They haven't forgotten!

Characters: Loki Sif
Rated: PG
Summary: Loki has a surprise to show Sif. After all, it's been millennia since they've been to Midgard, and to see that some customs have remained from their time long ago?
OOC Date: Fri Dec 08 15:43:29 2017
IC Date: Fri Dec 08 15:45 2017
Where: Rockefeller Square, NYC

December in New York City! The days are getting shorter, the air is getting chillier. Lights have always been part of the City that Never Sleeps' scene, but in this holiday season, it's even moreso. Neon meets brilliant displays of red, green, blue, white. Traffic has only gotten heavier now that the tree is up, and the rink at Rockefeller is iced over, offering a taste of Rockwellian charm to the modern era. There are couples skating, kids doing the 'boot skate' thing, taking hands to snake a line and then whip the poor, unfortunate soul at the end in a fit of giggles.

It is here where one Loki Odinson is taking the Lady Sif on an 'outing'.

Loki has been stalking the grounds of the palace at Asgard for days before this, walking, talking to himself, and confusing the guards with his (for him) erratic behavior. He's been in chambers mostly, reading, studying and finally when he emerges, it's with purpose in his step. In fact, the offer to Sif wasn't so much a request, but a reach to hold her arm and almost 'drag' her out, but more a guiding with the words, "Come with me. I've things I need to show you…".

Not a date. No, really not. Nope. Nuh uh.

It's all Loki will say on the matter, and once on Midgard, the younger prince begins to walk with that same purpose, headed uptown. As they get closer, his manner relaxes and his expression shifts to something more natural for him. It's as if the distance from Asgard is that which helps him relax now.. far and away from home. From Odin. Thor..

Sif had, once, recently visited Midgard months ago at Thor's urging to have a drink in a mortal bar. Unimpressed, she had returned to Asgard. And her duties therein. Of course, she'd return to Thor's side should a battle start. She was, after all, his personal valkyrior. Her soul tied to his own and vice versa. That didn't mean the pair were bound at the hip, however, despite what the majority of Asgard seemed to believe.

Drug from Asgard, the Goddess had been in leathers and armor, sword at her hip and shield on her back. "Loki!" The shock and surprise of being 'guided' out of the realm by her normally quiet friend held her tongue until…

"Midgard? What is it with you Princes and this realm? Why are we here?" Do either brother realize how much alike they are in the ways they relax when away from the palace and their father? It's almost comical really.

She quickly falls into step beside her 'brother', walking with him. "Where are we going, Loki?" A brow arches at him, one hand nonchalantly on the hilt of her sword as her eyes skip to and fro, always alert. She may not be Loki's valkyrie but he's dear to her none the less and she'll protect him with her life.

"Oh no.. it's a surprise.." Loki's tones almost seem to dance in the late afternoon's chill air. He's enjoying this, and he looks to his side every few moments, and looks straight ahead before he's caught doing so.

The closer they get to the Center, the heavier the traffic, and the slightly more difficult it is to maneuver. They are stared at, of course; who wouldn't? A lovely sword maiden in leathers and a sword, and, well, at least Loki's not wearing his helm. This is NYC, however, and there aren't many who would really take second notice of the pair. As they do get closer, the brilliant display of lights of the tree are reflected in the buildings nearby.. and soon enough, the pair will round the corner and a block or few in the distance is the decorated fir. Blinking lights that shine more brightly than the stars of the sky..

Loki leaaaans slightly and gestures with his head in the direction of the tree, his voice low but very, very pleased, "They really haven't forgotten.."

Sif rolls her eyes in a move most think is reserved for Thor alone. In truth, it's just a gesture of mild irritation that holds a world of affection and amusement. "Of course it is." She most certainly did not chuckle there. Nope. Not at all. Ahem.

The looks are something Sif is… all too familiar with. Even in Asgard, after all this time, she still gets them. A woman dressed as a warrior who prefers to spend her time in battle or drinking rather than in the baths or with a seamstress. It just wasn't right!

Her steps slow as the tree comes into view, icy blue eyes widening slowly until they're almost the size of saucers. "Odin's beard!" Her eyes dart from the tree to Loki and then back again. She's still moving towards the overly large tree but now she's doing it with a very pleased smile.

"I would have thought, after all this time and the spread of … Other beliefs … They would have forsaken the traditions." Yes, there's a sense of awe there.

Loki keeps pace, and it seems to him, at least, as if it's quickened just a little. When purpose drives Sif's step, it's up to all around her to keep pace! The fact that she's smiling now brings his own broader, rising to meet his eyes. "You see? I haven't worked out their stories on it quite yet, but they do still call it 'Jule'..". The holiday is pronounced just as it has for the entirety of their existance, and he is apparently overheard, at least partially by a young man who is not quite keeping pace, but almost.. "Happy Yule..". Obviously Sif and Loki aren't from around here?

Loki glances back at the voice, but he's gone once more, lost in the crowds. No matter. His attention is more on Sif and that tree, and the moment of discovery. "You would have," he murmurs, "But I think I may wish to celebrate here and see exactly how much they remember." Loki looks back at Sif, his smile had dropped slightly at the though, but his expression reanimates, "Tell me that you'll be here.. yes? It'll be great fun. Drinking, dancing.." He pauses a moment before he adds, "We'll ride?"

Sif's eyes dance over the tree as she circles it. "Happy Jule," is murmured in response to the well wish from earlier though she didn't take her eyes from the tree to see the source. She's studying every aspect of it and with each piece that harkens back to the 'old days', her smile broadens a little her and her eyes shine just a bit brighter.

All of a sudden, those eyes snap up to Loki and settle on him. This is, clearly, important to him. Any reservations she may have had about spending Jule here instead of with those in Asgard disappear and she nods. "Alright, my friend. We'll celebrate here." Just like that. "We'll need a hall, of course. You've procured somewhere?" A brow arches as she makes her way over to him.

Suddenly, a bright laugh comes from her. "It will be well worth it all to ride with you once more, dear friend!" While there relationship doesn't have the overtones (undertones?) that the one she and Thor share does, Loki and Sif have a special bond of their own.

If Loki were alone, he's let out a victorious 'yes!', but there is some decorum to maintain, and instead, the smile lights his face. "Brilliant. Yes, I will find us a hall, and all will be ready for the beginning. I believe that we still have a little time before it all begins." Four days, at least for him! (Who do you think is the Trickster?) He rubs his hands, twists around as if to search for something, and then back once more. "I do have somewhere on Midgard, but I really should be closer to this city they call New York."

The laugh that sounds in Sif's throat as she readily agrees brings one from Loki's own throat, though there's a flicker of 'something' when she offers up 'dear friend'. It's there, gone, replaced quickly and easily by that ever expressive face. "I mean to surprise Father with the ride as well, so don't breathe a word. Not even to Thor." He turns theatrically exhasperated as he continues, "You know how he gets. He can't keep a secret to save his life."

The Goddess nods her head. "Four days, I think. Give or take. Tell me how I can help." Making her way over towards him, she relaxes visibly, not deeming the mortals or anything they're capable of a danger to either Loki or herself. "You have somewhere on Midgard?" It seems to shock her more than anything else. She hadn't realized he spent enough time here to have such a thing. Has she neglected her friend that much as of late??

"Not a word, I promise you." And her promise isn't something Sif ever gives lightly. "It has been a very long time since we've ridden…" The sentence trails off and a brow arches. "We should visit some of the old favorites while I am here. I'm curious to see how much, if any, that they've changed now." Iceland, Norway, etc.

A hand is waved, and a deprecating laugh exits the prince. "It's not so much a 'place' as a 'location'. It's hardly worth mentioning at all. It's where I'd first landed upon arrival. Nothing of any note." Nothing to see here, move along. The arctic isn't worth the attention. As for Avalon, however? Well, that's HIS secret, and Loki is good at keeping those.

"Now," and as she comes towards him once more, and the sword maiden is relaxing in the evening's air, his gaze hasn't truly left her. "Good. Not a word." And promises to Asgardians? A vow in blood is nothing in comparison. "It has been, hasn't it?" Loki is ready to move away from the tree, and his tones become more thoughtful. "I think we should." Here, however, his words begin to have a lilt to them as he's ready to depart the area. "But first, a place here, and then we shall go on a grand adventure, looking at our old haunts."

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