Sigyn and Thor Meet The Grim Lantern

Characters: Sigyn Aglardis, Thor Odinson & Hogun
Rated: PG
Summary: Princess Sigyn and Prince Thor run into the Weapons Master of Asgard, Hogun the Grim who seems to have gotten an makeover and an upgrade. Things get tense and both boys are sent to their separate corners.
OOC Date: Sun. Feb. 18, 2018
IC Date: Sun. Feb. 18, 2018
Where: Near Central Park in New York

Sigyn hated having her guards with her everywhere. She really did. So when the opportunity came to have Thor escort her on Midgard, she took it. Normally, Loki is at her side during such excursions but the Prince of Asgard and God of Mischief does have other duties and responsibilities to tend to.

Right now, Thor and Sigyn are near Central Park, having headed that way as to introduce the elven Goddess to street food after going shopping.

Her looks-like-spun-gold hair is done in several intricate braids, all woven carefully together and she’s dressed in a silk skirt that reaches her ankles as well as a silk and chiffon of the shoulder blouse. In white and lavender respectively.

“I truly appreciate this, Prince Thor. I hope I am not keeping you.”

Thor and Sigyn had just left Asgard and thankfully both were looking more wisely dressed in casual Midgardian clothing. Real timesaver that and it helps to keep attention away from the two of them. With a kind smile, he nods softly to her. He was more than happy to keep her company while his brother was away, though now he could be the big brother and delve into more…serious topics.

“It is of no consequence, highness. I am more than happy to walk you… I have no love for guards either.” He winks at her softly before his look turns a bit more intense.

“So then… I imagine you and Loki have been friends for some time?”

Sigyn chuckles slightly. “I am still not entirely certain I enjoy Midgardian clothing though I suppose I can see the necessity. Somewhat.”

When asked about Loki, a light blush dances to her cheeks. “Aside from the times we would visit Odin’s palace when I was a child? I became reacquainted with Prince Loki some weeks ago. He has been very generous with his time and has even personally seen to my safety here when he could.”

Hogun had been missing from the Palace for some days. It’s not unheard of, but the Einhenjar were grateful for the break of having to face him in training, so in that comments had been made. What was of concern to the All-Seeing Gatekeeper of the Rainbow Bridge was that the last he saw of the silent, grim Warrior all there was for several long heartbeats was Rage. When Heimdall’s Vision cleared, Hogun was no where to be seen.

Now, three days later, Hogun walks near Central Park. People around him are stepping clear. After all, who wants to be near someone scalding hot, in full plate that looks like black dragon scale, where bright red-orange glows with enough hear to ripple and warm the air about him between the seams. Red the color of blood accents the armor here and there.

Thor smiles softly softly then to Sigyn as he keeps next to her side, Mjolnir was in the form of an umbrella and his hair was pulled back into a ponytail, though one or two if his braids was still visible, no doubt a die-effect caused by the Goddess of War. Something Thor rather enjoyed.

Either way, he notices her blush as she tries to wave him off a little bit. “Mmmhm,” is all he says in a definitely teasing way…but then he feels the powerful energy coming from Hogun, and the red energy around him and he pauses, an arm moving in front of the Princess, eyes a little widened at what he’s seeing.


That teasing tone has Sigyn’s head dipping faintly. That is, until the wave of rage hits her hard enough she rocks backwards a step.

A few heartbeats to recover and then aquamarine eyes flit around until there’s an arm in front of her and the Weapons Master is there.

She forces herself not to take a step back. “Weapons Master,” is said with a dip of her head.

Let’s not irritate him, shall we?

Red-brow eyes lift to the two royals. Aesir and Alftar. That boiling anger rolls just under the tightly controlled surface as Hogun regards Sigyn. The red flecks in his gaze glow ever so slightly, like embers waking in a dying flame.

“Princess,” he says to her. It might have been a greeting. It might have been friendly had not something hot seared the edges of his tone and sourced it into dissonance. His gaze slide to Thor. Thor, Prince of Asgard, who in all his life has likely never heard Hogun open with speech when a nod or a snort or a shrug would do.

“Thor,” Hogun says then. It’s an acknowledgement, a dare for the Prince to say something.

Thor completely pauses by the time he sees Hogun. A look then to Sigyn as she tries to tell Thor not to anger the Weapon Master. But Thor knows his power…but with Hogun as a Red Lantern, he does't want to hurt him.

"Hogun…what's happened to you?" he asks then, and with a stamp of his umbrella it turns into Mjolnir and it changes Thor's garb to his Asgardian armor, ready for a fight if it comes to it….he doubts Hogun came here to have a peaceable discussion. "Hogun…it's time to come home."

What she can hear in Hogun's voice sends ice water through her veins and has a shiver dancing down Sigyn's spine. She can feel the energy radiating from the ring and her eyes flick to the thing before rising back to Hogun and then sliding to Thor. "It is, perhaps, best if I take my leave. The ring feeds his rage and my presence will only make it worse… The anger and hatred rolling off of him is unlike anything I have felt before."

"Happened, Prince?" Hogun repeats the question. He seems to take a moment to consider this before Hogun the Grim does something that likely seems completely out of character for all that Thor knows of him.

Hogun grins.

"Upgrade. And no. I am done having the All-Father string me along. But run home, and have him tell you where Mogul is, and then come find me. Tell me where, and then leave me be," Hogun says. His voice is still rough, as horse as ever Thor's heard it only more so. It is as tortured as if he had just finished trying to drink boiling oil and then vomited it back up a heartbeat later. Sigyn's words draw his attention and the red embers which had faded in his 'conversation' with Thor return.

"You have nothing to fear, little elfess. You have shown to be far less narrow-minded than the rest of your kind," he says. The melody ends in a half-cadence as if hinting at the unspoken For Now.

Thor looks at Hogun. "Do not order a prince of Asgard." he notices the rage that brightened
Hogun’s eyes start to dim when he saw Sigyn. "and you will most certainly not attempt to face the All-Father. I doubt he'd have to break a sweat against you, weapons master." he barks in return, entering a fighting stance. "No, I will be your opponent. I'll drag you back home if I must." he starts to approach then, walking straight towards Hogun. "Though your voice sounds funny." he speaks then with a chuckle. Idle but friendly mockery!

A more serious look on his face now. "Princess…..I would highly offer such wisdom that you stay back." his eyes never leave Hogun's as the God of Thunder challenges this man of rage. Either way, Thor doesn't seem amused whatsoever.

Oh, how badly Sigyn wants to facepalm in this moment.

"Prince Thor…" The elven Princess starts to step forward, already gathering her magic to her. "Perhaps antagonizing the Weapons Master is not the best of ideas at the moment. You cannot feel what I do from him. It would take very little to take a step too far in the wrong direction.."

Her eyes slide to Hogun. "Peace, Weapons Master… I will be certain to relay the message to the All Father.."

Do not order the Prince of Asgard? Do not attempt the face the All-Father? Hogun's 'amusement' only seems to grow at this. When Thor offers to be his opponent, Hogun quirks a brow. Were it not for the cold smirk on his face it would be so familiar an expression: Really?

Walked toward, Hogun holds his ground, though the lava-like seams and veins in his armor seem to glow more brightly.

Hogun's posture doesn't change, nor does his expression, but Sigyn can feel how this annoys him. Thor is NOT his enemy. Right now, Thor is an annoyance, a waste of time and a waste of Rage. Should he have to defend himself, however, Hogun would not as perhaps he would have a mere week ago pull his punches. Eyes that are now the same color as magma slide toward Sigyn as she steps forward. Hogun regards the elf princess and with 'effort' the glow dims faintly and with it the feeling of just how dangerous the Weapons Master of Asgard can truly be fades.

"Do listen to the girl, Thor. The women in your life have all been highly intelligent," says Hogun, magma colored eyes going back to the Thunderer, the Lord of Storms, the tiny rain cloud getting all puffed up because Hogun actually spoke to him and it was discovered that Thor didn't seem to like what Hogun had to say.

Thor seemed to become slightly agitated then, watching his armor…though when Hogun walks forward, so does Thor, not backing down for a moment. Though it's the comment on women that gets Thor's blood boiling. "I know, though the only one who exchanged reason for madness happens to be the one I'm staring at." He challenges Hogun then. "You're coming home even if I must break every bone in that body."

Hogun already hit two sore spots and the elfling knew it, Thor was not in the mood for games. He approaches then. Though Hogun could tell that Thor was getting upset….as it stands, there was a thunderstorm raging above them.

Hi. Remember the elven Princess that had stepped forward. As the two men step close and pull out measuring sticks, it pushes Sigyn just a little too close and she's forced to jerk away from both to examine the lovely burn that now marks her skin. "That is enough!"

And now she's angry. And Loki's going to be angrier. A field of energy is thrown up between them to stop the two from getting at each other.

"You," she points at Hogun. "Go somewhere cold and let off a little steam. Away from people, please."

And then she rounds on Thor. "And you! You go back to Asgard and discuss this with your father. The All Father needs to be made aware of what has transpired with his Weapons Master. Post Haste."

She'll deal with that nasty burn after they go to their corners.

The moment Sigyn jerks away, Hogun steps back. He can SMELL the burnt flesh. A burn he caused. The scent alone makes him blanch, wanting to vomit. He staggers back and then just lifts himself up into the sky and flies away in a contrail of lava-red.

And now the Weapons Master can fly. Have fun with that one later.

Thor's face says it all. He doesn't even notice that Sigyn had been burned, his eyes watching as Hogun flew away. When Sigyn attempts to mother him, Thor does't even respond. "Heimdall. Bifrost, now." and then they were off to Asgard!

Oh no. No, Sigyn is not riding that thing again, thank you!

Hogun goes his way, Thor calls for the Bifrost and at the last minute, Sigyn steps back to avoid it. That thing makes her ill. She has her own way home.

And it is home she goes. Back to Alfheim. They all need time to cool down.

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