A Bloody Night Part 1

Characters: Divine, Sophie
Rated: PG-13 for Blood and Language
Summary: Divine is sent by CADMUS to support a DEO operation gone bad, and encounters the only survivor, Sophie.
OOC Date: December 15, 2017
IC Date: December 15, 2017
Where: Wetlands Forest in Florida

It was supposedly just a buy, nothing even top drawer. The vestments of a long forgotten slavic saint, its why they ended up getting a random crew pulled from the DEO pool. Sophie, or rather "Snake Bite" was briefed to expect a quiet night of sitting in the back of a van. Normally the DEO was right about this stuff, but not tonight.

Upstate NY was where these things usually went down, and tonight is no different. Parked SUVs in a wooded lot out in the middle of nowhere, bodies scattered amidst the fallen leaves. Some DEO tactical agents, some fellows in plain clothes (presumably the sellers) and no shortage of men in neat jet black uniforms who wore no insignia. It's a fucking mess, cleaning this up is going to be no small affair.

Less than a quarter mile away from the initial contact, we find "Snakebite". Carbine pouring out brass and hate as the last DEO agent makes her advance on a trio of jet black clad assholes clutching a briefcase. She's transmitting, but jammed on the high band. "Snakebite snakebite looking for Overlord, Overlord can you hear me?" A pause as that mag runs dry, and she takes a rolling dive behind a nearby rock. Snapping another magazine home, before peering her head out of cover. That's right about when shit gets real.

A single nine millie hollowpoint smashes into that boulder, before it slides over the edge of that armored chest plate and into her throat. There's a sudden strained gurgle behind that gas mask and a cough, before bleeding to death or not. She rolls upright and brings that carbine to shoulder. Eating a flurry of more 9mm rounds as she pours out the hate, ending that gunfight with a stitch of 5.56 against those black clad assholes before she sinks to the ground with a gurgle and a wheeze. Gloved hand lifting to grasp at her own throat. "Nnngh, Merde…"

An electronically distorted voice crackles from the woods nearby. "Pity, you didn't leave any for me." A woman steps out of the trees, hand held out. She's wearing a DEO vest, though not much underneath, showing off bare if muscular arms, military style fatigue pants, combat boots and matching combat gloves. Over the lower part of her face is an almost Mortal Kombat-style face mask that conceals most of her features, and is probably responsible for the electronic distortion when she speaks. Royal blue eyes peer at you quietly, as she paces in a slow prowl, picking her way through the mess. "What happened?"

Slowly, Snakebite raises to her boots. The dull grey uniform of your typical trooper, but that gasmask has been decorated in bright red with the outline of some sort of animal skull. Her own fatigues are, holed in more than a few places and no doubt no mortal woman would be standing in her condition. Clumsily tugging free a magazine from her vest, only to discard it once she finds it's been shot through. "Buyer brought a tail, I think I'm the last one."Pausing to break the seal on that gas mask and let the blood pour free. "I have the package here, just give me a minute."Slowly though, she makes her way forwards. Finally crouching down to jerk the briefcase out from beneath one of the black clad jerks. "Give me a hand? I'm not doing so hot here, agent?"

"Take a seat then, agent." the dark-haired woman says, sauntering over to lean down, then holding out a hand to take the briefcase. "How bad are you off? First aid enough, or do I need to get you to a medic ASAP?" While it's not obvious, as she's asking this Divine runs her X-ray vision over the other woman, cataloguing her injuries absently.

"I could go for a milkshake and some fries."Snakebite lets the briefcase go without a fight, before finally slumping over against a tree. Her body armor has been defeated from the front and back several times, she's got holes and minor shrapnel wounds everywhere. A lung is full of blood, and the bullet wound to her neck isn't making things better. She should be dead with half those injuries, yet here she is. Lifting a gloved hand to empty out her gas mask as it fills up once more. Her face beneath that mask so brightly decorated to ensure her identity remains a secret? Well there's face paint, more of an animal skull theme before the blood and brawling turned it into a half smeared mess. She is however, alive. "I need the good shit, that vanilla blueberry stuff with the real ice cream?"

And well finally, she rolls herself more or less upright, huffing and puffing and hacking up a mess of gore and blood. Snakebite whomever she is though, is built to take some punishment. "Any of the cars back there in one piece, or am I gonna have to wait for a ride?"

Divine hmms and glances over. "Ooh. The Caddy looks like it got through okay. Still running too, so keys are in the ignition." She glances back over, frowning. "…can lose the mask if you need to. No one left to see. Hold on, I'll drive it over here." She jogs over to the car in question, tossing the briefcase in the boot, then sliding into the driver's seat to put it in gear and bring the rumbling luxury sedan over to park it near you. "Hop in…"

"I could wear a clown nose too if I needed to, but I don't need to."Snakebite offers weakly, making her way slow but surely before popping the door open and slumping into the backseat. "Thanks honey, what do I call you? I'm"And a wince, as she finally pops her sling's quick release and starts undoing her chest plate. "NNngh, I'm Snake bite actual."And well that backseat does 0-bloody mess in like ten seconds. "Chrissakes they ain't paying me enough for this shit, right? Should get a bonus per gunshot wound or something, make a fortune."

"Divine." the woman says, putting the car in gear and pulling out as she touches her throat mike. "Divine to Overlord. Mission success. Need the cleaners, it got messy. Medical staff on standby. One survivor, Snakebite actual. Package acquired." She glances back at you, then tilts her head. "Most people would be dead by this point, so you could consider that the upside?" She hmms. "So do you heal, or just really durable?"

"Both."She offers, before finally getting herself upright. "They opened fire when we were still in the van, cut them down before they got a shot off. Looks like they shot my damned radio, ungh. "Slumping back as she tugs on that seatbelt, because safety matters. "Divine, I ever see you after this run I'm gonna buy you a beer. I'm just, gassed. Lost too much blood I think, shit you mind if we hit up a drivethrough on our way back? I need something to drink, and some vittles in the worst way."

Divine nods, zooming in her vision to scan the road ahead, then pulls it back. "If I remember, there's a Bubba's Burgers up ahead in a couple miles. Plenty of protein and carbs, and pretty good booze." she says, accelerating. "I'll run in and get some takeout and bring it out…less questions that way." Those blue eyes flick to the mirror, looking back. "Anything in particular you want to request?" she says absently. "On the house for a job done."

"Fuck that, you Cadmus people always make this shit so fucking awkward." There's a pause, before snakebite passes up a blood-soaked twenty. "Burger, fries, milkshake, water. I'm not picky, well not right now anyway."A pause as she pops the seal on that mask finally, and peels it off with a dry pant. She's a mess sure, but hey she's alive right? Running one hand through that short hair to check for a head wound just because why not? "It's my job, It's what I was made for. I don't need your charity, save it for one of these mortals."

"Not charity, but a perk for a job done." Divine says without heat, but accepts the twenty. "It's not like we can't afford it. Government expense funds, gotta love 'em." She turns off the highway into the parking lot, picking a spot away from the other cars in the lot, then eyes the blood soaked twenty. "…right, this won't stand out." she murmurs dryly as she slides out of the car after popping the trunk.

A moment later she pauses to open the door next to you, setting down a first aid kit and blanket. "Not much, but might plug some holes and clean up at least. Be right back." With that, she walks unhurriedly to disappear into the fast food place. She'll be back in a few minutes.

"It'll be fine, everyone loves a twenty."Snake bite retorts, before well snagging that blanket and getting comfortable. The first aid kit is ignored, because of course it is. She settles in to let nature do it's thing, let her wounds seal on their own accord and bleeding to stop entirely. It's not fast by mutant standards, but it's getting the job done certainly. Head hanging slowly as the energy is just about sucked out of her. "Christ, I need a bath."

"Hmm, can probably stop at a motel to get you cleaned up. You stand out like that, and we've got a bit to go to meet up with support." Divine says as she returns with a large bag that smells of delicious grease and meat and fresh fries, her other hand holding a drink holder, one a large milkshake, the other a pair of beer bottles as she sets them down on the seat, perching on the edge as she leaves the door open. "Dig in. Guessing you're burning calories damned fast with that many holes to heal."

"It'll be fine, we can't keep control waiting forever anyway."and well refined lady or not, Sophie digs in with gusto. No joke she puts that burger away like it was nothing, and half those fries don't last much longer. Beer, milkshake, she blows through it all with abandon. "It's not even the healing, it's the blood loss that slays me. It's old magic, so it's not exactly obvious why or how or whatever right? Fixing what's there, no big deal. Making something new entirely, far more complicated. I usually have some chow on me, just in case you know? That got shot to hell, and the water and just everything. Damned inconvenient, so hey no joke. Thanks for this, I owe you a beer on my dime sometime."

Divine wrinkles her nose. "Magic, huh?" She snags a chili dog for herself, munching on it a she leans back comfortably against the seat behind her. "I'll take you up on that." she says simply, reaching over to snag one of the beers and popping the cap off with a flick of her thumb, before taking a deep drink. "It's not a thing though. Care and feeding of your agents or something.' she murmurs, her eyes twinkling faintly. "And I suppose if you stay in the blanket it won't be too obvious how much blood you've leaked everywhere.

"Divine magic, no relation. Old gods, before the written word, that sort of shit. Not some rinky dink bullshit like you see most of the time these days, but yeah magic."Sophie offers, in between gulps of that shake. "I'm not an agent, I'm an asset. So don't get too cozy, I'm the help as it were. Your friendly psychopathic shooter, who takes a government check so she doesn't have to wear orange. So don't you go getting too generous, or the boss will start to worry."

"Only if I like you." Divine say absently. Her handlers prefer she not form any 'attachments'. It's counter to her mission parameters. Can't have a weapon that might hesitate if it means getting someone she likes killed. "You seem a bit too controlled to be a psychopath."

"Not literal psychopathy no, but it's related. Bi-product of not being part of it all, human or whatever."And a pause, as she sinks down into her seat a little more. Content for the moment to nibble fries. "It's complicated, being an "other" among many of the "Same". Being actually special, is not quite as fun as the snowflakes make it out to be. Sides, I'm still pretty worn out, so you're getting the tuned down version. Lucky for you."

Divine mmms, licking her finger clean. "Detachment and lack of socialization, then. I can understand feeling like an outsider." She says it very calmly, but doesn't seem interested in going into more detail, instead getting up and closing the door, before sliding back into the driver's seat. "Funny though, most people get more anti-social when they're tired, not less."

She adjust the mirror, then pulls back out onto the highway. "Shouldn't take us more than a half hour to get to the fallback point for transport out for you. Just eat and rest. No rush. I'll play chauffeur today."

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