Russian Wolf Babushkas

Characters: Lexi Nemo Vanya
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Lexi Nemo manages to track down the shapeshifter Vanya, and the two get down to chatting over an all you can eat Chinese buffet.
OOC Date: Fri Mar 09 18:32:46 2018
IC Date: Fri Mar 09 18:32:46 2018
Where: White Plains - Westchester - New York

Hip and happening, there are malls and eateries and dance clubs and apartment complexes in White Plains.

+local is available.

There are quite a few restaurants that have met the maw that is Lexi Nemo around Westchester as she was growing up. Not suprisingly, many of the non-chain ones have been forced to ban her due to the sheer losses encurred. But not all of them know that…and frankly, there are always places opening up! Like, for example, the new Chinese Buffet place, Madame Dragon's.

They don't know better yet. But then again, they're bringing in a lot of new people with their opening week deals after all. So it's not too suprising that Lexi would stop by there, given, well, they don't know any better yet.

By the time Lexi steps inside the buffet has already received more than its share of the city's inhabitants; curious foodies slipping in ahead of the crowds, a few dabbling journalists, average joes passing on the street, and the smaller but most noticeable crowd of "buffet specialists". With multiple plates covering most of the buffets offerings piled before them at once, the especially large, especially hungry, and especially active stand out to a trained eye.

And then there's Vanya…

Slurping down the broth of a rich soup, the wild brawler still looks as untamed and homeless as ever, with hair that may have never known any comb but her fingers and a now noticeably tattered tanktop that's slowly beginning to match the shreds she calls pants. A deceptively modest plate of dumplings and grilled mushrooms is set beside her soup, looking almost normal… except for the three plates piled underneath it. Someone's getting her money's worth already.

It doesn't take long for Lexi to pick out her food…mostly because she pretty much empties the chicken low mein, mongolian beef, and bbq buns trays along with a bowl of won tons before she makes her way out to the main room. She's drawing looks because she's not hiding that she's balancing the variety of foodstuff with tendrils that have sprouted out of her sides and arm. Some people are staring, some people are avoiding looking her, some are pointing or scowling. Kinda what Vany'as getting, really.

Her gold eyes fall across the familiar no longer wolfen brawler, taking a moment to pick out the features when she's not transformed, then she pads over to Vanya's table, setting down her plates. "HEllo again…" she says curiously.

While substantially less hairy, there's not much about Vanya's demeanor that isn't still screaming 'wild animal', or at least an ad for Dianabol. The were-woman also has more than a few pieces of white hair stuck to her clothes…

Setting down her bowl with a hearty sigh, the brawler's eyes alight with surprise and then she smirks as she sees the unmistakable mauve mutant walking towards her with tentacles out. "Privyet! You recognize me when I'm hairless, what a surprise. Sit, sit," the beast in human skin encourages, gesturing towards the opposite chair - more room for both of their plates that way.

"I know a lotta people who change shapes." Lexi points out, using one of her spare tendrils to pull it out as she seats herself with prefect grace, setting the plates down in front of herself. "Somehow I didn't expect ta see ya at th' opening for a Chinese buffet." she says amusedly, curling a tendril around one of the buns as she pops it in her mouth, chewing.

Vanya's eyes trace covetously across the food on Lexi's plates as she reaches out and takes one of her pan-fried dumplings - then keeps reaching and grabs a barbecue roll, leaving a dumpling behind in trade. "They have good—" the were-woman freezes with her mouth open and the bun only inches away. Her eyes drop to its glazed surface and her nostrils twitch visibly before the sunglassed Russian scowls and puts the food back on Lexi's plate, taking her dumpling back and popping it whole into her mouth.

"Good vehetewian choiphes," she grumbles sourly while chewing, huffing through her nose and she forces her eyes down to her own spread.

Lexi actualyl blinks at that. "…seriously, yer a vegetarian?" she says curiously. "I wasn't expectin' that. With ya lookin' like a wolfgirl last time." She retracts her tendrils back into her body, returnign to normal…such as it is…and says. "You can have some of the lo mein if ya eat around th' chicken, I guess?" She pops the discarded BBQ bun in her mouth, munching away as she pops her chopsticks apart.

"A woman has to protect her figure," Vanya quips as she picks up another dumpling, the oft-used joke coming out a little flat as her lips curl back to reveal one side of a very sharp looking set of teeth. "Believe me, I would eat every scrap of meat on your plate and in this restaurant if I could…"

The younger woman tilts her head thoughtfully at that, watching VAnya curiously. "…side effects when you do?" she wonders slowly after a moment. Nothing wrong with Lexi's brain power, really. She pushes the won tons over for Vanya to munch on if she chooses before she digs into her mongolian beef. Her eyes flick over VAnya as she says amusedly. "There's nothing wrong with yer figure that I can see either."

The compliment earns a cocky smirk as the werewoman's posture straightens itself a little and her shoulder square. Even the small flex of her neck that comes with the motion betrays a steely conditioning. "Try to find a flaw," she dares smugly before another dumpling disappears from the table and a wonton is grabbed next and sniffed appraisingly. "What's this?"

"Fried wonton. Flour, egg, water, and salt pretty much? Or are eggs a problem?" Lexi explain, grinning a bit at the cockiness as she noms on her beef, munching it down as she lets Vanya respond.

Vanya eyes the morsel deep in thought and then hands it back with a heavy sigh. "An ostrich egg? No. A chicken egg? Better not…"

"Ah so…more vegan than vegetarian? No meat products or byproducts at all?" Lexi says comiseratingly. "That's rough to stick to, especially if ya don't know how they're preppin' th' food.." she admits thoughfully.

"Vegan?" Vanya echoes with a curious cock of her head before a memory comes to mind and the werewoman chuckles lightly to herself. "I have had some… arguments with restaurants. This one looks okay," she considers, looking around at the establishment before standing up from her chair.
"I need more food," the Russian explains simply before heading off for plate number five.

Lexi ponders, then takes advantage of VAnya's absence! By the time she gets back, she's polished off her two main dishes, leaving the won tons, which she's munching on, a handful of remaining buns. She really inhaled it.

The werewoman is gone for more than just a few seconds as she loads up, leaving the mauve mutant time to work. Sitting near meat may have spiked the brawler's appetite… and it seems, given her an idea. When she does step back around Lexi's chair minutes later, the wolf woman has a full three more plates in the unmistakable grip of a coiled tentacle that used to be her right arm. Smirking silently at the mutant beside her and without a care to the rest of the restaurant, the half-transformed shapeshifter takes her seat again and eases the plates off her flexible limb in turn. They're piled generously with fried vegetables, rice, and a desert pudding.

The mauve mutant blinks a bit at that, as more stares are definitely being thrown their way by this point. "….squid or octopus?" she says after a moment, looking thoughful, as she munches on one of her buns. She's sort of connecting some dots, or at least she has a theory (and it is not bunnies).

Vanya continues to smirk as she waves the enlarged end of her tentacle before allowing the limb to shrink back down to its normal length and sprout fingers. "Squid of course," the once more human Russian answers as she grabs her fork.
"Look at them," she cracks, nudging her head towards an openly staring table and a couple exposed smartphones. "Jealous."

"I dunno if they've all wished they could have tentacles on command." Lexi says dryly. "Though at least ya blend when yer not shifting into somethin'." She tilts her head. "…I'm kinda glad I bumped inta ya though…been lookin' around for ya."

"Blending is over-rated," Vanya scoffs, spreading her arms wide as her tanktop stretches to accommodate more flexing muscles. Claws sprout and accents of white fur grow from her shoulders and elbows as the werewoman begins to showboat again. After leaving Lexi a few moments to admire her primal physique, the vegetarian predator reverts to what she passes for human and dives into one of her plates… all of them actually, grabbing bits from each without much of a pattern.
The hungry animal raises a brow but nods to the mutant for her to continue.

Lexi pauses at that, munching on a wonton absently. "Well…I run with people like us who got abilities…mutants. So I try ta keep tabs on people who stand out like that." she says thoughfuly. "Mostly cuz I figure it's good if we all at least know who's who if we need a hand or somethin'."

Vanya pauses to swallow such a large mouthful that her throat visible distends as it passes. The brawler grimaces for a brief moment, then smiles toothily with excitement. "Oh! You're one of those young things! None of your friends have a thick coat of fur, do they?" the bestial woman asks with a less than cordial eagerness twinkling beneath her orange-tinted glasses.

Lexi hesistates, snagging a bun to nibble on. She seems to have slowed down to the 'graze' phase of her dinner. "One of those young things?" she says questioningly. "Well…I know some people who do that, sure. Not quite as varied as ya, though."

"Mutants," Vanya repeats. "All of you are only what, ten years old? Before that you were all just normal kids." The incidental compliment rouses another cocky smirk. The werewoman's ego, it seems, is easily summoned.

Lexi wrinkles her nose. "Leeeeetle earlier than that." she points out. "Mutants have been around for a while, just not identified as such. Also, do I LOOK ten years old?" she points out, arching her back to pose herself slighty, in all her quite curvy nature.

The Russian shapeshifter looks down, cocks her head, peers sidelong, and squints as she seems to give the matter deep, genuine thought - besides slipping another bite into her mouth. Once she swallows, Vanya's lips lace back together in a more mischievous curl as her eyes lift to lock onto Lexi's.
"Da, in some places," she concludes.

Lexi psh. "I haven't looked like I was ten before I WAS ten…" she notes with a faint pout. "So…you're from around here? Or did ya move into th' area recently?" she says curiously.

"Pfft!" Vanya buckles forward as a laugh fights to escape her mouth and the Russian covers it to prevent a similar flight of food. "Hah, da am from Novomoskva. Is just west of Brooklyn by 6,000 kilometers," the brawler taunts, inflecting a heavier accent.

Lexi hmms. "Lots of Russians in Mutant Town lately." she admits. "What brings ya so far over here?" she wonders. "I mean…long way ta swim."

"You know more of us?" Vanya asks with a glimmer of excitement. "I heard there was a whole 'Mutant Town' here and thought 'the Cold War is over, I should see what the Capitalist pigs are like'." The old Russian gives a lazy wave of her hand about the restaurant with an expression of hopeless disappointment. "Everything I thought, but with even more jeans and short skirts."

"Well, when I was younger I worked with the local crime family…kinda where I learned ta speak Russian originally." Lexi explains. "Then there are a couple runnin' around who are mutants. I mean, Okhotnik you met already last time. I think most just wanna lie low."

"I wouldn't mind sniffing more of them out," Vanya considers as she clears a plate and adds it to her stack.

"Please don't do so just to fight them." Lexi says hopefully. "I mean…Diya is kinda th' guardian of th' street people around there. Or at least th' ones in her area." she says simply. "But she might talk ta ya, I dunno…she's kinda standoffish."

"<Why does everyone think I'm some kind of wild animal?>" the wererussian laughs and shakes her head. "I don't fight *everything* I meet," she notes to Lexi, pointing with her fork. "We haven't fought yet, have we?"

Lexi pauses. "<No, I suppose you haven't.>" she agrees in the same language. "Just Diya is a little territorial at times."

Vanya smirks and continues in Russian, "<And a moose is territorial about its water even if a bear can take off its head with one swing. A smart moose knows when not to pick a fight.>"
"And I try not to kill my fun. There's not much fun to have with a corpse. Like you," she adds, stuffing another bite into her mouth. "You're much more fun still breathing."

Lexi snorts a bit. "<I'm fun, huh?>" she says wryly, taking another big bite of a bbq bun, then swallows after she chews. "<Glad to be entertaining, I guess?>"

"<You look like a girl grandma would never let in the house,>" Vanya compliments with an appreciative smirk, and there's an unmistakable feeling that through her orange glasses, the sharp-eyed werewoman sees Lexi's body more clearly than most.
"<Nice eyes,>" she adds. "<If not for the tentacles I would say you were a jackal.>"

LExi smirks. "<I've always felt like I'm more foxish than jackal.>" she points out, shifting in her chair as she pops the rest of the bun in her mouth. "<Is this a 'better to see you with' situation compliment?>" she adds cheerfully.

Vanya laughs low as dark fur overtakes her fair eyebrows and pointed canines stretch until they poke out from behind her upper lip. "<Well you are stuffing yourself with a tasty meat filling,>" she jests, curling up one side of her smile to expose a sharp fang and a few of its close friends. "<I wonder, do you count as seafood?>"

"<Technically I'm not seafood…no suckers on the tendrils.>" she points out, a tentacle curling out from an arm as the tip attempts to tickle under the wolfen chin for a moment. "<Also why I go by Tendril over Tentacle…setting aside creepy guys attempting to get me to get my start in adult movies, they grow more like plants, but with muscle than plant fiber.>" she admits.

The wolfish Russian lifts her chin reflexively as Lexi brushes beneath her jawline, catching as well a short black goatee that's grown with her increasingly wolfish features. While not sporting a true muzzle, the werewoman's face has narrowed and pointed into a close cousin of the mutant's own. Vanya smiles wider and makes a playful grab for the limb with a hand that's likewise begun to claw and accent itself with furry knuckles.
"<So you're a vegetables,>" she concludes foxily.

The tendril, under the more silken and warm outer coating, is suprisingly powerful, flexing like iron in the grip, then winding around the wrist lightly as it's snagged. "<Definitely not a vegetable..>" she says amusedly, not seeming to mind that she's caught apparently.

Vanya squeezes only hard enough to be felt and the werewoman chuckles at the wiggling limb's reply. Beneath her blue-blocker glasses, her eyes crawl from the mauve tendril back to their owner. "<Fruit?>" she replies hopefully, continuing the joke. "<You do look a little like… cranberry.>"

"<I guess there are parts of me that could be considered melon-ish.>" Lexi says, tilting her head. "<At least you didn't say eggplant or grape.>" The tendril wiggles where it's being held, more an absent motion than a more serious attempt to pull away.

Vanya glances down with her hawkishly sharp eyes to stare for a moment, then offers a mild sideways nod of her head in muted acceptance. "<Wrong color,>" she notes as her own hand loosens and flexes in an idle rhythm, each finger squeezing and relaxing in little waves to sooth the mischievous energy subtly raising the werewoman's shoulders. She's enjoying their little game.
"<So when you make one, it comes from those marks?>" she guesses, tracing the tendril back to its tattoo source in Lexi's arm.

Lexi notes the look, smiling faintly. It's not every day she gets appreciative looks, after all, as opposed to…well weird ones. "<They come from wherever there is muscle mass; it's just easiest to create them where the muscle mass is heaviest, at least for length. Technically I can make them grow anywhere, just I can't always make them as long if I grew them, say, on my forehead or something.>" She reaches up to brush the swirls of color on her arm. "<This happens when they swirls what passes for melanin in my skin when they disappear back through it, then it lingers for a while afterwards. So I've got them all over, but they don't mark the only places I can make tendrils from.>."

"<''Melanin''? You learned fancy words from criminals,>" Vanya laughs, giving the young woman a knowing smirk as her sharp gaze catches the subtle smile as well. Their little exchange of powers might have guaranteed attention from the tables around them, but the werewoman's own opinion of Lexi's ability is hard to mistake. "<Mine plays by different rules,>" she notes as her hand gives a little more of a squeeze before shifting and wiggling in a way unnatural for human joints. Wolfish fur and claws blend flush into the Russian's skin as the bony edges of her wrist smooth and round pads press against Lexi's tendril. The transforming limb stretches and begins to coil down the mauve stalk, forming a double-helix.
"<And mine's bigger,>" the predator goads, flashing her wolf fang again.

Lexi widens her eyes slightly, then slits them. "<I could MAKE mine bigger, but it'd draw attention.>" she points out, adding amusedly. "<And I had several acquaintances tell me my Russian was terrible, so when I went to school I made a point to actually learn it from a better source and improve it.>" The tip of the tendril curls over the back of Vanya's former wrist, tugging lazily as it extends downwards. "<I know a few tricks I can do like that.>"

"<Oh I /dare/ you,>" Vanya chuckles, so distracted now that the rest of her food remains untouched. "<If we haven't drawn the attention of everyone in the restaurant already, give me five seconds to work up a good howl and you won't have 'attention' to worry about, Jackal.>"

"<Fox, not jackal. If we're choosing animals.>" Lexi points out, then the tip of the tendril splits into two, curving around the opposing length as it hardens into a tougher claw, becoming more the consistency of mahogany as it grips lightly, the interior becoming rougher to grip better.

A wide smiles splits across Vanya's face. My, what big teeth she has…
"<Now that is a nice trick,>" she purrs as the thick sinew of her tentacle stirs itself into motion and slowly curls back towards its owner, reeling Lexi's tendril along with it. The prehensile limb's tip resumes stretching as more suction cups are added and the extra length arches overhead, casting a narrow shadow over the mauve mutant. Vanya's glasses slip partway down the bridge of her nose, exposing an inhuman gaze that's dancing with restrained playfulness - strikingly close to Lexi's own golden eyes, the werewoman's are a slightly darker shade of honeyed bronze.

The golden-eyed mutant grins a bit "<So's your trick…I can't do more involved changes, only gross, more simple ones. I can do blades. Or injectors, theoretically, though I can't produce poison or anything. But I can create a sort of husk to store some in, with a little time to prepare.>" she explains, watching as the tendril in question is pulled back. Rather than becoming taunt…it continues to extend slightly, leaving a bit of give to it as it grows. "<Full on transformations is…different. My DNA is strange…it isn't human anymore. Literally. Some of the components resemble human DNA…but…>" She shrugs. "<It's perfect. It doesn't change.>"

"<You should fill a husk with soup and spray it at someone,>" Vanya suggests mischievously as she glances back down through her lenses to trace the expanding tendril's length. Not to be outdone, her tentacle drops like a crash wave and coils around the arm Lexi's been using. The rest of her limb writhes with the impulses of dense, corded muscles as it gives another pull and Vanya's human hand subtly braces the edge of her chair to anchor herself. "<Ah but if you think your DNA is perfect, little fox, then you and I need to compare notes in more detail because I'm getting there - and you're not me.>" The eager liveliness in the werewoman's intense and unblinking stare positively dares the mutant to do so.

The wolf girl across from her shifts slightly…but doesn't move, though the table makes a slight growning noise as she rests her hand against the other side. Her arm…just doesn't move, only the flex of muscles in the arm opposite the one from which the tendril sprouts suggesting she's even exerting herself. "<Different kind of perfect. Mine are a blueprint for me as I am right at this moment, at the peak of my physical ability. My body always resets to that blueprint when hurt. I don't age, or scar, or suffer replication breakdowns in my cells over time.>" There's no breeze, but her silvery hair seems to shift slightly like it's brushed by one, the strands waving for a moment.

"Hah!" The sound comes out as a sharp, barking laugh as the table's groan is followed by a sudden *pop!* of strained wood. The werewoman is pulling harder. "<So you're older than you look! You know little fox, it took me years to evolve that far, but if you're hoping youthful vigor will give you an advantage, keep hoping…>"

Lexi bares her teeth lightly, flashing small if pointed canines. "<I can lift a tank, too.>" she says simply. "<The table isn't going to survive this, you know…>" Though she doesn't stop resisting the tug really. "<Either that or I'm going to end up in your lap…is that what you want?>"

That at least gets Vanya to look down again and notice the multiple plates of food still left between them. Her lips purse in thought, then reluctantly the thick tentacle relaxes, sliding its suckers down and eventually off Lexi's arm.
"< the table but I'm still hungry and unless vodka comes out of them your melon-fruit doesn't look like enough of a meal.>"
And just like that, the predator pushes her glasses back up her nose and chuckles cheerfully while taking her fork in her off hand and spearing another dumpling.

The mauve mutant gets a faint flush at that. "<I have not ever tried to do that…though alcohol doesn't do anything for me. Most chemicals don't, or not for very long.>" she says wryly, her tendril shifting back to normal and retracting as it disappears back into her warm, her purplish skin swirling where it vanishes, leaving a mark behind. She pauses to snag another BBQ bun, then muches on it as she leans back, her eyes twinkling now as she watches the woman across from her. "<Is that one of your mutations? Seems like it'd make you popular.>" she notes playfully.

"Hah! <Maybe if I drink enough,>" Vanya laughs around another bite, settling smoothly back into her rapid pace of eating as her tentacle likewise returns to a bare and muscular human arm. The feral brawler turns it aside to flex her bicep and nods towards the show of her physique. "<I'm not one of you new-fangled 'mutants'. I'm good old-fashioned evolution.>"
"<So you don't age, you don't scar, drugs do almost nothing to you, and you can grow tentacles at will…>" Vanya runs down her list with a smirk and her eyes half focused on a thought. "<So how old are you, 'little' fox? Thirty-five?>"

Lexi grins. "<Not quite that old.>" she notes. "<Twenty seven come May.>" Having finished off her buns, she moves back to her wontons, munching on them like they were potato chips. "<You? And you're a metahuman rather than a mutant, hmm?>"

"<Soviet born and made!>" Vanya declares proudly, swinging her free arm inwards to loudly thump her chest. "<Depending on what year it is now I should be somewhere between eighty and ninety years old I think.>" The same arm dashes out across the table as the werewoman leans out of her seat to grab Lexi's hair and ruffle it playfully while beaming toothily. "<Little fox you're about the right age to be my granddaughter. Are you sure we're not related?>"

As you grab the hair it, Lexi erks. "<Wait, careful, it'll…>" And then the strands curl around your fingers and begin winding around your fingers as you grip, tangling as Lexi makes an annoyed noise, then swears, creatively, in Russian for a moment as she leans towards the hand. "<It likes to grab things…>" she says with a long suffering sigh. "<Hold on, let me just…>" She inhales a bit, concentrating before the strands start to loosen again, swirling around your fingers like silk as they release again. Her hair is…faintly warm to the touch. It feels a bit different than hair, really. More like how her tendrils felt. She lets out a sigh. "<I have to think about it sometimes if I let my mind wander.>" the mutant notes. "<…and I wouldn't know. I don't know my parents.>" she admits after a moment.

"Yip-" Vanya blurts in surprise as her hand almost instantly disappears in a tangle of hair. Once she composes herself enough to realize what's happened, the werewoman's surprise turns to hearty, raucous laughter as she doubles over and thumps the table with her fist. "<Okay, Lisya, that is hilarious…>" Once she can take her hand back, the Soviet climbs back across the table and sits again, only to pause and look down at a large stain from where her shirt dipping into a soup bowl. "<, well now that tit is mushroom soup.>"

"<…I'm not going to suck the soup out for you here.>" Lexi says amusedly, carefully finger combing through her strands as they settle again while Vanya pounds the table, glancing down at the stain. "<Though you need a new shirt. And pants. Do you have another set?>" It's an honest question..she deals with quite a few people in Mutant Town who only have what they're wearing after all.

"<Only when I need one. Why keep extra clothes?>" Vanya reasons simply as she tugs her shirt some semblance of straight again. The Russian's bra underneath at least affords her a little remaining modesty.

"<So the rest of the time you just go without like last time I ran into you?>" Lexi asks curiously. "<And I dunno, I tend to find it's…nice to be able to choose outfits as you want? Though I can understand traveling light.>" And she can't help it, she does…well, glance down for when the shirt is out of position. Just for a moment before she catches herself.

Vanya's shirt doesn't have the plunging neckline that Lexi's does but it's at least weathered enough to expose hints of skin along the sides. Whether the aged cotton ever could have fit when it was new, its soft fibers stretch as the densely muscled brawler chuckles. Ever sharp-eyed, she catches that look too. "<Clothes just get in my way, but people stare too much when I'm naked… so it's a compromise,>" Vanya shrugs. "<Would you believe I even own shoes for those pesky restaurants that need footwear? What does covering my feet have to do with eating waffles? I'm not picking them up with my toes!>"

"<Health code thing, I think. Dirty feet and all that tracking stuff into the nice clean restaurant, possibly blood or such if your foot is cut.>" Lexi says thoughfully. "<Flip flops are good for that. Technically shoes, easy to carry.>" She grins. "<Hmmm, people stare at you when you're running around naked, do tell.>" she says amusedly. "<Does that happen a lot?>"

The old Russian laughs at the conversations turn and it does nothing to stop her from finishing her second plate. "<Maybe?>" she shrugs. "<I normally don't notice sheep. Why? Are you the kind of person who thinks dogs should be wearing pants like people? Maybe next they stand on two legs and run farms?>"

"<It's an interesting cultural thing. Mostly Western culture, in a lot of ways. The whole idea of nudity as sinful, or automatically sexual.>" Lexi says thoughfully. "<Others don't care, especially in hotter climates, save for maybe something to support the ladies.>" she adds, motioning to her chest. "<I tend to think of naked as just not having clothes and nude as naked with intent, personally.>"

"<Call it what you want,>" Vanya dismisses with already a quarter of her last plate missing. "<If clothes are for keeping warm I don't need them. Besides, wearing anything tight over fur is just /itchy/…>"

Lexi lets out a laugh, her eyes dancing a bit. "<Yes, I could see that. I think most just like to hide enough to be interesting. I tendt o wear as little as I can when it's warm enough, just because it's more comfortable for me to not rip my clothes or something whenever I want to sprout a tendril."

"<Also a good reason,>" Vanya nods. "<So May is the beginning of Underwear Season for you or do you start early in April?>" she teases slyly.

"<I actually LIKE underwear. It's fun. Lace and silk and such. Never been a thong girl though, rides up something fierce. Brazilian high cut though, very comfy in the jungle.>" LExi says thoughfully. "<But usually I wear the backless shirts and the short shorts whenever I can. Can't really this time of year or people look and I already get enough looks as it is.>" She wrinkles her nose. "<Nothing like being thought a slut on top of being a dirty, disgusting mutant trash baby->" She cuts that last off like she let it get away from her, her lips twitching before she takes a long drink from her glass. "<Mmm, anyway, bikini is best when I can get away with it.>"

Vanya listens to the interrupted tirade and cocks her head sideways with an easygoing smile. "<Oh I am definitely buying you a drink later… And what in Stalin's icy teet is a 'Brazilian high cut'?>"

"<IT's where it's cut very high over the hip, very thin. Less fabric there. More like a bikini.>" Lexi explains. "<Also, man I didn't need to be picturing Stalin's boob, thank you for that image.>"

"<Hahaha, welcome to the gulag, comrade! The prosecutor will give you more of everything but rest!>" Vanya laughs heartily at the mutant's distaste. "<That sounds like a lot of trouble to show everything but your crotch. Honestly if the fashion is to show every square centimeter from your brow to your soles, why stop just short? That's silly.>"

"<Maybe..though it does cover the butt and the front, technically.>" the mauve mutant points out. "<Besides, I thought you would be all about the decadent and indecent capitalist clothing showing too much off.>"

"<Oh, I still can't believe what people call 'decent' street clothes here, but if you're going to tear up the rule book why keep just a scrap of one page?>" Vanya rebuts, shaking her head. "<Most of you dress like train station whores - the men too - but I'm not pretending to be decent. All /I/ need is fur, and I already have plenty.>"
The werewoman sets down her fork and smiles with a glimmer of mischief as she leans forward over the table again and hooks two fingers deeply down the collar of her worn-out tanktop. The feral Russian's eyes peek back over her glasses as she tugs down her shirt and bra, exposing a hearty lawn of fur the same light brown shade as her eyebrows.

"<See! You've internalized the same opinions about how people dress, and you're wondering why people think it's weird you're naked sometimes?>" Lexi points out bemusedly. "<If you can be naked and it shouldnt' matter, then it shouldn't matter what people wear, right?>" She smirks a bit as she glances down, noting the curves revealed under that fuzz. "<Vodka really does put hair on your chest, hmm?>"

"<Did I say /I/ cared?>" Vanya laughs as she leaves her puppies exposed for a few more seconds before leaning back again. "<Throw off your top and light your pants on fire, I couldn't care less. H*** I almost wish more people would. Clothes are good for lieing and this country has /so many/ weaklings. No wonder the government still runs here, the workers are too fat and lazy!>"

"<I"m not against more socialist tendencies to fix some of that; capitalism definitely isn't perfect. But you're not gonna get me to agree communism was the way to go. Though it might beat out libertarianism.>" she muses. "<What makes a weakling to you, someone who can't fight?>"

"<Pretty much,>" Vanya shrugs. "<Flabby skinny body and no backbone behind it. You build progress with dirty hands and strong backs, and anything that can't at least run or fight is just a buffet in the back of the herd.>"
The last bite of food from her plate is popped into the werewoman's mouth and washed down with soda. "Ahh… <I'm disappointed by this country. I was expecting to find some Yankee Grit and broad-shouldered men waving shotguns while towing recreational vehicles with their pickup trucks…>" Vanya trails off and turns back to her soda, drinking down a few gulps in rapid succession. She grimaces and twists her head sideways for a moment as the carbonation plays havoc on her tongue. "Mmph! <And no beer in restaurants either. Well, f***, honestly I stopped caring about that stuff decades ago anyway.>"

"<In general, those are the people talking about how we need to be burned at the stake as evil demons, the guys with the guns running around with the recreational vehicles.>" Lexi points out. <And yes, Americans are weird about alcohol. And weed. They don't do anything for me personally, but if they like it, sure…long as it doesn't get anyone else killed.>

Vanya growls quietly as she holds up her soda, glaring at it before resigning herself to another sip with a heavy sigh. "<Well now I want a real drink… but I bet I could get you plenty drunk even if you hold your liquor well for your size. I've drank with /much/ bigger people than you.>" Leaning back heavily in her chair, the werewoman pats her stomach. "<Not meat, but that will do… oof that was filling.>"

Lexi eyes the other woman speculatively. "<Is that so? You think you could? What if I drink you under the table?>" she says, grinning lazily. "<We could always go find a place if you want.>"

"<Later,>" Vanya dismisses as she stretches her feet out under the table, bumping her way past Lexi's shins in the process. "<Maybe, maybe not, but even if I'm drunk too I know a guy who sells enough liquor to leave us both p***ing pure potato alcohol for a week. I just hope you're not /completely/ immune or that's no fun.>"

Honestly compels Lexi to note. "<I'm not IMMUNE…but I do burn it off very quickly. My body treats anything that's a poison like something to be expelled.>"

The Russian smirks lazily as her hands tuck behind her head. "<Good, then you just keep drinking… or we overload your liver,>" she snickers. "<Hah! If we find the right bar I bet we can get idiots to pay all our drinks in exchange for watching us wrestle or something.>"

"<That would probably involve a mud pit.>" Lexi answers amusingly. "<But maybe…>" She finishes off her drink, then stands up. "<For now…how about we get you a shirt and pants replacement before those fall apart? My treat.>"

Vanya shrugs easily and doesn't make the slightest move to leave her seat, even going so far as to drop her heels into Lexi's abandoned chair as a footrest. "<Bah, I've done a lot less for plenty of alcohol. But if you want to make it extra hard with slipping on everything, go ahead,>" she chuckles. "<After food digests a little,>" the werewoman adds before sweeping the standing mutant from top to bottom with her exposed eyes.
"<How much do you weigh?>"

Lexi raises a brow at that. "<More than I look.>" she admits after a moment. "<Little over 260. My muscles are a bit denser than a human's.>"

The werewoman shakes her head in disbelieve, laughing low as she stretches out an arm towards Lexi. "<That's it, kid. Get over here and give babushka a hug. Granddaughter, daughter, we must be related somehow. I have you beat by fifty kilos… well, eighty kilos right now, haha!>"

The mauve mutant bites her lower lip thoughfully, turning that over in her head, then hmms, before she steps forward, then leans in to give Vanya a firm hug. "<Well, don't have a lot of actual family, they're all adopted too. So..>"

Vanya closes her arm and squeezes Lexi tightly against her, smiling as she offers two firm thumps to the back while trying to at least mostly avoid her hair. "< I could have fifty daughters and for all I know you're one of them,>" she reasons with the irreverent simplicity that seems to be her nature. "<But don't think I won't top you the first chance I get in a fight,>" the Russian adds in words that slip out naturally in a low growl. "<We should burn these calories back off later.>"

Lexi wuffs slightly as she's squeezed and her back is firmly thumped. "<I'd think you'd remember having 50 daughters.>" she notes wryly, wiggling. "<And…we'll see. If we ever get in a match.>" she promises.

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