Under The Sea!

Characters: Duncan Reynolds Haven Mackenzie Aspen Matthews (Fathom)
Rated: PG (Some Swearing)
Summary: Duncan and Haven discover a bit more than they were expecting during their afternoon dive. Like the Queen of Poseidonis and a glimpse of the city itself before getting a custom ride back to shore.
OOC Date: Mon Feb 19 17:53:41 2018
IC Date: Mon Feb 19 6:00 2018
Where: Atlantic Ocean

Ahh the wonders of a holiday. Agent Duncan Reynolds has been stuck in an office during the week since his last mission and had started to get a little stir crazy. Thankfully SHIELD gives it's people President's day off, at least some of them. Duncan is one of the lucky ones. He gives Haven a call and invites her to come along on an adventure. He rents a small boat and heads out to escape into the water. Once they are a good ways from land. He puts on his dive suit and looks over to her, "You need any help getting geared up?" he doesn't put on any tanks instead making a free drive though he does have SCUBA equipment on board. Once she is ready he gives her a smile and then over the side he goeas and into the deep.

When the former SEAL asks you to go diving, you don't say no unless you don't like the guy. Haven likes the guy. Blonde hair was back in a pair of complicated braids, and there's just a touch of nerves. "I haven't gone in the water like this since they prepped to work with you." She'll go without tanks. She may not go as deep or stay down as long, but.. it's more fun. She'll smile, before she tips herself over the side and in after him.

The afternoon brought with it cooler temperatures and most wouldn't think to go in the water. Those that dive regularly, or understand how it works, would know that the water had warmed during the day and so wasn't as cool as the air itself. Especially with the sun shining as it was. Thankfully, it has been a calm day as far as weather goes which means the waters were calm.

Under the water was a different story. Life was bright and bold and everywhere. Movement abound, whether it be from the plant life to the multitude of fish that make their way around. With as clear and calm as the day has been, the visibility is far better than it would normally be.

The further out people go, the more they may realize that life is a little off from 'normal'. There are fish and dolphins much closer to land than normal. Once that don't normally come in that close. They also seem to be all congregating in roughly the same area.

Once he is in the water he spends a few relaxing moments just swimming around to enjoying the fact that he is not in a building. He returns ot the surface for air and then heads back down. He keeps a watchful eye on Haven, after all he knows she is not the expeirenced diver that he is. Once he notices the congregationg of the fish he points to them to let Haven know and motions for her to follow as he heads over. Thankfully due to his training he can hold his breath longer than most humans but does have to return to the surface regularly.

Haven just lets herself… relax. It keeps her moving toward and away from the surface, but it's not often the medic just lets herself go. She can hold her breath a long time (Thanks, mutation!) but she doesn't grow gills or anything. She'll just follow the SEAL and let him lead the way, watching the fish and other acquatic life she doesn't get to see.

The closer the divers get, the more aquatic life seems to join the area. It spreads out around them, encircling them with the most of them preventing the divers from going any deeper or any further out to see. You'd almost think they were guarding something.

A flash of hair… A glimpse of pale skin that seems to almost have a bluish tint to it… What, or who, ever it is moves at an inhuman speed in the water. Some of the creatures move to mirror whatever is streaking through the water and causing the shift in currents.

And then all of a sudden, it stops. The currents, the tug of it all. The water goes perfectly still. In a colorful 'explosion', the aquatic life disperses, leaving the area as if they were never there. Except… Now there's something else there.

A young woman 'hovers' in the water. She isn't treading it, she's simply… 'standing' there. Dressed in a small black bikini, her arms are crossed over her chest and her cerulean blue eyes lock on the pair, regarding the with wary curiosity.

Duncan has spent a lot of time in the oceans but has never seen anything like that. He watches some of the fish as they depart before his attention is drawn ot the woman in the bikini, he starts to tread water a bit to hold position and not approach just yet. He offers a waves and a smile a pretty common simbol of good intentions sicne he cannot speak. One thing Aspen would likely notice is the dive knife strapped to his thigh but he makes mo move towards it.

Haven moves in next to Duncan, and eyes the pretty brunette in a completely different fashion. She's treading water carefully, she still needs to give it a little more thought than Duncan does. She's curious, indeed, but no sudden motion. Not her turf.

Oh! Right. Air. They need that to talk. Oops!

Unfolding her arms, Aspen pushes a hand out in front of her and a bubble forms. A bubble that continues to grow until it's wrapped around all three of them, leaving nothing but breathable air. "It's safe to breathe now."

She holds herself with an air of authority about her but her voice is soft and almost melodic. Like waves running against the shore. "What brings you down here?" Is that a protective note to her tone? "Most surface dwellers won't get near the waters in these temperatures."

Duncan waits just a moment before testing things out taking a deep breath and then a second one. He smiles, "Well I had some free times and thoght it would be a good escape." His voice has a healthy twang in it showing that he is not from this area, and he says, "figured it was fine weather for a dive." he gestures to Haven, "I drug Brooklyn here out with me."

Haven looks up, around, a little untrusting, and a little bewildered. But she's not going to freak out, she'll leave that to other people. Blue eyes will look at Duncan, a slightly teasing look when he calls her Brooklyn. "A little chill in the air was never really enough to scare us. When the guy who knows water invites you to go in the water, you go."

That last part of Haven't statement earns a snort and a look of wry amusement but she makes no verbal comment on it.

Instead, those bright blue pools narrow faintly. "And the point of this dive?" Get the feeling she hasn't had the best experience with divers lately? Suddenly, the bubble is nudged and there's the muffled sound of a dolphin. One look will tell anyone it's nothing more than a pup who has gotten curious.

"Enough of that," is chided softly by Aspen though it's said with a laugh. "Go find your mother. You shouldn't stray too far from the pod." The young dolphin waits a heartbeat, squeals and then twists and takes off.

"She was curious." It's an explanation for the nudging.

Duncan smiles at the explanation, "Honestly sanity." he tells her, "I an not a city boy." he answers, "Brooklyn can vouch for that. I needed to get away a bit to some peace and quiet." he looks around, "No where nore quiet than the ocean." looks around at the bubble around them and the ocean on the other side of it, clearly more than a little amazed.

Haven starts ever so slightly at the nudge, blue eyes searching past the barrier, staring at the pup like she's never seen such a thing. …because she hasn't. She'll take a moment to pull herself back, eyes on Aspen. "It's true. He's country mouse to my city mouse. I wanted more dive time, no one I'd trust more to go with."

"The waters aren't nearly as quiet as you might think."

Aspen's head tilts and she can't help but smirk. "Keep this meeting to yourselves and I'll show you things you can't get to even with equipment. I'm rather uneasy about people invading my waters. Especially as of late."

Duncan nods to her and says, "We can keep a secret, ma'am." He add the title out of respect and his body language betrays his eagerness ot see more of the ocean especialyl things most would not get to see.

"I don't think it's quiet so much as different kind of noise, for country mouse." Haven says, a glance sidelong at her compatriot. "Keeping things secrety is sort of what we do." It's truth, after all. She sees that eagerness in Duncan, and there's just that hint of a smile.

"You know… Generally… Those who make such statements aren't to be trusted." Aspen gives a soft laugh. "I'll take you down as far as a human can go without being crushed and give you a bit of time to explore. Individual air bubbles will make sure you have no need for, well, worrying about drowning. To go lower though, you'll have to be encapsulated like this, otherwise the pressure will become to much and crush you. Understood? Communication will muffled with the bubbles. I can link your minds in you like."

The bubble they stand in is starting to slowly retract, allowing them to become accustomed to the temperature of the water a bit at a time again as well as giving them opportunity to respond.

Duncan nods ot her to signal he understand and he points out, "Well you do have the advantage over us, you are clearly more at home here than we are." he says, "But i understand." he does not comment on the mind thing the world of power still mostly new to him.

Mostly. Exception to the rule there beside him, trying not to panic as she glances from Aspen to Duncan again. She'll swallow hard, nodding. "All right. Let's do this."

"I was born here." Aspen gives Duncan a wink before 'stepping' out of the bubble and splitting it in two and pulling it up until each one has a small air bubble over their head. So much better than a face mask, right? Nothing obstructing your vision, no risk of leaking, plus! it comes with air!

As her telepathy reaches out, there's a feeling that's something like dipping your feet in a cool stream on a hot summer day… that cool and slow 'rush' as the water covers you.

«Your minds are linked now. You have my word, for what it may be worth to you, that it is a surface connection only. Your private thoughts are your own.» She motions for them to follow and then twists, taking them down deeper and further out to sea.

Duncan follows her down deeper into the ocean than he could normally go with out cumbersome equipment, that alone gives him a sense of freedom that is clear through the link. «I know we have to keep this secret but I do wish I had a camera.» he thinks out. He turns back to look at Haven to see how she is doing.

Brooklyn is following the country diver mouse a little more slowly. She'd jerked a bit when that bubble shrank, a checked motion of her left shoulder. She'll look at him with that thought . « Just have to take pictures with your mind's eye or something, Reynolds. » She'll think back, less comfortable than perhaps she should be.

«Perhaps next time,» Aspen offers, inviting them back for another dive some other time. Ever little bit, she stops and lets them explore and touch. The wildlife down here is far more friendly and mellow than one would think, even going to far as to approach the divers if they aren't approached first. «Please be careful with them. I have given my word you won't hurt them.»

There's a 'woosh!' between the two and the water swirls only for the dolphin pup from earlier to be stopped before them. She's still only for a second and then she's weaving back and forth, in and out, between the two of them.

The former SEAL is like a kid in the candy store, there is a big smile on his face ans he swims about takign the oputity to explore the depths and pet the creautres he would not ntomally be able ot approach, «I won't hurt them.» He laughs when the dolphin retruns and thinks, «We must seem as different to them as they do to us.»

Haven is just.. watching. A faint chuckle at the offer of another dive, a glance at Duncan. A chance for him to free dive like this, with a gorgeous escort? She doesn't think he'd miss it. « I'm a little more worried that I'd hurt them on accident. Acquatic studies was not my focus. » Then she's laughing at the dolphin pup, biting her bottom lip. Blue eyes will watch the former Seal a moment. «I've heard dolphins are wicked smart and naturally curious, so… »

«They're exceptionally intelligent. More than most humans realize. Those two are waiting, by the way, to help you go deeper without exerting so much energy.» Aspen points off to the left where two adult dolphins are waiting patiently. «They can be as curious as kittens though, yes. Sadly, the waters are becoming less and less safe for them. They're learning to stay further out though. They're difficult to hurt though.»

Aspen 'sits' back and watches the humans interact with a smile on her face. «This will be the last bit we can go before I have to encase you. Anything unusual past the point that you would be able to see on your own… I ask that you not tell anyone about. There are things under the water that must be protected.»

Duncan trys not to think about the possibility of a second dive, not because he does not want ot do this again but because he fears if he thinks about it too much shemight retract the offer. It is not rational but sadly humans often aren't. He looks over at he dolphins and offers a wave, «I always heard they were smarter than dogs.» he nods ot her once more, «I won't say a word.» He starts to approcha the two dolphins that were pointed out and he asks over the link, «Do they have names?»

The bit about 'encasing' maybe make Haven a little nervous, but seeing Duncan so damned entraptured makes up for anything else. « I wouldn't want to ruin our.. tentative acquataince by telling anyone.» She'll look at the dolphins in a bit of awe, truth be told.

«They do but the language is ancient and dead. I'm not entirely certain that humans can pronounce Atlantean…» The last part of the statement is rather thoughtful sounding before she giggles. «They say you're welcome to call them anything you want as long as it isn't Flipper.»

Once each one has a fin, the dolphins follow Aspen deeper and even further out. Who knows how far they are from the shore now. They stop when they can go no further, no only because of the pressure but because the dolphins need air. Out in the distance, a whale can be seen and below them, in the depths, are what look like glowing jellyfish. Of course, out here, there are larger predators too. Not that they seem overly inclined to approach, let alone be aggressive.

«For now, you can call me Fathom. And when you're ready… I'll take you deeper. It may get difficult for you to see. It will start getting much darker down there. The bubble will protect you from the colder temperatures of the deeper depths. You'll need to let me know when you're ready to surface and realize that it will take a bit to get you back. I can't bring you up too fast.»

There's a tilt of her head and a warm, actually friendly, smile.


Duncan takes a hold of a fin and says, «I will call him Rusty, that was my first dog. He was a golden retreiver.» He adds with a touch of fomrality, after all proper manners were drilled into him as a child, «Nice to meet you, Fathom. I am Duncan Reynolds.» He adds <,Yeah coming up to fast will cause the bends.» He is wel laware of that danger.

« Rusty? Really?» Haven will sass Duncan. «Madame Porpoise. » She will even faintly bow to the dolphin before she takes the fin. « Haven Mackenzie, Fathom. »

Aspen can't help but laugh. «A pleasure to meet you both.»

When they can go no deeper without the bubble wrapped around them, Aspen encases them once more and lets the telepathy drop. "From her, I'm afraid you watch be able to touch anything but you can see…" The bubble is propelled deeper into the water and taken much further out. At this range, things can be seen that most people can only theorize about. Plant life and creatures. Something huge in the distance and deep below them moves and Aspen turns her head, giving it a shake. "No. You'll terrify them. Maybe next time."

The momentum of the bubble slows and eventually comes to a stop. At this depth, it would be somewhat difficult for them to see but that means that those lights which flicker in the distance in the vague shape of windows, is that much easier to see. "There."

She point, motioning them both forward. Her husband may have several words with her over this. "I was … Harsh when we met. That is why." If they look hard enough, they'll see it. A city in the depths of the water, hidden away from where humans are supposed to be able to get.

Duncan peers off into the distance not noticing at first but when he sees the sight of an entire city out her he thanks, «Oh my fucking god.» In owrds he would normally censor himself but his thoughts flow free-er, «That is increadible.» He worry at the size of the barely seen shuge shape forgoteen, after all it is a fricking underwatcer city, «Is that Atlantis?»

"Holy shit.. i am not seeing this.." Haven just whispers under her breath, straining her eyes as if that will make it clearer. "Is that seriously an underwater city?" She may be a little overwhelmed.

«Not quite. Atlantis, as humans believe it to be, never existed. It was not a single city.»

She takes the bubble a bit closer but no deeper. "This is one of the cities that was part of Atlantis before it broke apart. This is the city of Poseidonis. This is my home. I hope you can understand why I was, perhaps, less than friendly. Dealings with surface dwellers has not normally been pleasant for Poseidonis in the past."

She smiles apologetically at both.

Duncan has been a soldier for the vast majority of his adult life so he knows about unpleasant dealings, «I understand.» he admits, «In my past job you likely would have either drave me away ro run off faster than I could follow. I was a soldier.» He does not mention he current job sicne this was on his own time nad he does intend to keep his promise.

"It's beautiful." She'll whisper, just staring. She's lost for a long moment, worries about depth and pressure and breathing all forgotten. It's like something out of a fairy tale book, or a dream. She'll blink slowly at Fathom. "No, random people just jumping into the water at an odd time near my place would probably.. make me a little crazy too."

With both seeming to understand, Aspen smiles. "I'm going to start taking us up now. Next time, perhaps, we will get you into the city proper. It is something I'll need to discuss with my husband first." She chuckles softly as the bubble slowly starts towards the surface.

"I should warn you that Kraken is quite curious about you as well. I warn only so it doesn't frighten you when you see him." For a moment, her eyes linger on the city, even as it gets further away. Her attention returns to the humans and she smiles. "I hope You're both willing to come back again."

Duncan really tries not to think, <aww she's married.» after all she is basically a mermaid. He nods and says, «Thank you for showing this to us, I definately would like ot return….. did you say kraken like as in the ginormous sea monster?»

"Up… yeah, up is good." Maybe Haven's too practical minded for all this fabulous visual and discovery. Who knows, the blonde looks a little dazed. "I don't think she means the rum, Duncan." She hasn't lost her sense of humor, at least. "I don't think either of us would dare not to come back." And yeah, he better not think that about the brunette in front of Haven!

Aspen laughs brightly. "Creature. Being. Monster us just so… Inaccurate." Mean. "But.. Yes. It's the creature from stories though those stories aren't quite accurate."

The bubble lifts slowly higher, taking them closer and closer to the surface.

"The rum is wonderful though." A wink is given and accompanied by a bright smile. "I'm glad to hear that. My people will be curious. A touch wary, perhaps, but it will fade. They may have questions though. Our military advisor will be none to be pleased but he'll get over it."

By the time they reach the surface, Aspen has relaxed completely.
hey're a long way from where they started. Land can't even be seen from here.

"How brave are either of you feeling?" Oh, that glint of mischief can't be good….

Duncan can't help but laugh and sound off, «Who-rah.» He grins, « I think I am brave enough and well I don't really want to dive to end.»

"I'm not a rum girl, but that is one I don't mind one bit." Haven confesses, though she's not sure how Fathom will take a rum named after a 'monster'. "Your people will be curious? We'll be kids in a candy store." There's a tilt of her head, a faint narrowing of her eyes. "We're pretty brave, I think."

Aspen smiles and takes them the rest of the way to the surface, the bubble seeming to sit on the water. "The let me show you the proper way to ride a wave."

When the bubble disappears, the water under where they stand seems solid.

"Ready?" The wind kicks up for a moment and then suddenly, the water they're on begins to rise and move forward at an unnatural speed while more rises up behind them, curling around them. It's a wave most surfers would kill to have the chance at. Especially with the way the sea life swims in and through it.

Sadly Duncan has never surfed before. He manages to stay up on the not-board but looks reather awakward doing so, rathr than the standard surfer hanging ten pose he is stumbling nad lamost fallign so while he managed ot not fall he doesn't look all that good while doing it.

Now this? This is way more Haven's speed. She's got a grin ear to ear, her damp braids flung over her shoulder. Unlike her adorable special ops pal, she doesn't seem to have any problem just riding with the wave, blue eyes wide.

Seeing Duncan struggle, Aspen steps from her own 'board' and onto his. "Here. Like this…" She gently nudges at his feet to get them into place and then motions for his hands. "On my hips. Feel where my weight is and how it shifts."

A look is given over to Haven and she grins. "Need a little more there, Haven? Looks like you've got this down."

Duncan nods at the instruction and puts his hands on her hilps to fele the sdistribution of wieght and before long he gets the hang of it. He is a natural athlete, so learnign things like this is almost second nature to him and he smiles, "Thanks." he looks over at Haven and whistles, "Looking good Brooklyn."

There may be a flicker, a hint of darkening of blue eyes. "I'm a Brooklyn girl all the way, but I got to surf once in the Med. This is even better." Of course, anything fast and adrenaline related, she's going to love. There's a salty side eye at Duncan. "Better than you, Country Mouse."

"You got it?" Once she's sure that Duncan's okay to be on his own, she steps back to her own 'board', walking across the water as if it were nothing. Getting them back to shore this way will be much faster. Of course, Aspen's not going to let that wave come crashing down on the shore but she'll take it the whole way in for the before sending it back out to sea and dispersing it as it should be.

Once they make it back to land, Aspen smiles at them both. "I hope the dive was all you were looking for today…" Cheeky little thing when she wants to be, isn't she? "I would leave a number for you to get a hold of me but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get cell reception down there…"

He nods, "Yeah it was awesome." he says, "It was very nice meeting you Fathom." he laughs nad says, "Given how bad it can be in my apartment at times, I don't doubt it." he laughs, as he ponders a way to get the rented boat back to shore, that job shouldn't be two hard for two SHIELD agents.

There's a faint sight when that wave has to disperse, she'd been havign so much fun. There's a snort when Fathon talks about the Dive being all they hoped. "I can't get it in midtown, so I don't know what service you'd be on." There's a grin, a flush from the 'surfing' that lingers.

Aspen chuckles at both. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really am. It's not often that I get to do something like that." She's already stepping back towards the water, her skin shifting from flesh toned to that blue tint. "I'll make sure the boat gets back too. For now, I need to return. There's advisors I need to meet with about an impending visit, after all. It was nice meeting you both. Please take care and be safe."

One more step back and her body shifts, slowly until she simply seems made of water. Water which she immediately disappears into.

Once Aspen leaves he turns to Haven and grins, "I don't know about you Brooklyn, but I thought that trip was even better than Coney Island."

Haven laughs, moving to sling an arm around him. "I mean, cotton candy is hard to beat… but so is seeing all of /that/." She promised not to tell, so not even casual conversation with no one else around.

Duncan nods to her, "Yeah nd as far as the bosses will knwo it was an uneventful day off." he gives her a wink and a kiss on the cheek, that is pretty forward for him.

"Other than you know.. diving." She's less satisfied with the kiss on the cheek, pausing long enough to give him a real one. Saltwater flavor lingering and all.

Duncan kisses her back and grins, "So what is for dinner tonight, you can pick anything you want… well except seafood." He grins.

Haven slides a hand up over his hair. "How about you come over, and I cook us up some medium rare steak, fake bake some potatoes?" She'll offer quietly.

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