Shopping for Laura

Characters: Lexi Nemo, Laura Kinney
Rated: PG
Summary: Lexi Nemo takes Laura Kinney shopping for some odds and ends the unusual new student might like for her stay at the X-Mansion.
OOC Date: November 10, 2017
IC Date: November 10, 2017
Where: Westchester, New York

After a delicious dinner and a bit of walking, the next place Lexi drives Laura to is a much larger parking lot! Huge, in fact. Possibly the largest Laura has seen so far. Because, well…that's your average mall parking lot. Though it's a weekday and later at night, so it's not hugely full. And because you're on a bike, you get to use the cycle parking that's near the doors, so short walk.

Lexi slides off after kicking down the stand for the bike. "Welcome ta suburbia at its most capitalist…" she jokes, peers at the younger girl. "Ya ever been ta a mall?"

Laura Kinney nods. "Once, with my cousin. We went to the pet store." She peers around as they enter, nostrils flaring as she takes in the sensory experience that is a mall, even a relatively empty one. "Are we here for school supplies? Or a bean bag?"

"Lotsa things!" Lexi says cheerfully, stowing their helmets before sauntering towards the door. 'There's all sorts of stores here…for clothes, for music, for video games….pets too! Though I kinda like the bigger pet stores for that, cuz they do rescue pets, an' I always wanna play with them a bit cuz of that…" she admits, turning as she walks backwards, the doors sliding open behind her as she does, letting out the cool AC to wash over both girls. "Kittens are best, though puppies n' bunnies are pretty awesome. Or ferrets! Have ya seen a ferret? They're like nature's ninjas for how they get into everythin'…"

Laura Kinney shakes her head. "No ferrets." Fortunately, there aren't too many people to stare at Laura, or for her to say the wrong thing to. "…I do not think we should buy a pet on a motorcycle, though."

Lexi hmms. "Right! No trained bears. Luckily we're not in Russia…" she muses. "Well, let's see…how about the basics first." She ponders the other girl for a moment. "…I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you've never really been measured for clothes, either over or under?"

Laura Kinney shrugs. "I wore what I was given. I borrowed clothes from my cousin after I escaped." She'd never actually looked at sizes, Just… Tried on what fit. She took a pretty utilitarian outlook on clothes, aside from the punk/goth vibe.

The mauve girl nods. "Well, okay. We do that part first then. You're a growing girl an' it's gonna get kinda uncomfortable for ya if you're not fitted, ‘specially for bras an' such. And it's good ta know yer sizes in general. Let's getcha somethin' that fits nice an' is warm for winter, since it's comin' up." She starts sauntering towards one of the clothing stores nearby that, from the advertising, seems to cater to teens and college girls pretty much. "Let's see…" She pauses, then frowns, looking over at a Victoria Secret's type store, then scratches her cheek. "Well, um…I'm sure they got a tape measure I can borrow or somethin'." she says.

Laura Kinney tilts her head a bit to one side as she's confronted by billboard sized images of frilly underwear. "What is the purpose of all the frilly bits? They just look uncomfortable." Depending on how much snooping Lexi had done in the teen's bag, her own selection consists mainly of sports bras, and other things without underwires or lace.

"Excellent question!" Lexi says cheerfully. "Well, in some cases it's because for certain dresses ya gotta match colors an' stuff to make it look good. Some are also there more to make ya look sexy for that special someone, so a little frilly is fun there." She makes a decision, starting to head towards the smaller generalized store. "I mean, they're not ALL like that, just they put th' special fancy ones out front ta showcase what they got. Place like that is nice mostly if ya need to be sure of yer size an' stuff, they've got a lot more options than most stores. C'mon, we can find somethin' for ya here…I mean, ya got mostly sports bras right now, right?"

Laura Kinney nods, following into what is probably the local equivalent of Target. "Yes. They are comfortable and do not interfere with fighting. …Also they do not stain as much." Probably best not to get into how she knows that. "I do not need to look fancy. This store will be fine."

The older girl nods, clasping her hands behind her back as she tilts her head. "Well, that's true. Maybe better look for fabrics that work best, but…hopefully ya won't be wearing alla these when yer fightin', so they won't get so stained. An' this is mostly so ya can try out some different styles? Like…hmm." She ponders. "I think ya might like leggings for winter, for example. Easier ta move in. But some nice jeans that fit well would be good. Maybe a comfy cableknit sweater…." she says thoughtfully. "Or a dress? Just ta have one. Every girl should have a little black dress for special occasions, y'know…"

Laura Kinney is entirely out of her element, and probably looks it. "Freedom of movement is good. As is warmth." Special occasions… "Do you mean funerals? Has someone died?" Funerals are a thing people do, right? Laura, admittedly, hadn't had much chance to participate any, but…

"Wellllll….yes, maybe." Lexi allows. "Depends on how formal a dress it is. But it's also good for things like, oh, dancing, or clubs, or parties, stuff like that. Dates?" she offers. "Maybe somethin' ta put off for t'day. Why don't you look around quick an' I'll be right back, I'm gonna see if I can borrow a measuring tape!" She points towards a display of various colored and patterned leggings. "Why dontcha look for one ya like of those? It's good for keepin' your legs warm if ya don't wanna wear jeans…an' ya can move in them way better too.

Laura Kinney starts browsing as Lexi goes off to find… other things. Hmmm. Basic Black is always good, as is gray… She veers slightly off course, spending a few moments running her hand across the lining of a particularly fuzzy hoodie, before draping it over her arm as well to add to her growing collection.

After a couple minutes, Lexi returns, holding a cloth measuring tape in her hand. "Oh, I like that one!" she says cheerfully at the hoodie. "Is that one of th' ones with the ears?" she says, lifting the hood to check. "Mm, we need a skirt too…." She purses her lips. "Maybe something the color of your eyes? Does that sound neat? Or like, if ya got a favorite color." She pauses. "Besides black, I mean. Black goes with everythin', so it doesn't count."

No ears on the hoodie, it's just large and extremely soft inside. "Dark purple is good too." Bright colors stand out too much. A lot easier to blend in with darker or neutral colors. She flexes her fingers. "Gloves for warmth too. It is getting colder."

With most people, saying something like that would get a defense of brighter colors. Lexi just nods in agreement. "Well, a nice dark blue is better at night too, ya blend better. Way better than pure black, or even a dark grey. But fuzzy works good too, breaks up your outline a bit, makes it less likely someone's gonna pick ya out as easily." Yes, Lexi has a…checkered past in terms of sneaking into places she shouldn't be. "Let's see…" She picks up a nice short skirt, slightly frilly but not too bad that falls to about lower thigh, the way it's designed. Might be a bit long, but better long than short, she figurs. "C'mon, let's try this stuff on, an' I'll measure ya a bit so we can narrow down what'll fit best."

Laura Kinney follows Lexi to the fitting rooms, shrugging off her jacket and T-shirt once inside, and getting into the business of trying things on. The hoodie's warm enough that she can't wear it for very long, and the leggings fit pretty well. She does try on the skirt too, despite frilly-ness, although that might just be to appease Lexi.

Lexi will let her try them on, suggesting she try them all on together to see how they fit as an outfit. But when she's done, she'll ask her to stand still for a moment. "Just gonna measure…which means I'm gonna slide the cloth tape here 'round yer chest an' yer waist an' yer hips. That okay?" she asks, rather than just doing it.

The outfit actually looks pretty good on Laura, for that matter. Maybe a bit more colorful than she's used to, but it goe swell with her hair and eyes.

Laura Kinney stands there with her arms out, legs spread at shoulder width. Clearly, she's no stranger to being examined, and she doesn't seem particularly embarrassed. Aside from a few faint X shaped scars on her upper arms, and the fact that she's a bit skinny, everything's uneventful. She stares at herself in the mirror, still nonplussed. "Green makes me stand out."

"Sure, but ya dont' wanna dress ta hide all the time. Then people are expectin' it." Lexi points out as she carefully measures, the tape sliding over Laura's chest, then moving lower as she leans down. "I mean, ya can, I guess, but th' point of stealthy type clothes is yer not wearin' them alla time." She murmurs to herself, then stands. "Okay, so, remember these numbers." And she'll repeat Laura's current measurements. "Since yer still growin' some, they'll probably change a bit more too…also! Green makes ya look pretty. Not everythin' has to be utilitarian, ya know…" she says with a smile.

Laura Kinney will indeed remember the measurements. "Nobody expects me." If this was a movie, she'd pop her claws at this point but… She doesn't want to bleed on the clothes that aren't even paid for yet. "I do not want to be memorable. The more people that recognize me, the easier Kimura will find me. Looking pretty is irrelevant."

Lexi considers the argument seriously, then says. "But the way you dress is memorable, because it's not like other teens. If you want to blend, a bit of color at least helps, even if it's muted. And lookin' good isn't irrelevant! It's nice ta feel well put together with a a nice outfit that compliments how ya look." She pauses, then murmurs. "And you should think of yerself as pretty, Laura. Not just what they wanted ta make ya. Don't let that stuff limit how ya look at who ya are, cuz really, it's you who gets ta decide that, not anyone else." She grins. "Includin' me! Actually, it's kinda a change, when I was at th' school last my girlfriend was way inta bright colors. Pink mostly." she says, smiling wistfully. "But, um, we can get more stuff that's more dark colored too. Maybe somethin' ta sleep in at night? Pajamas or an oversized t-shirt or somethin'.

Laura Kinney shrugs. "If you say so. I was just going to use clothes from the school store." Hey, if you're going to wear school merch around, sleep is probably the best time to do it. "I do not see the point of clothes just for sleeping. And my looks are irrelevant." She wanders off towards the shoes section. THis time, heavy duty ass-kicking boots are passed over for a pair of basic sneakers.

Lexi follows along. "Sure, everyone's got their own preference there. I just curl up as is mostly." she admits, peering at the tennis shoes a faint smile playing over her lips as Laura doesn't go for just the stomping boots. "Maybe somethin' useful for carryin' cash too…like a wallet, or a clip, or even a purse if ya want. Good place ta store stuff that's too obvious if ya got it in yer pockets."

"I have a wallet. I have multiple, in emergency dead drops." And that's all Laura's going to say about that. For now… She adds the sneakers to her current pile. "I think I am done with clothes. Was there anything else?"

Lexi ponders then steps over to snag some comfortably looking brownish grey socks, three packs in all. "You go through these pretty fast, might need ta have more. Though with those sneakers ya don't have ta wear socks if ya don't want. Could get ya some ballet flats too for that, easy ta kick off when ya need to?"

"I do not dance, and fighting with shoes is better. Thank you, though. I did not think of socks." And that color should actually hide blood pretty well. She pulls up the sleeve of her jacket, checking her watch. "We should head back. If we are late, the teachers will try to give us detention."

Lexi hmms. "Nah, I know how to get in without bein' seen. But no reason ta linger, sure…" she says as they get to the counter. And she'll pay for it all, without real prompting. Possibly before Laura can really protest or try to pay herself.

Laura Kinney does start to shove her hand into her jacket pocket, but withdraws it again when Lexi takes charge. Heading out of the mall, bag dangling from her fingers, she looks up at the older girl. "Thank you." She's not exactly saying for what, the food, the clothes, the talking… But it's pretty clear that she's genuinely grateful.

The mauve girl smiles a bit. "Welcome…" she says cheerfully. "It was fun! I don't get ta hang out with people shoppin' much, an' it's kinda nice ta be able ta show ya lots of this stuff.' She slides on her bike, pulling out her helmets and handing Laura's over. "Just stow the bag in the sidesaddle there."

Laura Kinney shoves the shopping into the saddlebag, climbing back on behind Lexi and pulling on her own helmet, turning up the collar of her jacket a bit to protect agianst the wind on the road. She yawns, apparently actually tired for once. Today was… nice.

Lexi notices the yawn, smiling a bit inside her helmet. "Let's getcha home…" she says, gently, starting up the bike, and pulling out, as they both head home to their respective beds. And maybe slightly pleasant dreams compared to normal.

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