To Catch a Spider

Characters: Barbara Aesh
Rated: PG
Summary: In which Oracle acquires a new agent.
OOC Date: Sat Feb 03 15:59:11 2018
IC Date: Fri Feb 02 15:23 2018
Where: The skies of Gotham

Gotham is not a place that is kind to those who like to be outdoors. Rain falls frm the sky in sheets instead of in drops, crackling against roofing and concrete before roaring into storm drains in rushes that sound more like a river tha nanything found within the domain of man.
It's late afternoon but the clouds transform the day tonight, making it the perfect time to be out or the worst depending how much one values their secrecy and how little they care about the rain. It is, in short, a reflection of the city itself: dark, cold, and somehow indicative of life.
In this particular storm a drone is wandering. it has been carefully waterproofed and flies silently thanks to the trinary rotorss controlling it, with only a red light to give away its position. This drone is searching out a specific person despite the relative storm. It is carrying a message.

The people were right: Gotham really isn't a beautiful city. These are the thoughts that run through Aesh's mind as he flies through the city. Things have been fairly quiet at Metropolis, so Aesh has decided that a scenario change would do him good. Now, he calmly flies around the city, the rain falling heavilly on him, his jets making his steadiness in the air an easy thing. He quickly flies around, until he finally spots what he was looking for sinse the rain started: A dry place. He lands with a loud *thud*, glad to have found a half-covered rooftop.

Rain in Gotham is a fickle thing. It appears and vanishes just as quickly. Soon after Aesh lands the rain calms to a dull murmur, leaving the air charged with the energy of a storm but quiet. This place is a lucky find; sheltered, calm. Safe. It is here that the drone finds him.

It's difficult to see the drone at first but a standard sensor package finds it easily. This one has stealth capability; it isn't employing it. Instead the drone approaches Aeshh and pauses in plain view. A signal is sent. It's a "handshake", a request for two-way communication.

"Hello. My name is Oracle." A sweet female voice. "I hope it's not a bad time?"

The signal from the drone is accepted easilly, Aesh's mind reaching out to accept it. "It is never a bad time." He repplies with a smile, his own voice being soft and calm. His senssors had, in fact, detected the drone a little while back. "I'm glad you decided to show yourself. Its a pleasure to meet you." He says cheerfully, his eyes starting to glow red as he lowers his deffenses, giving access to his own senssors to the person who controls the drone. Barbara now sees the rooftop from two angles: The drone's and Aesh's. "This is just a sign of trust and good will." Aesh repplies, still smilling, the connection having been made in a way that allows him to close it easilly, in case things go south.

Aesh has reconnected.

"This is some interesting hardware," Barbare replies cheerfully. "I like the use of perspective. someone did a lot of work setting this up. Was it all voluntary? Were you injured or…?" The questions are asked without any malice, Barbara's voice coming through clear and strong. "In any case, I appreciate the goodwill and I apologize for not reciprocating fully." By which Oracle means the fact that while the drone is fully accessible there's no obvious way to backtrace it to the operator. This machine is fully disposable to her, no doubt. "All other questions aside the first thing I wanted to do is offer you a room out of the rain somewhere warm. No strings attached."

Aesh hmms for a moment, thinking on how to answer her questions. "Well, to answer your questions, you could say it was both things.. There was an accident.. The hardware they outfited me with wasn't good enough, so I decided to customize it. Well, I got creative and here I'm today." He says all this with the same friendly smile. "As for you reciprocating, don't worry about it.. If you were trying to kill me, you would probably have tried it way before, when I was still in the air." His tone is still calm. "I do accept your invitation.. Oh and don't worry.. Most girls this day and age have no dezire for attashment.". He teases softly, humor glinting in his eyes.

"Drones even less so. They tend to come and go like mayflies," Oracle replies in a positively chipper tone. She pauses for a seconand the drone turns. The soft whir of rotors spinning up makes it clear that the thing intends to move. "There's an apartment that I've already taken the liberty of renting for you for now. It's fairly empty but it's warm and there's a bed and some basic tools in case you need maintenance. As I said. No strings. But if you'd like some work that could allow me to help a lot more people than just you I hope you'll do me the favour of continuing to listen." The drone will lead the way. It's only a couple of blocks, in fact. Like Oracle had an idea of where Aesh would choose to land. "And may I say you've done marvelous work by the way."

"It appears drones and girls are very similar." Aesh repplies, his grin broadening. He nods, a loud wine starting to come from his body as his own propulssors are activated. "Well, I sertainly thank you for your help. I'll sertainly be glad to help you, in whatever way I can." He starts to easilly fly alongside the drone, his Hud making note of the air pressure, weather and temperature. "Well, thank you for your complements.. My work isn't finished, not by far.. I still intend to update myself.. I'd like to make my life as smoot as pocible.. One of my greatest achievements, in my opinion is the fact that I can still feel things.. So yes, the rain earlier was bottering me." He appears to be in a good mood today. "You really don't need to worry. You sertainly have my atention and its not in a bad way. So no, I won't just stand and leave you in the morning." He jokes once more, taking note of the city below.

"I was just stating myself clearly since, like I said, there's no obligation." Aeesh is given a key and led through a door into the neatly adorned room in quesiton. A bed, small kitchen, desk, and little else. But it's warm and the lights are already on. The drone settles down on the desk for a moment, turned so that the flashing light can be allowed to "track" Aesh through the small room. after a moment that feminine voice asks, "So how would you describe yourself? What would you say you do?" It seems that voice is settling in for a long chat.

Aesh moves to sit infront of the drone, the chair creaking due to his weight. ""Well, its a difficult question.. Do you remember the accident I told you about? Well, it turns out, it wasn't an accident." Here his smile fades, the young man's expression now serious. "You asked what is it that I do? The short answer is that I try to help other people so they wouldn't have to go through the same thing I went through." He closes his eyes for a moment. "For me, that means I go after the bad apples and try to drop them of of the three, so the other good apples can lead happy, fulfiling lives. Meanwhile, I try to live my own life and try to face each new day that comes with a smile, despit everything that happened." His little rant over, Aesh glances at the drone, eyes glowing red as he sends a scanning signal to it, the signal only meant to detect its external hardware.

The drone's hardware is straightforward. It's mostly a series of interlocking enignes, some 360 degree cameras and basic sanners, a bit of simple light refractive stealth technology, and a wireless uplink, with a kill switch. It isn't dangerous to anyone unless such a person sticks their fingers into the rotors. So Oracle continues, "Perfect. That was what I was hoping you'd say. You may have heard of me - or not. I'm an information broker. I… Collect the names and roles of people who can make things happen and I match them up with tasks that suit their expertise. This would usually be the part where I ask you what sort of role you prefer to be in but if it's simpler: how do you feel about stealth?"

Aesh hmms for a moment. "Yes, I do believe I have heard of you before." He looks at the seiling for a moment, seeming to think about Oracle's question. "I could sertainly be usefull in that area.. I mean.. I can sertainly turnoff security cameras with no problem. However, do know I designed this body to be sturdy. Its main focus is in scaning and combat.. But I could sertainly try to be sneaky." He looks at the drone for a moment. "What is it that you need of me, if I may ask? You already have something in mind for me." This isn't said in an acusatory tone. Aesh is simply stating facts, his smile starts to return. "And, as I said before, I'm perfectly willing to help you, sinse you don't seem to have any ill intentions."

"As it happens, stealth a combat both would be preferable. It's simply that if you alert them too soon—- I'll leave it to your best recognizance." There's a pause while the voice on the far side of the drone is apparently silent. "I am sending you schematics. They will present the layout for an underground laboratory belonging to a company that calls itself Esser. They're developing a technology for invasive control of foreign networks which could revolutionize cyber security. Unfortunately, they appear to also be willing to sell it to HYDRA. Ideally, I would like this device for myself. Barring that I'd prefer it destroyed. It's hard to stress the importance of something like this."

Aesh nods, understanding flashing across his eyes. "Oh, I get it.. Thats why you are sending me.." He hmms for a few seconds. "Hidra should not get their hands on this technology.. We, on the other hand.. I'll sertainly do it. All I ask is this: I have the ability to absorb other technologies into my system.. If pocible, I'd like to try and coppy this technology to my systems. Of course, I'll forward it to you, if I manage to do it. Is that acceptable?" He asks, softly.

"Given the nature of tech I would caution against copying it to yourself immediately but I am more than willing to share the technology with you," Barbara replies seriously. "If you agree not to share it with anyone else. "Wiith that statement made the drone whirs again, quietly. "You do understand that you are giving me a great deal of knowledge about your systems? Possibly moreso, by doing that? I am not your enemy but it feels- wrong, somehow. Not to say it."

"Trust is a two way road, Oracle." Aesh smiles easilly. "You have something that you need to take care of. I'm willing to help you. Sinse we have the same objective, I see no reazon not to trust you." His tone is honest. "The technology will be useful for the both of us."

"That is undeniable," Oracle replies. "In that case I am going to lt you rest and I'll send you particulars soon. You're free to plan the mission and I'll provide overwatch. I notice you didn't ask about payment —- the technology in question might be sufficient but there will also be a stipend involved. I suggest using it for lodging. Goodnight."

"Good night, Oracle." Aesh repplies, a chuckle escaping his lips. "I didn't ask for payment because no payment is required." He repplies. "I have more than enough cash for myself." He gives a wave to the drone. "I will see you again. Meanwhile, I'll get ready and plan our mission."

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