch Recruitment: Haven PG-13 (Language!) Steve Rogers, Haven Summary
13 Jan 2018 02:45 Time to Regroup PG-13 Dire, Delta Dire and Delta find a place to lie low after their unexpected arrival in this universe.
12 Jan 2018 03:13 Christmas Eve Tigger PG Hunter, Grace Choi The tiger comes to find Grace, playful in the snow. Then Grace finally meets Hunter.
12 Jan 2018 01:50 Atop Four Furr-eedom Tower PG Starfire T'Challa Chat Noir Ladybug Reed Richards Chat Noir and Ladybug accidently draw the attention of turrents, Black Panthers, Starfire and Mr. Fantastic himself during a game of tag.
11 Jan 2018 02:45 Texts from the Lost PG Divine, Linda Danvers (Superwoman) Karen and Kara continue their texting conversations as Kara tries to convince Karen to open up to her.
07 Jan 2018 22:41 Christmas Fire PG-13 for semi-graphic burn injury descriptions Superwoman, Logan A fire is started, and Superwoman and the semi-mysterious Logan manage to rescue those trapped inside the building.
07 Jan 2018 04:07 Perfectly Normal Human Coffee PG (Language) Daisy Johnson, Delta A SHIELD Agent and a Totally Normal PA get coffee after a rather… interesting night.
07 Jan 2018 03:39 Her Arrival is DIRE! PG-13 for Violence and Language Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo), Delta, Wally West (The Flash), Dire, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) Hawkeye, Voodoo, and the Flash respond to gangers who have stolen an alien weapons shipment being sent to a SHIELD storage facility…but the battle is interrupted by the unexpected interdimensional wormwhole arrival of Doctor Dire and Delta.
06 Jan 2018 08:51 Libera Me a Malo PG Karen Starr (Divine), America Chavez (Ms. America) Divine works up the courage to tell America the truth…but unfriendly ears are listening.
05 Jan 2018 06:20 Miraculous Fencing With A Fox PG-13 Sophie Adrien Agreste Marinette Dupain During a chance meeting at the gym, Marinette gets a lesson about fencing (and life) from Sophie before tensions run high when Adrien joins them and Mari loses her temper as an impromptu sparring match takes place.
05 Jan 2018 05:00 The Outsiders Appeal PG Sev (Exo-Girl, Toni Ho (Iron Patriot) Toni Ho (Iron Patriot) approaches her friend Sev (Exo-Girl) about becoming part of the team she's envisioning for dealing with the sorts of problems the big name heroes can't always deal with - the Outsiders.
02 Jan 2018 23:41 Monkey Madness Weapons Deal PG-13 for violence Voodoo, Starfire Monsieur Mallah and The Brain have arranged a weapons deal for alien tech from off-world, but that gets interrupted as two heroines appear.
02 Jan 2018 23:33 Resurrection News G Storm Shadowcat Iceman Gemini Ororo reveals to some of her fellow X-Men that Phoenix is reborn.
02 Jan 2018 04:41 StarTech and Iron Patriot PG Linda Danvers, Toni Ho Linda Danvers invites Toni Ho to come see her, and offers her an opportunity.
02 Jan 2018 01:32 Models and Modernity PG Linda Danvers, Adrien Agreste Linda shows up to watch a photoshoot of Agreste models with StarTech products, which Adrien is overseeing.
01 Jan 2018 12:59 Not-So-Light Investigation PG-13 Wanda Maximoff Laura Kinney Luciana Gutierrez Lexi Nemo Kitty Pryde Jean Grey A group of X-Men infiltrate the headquarters of a psych research company in search of a motive for one of their own setting a clinic on fire.
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