Thanks Be to the Sorceress

Characters: Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), Clea Strange, Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik)
Rated: PG
Summary: Diya goes hunting to find the sorceress who helped her protect her people, and healed her afterwards. She finds Clea, and Wanda.
OOC Date: 2017-11-25
IC Date: 2017-11-25
Where: ''Strange Curiosities'', a shop in the East Village, Manhattan, New York City

It hasn't been easy to find a path leading back to this place. But Diya has been very determined. She has put her nose to the grindstone, but only in a figurative sense, hunting for traces of the scent of the sorceress who came to Mutant Town and helped her with the troll. Now, at least, after almost two weeks, she has found a lead. And she has followed that lead all the way into the East Village, far from her Mutant Town stomping grounds.

Of course, as stealthy as she can be, walking in daylight there are limits. A homeless vet walking the streets here draws more attention than in Mutant Town. So Diya has likely been noticed by some. Doesn't help she has to keep switching tacks, to keep tracking the traces of that scent. At least she doesn't get chilly like a normal human. Benefits of the tigger inside.

Clea has a shop in the East village, in fact. 'Strange Curiosities', it is called - a little quaint storefront of wood and brick quite unlike the rest of the front on the block. There are two ladies out in front of this shop - one is a lovely redhead and the other a lady with hair so blonde it's almost white in the cold light. The latter hands a bag from a local coffee shop to the former. "Could you hold that a moment, dear? Keys." she asks, producing an old-fashioned key to unlock the shop door.

The redhead smiles brightly, "Of course love." She takes the bag, then hmms a bit, holding her coffee in her other hand as she glances back and forth. Casually, she notes Diya, and arches a brow ever so slightly. "Were you planning on having any visitors? Well, besides me?" Her lips quirk just a bit.

Mmm. Good coffee. Like, decadently good coffee, the sort that is almost never smelt in Mutant Town. The Russian woman catches that whiff and presses a hand through her pocket to her rumbling stomach in response. The white hair catches her eye; yep, that should be the sorceress herself. Rare hair color, that. The redhead too, honestly, but she does not recognize that one. There are odd things about their scents, things she does not understand and cannot label. Things that make her inner tiger rumble and awaken more, not less. Hunh. The homeless vet keeps her golden-reflecting emerald eyes lowered, hands in her pockets, slouched and trying to appear unprepossessing. But that aura of the predator she cannot mute; it is a part of her, as she comes closer to the front of the shop.

Clea looks to Wanda. "Hmm?" and then follows her gaze to the third lady. "No, I… oh! I think I know her." she says. Clea opens the door to the shop and flips over the little sign in the glass. Holding it open for Wanda, she inclines her head a moment to Diya. "Hello, there!" she calls. "Won't you come in? It's cold out."

Wanda smiles, "Oh, well, in that case, we should definitely have her along. Glad I brought extra." She grins, as even a witch will have a hunch now and again. Come to think of it, especially a witch, as she gives Diya a welcoming smile, saying over to her, "Yes, please join us."

The somewhat greasy, unkempt homeless vet woman hmms softly, looking to the white-blonde, and then the redhead. She arches an eyebrow, wondering why a shopkeep such as this would actually invite someone like her inside, but she doesn't argue much. She glances around, and then follows as directed, stepping through the door, keeping her hands at her hips. After all, anyone looking at her would be a fool not to figure her capable of lightfingering anything of value if it might be useful.

"You … sure you do not mind? Most shopkeeps do not want someone like me inside?" she offers, her voice mushy, soft and slippery, hiding that sharp-edged Russian accent.

The shop seems to go well back into the building, a maze of dark bookshelves full of old books and oddities - crystals, curious animal skulls, herbs, bottles of tinctures and more. There is a small checkout area at the front, a couch and an overstuffed chair there too. "Please." Clea says again. "I was hoping to speak to you again." and she waits, smiling.

Wanda sets down the coffees, as well as the bagels. Why she was feeling lox, she wouldn't have told you… but she was, and so that's the selection. She then tilts her head at Clea, and looks over at Diya curiously, "You two know each other?" No jealousy there, just interest.

The homeless woman tilts her head slightly to the side, regarding Clea carefully. "Thank you." she offers. As she said, her kind are not often welcomed, and she appreciates not having to fight about this. "I came to thank you for your help."

That said, the homeless woman glances at Wanda again, curiously, weighing her. Then she just shrugs. "We met, though I was a good bit less talkative at the time. Your friend is very talented, and she used those talents to help me, and the innocents." She doesn't explain further, without Clea's say-so. She has no idea what secrets are held, or shared, here.

"Please, sit." Clea says, letting the door close behind her as the ladies enter. "Would you like something warm to drink?" she asks, offering her cup of coffee. "I'm glad you did, my friend. Welcome." She offers a smile to Diya as well. "This is Wanda. She's a dear friend. I trust her completely, for what that's worth to you."

Wanda smiles at the description, "Yes, well… I am most discrete. Comes with my job." She sits down and takes a bagel with lox to go with her coffee, giving Diya a curious look, before glancing back to Clea, "Helping with some trouble… you could have asked me to lend a hand as well, love."

Diya continues to keep her hands to herself. She eyes the couch uncertainly, not really wanting to make things messy with her presence. But when Clea insists, she relents a bit nervously, trying to sit with care as if to try to make sure she doesn't get any of herself on the furniture.

To Wanda, Diya offers a nod. "Hello. I am called Okhotnik. It translates as 'Hunter.' Some simply use the english." Of course, she doesn't really sound Russian, but she's working hard not to sound that way. Mush-mouthed instead. "Your friend helped put a troll back to sleep, when it went on a rampage. And she helped heal some injuries. I owe her a debt for that."

She doesn't seek out the coffee, but when it is put in her hands, she nods in thanks and accepts it without asking for more. Diya is humble about such matters.

Clea steps over towards Wanda, leaning to kiss the other woman's forehead. "I didn't want to bother you, and it was no trouble. There were others there to deal with the situation." She smiles, turning back to Diya. "Okhotnik is a mighty hunter." she says, and there is not even a hint of teasing or sarcasm in her tone. Admiration, if anything. "She is very brave indeed." She tilts her head, looking at that hunter. "DO you have anywhere to go?" she wonders.

Wanda smiles, "Wanda Maximoff, but Wanda will do just fine. Though I have to admit, my Russian is a little rusty, but I think I can manage Okhotnik without any problem. If you don't mind calling me Wanda, anyway." She tilts her head, "A troll? That seems a little unusual, especially around here. This was in Mutant Town?" She glances over at Clea, then back to Diya, though she smiles warmly at Clea once she's given the kiss, and she looks over at Diya, "That's a good question, though. Do you have a place to stay?"

Mighty hunter? Yes, Diya supposes that is true, after a fashion. She sips at the coffee, trying to keep the rumble of her stomach from being heard, fruitlessly. It is so rich, so wonderful, far beyond the quality ever available for a homeless woman in Mutant Town, the life she has led for years now. "Nowhere, save back to my people on the streets. They still need me, so there I will return. But I came first to find and thank you." she answers CLea.

Diya nods to Wanda, acknowledging her. "Very well, Wanda, as you wish." She shrugs and nods. "It was rather odd. I believe I heard Clea say to the troll that someone or something had awakened it from beneath the bridge. Then the construction angered it. It rampaged, and I did what I could to keep it from hurting those who were trapped." If Wanda checks the Web, she can find news stories that speak of the event … but no mention of a homeless veteran in the fight. There is mention, however, of a large tiger.

Clea nods. "Very noble." she comments. "I would offer you a place but I know you would turn it down. It would be unfair, I think you would tell me." she says. "Please, Wanda… whatever it was we got for me, offer it to the lady." At the mention of the troll awakening she nods. "I suppose I should look into this sometime soon. Sofia is so busy with… things… that I suppose these little things are slipping past her."

Wanda nods, "Well, I'd be more than happy to help, when not teaching the students at the school." She smiles a little, and looks about to say something more, then feels a buzzing in her purse. Checking her phone, she sighs a bit and looks apologetically at Clea, "Actually, I need to go. Emergency at the school." She kisses Clea lightly, then smiles at Diya, "It was a pleasure to meet you, and please, help yourself to the breakfast." With that, she makes a few gestures in the air, crimson light flaring from her fingers as she is wreathed in that light… then vanishes!

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