Sister Texts 1

Characters: Superwoman, Divine
Rated: PG
Summary: Following About Your Sister, Kara uses the number she was given, and reaches out to Divine.
OOC Date: 2017-12-27
IC Date: 2017-12-27
Where: Scene takes place in two unspecified locations, largely through text messages

This is nuts.

Seriously, this is insane.

Kara is still pacing. She has arranged the purchase of a hundred burner cellphones, and specifically disabled their GPS chips at a hardware level. All in preparation for what feels to her like the most insane thing she may ever have done.

But she's going to do it.

"Hi. It's me. SB said to text. U OK w/that?"

And just like that, Superwoman has started a text conversation with Divine, her clone sister and current government-sponsored supervillain.

This is nuts.

Meanwhile, Divine in transit, having dropped of a secure package to another Cadmus facility, one too important to trust to standard transport. To be honest, she's a bit annoyed by being a glorified messenger girl, but she can't doubt the security she provides for something like that.

But, she's picked up a certain package enroute. She's fast enough she's strongly sure that they can't detect her picking up her little stash, going in and out as she does. She can't keep it ON the base, but near the base is good enough.

Still, she's suprised when she hears the chirp of it picking up a text, then reaches into a pocket, pulling it out and glancing at it. "…?" She frown sa bit, then tucks it under her arm for a moment, reaching into another pocket as she quickly assembles a small device, then reaches up and pulls out her earpiece, before popping it into place and flipping on the device. That should confuse the system for a little bit. Won't be the first time…they're just not as durable as she is, as she's mentioned to her handlers once or twice.

That done, she tucks it back in her pocket, then pulls at the phone, hesistating, before she shakes her head and types.

"Yeah. Didn't expect you to say yes."

Kara is still pacing. Her own earwig goes off, and she mutes it. They'll call again if they really need her, if no one else can help. She paces, waiting for a response. Then a beep. She reads, pursing her lips, debating a hundred different possible responses almost instantly. Then she types.

"No matter what, you're still my sister. I still care."

Karen snorts at that response, frowning a bit, before she immediately starts typing, going with her first response.

"You don't even know me. I'm just the bit they stole from you."

"I do know you. I've felt your feelings. Dreamt your memories. I don't know all of you. You don't know all of me. But that doesn't make you not a part of me. Doesn't make me not a part of you. Sisters."

A pause, then a new text appears. "It's freaky to have you in my head. Dreaming your dreams. You're so…" She pauses, trying to put it into words. "…you judge me in them. You're so…restricted, you don't do what needs to be done. You hold yourself to rules your opponents don't."

"I don't really mean to judge you. Or anyone."

A few seconds later: "I hold myself to ideals. Never matters what my opponents will or won't do. What matters, what I control, is what I do and how I do it."

And a few seconds after that: "I don't know if I can. But I want to help you. Not to be like me, if that's not what you want. But I want to help you to be you. If we can manage that."

A minute or so later: "I really don't want to judge you. I'm sorry, if my dreams do that. It's not intentional."

Divine slows a bit as she starts to focus on the phone more, frowning a bit. She's…a bit suprised. And really…sorry is not something she hears. Well…ever, that she can recall. People don't apologize to her. Well…unless they're scared of her.

A moment later another text comes in. "Ideals is more correct. I have operational parameters. They're more precise. I know when I violate them. When I'm within parameters."

There's a pause, then "…SB said I shouldn't try to fight you constantly. So…what do you not want to argue about?"

"Would it be OK if I asked you some questions? About you. Not anyone else. Just you."

Slight pause. "Sure." Not much to be said, though Divine feels a bit…nervous? She's not sure what to call it, someone asking about her personally.

Kara takes a deep breath. It's so hard, so challenging, to work her way through the minefield of her sister's emotions. But for the sake of her sister, she has to try.

This is more nerve-wracking than trying to disarm that damned Kryptonite bomb. That thing wasn't nearly as prickly or prone to go off randomly.

"What are you some things you like? Colors, food, clothes. Maybe even drinks?"

Divine blinks a bit, then pauses. "I like blue. Bacon cheeseburgers. I like jeans, and looser tops. I like hard cider."

Kara reads those and smiles. How eerie. She expected there might be similarities. She wasn't prepared for that many.

"Nice choices."

Kara ponders for a bit. It might be five minutes before she finally sends something else.

"Is it OK if I ask? What is your earliest memory?"

Divine frowns a bit to herself. "Playing with floating shapes. Matching them. In the interface. I think." she texts back after a moment.

Kara lets that one wash over her for a bit. Maybe longer than a bit. Then she types out another message.

"VR, hunh? Me too, actually. Symbioship, one of the big features."

"D? My name is Kara. I want you to know that. Is that OK?"

"…my name…the name I gave myself is Karen. I didn't have one other than Divine before."


"I like it."

"I'm glad you gave yourself one."

"Sorry I wasn't there. That I couldn't help you find one."

"Well…my designation was KAR-3N*…so…it seemed like a good 'real name' to go with it."

"You didn't know I existed until I came out of the pod and we started dreaming together. Couldn't have known."

"… Crap." Kara had two more sisters. Two more, that never got a chance to be.


"Good, though. I still like it."

She never texts anything about the others. Why would she? That would only hurt Karen. But damnit, that hurts. It hurts so bad, and she can't do a thing about it.

"I'm a little surprised we didn't start dreaming when you were in the pod." Kara sends eventually.

Karen has thought about them, of course. The sisters who weren't viable. That never really lived. She wonders sometimes if there's some genetic mistake in her code that's going to cause her to die young. That somehow she cheated to be born, but…well. She's never been when to focus on the future like that. She has orders to follow.

"My theory is that the memory induction device they were using was interfering with it. All the sensory input I was getting or that was going out was through that. I wanted to ask, but I didn't want to bring up what was happening."

"Makes sense. And that you wouldn't want to ask. Sorry. Probably an iffy question."

Kara considers it for a while. Then she decides on the next one.

"Hey. I got to ask my questions. You should get to ask yours. That's only fair. Figure if I have some, you gotta have a few. Even if not now. Like. Whenever you feel up to it. K?"

There's a looooooong pause.

"What was it like growing up with parents?"

Kara reads that message, and her heart breaks. It just shatters in her chest.

OK, not literally. But that's how it feels. But Kara takes several deep breaths, paces some more, and then types out a message.

She deletes that message unsent, and types out another one. Then deletes that one and tries one more time.

"It was really awesome. They weren't my birth parents, and I always knew that. But they loved me, and they made sure I knew that."

"Maybe I can dream of that. Share that, with you."

It won't be the same. Kara knows that. But it's the best she can offer, to give her sister a chance at feeling some small fraction of what that feels like. And Karen deserves that.

Karen tilts her head slightly, frowning at that. Oh. So…it's like that. Hmm. She always wondered…how different it must have been.

It's a bit before she types again. "Did they want children besides you too? How did they find you?"

Kara pauses, reading that. She considers it carefully. Hrm. How to answer?

"They did, but no luck. Only child, adopted. Did have a cousin, though."

"They found my pod, saw it land. Crash. Whatever."

The text is a bit faster this time. "A cousin? Another pod like yours? Or a human cousin?" Ever since Superboy was discovered, Karen has found herself thinking about…well, blood family more. She hadn't really considered herself quite Kara's sister…just a copy of her. But Superboy is a copy of her, so…now she's a bit more swayed to considering it.

"Adopted cousin, within the family that adopted me." Kara answers, quickly.

"I do have a birth cousin, too. Kal-El. Conner looks a lot like him." Kara doesn't say more about him. But she will acknowledge his existence.

"He's…a Kryptonian? What's your adopted cousin like, then? Do they live with you?" She's curious now. There's another one like Superwoman? A he? Huh. That's…interesting.

"She's a pilot. Hot shot. Brash, but brave and honorable." Kara answers about her adopted cousin.

"She doesn't live with me. But we see each other often."

"Until you, she was the closest thing I had to a sister."

Divine frowns, having rolled onto her back and slowed her pace as she flies along, idly checking her GPS to check how much time she has. She texts. "Weird you think I'm a sister. Always have been told I'm your replacement."

"Biologically, you're my twin." Kara responds. "And I've always wanted a sister."

She isn't going to try to tear down those expectations. Not right now. That has to become Karen's choice, when Karen is ready. Or at least, that's Kara's working theory.

"FWIW I don't feel like I need to be replaced. But I could always use a friend. And a sister."

Karen smirks a bit, typing. "Even though I tried to punch you through a burning building last time?" She did find that a bit exhilarating, to be honest. Coming up against someone who can fight on her level isn't that common. "Not that I did. Really didn't want to stop you from taking Conner with you. Just…I know they'll go looking for him.

"Friends can disagree. Even fight. So can family." It is a reality Kara understands well, but having not had a family, Karen likely didn't realize it could work that way. So she tries to point that out.

"I know they will. But I will keep him safe. I promise."

"Believe you. Your question, then. Don't have a lot of time left before I have to sign off, or they'l be suspicious." Karen returns.

"My question: Do you want to talk again?"

When given her answer, Kara sends another number: the number of a new burner phone.

"Whenever you're ready."

Divine frowns thoughfully, then types. "Yes. Need a new sim card. Will text when I can." She pauses, then more wryly adds. "It was not what I thought it might be. Was okay." Terse, but honest, at least.

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