Rubies and Vaults

Characters: Divine, Sev, Jean Grey, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Wanda Maximoff
Rated: PG-13 for Language and Violence
Summary: A group of high-tech bank robbers called the Cowl Kids try to rob Hometown Bank in Queens, with a surprise mercenary villain as their backup, but are foiled by a group of heroes - Exo-Girl, Jean Grey, the Scarlet Witch, Spider Man, and Spider Woman.
OOC Date: November 30th, 2017
IC Date: November 30th, 2017
Where: Queens, New York

It's a fairly nice evening…not quite the weekend, but getting there, enough that people are starting to look forward to winding down. A few people still walk the streets, many hurrying home or to the bus or subway. But them there are some running those errands. Some of those involve the bank. Such as the handily named Hometown Bank, set in its own separate building. It's not a big bank, but it's big enough, with people stepping in and out.

And because it's New York, well…someone is robbing it.

The first warning anyone gets is when there's an explosion, with people screaming and starting to run towards the door..even as a grenade is tossed by a cowled figure, dropping in front of the door and exploding into a rush of foam that hardens, sealing the doors, with similar small explosions of foam sealing teh fire exits as well.

The alarms are going off at that point…as cowled figures stride quickly into the building, carrying a variety of small arms as they shout for those inside to get on the floor, starting to shove and push people out into the main lobby where they can keep an eye on them.

Police scanners are very useful. As such, Sev has one built into her helmet's communication suite, and had already started running at the first reports of the explosions. The appearance of the figure in black armor makes traffic unhappy, but nobody's going to bother trying to arrest her for jaywalking. Hopefully. Reaching the address, she skids to a stop, pressing herself against the wall outside the door, flipping through her various vision modes as she tries to get an idea of what's going on. Exo-Girl is here. Hopefully nobody else has to get hurt, except for the bad guys. They'll get punched.

"Yeah, May, I'm coming! Yes, I know. Yes. No. No dilly-dallying. Be home soon," Peter Parker, the Spider-Man, says into a cellphone webbed to the side of his head, the bottom of his mask pulled up so as not to obstruct his voice.

As he speaks into the phone, he's swinging over evening traffic, a bag full of Chinese takeout hanging from one elbow.

"May!" Peter calls, groaning. "I'm fine. It's all fi—"

Just then, not far away, there's an explosion. [It's the bank! — Ed.]

"May. May. MAY!" Peter shouts. "Just gotta take a detour. Might be a couple extra minutes. Oops, you're breaking up … No, no, cell phones can totally do that, too. Bye, May." He comes to land on the wall of a building near a street corner in view the bank and then peels the phone from his head, awkwardly ending the call.

"Yeah, sure, this'll be no problem," he whispers to himself. A quick spurt of webbing hangs the takeout from a nearby windowsill, and then Spider-Man launches himself off the wall, slinging a line of webbing to swing down toward the bank entrance.

Rapidly hardening foam is there to greet him. "Oh god—!" Spider-Man shouts, slamming into the foam with a rush of exhaled air.
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Clad in a dark green hoodie, jeans, and ancient sneakers, a young woman was quietly lingering around the edges of the bank floor before a spike of violent intent drew her chin up and the foam that followed sent her eyes bouncing between sealed exits.

Now Jean Grey's lying face down on the ground, hands laced behind her head.

All the better to hide closed eyes as she exhales calm into the no doubt frightened minds surrounding her and strains to keep an ear on the robbers.

Spider-man's arrival iiiis perhaps not his most HEROIC arrival. The cowled robbers inside look over uncertainly as they all hear the sharp THUMP at the door as Spidey plows into the foam. Luckily, it's not the type that hardens to the consistency of concrete. More like hitting bubblegum. Or caulk. Stiff but with some give to it, like taffy. It seems intended mostly to block the entrance temporarily rather than seal it permanently. And it does do a pretty good job of that. Definitely well-prepared bank robbers at that.

Sev's scans will clearly show the hostages being pushes to the side, with three guards standing watch over them, made to sit on the floor. There's one who's flat on his back and looks out of it…unconscious, perhaps? Not cooling, so not dead. There's two other robbers currently using powered tools to break open the ATM and the money machines by the teller stations. Unfortunately, she can't see through the walls in the back, where the vault and safety deposit box rooms are, though there's another robber standing watch there. They even covered the restroom from the look of it, with another couple of cowled figures pushing the last of the bank staff out to the main group, before dragging an older woman into the back area.

Jean, on the other hand, is inside. There is fear…but the robbers, while on an adrenaline rush of sorts, appear to be disciplined, or at least, have trained for this. While they're not being intentionally cruel to those inside, they are being rough with anyone who looks like they might be trouble. Such as the security guard who gets dragged over. Disarmed, and apparently, knocked cold from the goose egg rising on his temple where a stock from one of the cowled robbers weapons smacked into it. The robbers themselves wear silver painted hockey type masks, with with looks like a gas mask attachment on the underside.

More worrisome was the sound of a heavy tread moving in the back room, suggesting they may have more than just some small arms and a few tricks.

Exo-Girl can't help but snicker when Spider-Man crashes into the foamed off door. Let's see… Superheroes are supposed to have witty quips, right? "You know what they say, a thug closes the door, I open a window. Follow my lead." She ducks back a few steps, facing one of the bank's windows and dropping into a crouch. "I count at least… Six. Probably more. I take out the window, you swing in after me and do that thing where you stick their guns to the ceiling, I punch them?" If he agrees, she braces herself, before leaping into a sprint, twisting in mid air to bring her shoulder against what is undoubtedly bulletproof plexi. However, it's getting hit by about 250 pounds of exo-armored vigilante.
"Mmmrpphhg mrpbrbhrmm," Spider-Man says, his voice heavily muffled from his face being half-buried in the semi-hardened foam. He slowly manages to peel himself out from the barrier and surveys the situation.

"Okay, gotta get in. Clearly," the masked hero mutters to himself. "Completely blocked from seeing what's going on inside. If I do nothing, there could be deaths. If I try and bust in, I could get killed. Guess I—"

He stops as Exo-Girl speaks to him. Spider-Man jumps a foot into the air and yelps, coughing in an attempt to recover. "Whooao! Hey! Hi! Hello there, fellow hero," he calls out, folding his arms in an awkward and uncomfortable pose over his chest. "Lead on, sure. Just what I was gonna suggest."

The plan formulated, Spider-Man nodding in response to his new companion's tactics, the wall-crawler leaps after Exo-Girl, attempting to keep up. "Ohhhhh YEAHHH!" he shouts. "Kool-Aid Man!"

Leaving the hostages with an air of calm, Jean shifts her consciousness towards the hardened islands of discipline guarding them.

An exo-framed vigilante and Jameson's Menace make a play to crash the robbery, and the hoodied mutant works to tune out their din in favor of focusing on three of the criminal minds in the lobby. In lieu of excess nerves or fear to play on in a pinch, she tries homing in on the thing that ultimately brough them here: greed. Hoping to create a distraction for those working away in the back, she tries insinuating - and inflaming - their desire for easy money to the point of boiling, jealous absurdity meant to crack their professional facades.

«Three of them are probably gonna freak out in a second, here,» quietly echoes in the cyborg and the Spider's minds, «so keep that in mind, whoever's about to come punching, or eye lasering, or whatevering in here.»

Inside the bank, the two robbers currently cleaning out the teller stations find a purse. And suddenly..they're fighting over who gets to go through it. "I saw it first!" "Screw off, I picked it up!" "What the fuck man, dibs!" "Are you kiddin' me with this?!?" The two get in a tug of war over it, with draws the attention of the guard by the back door. Not quite enough to get her to leave the door she's guarding, but she's paying attention to them instead of the room at large.

Simultaneously, one of the guards who should be watching the hostages drifts towards the two dismantling the ATM, then reaches out to snag some bills out of the hopper, causing one of the two to slap his hand. "Hey!" "There's plenty, I just want a taste…" "It goes in the bags, not in your pocket!" the other ATM robber snaps. This bickering draws the attention of the other two guards on the hostages, as well as the man guarding the public restroom door.

Thus, they're all very distracted when with a crash of shattering glass, an exosuited heroine comes sailing through the window, followed closely by a Spidey suited hero. "CAPES!" the guard by the back door yells, as the bickering robbers freeze, looking over. The ones closest, the hostage guards, spin around, fumbling to bring up their stubby SMG like weapons.

Meanwhile, in the back room, five other robber look up from where they're currently cleaning out the cash in the vault…a vault that has been surgically melted open, the bolts cut so it swings freely. "Shit! Get th' merc!" an older robber says, shoving a younger woman as she darts for the safety deposit room. There, a green and black armored figure is finishing popping open a series of joint safety deposite boxes, removing several data storage devices and blueprints, which she then seals into a compartment in her armor, before triggering her radio. «Target acquired. Read to exfil-» Her helmeted head turns slightly, the single ruby lens set at the front turning towards the front of the bank, a moment before the crash…and just before the excited robber comes running in. "Capes! You're on!" The figure sighs inward, then starts to walk unhurriedly towards the front. «Scratch that control, I have to go play first…»

Exo-Girl tucks and rolls as she goes through the window, popping up to her feet and continuing her run. Her helmet's threat assessment software draws lines over her view, highlighting the thugs and their weapons in red. Twwo straight ahead of her. Perfect. Get the guns off the hostages. Armored boots ring against the fancy tiled floor as she leaps again, arms outstretched to either clothesline the pair, or at least make them shift and lose their aim. She may be protected against their weapons, but the rest of the civilians in the room aren't…

"What _is_ that?" Gwen Stacy asks herself as she walks along. Her danger sense is going off, not danger to herself… it's different than that. Just… it's something general, nearby. She pauses near a storefront to have a look around. Car crash incoming? No. An airplane with engine trouble? Not that either. No, what… then comes a crash nearby. "Around the block!" she says to herself. Luckily, there's an alley for her to duck in. She ducks around a Dumpster and concentrates a moment - a white latex-looking substance begins flowing from her pores to surround her in a few moments. Gwen doesn't come out of the alley, rather a figure in white, purple and pink leaps out in a high arc… coming down in front of the bank.
As he dives through the shattered window right behind Exo-Girl, Spider-Man tucks his limbs in close like he's performing a cannonball—and then, once he's through, it's all splayed limbs and erratic spinning.

A wad of webbing fires out in one direction, then a second in another. Both are targeting gun hands.

A third burst of webbing zips out in a string, and Spider-Man attempts to time it so the webbing will hit the barrel of a gun, which he can then jerk backwards toward himself.

Even as he attacks, though, the arachnid-themed hero is distracted. "What?!" Spider-Man shouts in response to the sudden voice in his head. "Who's talking to me right now?!" The web-slinger's head looks back and forth in confusion. "Can anyone else hear this!?"

Speaking of being unhurried… Wanda Maximoff was just taking care of some shopping when she saw the crowd around the bank. Frowning slightly to herself as the pair of heroes charge in, she quickly slips out of sight, then gestures, changing from her civilian clothes to her 'business' outfit. Inside, a certain telepath might sense a familiar presence nearby as the Scarlet Witch now moves towards the entrance, cape flaring behind her as she elects to have a bit of discretion instead of just crashing in. She then glances over at Gwen, tilting her head, "Well, shall we then? Assuming you're not with the robbers, anyway." Her lips quirk slightly at that.

Glass rains, robbers scream, and Jean lifts her head; a heartbeat later, pink radiance does a lap 'round the lobby, a coruscating flail of psychokinetic intent on lashing across faces, torsos, limbs— beyond seeking to spare the hostages, the young mutant isn't terribly concerned with accuracy; she simply wants to make the criminals' lives worse as metal harmonizes with marble and criminals find themselves viscously accessorizesd.

«Shh,» she gently chides the wall-crawler while rising to her knees, and - gradually - feet. «You're gonna freak out the hostages.» Psychokinetic force completes its orbit and shatters into a shower of motes that leave the hostages ensconced in pink bubbles tough enough to survive some stray gunfire.

«My name's— Phoenix,» she continues, now 'speaking' to Sev and Spider-Man both. «And I think someone's coming, but— »

But a different arrival entirely draws her head and squinting attention towards the entrance. Tongues of fire briskly race race across her body, burning street clothes away to leave form-fitting green, black, and gold behind as she swallows, sweats, and stares.

Taken off guard, the two nearest thugs only have time to get a wild shot off before they're both knocked sprawling as Sev clotheslines them perfectly, crashing back to the ground in time for Spidey to web their hands to the ground. The third, spinning around to take aim at Sev, suddenly finds his weapon caught at the tip by webbing, then yanked out of his hands. Panicking, he promptly attempts to grab the nearest hostage for cover…who happens to be Jean, trying to yank her to her feet and put his arm around her in a chokehold to use as a shield.

Meanwhile, the ATM guards and the teller guards and the guard at the door dive for cover, several opening fire as bullets bounce off Sev's thick armor. "Special rounds!" one yells to the others as he raises his gun, ratcheting what appears to be a shotgun style attachment as with a thump a grenade goes spinning towards Sev, then explodes into the foam they used on the door in a sticky mess.

The armored figure pauses before stepping outside, her head turning back and forth. In her ear, a calm male voice buzzes. «Class of opposition.» The woman mms. «Beta level threats. Possibly Gamma.» She tilts her head as she exerts herself, peering through the wall to the room beyond, spotting the two standing out front. «…scratch that. Alpha threat, three Betas.» Her gauntlet tightens, as she flexes her fingers. «Permission to engage.» Her voice is slightly eager.

The male voice responds. «Granted. Do not forget the mission. The Cowl Kids are expendable cover.» The woman rolls her eyes slightly, muttering. "…just for the name they should be…" She steps out of the box, then pauses, before looking back at the boxes. The lens on her helm glows to life as she focuses her vision through it, then fires in a bright beam of energy, slicing across the boxes to destroy a good chunk of them and making it difficult to tell exactly which were opened before they were destroyed. She shifts her attention back to the main room as the robbers in the vault start making for a side door, rolling a cart full of bulging money bags.

She can let them commit first. Then…when they're not expecting it…

"Spider-Woman nods to the caped redhead. "I'll be right there." she says from behind her blank pink-eyed mask. "Gonna try a little something real quick." The doors are foamed up from the inside, but the bad guys have to get out somehow, so she figures they'll deactivate the foam somehow. So, she holds out her arms and webs up the entrance. "That'll slow them down." That done, she makes a leap for the window, diving through without much effort.

"Heard it, Thanks whoever it was." As someone with a computer plugged into her head, Sev's somewhat used to people talking in her head. Usually it's the person with the nifty voice masking software but… It's helpful advice. And never look a gift voice in the mouth? Especially not one who's apparently telekinetic. ….And now that woman's on fire. She's not freaking out though, so it MUST be okay, right?
The sound of rounds pinging off her armor triggers an alert, and the armored avenger jerks her head around just in time to get THWOMPed in the chest. "You really shouldn't have done that." Hostages shielded, she makes a knuckle cracking motion, ignoring the volleyball sized blob on her stomach, before launching herself forward towards the shotgunner. If he wants to shoot her some more, he's going to be on the receiving end of the expanded foam, and hopefully the shotgun will be disabled. She can peel him off, if it comes to it…

"Holy crap!" Spider-Man says as Jean's clothes burn away, revealing her costume. "That's /awesome/!" He lifts a finger as if to speak further on the topic, but the nearby foam grenade explodes and the slim hero leaps, flipping about to land feet-first on the ceiling.

"Those guys aren't bank employees, right?" Spider-Man asks, pointing in the direction of the getaway cart. "Hey! Bag ladies! Wait up!" He begins scrambling toward the cart-rollers, although he dodges back and forth as ricocheting rounds hurtle his way.

"Ever notice nobody invests in bulletproof ceilings?" he asks of no one in particular.

And that's when the Scarlet Witch flies gracefully into the bank through the hole in the window. She gestures a bit as she hovers, crimson energy swirling around her as she says calmly, "Do you /always/ talk this much?" She makes a gesture towards a group of bank robbers, sending them flying against the wall with little noticeable effort. She looks about to say something…

And then she sees Jean. Looking… well, decidedly different than the last time they met. Wanda's concentration falters a little bit as she blinks in surprise, "You." She doesn't say her name out loud, if only because… well, secret identities might be a thing, after all. So she catches herself just in time for that. Still, it doesn't take a telepath to know that Wanda has a million questions percolating just under the surface.

With her eyes locked on the entrance; and her concentration split between tentatively skimming that familiar psyche's surface and trying to protect the hostages from catching a stray round, Phoenix doesn't notice the guy looking to make a shield of her until there's already an arm winding around her neck.

Nine years of instinct trigger in the space between breaths. In concert, her right elbow surges backwards towards the man's gut while her left leg rises and falls, seeking to grind his foot beneath her heel; all of this is to encourage him to loosen his grip, leaving him vulnerable to being flipped to his back with a pivot of her hips and a practiced shifting of weight.

Once the motion is complete, her eyes snap to the woman in red, lingering for a beat before she manages to exhale, "Phoenix, and we need to get all of these guys-slash-gals subdued, ASAP," in a quick, quiet rush. "Whole lotta hostages," is tacked on afterwards.

With most of the robbers thrown off their game by the psychokinetic drubbing being dished out by Phoenix, they're off balance to say the least, with the hostages safely hidden away, staring with wide eyes at the battle breaking out around them as the heroes form a battle line. The charging exosuited girl is in the lead, the Cowl Kid with the shotgun blinking in dismay, then alarm as she charges him. And he does fire again, but this time aims low, going for her legs. He has a good few seconds to meditate on how badly he messed up not doing that in the first place before Sev bulldozes into him as he turns to flee.

Congrats, Sev now has a robber stuck to her chest against his back as he flails a bit. "Hey! Leggo!

His friends go flying as WAnda's energy slams into them, going down in a pile of limbs with a grunt, a few wild shots spanging off the force fields, one off Sev's shoulder, freaking out her unwilling passenger. "HEY! FRIENDLY FIRE!!!?!" The unfortunate man who jumped Jean grunts as the elbow slams into his gut, the armor under his clothes catching it somewhat, , before he lets out a yelp at the grinding against his foot, staggering, then going flying as she sends him flipping hard onto the floor, his breath exploding from his lips with a grunt as he hits.

The Friendly Neighborhood Spiderguy goes bolting towards the robbers with the cart….and his Spider Sense suddenly screams a warning right before a bolt of crimson energy rips through the wall of the safe deposit room, slicing through the wall in front of the robbers (who may or may not have screamed as well as it shoots past them) then cuts left across the room towards the heroes outside.

"Sorry ladies…and gentleman." a digitized voice says, as the armored form steps out. Steam rises from her helmet lens. "I've been paid well to keep you out of this." She sketches a faint bow. "Ruby Redeye. At your service." She points at the group. "Now, if you could just lay down and be unconscious for a bit." The lens glows to life, before she sends another bolt of energy slamming towards Wanda, selecting her as the most dangerous target.

"Should've thought about it before you shot me, jackass. Now we get to see how much your friends like you." A wave of hot air rushes out of the back room, bright orange on the cool blue background of the rest of the room, and Exo-Girl turns just in time for a blinding white beam to sear across her vision. She quickly drops back out of thermal, blinking dazzle out of her eyes. "Lasers. Why did it have to be lasers… Look, as much as I appreciate the extra spaced armor, you're cramping my style. You'll have to go." She grips the guy under his armpits, pulling forward to see if foam or clothing gives first, before hurling him at Ruby. This time, she doesn't charge. She raises her right forearm, slightly bulkier than the left, aiming at the red lens with the help of a reticle on her HUD. There's a somewhat hollow crack, and the grapple Toni invented is deployed. Sev's not quite sure /how/ it works, but it'd stuck to everything she tried it on so far…
From afar, Wanda Maximoff nods and will pose flying back.

Spider-Woman ducks a bit as the beam goes past the other Spider, he in red and blue. "Huh." she says. "Spider-Man. Totes." Beam-eye bows and Gwen twips her off - firing a glob of dense webbing that she hopes will hit the criminal in the eye when she (hopefully) can't do much about it. "Eat that, Laserface!" she taunts. At the same time, the pinker Spider makes a leap for the ceiling, intending to end up above the woman. She spies Sev but doesn't shout anything to Exo-Girl yet… no need to make her nervous yet.

A high-pitched scream accompanies Spider-Man's sudden juke away from his original trajectory, the threads of his costume crackling from the heat of the energy beams millimeters away from his shoulder and knee.

"What … was … THAT!?" the costumed youth shouts, trying to glance through the thin holes created by the blasts. As the armored figure comes into view nearby, Spider-Man does a double-take. "Uh, lady, you may not be looking for advice, but…uh…" he clears his throat. "I'd really reconsider that name. I can't be alone in that thought, right?" Spider-Man glances about, tilting his head when he spies Spider-Woman. "Whoa…"

Then, when another blast is sent out from the armor toward Wanda, Spider-Man fires a pair of webs at the figure's hands—and then he sprints for a second, leaping and twisting in the air, in an effort to maneuver himself behind Ruby and pull her hands in front of her helmet lens.

As he begins leaping, Exo-Girl's grapple slices through the air, and one of the two web-strands is inadvertently shredded when their paths cross.

"Aw, dude!" Spider-Man cries while airborne.
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Wanda normally isn't prone to getting caught off guard, but well… she wasn't expecting to see Jean here, of all people. So it might be forgivable when the blast catches her, knocking her back into the wall, rubble crashing over her as she looks buried…

Until there's an explosion outward of that rubble, and a battered and somewhat angry witch rises out to hover in midair, narrowing her eyes at the new arrival, "Alright then, that's the last shot you get." And with that, she uses her hex power… the nice thing about armored suits like that is they have so many different ways to break.
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)
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Wanda Maximoff pages: Probably would cause systems to glitch, BSODs, that sort of thing.

"Wan— !" Phoenix blurts as her head and eyes trace the Witch's trajectory, only to swallow the second syllable in favor of narrowing her eyes upon the rubble and—

— remembering just who the Scarlet Witch is.

With the mercenary being assaulted by webs, grapple lines, and an angry teacher, the mutant with billowing red hair opts to drop to a knee and splay her fingers across the face of the thief who tried to use her as a shield. This is as much to drive the reality of his predicament home as anything else as her voice echoes between his ears:

«Is she your only posthuman back up?» she wonders as images of a Ruby with sparking, badly pummeled armor being coated in layers of webbing flicker briskly through his thoughts. «What's the plan, here, exactly? Whisper it to me, inside your mind— make this as easy for yourself as you can.»

The first long beam aimed at the Scarlet witch is replaced by two brief blasts, one catching the webbing from Spider-Gwen, incinerating it in midair, then a second angled down as it slices through the webbing around her hands as she yanks them apart, snapping the burning webbing as it gives way. "You've got no right to complain, bug boy." she says, then mmphs as the grappling line fastens onto her helmet, twitching her head as she take a step back. It's enough of a distraction to give the two heroines enough time to pull the robber free with a sucking sound as clothes rip as he loses the back of his cowl and pants, then goes flying with a yell as he's hurled at Ruby by Sev. The armored mercenary crouches suddenly, letting him go sailing by to slam into the wall behind her, then crumpling to the ground. "Oooooogh…."

Straightening, she reaches up to grab hold of the grapple line, squeezing as she pries it off with a screech of metal, leaving little ragged lines of sliced up paint as that lens focuses on Gwen and Sev. "…wait, I know this one….GET OVER HERE!" She then yanks firmly on the grapple line…and it's enough to actually MOVE Sev, as she tries to yank both of them into the teller desks. Her lens starts to glow again before Spiderman yanks it off course by jumping on her, the bolt going wild to punch into the oppoosite wall, murdering a poor innocent decorative plant and setting the magazines in the waiting area on fire. With a growl, Ruby shoves hard, trying to slam Spidey into the wall behind her as she jerks back…really, almost through it if she can.

The robber groans a bit, staring up at Jean as he stares. «She was our backup….hired her to keep capes off us…it's not fair, you're not ALL supposed to show up!» There's a brief image of the Cowl Kids making the deal with Ruby in a warehouse, transfering a pretty large sum of money for her services. Ruby pointing out the best bank to target.

The hex washes over Redeye as she jerks, her comms dying in a sudden wail of white noise and static, her HUD going wild as she staggers…her foot coming down in a stray gob of foam, putting her off balance for a moment.

"Well, you seem more comfortable at range, but if you insist…" Exo-Girl dives into the fray again, using the yank on the line to give her a BIT more velocity as she picks up speed. Crashing into the other armored woman, the foam sticking them together, she cocks one arm back, giving Ruby a great view of the scratched and scuffed paint on the knuckles of the gauntlet. Clearly, Exo-Girl does a LOT of punching. A quick command to the frame, and there's a rising whine as Sev redlines her right arm actuators. "Nighty night!" The frame moves faster than a punch rightly should, knuckles speeding towards the red lens.

Seeing Peter and Sev busy with Laserface, Gwen takes a moment to check on Phoenix, the Witch and the bystanders. Everyone seems good and the main threat seems handled, so she heads for the back room. There might be more crooks back there.

His balance thrown off completely by Ruby's sudden freeing herself, Spider-Man's tugging sends him tumbling backwards, head over heels, into the wall behind him. The sailing robber's impact against the same wall is padded, somewhat, by the wall-crawler's own body.

Spider-Man groans, pushing the robber onto the floor, and he begins pushing himself to a standing position. "Hey!" he shouts a bit groggier than usual. "That's SPIDER Boy!" He pauses. "I mean—that's Spider-MAN!"

At the same time as Exo-Girl comes in swinging from the front, Spider-Man takes a deep breath and throws himself at the back of Ruby Redeye's head, attempting for a left cross to the rear of her armored skull. "It's concussin' time!" the youth shouts through gritted teeth hidden beneath his mask.

The Scarlet Witch, seeing that Ruby is being quite… handled, as it were, lands down next to Phoenix. She still looks like she's seen a ghost as she whispers, very quietly… almost more of a thought than anything verbal…

"Jean… is it really you? We thought… I thought…"

«I feel like, on some level, you kinda had to see something like this coming,» Phoenix replies before withdrawing her hand. By the time she's upright again, he's fallen into a dreamless sleep and the redhead's moved on to the Ruby mercenary.

«Ms. Redeye,» she 'says' while trying to rifle through the woman's memories to get a clearer picture of the robbers' plan. Spider-Woman's jaunt to the back earns a passing glance before green eyes return to the hired hand; even without a full sketch of the crew's intentions, she'd have put a great deal of her non-existant money on something worth investigating happening out of immediate view, if Ruby's here as a distraction. «You're very badly outnumbered, and the woman you just provoked could detonate your reactor with a gesture. Make this easy for all of us: tell me what's happening in— » The redhead's breath catches as green eyes tentatively flick towards her side, lingering there briefly before returning to the mercenary; psychic Googling drops to a crawl.

"I did," she whispers in reply after swallowing. "It is."

Running back behind the teller wall, SpiderGwen can clearly see the robbers having pushed their cart through the hole made by Ruby's beam and rapidly tossing bags o' cash into the back of the SUV that seems to be their getaway vehicle. Sirens can be heard approaching in the distance as well. As one spots her, he promptly opens fire, sending a burst of fire down the hallway towards her!

Redeye isn't expecting the charge by SEv, as the exosuited girl comes barrelling into her. Luckily, Spiderman drops off her back before she's wall checked back into the wall again with Spiderman between her and the wall. It's only for a moment..then her hands grip Sev's hips for leverage as she quickly jerks herself downwards into a crouch, the foam ripping to leave a bit on her front and a bit on Sev's as the two fists cross over her head.

For the moment, Scarlet Witch and Phoenix are unmolested as the supervillain deals with her current attackers. That is…until Jean makes contact with the woman's mind. She was here for something…the Cowl Boys (yes, that's seriously their name) were intended as a distraction, and she's eager to prove herself. But, alarmed as soon as Jean makes contact and starts trying to rummage through her mind. She gets a brief glimpse of…a bunker? Uniformed men and women. A lab.

And then she lunges upwards, small jets extending from her armor as boot jets fire…fitfully, the laser firing as she caves a cylinder into the ceiling right before she soars up, crashing through it. Jean can feel she's turned towards escape over confrontation now. Breaking contact. «Get out of my mind!» the woman called Ruby snarls internally.

Gwen throws herself flat to the floor as the criminal opens fire on her. She skitters across the floor on hands and feet as quickly as she can go, popping up in fron of the shooter, intending to smack him a good one to stun him. Just in case, she sends out a stream of webbing past him to attach to the side of the van. At least if they take off she'll be riding along.

Spider-Man's got fantastic form in his punch—great stance, solid power generation, and a target right in his sights. Or, at least, there /was/ one a moment ago.

As Peter swings hard enough to try and rock his foe's head within her armor, he's thrown off-balance slightly by the lack of contact with said foe at the expected moment. Listing forward from the force of his left cross, Spider-Man's face comes right into the line of fire for Exo-Girl's attack.

There's a crack as Sev's reinforced hand makes contact with Peter's cheek, and then a second, duller crack resounds as the other side of Peter's head, bouncing off of the fist, slams against the nearest wall.

He drops to the ground, legs twitching for a few moments. Mumbling gibberish, Spider-Man's clearly trying to clear his mind and vision, but he's having trouble.

Sev has just enough time to think "Well shi-" before red and blue knuckles smack into one corner of her visor, half the view inside her helmet suddenly glitching out as the micro camera smashes. She can still see through the thin slit itself, but she's now uncomfortably aware that she's wearing a helmet again. …And she just punched out Spider-man. And the villain's gone. Great. now Brooklyn's gonna hate her. And her knuckles hurt. She drops to a crouch, attempting to peel the now stiffened chunk of foam off her and use it to pillow the wall crawler's head. That's how you treat for shock, right?

The Scarlet Witch blinks in surprise, "She… shouldn't be able to do that, not under her own power." She frowns, about to investigate… but then Spider-Man gets clonked, and she moves over towards the fallen wallcrawler, "Oh dear. Let me see what I can do." She reaches into a pouch, pulling out a few herbs as she murmurs a bit of an incantation, crushing them under over his face so the healing energies of her spell can do the most effective work…

Still, as she does that, she glances back at Jean, lip curling in a slight smile as she looks at the other redhead.

Like a steel folding chair to the brain, Ruby's psychic protest knocks Phoenix for a momentary look despite not really belonging. The unexpected resistance brings both hands to the sides of her head as it lights up her nerves and leaves a lingering impulse to defer which takes her a couple of seconds to quarantine in the recesses of her subconscious. The pain lingers afterwards, but she's at least able to bring herself to look— up— at the hole left behind by the soaring, crashing woman. Approaching sirens make the prospect of an aerial chase and/or second round less than appealing; the throbbing behind her eyes and Wanda's presence quash the notion entirely, even as she seems content to check on the hostages rather than join the Witch as she treats the Spider.

«These guys thought they were hiring muscle, but really,» she quietly informs the other heroes while kneeling and gently touching a quivering man's shoulder, «she was using them: someone in a— a bunker? A lab? Some place with uniforms— she was here for ''them''.»

The Cowl Kid shooter's eyes widen behind his mask as Gwen not only avoids all the fire, but skitters up on him and whallops him, sending him into the side of the truck hard enough to dent it as he crumples, dropping his weapon. The other robber appear to feel this is the time they shoudl really get the heck out of dodge. as the driver put the van into gear as the robbers scramble into the back and tries to take off. Of course…Gwen has that web stuck to the getaway SUV still…

The two heroes clobber each other, the solid *clunk* of Sev decking Spiderman mixed with the metallic -crunchtinkle- of his own strike smashing her camera as he belts her in the helmet. Pieces of the ceiling tumble down, clattering off the two of them as Spiderman goes down, then Sev quickly kneels to try and help him with the Scarlet Witch using herbs to try and make him come to again. Which is good…because it sounds like the police are about to show up, as squad cars and a SWAT van screech to a halt out in the street. And according to Phoenix's telepathy, Ruby Redeye rapidly leaves her radius as she soars away.

"…Shit. Spidey, Really sorry, but I gotta go. Cops get here, they'll ask all sorts of questions… I don't have the answers they'll want. Ask Spider-Woman where to find me, she'll know, I'll buy you some takeout sometime to make up for it. But… I really should go." Kicking the last of the foam off her, she exits through the same back door the robbers fled through, boots pounding on the pavement as she out-races the sirens.

Spider-Woman braces her feet, she sticks to the ground too. She fires off another strand of webbing, this one thicker - more like a cable. She's never really tested how much weight the alien webbing can hold… hopefully a lot. She pulls back on the strands as they start to gun the engine…

Spider-Man's head lolls about as he seems to begin coming to his senses. "Izzit pangakes again ferrrr breggfust?" he asks in a voice that sounds like he's chewing a mouthful of cotton.

The wall-crawler pushes himself up on one elbow, then slides back down to the floor. He tries again, holding himself up with a hand to the wall. "Did … did we win?" Spider-Man asks, looking around lazily. "How long was I out? Oh, no…" he continues. "I am /so/ dead."

Spider-Man pulls himself to his feet, even though his knees wobble a bit. "Time to cheese it for /real/," he agrees and begins following the others making a hasty retreat. Spider-Man slams his shoulder into the walls a few times along the way, but he's able to fire a strand of webbing up toward the rooftops to escape the scene. When he makes his way back to where he'd webbed the takeout, Peter finds that it's gone. "Aw…" he sighs.

Wanda looks over at Jean, and smiles a little, "Um… did you want to get some coffee? We have a little bit of catching up to do." She eyes the sirens, then chuckles softly, "I can probably get both of us out of here the easiest, anyway, if you wanted to portal out of here." With that, she gestures, a crimson swirling portal appearing, leading out of the bank and from far too many awkward questions from law enforcement.


Green eyes flick between portal and door as Phoenix lifts her head and reminds herself to breathe.

"I— definitely," she stammers. "Soon, but I— need to get— I have to go." Gold soles gradually leave the ground and a magenta sheath blooms around the redhead. "Soon— now. ASAP. I was just, running an errand, and—"

Her eyes flick across the aftermath before almost meeting Wanda's.

"Sorry," she softly exhales. "It's good to see you," is added with a faintly mournful smile before she accelerates towards the broken ceiling.

The van's tires squeal, smoking as it wobbles back and forth as the driver tries to pull free…then overcorrects, slamming into the opposite wall. Airbags deploy! Safety first. Of course, the robbers are knocked all over the place by the impact…and Spiderwoman is easily to finish them off, just in time for the police to arrive. "FReeze!" "Hey, it's the Spidergirl!" "She's caught the robbers!" There may be photographs snapped as the press arrives as well.

But for now…the heroes can escape before the police organize enough to think about going in through the broken window, the theft foiled…save for the melted safe deposit boxes, of course. And the mysterious mercenary.

You have a feeling you might be seeing her again….

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