Surprise Announcement

Characters: Aspen Matthews (Fathom) and King Orin II (Aquaman)
Rated: PG
Summary: After discussing how to approach the surface world with the Court, Aspen has a surprise for Orin.
OOC Date: Saturday, February 17, 2018
IC Date: Saturday, February 17, 2018
Where: Atlantic Ocean. Poseidonis, the Throne Room.

Poseidonis, the Throne Room.

Orin sits in his throne wearing the ceremonial garb of the king, trident leaning against the throne itself but loosely held in his hand, and surrounding him are his immediate council. Military, Financial, Diplomatic….everyone is there. Even the Queen of Poseidonis, Aspen Curry, is present for what the king has been debating in his heart. and with a heavy sigh, he speaks.

"I have gathered us all here for one simple purpose: To discuss if we should begin to open relations between Poseidonis and the Surface World. For far too long we have ignored everything outside of the seas…the problems of the surface world. People die, wars wage, sickness spreads." it may be the half-human part of him, the world he grew up in. "But..what shall we do? Reasons for? Reasons against?" he asks then, and his military advisor, and definitely the boldest person aside from the king and queen, rises to his feet to speak up. "They could simply wage war against us. To trade our secrecy for aid is to insult all those who came before us."

THen the diplomatic advisor rises…. "But! King Orin has a point. We have resources, technology that can be used to benefit the world." and so it begins…

Aspen has sat patiently at her husband's side, quietly and observing with a servant standing back and to the side of her throne. Any time the Queen moved, the girl stepped forward.

When the talking starts, Aspen shifts to sit straighter and her eyes narrow faintly. She's taking in every expression, ever tone and look. The way people stand and shift.

"And what would you wish them to do if situations were reversed and they could lend aid? If it were our people whose future was at risk?" A heartbeat and then, "How long do you suppose the waters will be safe from the dumping and carelessness if they are left unaware of life here?"

Orin watches on as they debate before he turns to his wife as Aspen rises to speak. He smiles at how she's grown. "She speaks true. The equality would be one of benefits. However, our flaws could be that the surface worlders are far too arrogant to 'share' what is rightfully ours. wars have been fought for less." he says then, still in his seat.

"I plan to reveal ourselves to this United Nations panel, a place where a great majority of the world's nations come together to discuss world issues. I plan for Aspen and a small retinue of guards to accompany me."

He looks out amongst them then…as if awaiting for how they could rebel this idea.

There are, of course, objections as expected. It's not safe for them both to be so far away at once, what if they're needed here, et cetera. There's also words of understanding and encouragement as well.

For Aspen's part, she sits back down and immediately finds a glass of water being held out to her. A look is shot to the servant who gives the Queen a stern look in return which makes Aspe roll her eyes but she takes a long drink anyhow. Once the woman seems satisfied, she steps back again.

Finally, Aspen's attention is turned to her husband and she smiles gently. "My place is, as always, at your side. When do you wish to leave, my King?”

Orin looks to all who objected and all who encouraged….but ultimately, Orin has the final say….Orin is the King and sovereign.

looking first to his wife at her question, he gives her hand a solid squeeze, silent thanks for staying hydrated and as heart-touched for her words of devotion. "And I, you, Aspen. I plan to leave next week." he tells her with a kind smile as he retakes his seat. "do not worry…our kingdom will not fall in a day, nothing ever does. However, I want our defenses at maximum….our enemies may see an oppurtunity in our preference of peace. let's dissuade them of that notion."

many of them seem to agree on that note, though his military advisor looks to the king and queen and clearly is the only one in disagreement. alas, Orin looks to all. "is there anything else we need to discuss, now that we are all gathered?"

going once…twice…

A side long glance is given to the servant beside her as Orin calls for anything else to discuss. The woman smiles and fights back the urge to giggle which has Aspen smirking. A heartbeat later and she leans over the arm over her throne to whisper in her husband's ear.

"I'm pregnant.”

Orin looks to Aspen as she puts her hand on his arm. "Hm? What is it?" And when she whispers those sacred words to him, his eyes widen considerably as he looks to her."r-really?!" He asks in earnest before looking to those assembled.

"The Queen is with child! Let a grand celebration be held tonight!" He declares before dismissing his cheering advisors…

once they are gone? Orin wraps a hand around Aspen and kisses her deep that people will wonder if that's legal.

Aspen can't help but laugh as she nods her head. "Really," is confirmed just before the cheers start and she laughs a little more, sharing in the joy of those gathered and, more importantly, her husband.

Pulled into a kiss unlike any other, Aspen brings a hand up to cup Orin's cheek. She kisses him back, tongue slipping out to coax his lips to part so she can taste him. When the kiss ends, she pulls back and smiles up at him.

"You're going to be a daddy.”

Orin parts his lips with ease to let his wife taste him, the sweet embrace of their lips bringing a peace to the Atlantean king.

When they pull away, Aspen can see tears of joy in his eyes. "I am….and you're going to be a mommy." His forehead against hers. "I love you..until the end of my days and beyond, I love you."

Those tears tug at Aspen's heart and she leans in for another soft, sweet kiss. "I love you too, darling. In this life and all others." She nuzzles her nose against his, still smiling. "We're going to have a baby…" And now it's her that has tears in her eyes. "You're going to be an amazing father, my love.”

Orin nuzzles his nose against hers, keeping her close to him as they embrace right then and there. His lips meet and find hers, kissing her without any kind of worry in the world. He was going to be a father! "And you, a magnificent mother." Another kiss as he picks her up and spins, joy in his voice.

Twirled, Aspen can't help but laugh, her smile as bright and warm as the sun. Joy and love shine in her eyes and her arms wrap around her husband. "It's why I've been followed all evening."

This causes the servant still standing by the throne to snort indelicately which she turns into a cough to try to hide the snicker.

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