The Outsiders Appeal

Characters: Sev (Exo-Girl, Toni Ho (Iron Patriot)
Rated: PG
Summary: Toni Ho (Iron Patriot) approaches her friend Sev (Exo-Girl) about becoming part of the team she's envisioning for dealing with the sorts of problems the big name heroes can't always deal with - the Outsiders.
OOC Date: January 4, 2018
IC Date: January 4, 2018
Where: Toni Ho's workshop in Queens, New York

It's been a new year of changes thus far. Toni has sort of slowed down testing her equipment over the holidays, but she's also tried to invite Sev over to her place for dinner or just hanging out, along with Riri or Dominique. Really, being an orphan she doesn't exactly have a family to hang out with, so she doesn't make a huge fuss over such things unless she has friends to share it with.

That said, she knows Sev has been down, and she's been discussing an idea with Dominique over how to more effectively try to help the city they live in…or maybe even beyond, eventually. So she's been doing a flurry of construction in the workshop warehouse, and she's invited Sev over telling her that she has something she wants to talk to her about.

And because she hopes she's given Sev time to deal with personal issues, but doesn't want to leave her alone too long, considering.

Sev doesn't really have much of a family so… Toni's inclusion is nice. She arrives, bundled up for warmth, bulky winter clothing concealing her frame, a foil wrapped bag in one hand. "Hey Toni! I got steak bombs!" What w-was it you said you wanted to talk about?" She lays the bag on the coffee table, and pulls out her bundle of greasy deliciousness, leaving the other for Toni.

oni pokes her head out from behind a large piece of equipment she's welding…taller than Sev, but hollow. She could easily stand comfortably inside, from the look of it, and it towers over Toni as are a esult. The purple-haired woman slides off her welding goggles, dressed in a slightly scuffed and dirty white tank top and old, slightly oilstained jeans that is her usual work clothing when she's doing construction. "Oh, hey! That sounds -wonderful-…" she admits, setting down the torch and making sure everything is shut down before she pads over to you, inhaling the scent of the steak bombs as she sighs out happily. "Oh, well…um, get comfy, we can chat about it…want something to drink?" She pads over to the kitchen area. "Um, how have you been?"

Sev nodnods. "Sprite Please! And I thought you c-could use a change from chinese." She takes a bite of her own meal after discarding her coat to one side, eyes closing as she savors the flavor. "Mmmmmf. Okay. Been handling things. Punched the engine out of someone's getaway car."

"It -is- playing to stereotypes…" Toni admits ruefully, opening the fridge and pulling out a Sprite and a Diet Pepsi…you notice she's cleared a shelf that are now filled with techie storage containers about the size of a double can in height. Presumably safe?" She turns and bats it close with a light kick, then wanders over to hand her friend the Sprite, sitting down next to her. "I admit I've been a bit worried…but I didn't want to…" She fidgets, then opens her can with a soft hiss of escaping air from it. "…I didn't know if you wanted someone to…to talk to about things or…or whatever." She shifts, pulling her legs up under her body as she leans back against the back fo the couch, looking serious. "I mean, I know we haven't had deep talks exactly, but…you can always talk with me if you need it, right?"

Sev slumps a little. "Y-yeah. Didn't want to bother you though. You've been busy, making new friends and stuff and…" She gestures towards the fridge. "Whatever those are." Sssssip. Then a few more bites. "Thanks again though. For putting up with me."

Toni tilts her head, then sits up on her knees, then leans over, before she carefully gives you a firm hug. "Hey, you're one of those new friends…" she reminds the exo-suited girl. "You're always welcome to just come by and hang out and be around, even if you want to just veg and watch movies or play games or something and chat with me while I'm working on stuff." She reaches out a bit more daringly to gently ruffle the top of the other girl's head lightly, before she sits back. "Okay?"

Sev meep. This… This is new. Hugs are new. She kinda leans there awkwardly until she's released, blushing and looking down at the table. And then Toni ruffles her fuzz, which while slightly longer, is still pretty short. "Okay. Just… Still not r-really used to all this stuff. And it's a pretty good walk from the Subway…"

"Well…you can always stay over if you want too. I can rig up a comfortable bed for you?" Toni offers. "I've been thinking of expanding things it' a sort of dorm…uh…' She pauses. "Well, that's the other thing I was going to talk to you about. I had an idea, and I've been talking with Dominique about it. You remember her, from when we had pizza at Giovanni's a few months back? She's kinda in and out because of her family duties stuff…"

Sev nods snowly. "Yeah. What about her?" Half the steak bomb is gone, so she takes a bit of a break to sip her sprite again. Not quite sure where this is going, but it's interesting. And she /could/ move in but… "I wouldn't want to r-risk people following me back from beating up thugs to here… They might attack you or something."

Toni snags one of the steak bombs, unwrapping it and gnawing a little. "Well…" she begins. "Riri and Dominique and I got in a sort of debate…over..well, whether we should be doing more like you, to help people in the city. I mean…Riri has her exosuit, I have mine, Dominique has her own abilities." She frowns. "They pointed out that it would be irresponsible not to use our abilities to stop criminals and intervene in emergencies, like you do."

Sev shrinks a bit. "I m-mean… I don't think I'm in your guy's League. You both almost have Stark stuff. I… I've got the cheap knockoff." She rubs the edge of one of the Neural Link's mounting points on the back of her head, the paint that's worn away there showing that this is a pretty common nervous thing. "I c-can't fly, I'm not as strong…"

Toni frowns slightly. "I don't have Stark stuff, I have my stuff. Riri has Stark stuff." she admits, sounding vaguely disapproving of this fact. "And just because your system is currently a bit less advanced doesn't mean you can't be helpful, or that it can't be improved, for that matter." She takes a bite from her sandwich, munching it does as she waves it vaguely in your direction, then swallows. "And you're ALREADY doing this…you've got more experience than any of us." She frowns. "And I admit, I have my reservations about the idea, I…I tried to intervene in a situation and ended up getting someone badly hurt." She swallows. "…I mean, it turned out she had super regeneration abilities, but if she hadn't…it could have gone badly. I realized I don't have the experience to do this. Yet. None of us have tried to work together as a team."

She leans back against the couch again, sipping from her drink. "But I think we could work well together. I think I could even fund us to do that…enough to expand this place, or maybe even find a better one to be based out of, where we could train. Practice. Maybe expand what we can do, what we can respond to."

Sev shrinks a little. "S-sorry. I meant like… top of the line stuff. And… I'm not a real hero. I'm just… small time. Local. Helping the little p-people." Steak bomb is gone. "P-plus I'm… not good with people. Practising /could/ help though… And it'd be kinda cool…"

Toni shakes her head. "You ARE a heroine." she points out. "You don't have to do huge world-saving things to be a hero. And really, there are people who already do that. We're not going to be like the Justice Defenders or something. Certainly not starting off." she reminds.

"But if we work together, we can learn from each other. Figure things out, how to do things better. And we CAN help out with the things that the big names don't have time to deal with, that are still important."

Sev looks up again. "…I guess we c-could try." She smiles weakly, taking a long drink of soda. This… is kinda a big step, especially if she's moving up to more than small time muggers and bank robbers. The thing with the laserface girl in power armor had gone pretty badly too in that she'd punched out Spider-man but…

Toni grins. "Cool. I'm thinking…we could call ourselves the Outsiders. What do you think? Because we're not exactly dialed into the whole super-scene. We can focus on smaller crimes or situations, like helping out in emergencies. And learning how to back up police and firefighters and other emergency personnel. Maybe do some first aid practice, that sort of thing.' She nibbles from her sandwich, chewing. "Mm,m and I can see about upgrading your exo-frame too…Dominique is really good at cybernetics. Between the two of us, we might be able to figure out how to streamline the design, get it to work better..or even so you can remove parts of it?"

Sev hmmmm. "…That… works pretty well. Namewise." Her face falls again at the mention of removing it though. "I… I don't know. That'd be… pretty serious surgery. Like…" She rubs her forearm. "This is bolted into my bones. What if… it doesn't heal after? Or…"

Toni shakes her head, reaching out to pat Sev's leg lightly. "Hey. We wouldn't go ahead with that unless we were sure it wouldn't hurt you. Like I said, Dominique is much better at cybernetics and implants than I am. If nothing else, she might be able to give ways to improve the components so it's less bulky but still as strong?" She hmmms. "I can't promise anything but that we can try to help with it."

Sev leans over and hugs Toni tightly. She doesn't say anything for a moment, just staying there. "Thanks. F-for everything." Nope. Totally not crying. it's the onions on her steak bomb. That is the reason.

The Chinese girl flushes a bit as she's hugged tight, oofing, but leaning into it as she tries not to spill steak bomb on her friends. "Hey…no problem…" she says, more gently, setting down her can to pat Sev on the back. "So you're in with the idea?"

Sev releases Toni, before nodding, a determined look on her face. "Yeah. I'm in." She crumples up the wrapper of her steak bomb, and tosses it into the trash can, before sending the empty soda can after it. "S-so. What now?"

Toni starts munching down her sandwich, chewing and swallowing again. "Well…um…so I started by building that." she says, nodding towards the tall structure she's building. "I'm designing it to be a robotic helper for you, that can put on your armor plates very quickly and take them off again. Possibly to attach other mission critical equipment depending what you need to be doing, though I haven't worked out that part yet." She sips from her can, then hops up. "It'll take a bit of fine-tuning though, and you'll needt o be a guinea pig for it so I can make sure it knows how to remove your armor and put it on safely, even when it's damaged. Nothing too dangerous though, just it might require you to strip down to where it can get at your exoarmor easily and stand inside while I adjust things?"

Sev nods. "That could help… I'll make sure to bring the p-plates next time. If you still want me to move my stuff over here?"

The engineer considers. "Well, it might be good to move your techie side of stuff here, if you want? That way it's all nearby and I can work on it when you're not around, and then you can come here to suit up before you go out on patrol. I mean, I don't know what if anything you have other than the armor plating…."

Sev ponders, ticking things off on her fingers. "W-well.. There's the plates… my headset… my computer and stuff… the spare fusion cells… my comic collection… clothes…" it's not a lot, but it's hers. And she takes pride in it, damnit.

Toni considers at that, gnawing on the last of her sandwich as she pops it in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully, before she washes it down with some cola. "Mmm, well, the headset, the fusion cells, maybe? I mean…" She hesistates. "It depends if you want to move in here or not. I mean..I know it's not exactly too homey right now…but I can invest in some furniture, we can build in some separate rooms maybe? For people who want to stay here, o rif you don't want to head home at the time for some reason?" She ums. "I mean, I'm not saying you HAVE to live here, if you like having your own place, and I know you said you had your benefactor who was providing it, so if you want to leave your personal stuff there mostly, that's cool, but maybe you could put your heroing stuff here and maybe a couple changes of clothes and such? Just in case.

Oh. Well that's different. "Y-yeah. That's easier. Would mean I couldn't do quick r-response stuff as much but… We can plan stuff once we've talked to the others too." Sev smiles again. "This is gonna be pretty awesome."

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