The Dangers of Strange Tiger Girls

Characters: Okhotnik, Tendril
Rated: PG
Summary: Following an encounter with a tiger-y Vanya, Okhotnik warns Lexi to be careful; Lexi reminds her friend that there's a reason she sticks around her.
OOC Date: December 23, 2017
IC Date: December 23, 2017
Where: Outside a soup kitchen in Mutant Town

"Come." Hunter offers, as she follows Lexi down off the rooftop, and then goes to gather her people from the alleyway, gathering them up and leading them to follow Lexi towards the soup kitchen. So they will in fact arrive probably half an hour after Lexi does, which means they're coming in late for dinner. And, as usual, Hunter does not come inside. But she's around, as usual, keeping an eye on everyone.

Lexi is frowning a bit to herself as she walks over, then pauses for a moment before she goes inside, looking at you, as if she's pondering something in her head. She looks around to make sure there's no one nearby to overhear then she points and says. "Okay. I've met two tiger girls now. An' I want ya ta know. Yer like, way snugglier than her as a tiger."

Hunter gruffs softly, and then beckons commandingly towards the alleyway into which she is tucked, summoning Lexi across the street to her. Once she gets her safely out of view and hearing of others, she responds. "Less a drunk. Less a bully." She shrugs her shoulders. "Not sure 'snugglier' is important." She is. It's true. But she doesn't usually talk about it.

"It is." Lexi insists. "I think yer just more…relaxed is all, when yer like that. Where she seemed kinda jerky an' I don't think she was much better when not a tiger.' She frowns a bit, then lightly pats your arm. "I don't say that enough, that I like ya, Hunter. Yer a good friend. Ya try ta keep me safe, an' that means a lot ta me."

Hunter doesn't - quite - flinch away from the touch, but she tenses. It's instinct for her, she can't help it. "Like you." she admits, mush-mouthed as usual. "One of mine." Which is why she protects Lexi, or tries like Hell when she can. "You take care of mine." Which is why she trusts Lexi as well as she does.

"Never knew you knew Russian."

Lexi ehs, smiling a bit. "…learned it when I was younger. Was kinda on the wrong side of the law for a while there, and sometimes I hung around guys who preferred it. So I picked up a bit, then I figured when i got to school I'd learn how to speak it properly at least, instead of all broken." she says, hands going to her hips. "I actually speak a couple languages." She sounds a bit sheepish to admit it. "I mean, for travelin' it's helpful an' stuff ta be able to ta make yerself understood wherever you are, if ya can."

Hunter bobs her head, accepting that response. "You be careful. About her." She frowns a bit, and then reaches out, skittishly, and pats Lexi's shoulder. "Dangerous." Woman of few words, Hunter is.

Lexi nods. "Yeah…I seem ta hangout around dangerous women.." she says, sticking her tongue out playfully. "Um, hold on, lemmee go check in an' get stuff settled, then I'll be back out with your food, k?" She beams at you briefly, then jogs over to the kitchen door and disappears inside, stepping past the line of people making their way in.

About 15 minutes later, she returns, carrying a plate and a bottle water of steaming chicken roast of some sort with pasta, with a side of green beans.

Hunter is still there when Lexi comes out, and she gratefully and graciously - not to mention silently - accepts the plate of food, sitting down on the ground in the alley without a concern as she eats, slowly, patiently, but with obvious pleasure and gusto. Then she drains the bottle of water, and nods to Lexi again. "Thank you." Then she climbs back to her feet.

Then Hunter reaches up, tapping her own temple as she stares intently at Lexi. "Dangerous. Unstable. You be careful."

The other girl gets a more serious expression, her golden eyes meeting yours. "Dangerous. Can't do much about that. Unstable…I want to help make ya feel more stable." She gets a more firm expression. "I know…I know ya need somethin'. Ta feel safe, an'…ta not feel like yer constantly on guard. An' I'm tryin' not ta push." She leans back against the wall, hands behind her back as her palms rests against the cold stone. "….but so ya know, I care about ya. If I can help, I will." Her chin lifts, a bit pugnaciously. "Cuz ya need it. Even if ya think it's too…that askin' would involve me in danger."

And Hunter chuckles. It my well be the first time Lexi has ever heard the sound of genuine humor from this woman. "Wasn't saying me." she murmurs, merry humor twinkling in her eyes. "The other tiger." That is why she is worried about Lexi spending more time with that woman. Because she's unstable.

But after that, Hunter reaches out and lightly touches Lexi's shoulder. "Not wrong." she murmurs. "Do need help. But … this is." This is what it is. This is the only way she can be.

Lexi blinks then gets a purplish blush across her cheeks. "O-oh. Right. Her. Yeeah, right, her." She rallies after a moment of embarrassment. "It is. It doesn't mean it will be. People change. Change is all ya can really count on sometimes, that everything's gonna be at least a bit different tomorrow. No reason it can't be a bit better, day by day, until it's a big change, an' things are good." she says softly. "Trust me. It used ta be real bad for me. Now…" She forces a smile and holds out her hands. "Now I am what I am, an' I got friend, like you, an' others. It's a good life. I do stuff that matters now."

Hunter shrugs a shoulder, just a bit. "Glad things are better." she offers, nodding to Lexi. She rolls those shoulders, loosening things up. She rather wishes she could tell Lexi more about what is going on with her, but she can't do that. Not yet. Most especially now that a Russian tiger-person is appearing here all of a sudden. There's real concern that her young friend's safety could be in jeopardy. Not to mention the risk to her people on the streets.

Lexi sighs, then smiles a bit. "Well…anyway..I'll be careful if I run into her again, an' I'll keep an' ear out if she's causin' trouble an' stuff, alright? But you gotta be careful too. She seemed like she wanted ta fight, she might try an' pick one if she runs into ya again., ya know?" She bounces on her toes a bit. "An ya might need backup for that, so don't go wanderin' too far by yerself maybe." She grins, then waves. "You're not gettin' rid of me, anyway…" And with that, she ducks back inside the kitchen. Back to work!

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