Wakey wakey, Princess

Characters: Loki Odinson, Lady Sif, Thor Odinson, Hogun and NPC Healers
Rated: PG (Cussing)
Summary: Loki arrives in Asgard with an untested antivenin for the ColDrake poison coursing it’s way through Sif’s system and slowly killing her. Will it work?
OOC Date: Mon. Feb. 05, 2018
IC Date: Mon. Feb. 05, 2018
Where: Healer’s Room in Odin’s Palace. Asgard.

It's been hours, not days, since the Lady Sif was brought in to the healers by Thor and the Silent One. Attempt after attempt is made to do something, anything, to forestall what could be grimly be called 'the inevitable'. After all, ColdDrakes simply aren't around anymore, after being hunted to near extinction; and in the past, after doing battle with one of those creatures, one lived or one didn't. There were those who tried to make a successful antivenom, but, sadly, they weren’t entirely successful. A loss of limb here, a near vegetative state there.. and by the end of it, an early death. While the death of Sif would be counted towards a place in Valhal, there are those that really aren't too enamored with that idea.

One may be, of course, Thor Odinson. The Warriors Three, even.. and remarkably (or not, depending on who perceives it), one Loki Odinson. He's been absent, ignoring any calls to his person to the point of disappearing completely from Heimdall's all seeing eyes for several hours. He appeared once, then vanished from Sight once again for a couple more hours. It's hard to trust someone that works in secret, isn't it? Not unless there is that deep, abiding trust… but with a prince that's been 'nicknamed' The Trickster, is that a 'thing'?

Regardless, there is more than a little commotion in the main room of the healers' area. Snippets of words rising in indignation come in feminine tones, and responses, hurried and annoyed from a familiar, clipped tone can be heard. "I don't care.. really, I don't."

Pushing the door open with magic, the portal virtually slams open, and Loki is there on the other side, holding in his hand a stoppered bottle of.. something. It's a deep, dark green, from all appearances, and he cradles it in hand as he crosses the room towards the supine Sif. "I think I've got it.." He could be talking to Sif, or really to anyone else who might be in the room at this very moment…

Thor had not moved from Sif's side.

No matter what called to him..quests of valor, grand feasts that lined all the way up to the end of Odin's halls. Word of his brother's strange appearance did get Thor's attention…but to the servants, Thor would only say "Loki knows what he's doing. I worry not.” the trust Thor has in Loki, despite the man being a trickster and a master of manipulation and deceit, is unprecedented.

Constantly does Thor's eyes move over Sif up and down, treating any side effects as they come. His hands held one of Sif’s, because for all of his godly might, Thor could do nothing to help her.

Theeeeennn Loki arrives!

Thor stands up. "Brother! What is that you have in your hands? is it a curative to render her sickness defeated?"

One such person is Hogun the Grim. It could have been said easily that he was here as a guard, to allow Thor to focus on Sif and not worry over the security of this room. He handled orders of food and drink for the Prince, but generally just stayed out of the way. As usual his face was still and impassive, as if he really cared not for what was happening in the room.

Except that beneath it all, Hogun the Ever-Silent cared far more deeply than words could give voice to. Older than all but Volstagg, Hogun recalls too easily Sif's younger days. In his mind, the lot of them are all still children, and this potential loss and their inability to do anything about it has gotten under his skin.

Loki's entrance is noted, but Hogun remains where he is at, leaned against the wall, as if he were the only thing keeping it up and in its place. Brown eyes narrow slightly, and his head turns as he tracks the Thor Trusted Trickster toward the Goddess's bed side. Hogun would not have admitted hope, nor the lack of it, and so he regards the potion with wary caution. What good would it do to become hopeful if only to watch it fail? What good is it to have given up completely? Hogun is rather thankful neither of the Princes were as grimly
pessimistic as himself.

Loki stalks into the room with purpose, and looking around, takes notice of both his brother and the Silent Sentinel but says nothing yet. Instead, he's off to the side of the room, pulling off the top of a container, and a *poof* of condensation rises into the air. There's a brief chill to the air as he sets the dark green container down into it. Cold, must keep it cold…

Now Loki turns about, his expression probably just as grim as Hogun's, if only for a second only to have it shift to an expression of pleasure, even if it doesn't quite reach those green eyes. “Yes…" beat, "after a fashion…" and Loki is on the move again, headed towards the 'sleeping' (unconscious) Sif, rubbing his hands, "Help me, won’t you." It's a statement rather than a request, or even a suggestion. The moment he reaches Sif's side, he's picking her up and moving her to the floor… "Now, I need…"

Thor looks to Hogun for a moment, giving him a small nod before he looks to Loki. Never doubting his request, Thor helps Loki place Sif -gently- on the floor and making sure she was in a comfortable position to begin with.

"What is it Loki? We're pressed for time." he asks him, clearly eager to have Lady Sif back amongst the living. He was worried sick! as in…it started raining in Asgard the past few hours. It's not hard to tell if Thor's just in a bad mood.

"Whatever you have to do, brother, do it."

Help me, says Loki.

Hogun pushes from the wall without a second's thought, without comment and without hesitation. He steps forward as the brothers collect Sif to collect blanket and pillow to make the floor a bit more comfortable. It has the Grim One on bent knee, just as ready as Thor to
have Sif's eyes open, and her lips parting to give sassy remarks to them all.

Not that any of this is spoken of nor hinted at in his body language. No, siree. Hogun is stoic and calm and uncaring about that lot of it.

But yes, Loki. Do what you are going to do and quickly. Thor is going to make it flood. That would be annoying.

Once Sif is on the ground and 'comfortable', he removes any and all blankets from atop her. Yes, Sif had complained about being cold, and the healers had obliged by putting blankets on her and keeping her warm. He's tossing it all off, all away with annoyance, and finally straightening once more, stalks towards the container that holds that very, very cold bit of 'ice'. Lifting the green bottle from the center, Loki finds some sort of 'scoop' and pulls out some of the freezing material, and comes back to Sif's side, only to now surround the sword maiden with said cold, particularly around the area of the wound.

Rocking back on his heels, Loki lifts green eyes to his brother and Hogun; "It was a ColdDrake. Oddly enough, to fight the venom, one actually has to treat it with cold. The problem here is that there are supposedly no more ColdDrakes. Not on Asgard, not… anywhere." So, of course, the questions are 1. where did this one come from, and 2. where did the antivenom come from?

Loki rises to his feet once more to pick up the tincture that he'd made. "This could work or, well.. it is untested."

Thor seems a little confused that Loki takes off all of Sif’s blankets. Now she could be shivering! Damn you Loki! oOh wait, he has an idea. Never mind! He watches Sif as Loki starts to explain that Cold Drakes are pretty much extinct. "Curious." He knows exactly what questions to ask, but they can be saved for later. However, the statement that the vial of antivenon is untested causes Thor pause, before he looks to Sif.

They didn't exactly have a whole lot of options.

"Do it, brother." and oh yes, he was gonna flood Asgard in rage if Sif couldn't be saved from possible death.

As Loki began tossing blankets, Hogun collected them and flung them toward the bed. Thor's confused frown is given no fucks from the Warrior. After all, Loki was given leave to do as he needed to do, thus Hogun is merely acting as an assistant. Blankets purged from the
Shield Maiden, Hogun settles back to wait.

A single brow quirks: Well? What the Hel are you waiting for?

Loki looks from Thor to Hogun and back, nodding his head in thanks for Hogun's help. "Well, here goes.." he offers a touch grimly. He stays his ever shifting expression into one of neutral, though behind those eyes, there's not much hope. ColdDrakes have been gone nearly a
millennia, and…

Unstoppering the tincture, Loki shifts his position and uncovers the wound. It's cold.. blue and black as the venom has passed, eating away at the bits that had been warmed. Dark lines etch up her legs in the following of arteries and veins. He grimaces, the look there and gone before he gently pours some of the liquid directly into the wound itself, being very careful not to splash it. There's only so much…

The cold surrounds Sif and she starts to shiver. The liquid hits the wound and her teeth begin to chatter.

Thor watches Loki do his thing, leaning back to let Loki work his literal magic. Though as he sees Sif starting to get cold, he places a single warm hand on her head. "Loki…I pray this works." he eyes his brother then, trusting him completely with such a task.

But then….this hasn't even been tested. It was quite literally make or break.

"Don't touch her.. she has to be cold.." Loki warns. “That's where all the damage comes.." He leans over to get Thor's hand off from her head.

The chattering begins, and Loki nods slowly, watching now and waiting. "The rest of this has to be swallowed.. but we can't touch her now." So far, so good, but it's not going to be very pleasant for the sword maiden. He's got the small container in hand, up and away from any chance of it being struck out of his hands by contracting muscles. (We'll go with contracting muscles instead of attacking him. Yup..) "It's beyond our prayers.."

Loki looks back to Hogun, his expression grim, almost matching his own. "This may get worse before better."

May? May??

The shivering turns into mild near convulsions, panting and thrashing until she screams and then her body falls still and she’s silent. If she's breathing, it's so shallow it isn't easily seen.

As soon as Loki warns him, Thor moves his hand away from Sif and just stands back to watch, his arms crossing as a feeling of unease washes over the God of Thunder. A look to Loki then. "I am well aware.” he was just saying it…to say it, really! Midgardians say that all the time. Either way, that was the mortal realm, this was the realm of Asgard.

Thor looks to Loki as he speaks of the situation possibly getting worse before it gets better, and it doesn't help Thor's nerves. Kneeling next to Sif, he looks right at her, before nodding to Loki. "Give it to her."

The screaming, of course, brings healers running, and they first go to where Sif was, which is where she isn't. One exclaims, "Prince Thor! What have you done—" and it's not too much of a stretch on their part to fully believe that Prince Loki's had something to do with it. There is their patient, lying on the floor, cold surrounding her, and she's screaming.. and.. possibly not breathing?

"Don't come near her!" Loki calls out; he can sound commanding when he wishes to, and for a moment, they do stand still before one states, "Prince Loki, you have no—" and another adds in a more sotto voice, "We'll speak to the Queen.."

Loki's attention is pulled from Sif for the moment, his expression impassive, though there is that flash of anger. He opens his mouth to say something, but closes it once more, instead acknowledging Thor. He gets close once more, unstoppers the tincture bottle and crouches in order to put it into her mouth. There's a wince before he nods towards Thor, "Okay, no getting around it. Prop her head up so she won't choke.." and the dark viscous green liquid is poured into her mouth.. (yuck?)

How long does Sif just lay there with no change? The liquid goes down and it may or may not take a bit of massaging her throat to get it down.

Silence reins. The healers look on in absolute horror.

And when it seems like there's only one thing left to do…

…”I’m going to kill whoever poured the crap down my throat."

Barely a whisper and her eyes aren't open but she spoke.


Thor looks at the healers as they burst in after lifting Sif's head to allow her to drink the vile liquid.

Theeeeen they mention the mother of Loki and Thor. and Thor becomes upset. A thunderstorm gathers outside of the palace as Thor bellows. "You will tell her how we had saved the Lady Sif!" he says then before he looks to Sif as she lies still…and Thor becomes afraid.

Then she razzes the princes. and a breath of relief was had by all.

"Sif…" he says then a moment looking quite happy, before looking at Loki. "It worked!"

Sif screams and Hogun tenses then pushes up to his feet. Later, when asked if he stood because he knew the healers were coming, Hogun would nod once. And it'd be almost a flat out lie, because Hogun stood so he wouldn't try to punch Loki. The silence and the apparent lack of breathing bothers the Grim Warrior more than he wants to let on, and so the excuse of the healers entering is taking as a place to funnel his growing anger.

Hogun steps from the three royals, brown eyes narrowed dangerously. They threaten telling the Queen in hopes of making Loki stop what he's doing, and Hogun let a hand drift to the hilt of a sword. If they do run and tattle, Hogun doesn't care, but if they attempt to get to the three behind him, Sif would not be alone in needing a healer's touch.

Which lasts until Sif's voice is heard and Hogun's head snaps around to look at her. He inhales, relief spilling about his system, before he huffs audibly. The timing? Just after Thor's declaration of Loki's potion working, thus hinting at Hogun's meaning being: Well, no shit it worked. I knew it was going to the whole time.

Not really Hogun's true meaning. Someone call him on it and see how fast a fight starts.

The Grim turns back to look at the healers, hand still on the hilt of a weapon, waiting. A brow quirks: Well?

Once the 'excitement' from the healers finishes, and one is on her way out to do just as she said they should, silence reigns before the ever so softly spoken words rise. In the next second, without skipping a beat, comes Loki's rejoinder completely deadpanned, "Thor did it." He pokes an elbow at Thor's side for good measure before he stands up slowly.

Even he wasn't all that sure it would work, and rather than reveling in their good fortune, Loki's got to take a look at pretty much everything that just happened, and the steps to get here. He does allow himself that one moment when he glances over to where Hogun stands, hand on the hilt of his sword. He smiles tightly and takes a step back, ready to orchestrate once more. "She can go back on the table, but no blankets."

"I'm going to put you on your rear, Thunderer," is muttered, voice still quiet.

"No. No blankets. Too warm. Thank you, Loki. Table isn’t needed. Just don't let anyone wake me."

Sleepy Princess is rambling.

Thor looks to Loki as his side is lightly jabbed by the Trickster God, and as such, Thor gets up only to shove Loki fairly playfully. A look of mild annoyance along with amusement on his face before he kneels down to carry Sif back to her bed, setting her down. "You can do that when you fully recover….for now, please rest." He smiles then for a small moment as he steps back.

Then, he looks to Hogun giving him an appreciative nod.

Healer running from him is not new, and so Hogun just stands his ground, listening to the brothers and Sif's soft voice. The grip on his sword hilt tightens at just how tiny and flail it seems. Back still to the royals, Hogun remains a silent guardsman.

Loki is moved sideways with the force of the brotherly shove, and he has to regain his footing before he falls. Mumbling under his breath as he pulls at his tunic, he exhales in a single breath. “Right.. now it should just be sleep and the like." He's tired as well, but it’s only really discernible at the corner of his eyes. "I'll, uh.. leave you to it. I've not done this before, so…" He looks to Thor and Hogun, adding, "Just keep an eye on her? If she gets worse, tell me.." He doesn't need to know if she gets better. It'll be pretty obvious!

Turning around, Loki casts over his shoulder before he departs, "I'll speak with Mother. None of this was your fault.” Interfering with the healers, well.. he'll undoubtedly get a lecture.

"When you do… Make note that unlike the healers of Asgard, you were able to save the life of the Crown Princess of Vanaheim." Go ahead. Lecture Loki. Sif dares you.

Another yawn and she makes a vaguely waving motion. "All of you go bath, eat, rest. I'm fine. Just sleepy now. Go on."

Because the Goddess is already drifting off again, muttering mostly incoherently. There you something in there about 'love all of you' and then she was out.

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