Welcome Home?

Characters: Loki Odinson, Sigyn Aglardis, Thor Odinson
Rated: PG
Summary: Loki and Sigyn get quite the greeting after finally returning to Asgard from having disappeared to the Isle of Avalon
OOC Date: Tue. Feb. 13, 2018
IC Date: Tue. Feb. 13, 2018
Where: Courtyard of Odin’s Palace in Asgard

It had been several days past when Sigyn when was supposed to return in order to 'discuss' what she had learned. This, of course, had sent people into a twitter. It was natural those of Alfheim had been worried and upset. That things were tense in Asgard over her 'disappearance' and Odin was talking about sending Einhenjar to look for her might seem a bit on the odd side to quite a few. Heimdall seemed especially frustrated since he couldn't see her but he didn't seem at all worried. He hadn't told anyone he could see Loki either.

As the sun sets, the pair stroll into the Courtyard of Odin's palace as if nothing at all were amiss. The elven Princess at Loki's side was talking, rather animatedly, about some ancient tome she had found in the library and the various properties of different plants and minerals that it detailed. A subject that would, undoubtedly, cause most Aesir to go cross-eyed before promptly falling asleep out of boredom.

Loki had gone 'missing' after taking care of Sif's injury. He'd done so in a rather 'Loki-like' way as well… simply by disappearing. Turn around, he's gone without a word. (He was the better hider-and-seeker, after all! So says he!) Asgard's court was rather dismayed at the report of not being able to scry either of the pair, but there was more than just Heimdall that wasn't overly concerned. Neither was Frigga.

Now, however, Loki and Sigyn have 'returned', or rather, Loki is back, Sigyn at his side, and the Crown Princess of Alfheim is speaking rather animatedly. The younger prince is attentive, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips, relaxed in his pace. As they walk, the people aren't quite calling their name like they had Thor's when he returned in victory. More like… whispers. It's unremarked by Loki, but not unnoticed. His shoulders tighten just a little, and as they approach the portals, he steps forward to open the door for the Lady with a half-bow. "Mark those plants. I'll have someone gather the easier to find ones for you."

Thor had long known that his brother had returned, though Heimdall using the bifrost certainly gets his attention….only for a princess to arrive. humming softly, he rises to his feet and summons Mjolnir to him, flying to Loki and Sigyn.

WIth a soft frownto Loki, he tilts his head as he lands a small distance from his brother. "Brother, didn't know you had guests." he smiles softly to him before he looks to Sigyn.

"Greetings, I am Thor, son of Odin." he bows softly in greeting.

A light blush dances to Sigyn's cheeks as she realizes she's been rambling. Her head dips slightly. "Many thanks, my Prince. I truly appreciate it. I would love to have some growing in the gardens." She dips into a bowed curtsey and starts through only to stop short and take a step back when Thor suddenly appears.

"Nice to see you again, Prince Thor," is said as Sigyn dips her head slightly. "Last I saw of you, we were but children." There's anatural gentle warmth and politeness to her.

"I assume there is a reason for that frown you gave to your brother?"A brow is arched at him. What? She's still being polite…

Loki can feel the change in the air, as it were. The light crackle of lightning as Mjolnir returns to its master, and with the appearance of Thor, stops short, the door closing behind them. He smiles tightly before he responds, "Brother.." He looks as if he's going to say more before he simply shifts gears, as it were.

"Princess Sigyn of Alfheim, you recall my brother Thor. Thor, this is Princess Sigyn. She aided me in the creation of the anti-venom for Sif." His smile loosens up a little, "We were just discussing her gardens back on her world."

Finding a position that is somewhat between the two, Loki looks down and then to the side, towards Sigyn. "I imagine he was just concerned." Like everyone else?

"How's Sif?" Loki changes the topic easily, pushing a subject that he knows is near and dear to his brother's heart in the hope, no doubt, that he'll forget pretty much everything else the moment the sword maid's name is mentioned. "Resting comfortably?"

Thor turns his head to Sigyn, offering to her a small smile. "the pleasure is mine, princess." Then she asks him why he frowns at Loki, and Thor answers without any kind of hesitation. "Simple. Because he doesn't tell me when we'll have guests." he approaches Loki then, those eyes still on his brother. Either way, he smiles softly.

"Sif is already fully recovered, no thanks to you and the princess. I've given her permission to resume training, given she's been resting a few weeks now." a small smile for him then. "You've no idea how hard it was to keep her there." a kindness then.

Green-blue eyes, the color of the sky during sunset, slide to Loki. A fraction of a heartbeat of hesitation before her eyes slide shut and she dips her head, smiling gently. "Of course, Prince Loki." A full heartbeat later and she straightens, smiling sweetly at him once more. "It was my pleasure to help you. I am glad your friend is going to be alright."

Those eyes slide to Thor and she is forced to bite back the remark on the tip of her tongue. "I fear that is likely my fault. Prince Loki has been with me during my stay on Midgard. He was seeing to my safety. I can be quite … Brash, at times, according to my mother." Not lies at all but fractions of multiple truths strung together.

"You hardly gave me opportunity, brother," Loki reminds. Still, it's shrugged off, and he's gesturing further in. "Perhaps the hall? I know I'm a bit hungry." He looks to the pair, "Drink?"

After the suggestion, Loki begins his path slowly, making sure the other two are joining him. "ColdDrakes, well.. I'm hoping that was the last of them, but if it wasn't, at least now we know how to make the antivenom." He's got everything committed to memory now; measurements, the herbs and their preparations, but the only thing he's not quite sure about is whether or not he can bypass the dragon-breath. "Sorry, Thor.. looks like you're back to trolls and Frost Giants." He doesn't sound the least bit upset about it, however.

A soft chuckle breathes its way from Loki, and he shakes his head. "Brash is not the word I would use to describe you. A little excitable, perhaps," and there's a gleam of mischief, of humor that tinges green eyes. He's teasing.

Thor looks then to Sigyn, knowing full well that woman has a silver tongue and a fire inside of her to match. Tilting his head at her, he merely gives her one of those eternally charming smiles. Either way, he cracks his neck some before he looks to Loki. "Hm, not while we were walking together, brother?" he covertly references their time hunting in the woods, though he does't look too upset by it.

"Heh, I'd be more than happy to slay such creatures. Hopefully the cold drakes are now gone and buried." he says then, quite angry at the species for hurting the Goddess of War. Nevertheless, the God of Thunder smiles softly to his brother. "No, no, brash serves just fine." yes, he's going to tease. shooting a wink to the pair as he knows there's something there between them already.

"A drink sounds lovely.”

Oh, how Sigyn wants to stick her tongue out at Loki. So so bad. Instead, the corner of her lips twitch and there's the faintest narrowing of her eyes, her own laughter dancing in them. "Only when I have cause to be… Perhaps you'd care to explain the difference to my mother, my Lord..?"

She can't help but giggle, the sound warm and bright and full of life itself. "A drink and something to eat sounds-"

«Prince Loki. Prince Thor.» Hogun's voice cuts in, seeming everywhere and nowhere. «There is a problem on Midgard that requires your immediate attention. Your friend Hogun is in danger and endangering others.»

It makes Sigyn blink and whip her head around towards the Bifrost Observatory. "We have to ride that thing again?" She sounds far less than thrilled…

Loki actually laughs, his head rolling back before he stops short and deadpans, "No." He's not explaining anything to anyone's mother! Particularly not a queen. He brings a quick grin soon after, and there they go, headed down the corridor towards a hall where they can get something to at the very least drink. Brows rise at Thor and he bounces his head in a nod. His mood is lightened, and he's got an easy step. "Shame we didn't skin it for-"

The message from Heimdall comes in clearly, and he stops in his tracks, a hand rising to stop the others, even though it's probably not necessary. He scowls and slowly looks back at Thor, in that 'it's your friend' expression. Loki doesn't turn green eyes away from his brother when he answers Sigyn's question, "Yes, yes we do." He pauses before adding, "You do not.. I would call for your guards and return home." Whether or not she does that?

Thor looks like he's about to speak before Heimdall summons Loki and Thor in an effort to call them to Hogun. Without even another word to Sigyn, Thor throws his mighty hammer Mjolnir quite hard and proceeds to hold on to the edge, flying high into the sky towards the observatory!!

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