Texts from the Lost

Characters: Divine, Linda Danvers (Superwoman)
Rated: PG
Summary: Karen and Kara continue their texting conversations as Kara tries to convince Karen to open up to her.
OOC Date: January 7, 2018
IC Date: January 7, 2018
Where: Airspace over Kansas


Another day, another mission, another flight back to the Cadmus bunker. But she's had the time to quick snag a new burner phone, and turns it on as she does, hesitating a bit, before starting to type. She wonders idly what Superwoman…what Kara does when she's not 'on duty', so to speak. Is it too early to ask things like that? Probably, she decides.

It still takes her a bit of hesitation, before she sends the first message.

"Hey. It's K."

It's a minute or two before a return message comes through. Somewhere, Linda Danvers is arranging matters so that she can type away, texting with her burner phone directly rather than pairing it with her StarGazeR goggles as she normally would. She wants no electronic connections between her own profile and this burner, even as briefly as it will be used.

"Hi, K. Good to hear from you. You doing OK?"

"I'm fine. Good 2 talk?" Direct and to the point, as always. Maybe it's just because she's got a phone screen between her and her sister, but it's somehow easier to 'talk' this way for her.

"Glad U R OK. Good2talk." Kara responds. She would far rather do this face to face, but she has realized they have made ten-thousand times the progress since going to texting than they made in personal conversation; she's willing to keep going this way if it's what helps. She still feels like what Karen needs most is ten million hugs. But it would be so much better if those hugs were not responded to with attempts to break her ribs. Or plant a knife between them.

And this is the point where Karen fumbles a bit, not sure immediately what to say next. "I'm fine." she repeats then after a slight pause adds. "R U Ok?" Inane, but she can't think of what to say first, it still feels…awkward.

^_^ Sure. I'm OK. Thanks for asking.

Kara considers how to help Karen move forward. She can guess that Karen is finding it hard to formulate her thoughts, her questions, and how to ask them. She takes a chance.

"It's OK. Ask. Anything. No judgement, K. Promise."

There's a long pause, then a harder question this time. "Why are you with the Justice Defenders than with the goverment?"

It really goes to the core of their differences, after all.

Kara pauses a moment, considering. Then she answers.

"Because they asked. Because my Uncle was a member. I've read all his journals. I know what he thought, what he felt. About this world. About the team and those on it. About the government."

Kara pauses for a bit. Then, finally, she adds one more thing.

"And because the government never asked. Ever. Until they finally just tried to order us around. We're not slaves. We're not property. We didn't enlist in the army. If they ask for help, we're happy to help. But no one orders us. Any of us."

"Shouldn't you, either. IMO. Know you don't agree. But that's how I feel. Not my orders. Not theirs. Only yours."

Slight pause, then: "Was made to be with the government. Raised and trained to be a soldier. To be in a hierarchy. They have the long term strategic view, I handle tactical view for the current mission." There's a pause, then she adds. "Snakebite says I'm an asset. Not an agent. Like her.

"Can't judge. Don't know. But fear she is right."

Kara winces at the thought of how alone her sister must feel. Even as they are in contact, communicating, she can tell how alone Karen is. And as much as Kara wants to hug her and make it better … she can't. Not until Karen will let her.

Karen frowns to herself. She's still struggling with that. She's been told all her life she's a heroine. A symbol. And now she's being told she's just an expendable asset. A….a slave, if Snakebite is right. She types.

"Was told I was a heroine. To replace you in the public's eyes. Symbol people could trust."

"People trust me. Don't need a replacement."

There's a long pause. Then finally a bit more.

"They could trust you, too. If you weren't a secret. If you weren't part of a lie."

"I think you could be a great heroine. I'd love to see that."

"They'd never let me go rogue like that. Who'd trust me? People would know was a clone. A copy of you. THey'd wonder how many others out there, like me, the boy." A longer pause. "Why would they trust me when they have you?" Karen is a bit annoyed about how plaintive that sounds, scowling to herself…but it's too late to take it back now.

"No one has to know how you are who and what you are." Kara answers. "They only need to know that you are here, and you want to help. If you wore the S, like he does, they would see that, and they would try to trust. They would give you a chance to prove yourself. And when ou did, they would trust you, same as me. Because you would prove you were worth that trust dozens of times a day, every day.

"That's who you are. Or who I believe you can be. Maybe even who you want to be."

"You're a person, Karen. Doesn't matter how you came to be. You have the right to live your own life."


"Couldn't wear S. Not me. That's you. Stands for you." There's a pause. "Know I'm person. Don't have parents, except people who made me. Honor father and mother, right? Closest thing. Giving back, living life is selfish?"

There's that question mark at the end. Everything else was repeating what she's been told, what she's been shaped to think. But now…she's starting to question if what she's been told is all true or not. She knows people lie, after all. That her superiors lie regularly, being a covert organization. But would they lie to her? Need to know, right? Or is it more than that?

"S isn't me. Or. Isn't just me." Kara had to explain this to Kon. She can do it again. Breathe, Kara, just breathe. "S is … not S. Not me. Family. House of El. And you are my sister. Just as much S as I am."

"MO. Don't have to agree. That's OK. Just. That's MO."

"Others don't wear S. People still trust them. Love them. Respect them. Because they help, rather than hurt. Could do that, too."

Kara waits a while. Maybe too long. But finally she sends more.

"Wish you could have known our parents. Giving back is right. But I give back every day. I still live my life. So can you. It's not selfishness. You are as entitled to a life as anyone else."

"Responsibility to give back." she types. She knows that, at least. The idea of sacrificing, of service. "But not our parents. Yours. Just a copy of you. Not their child. The one they shaped, and saw grew up. Part of their family. I'm a piece stolen from you without you knowing."

"Life would be nice. Seeing things. Being normal. Going to the beach. Shopping."

"You are a lot more than that. You are my sister." Kara insists. No argument. No bitterness. Just a statement of fact.

"Life is nice. And you deserve it. All of it."

Karen honestly isn't sure what to say for that, so there's a long pause where she drifts along in her flight, rolling onto her back as she considers that, just analyzing what she's feeling. Or trying to. "Ok." she finally responds, not really knowing what else to say, other than just acknowledging it. "Deserve? Why?"

"Because you are a person. And all people deserve all of life."

"Everyone can't have everything. World doesn't work like that." says the slightly more jaded of the two sisters. "You can't do hero stuff without giving things up."

"Give up as little as possible. Always embrace life. Reminds you what you're fighting for, Hero."

"What ARE you fighting for?" Divine points out. "Fame? Fortune? Glory? The little guy?"

"I fight to help as many as I can, because I can. Because I want as many of those that I can help to have good lives, and do their small parts to make their world a better place."

"Because their happiness means something to me."

"I arrived on this world utterly alone. But two people here took me into their home, and into their lives. They made me a part of their life and their family, and showed me nothing but love and support, no matter all of the trouble and difficulty I brought to them. They made me a part of this world, not an alien stranger."

"I suppose all that I do is just my attempt to pay that forward by helping others. Giving as unstintingly as I can to them, as they gave to me."

Divine considers that, frowning to herself. "Haven't had that, I guess. Part of a family. Part of a unit, I thought. Well…you, maybe." she types back.

"Me, definitely. If you'll have me. And Kon, too."

"Kon. That's what you named him? Did you take my advice to put him on a farm somewhere?"

"Kon-El. Yeah. I don't know anyone with a farm. But I did the next best thing: I took him to meet my parents." Just as she would take her sister, if her sister were willing to be her sister.

"Doesn't that put them in danger? They don't know where he is, but…if they find out…"

"They kept me safe, all my life. They can do the same for him."

"But you know what? Thank you. Thank you, for thinking about it. Caring. And saying something."

"That's what a sister would do."

There's a long pause, then an almost embarrassedly gruff. "Sure." There's another pause, then says. "Think it's your turn to ask questions."

"If you could have a Christmas wish, Karen. Anything in all the worlds. What would it be?"

Oh, THAT takes a moment. Finally, a text comes back. "I haven't thought about it. I've never really celebrated it. I guess to be able to go where I want to go, see what I want to see. Do things I've only seen in simulations or on TV."

"And I want that for you."

"Be nice to not get busted for it. Can only fake a com malfunction so many times."

"I mean it. I want that for you. Without worrying about com malfunctions, or getting busted."

"It's strange to think about."

"I know. And I'm not going to rush you. But whenever you want to talk about it. Think about it. Work on it. I'll be here. Not for me. For you."

"You are unbelievably Polyanna, you know."

"Except I make those dreams come true."

"Step one of making the world a better place: Believing that some small step of that can be done. And then doing all you can to make that small step come true. And repeat."

"If ony they could bottle your optimism."

"Hey. Gonna give you the new number. Figure it's best if we keep rotating. You ready?"

"Go ahead. I'll memorize it."

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