Resurrection News

Characters: Storm Shadowcat Iceman Gemini
Rated: G
Summary: Ororo reveals to some of her fellow X-Men that Phoenix is reborn.
OOC Date: 12/26/17
IC Date: 12/26/17
Where: The Xavier Institute

For going on ten years now, Ororo Munroe has resided in an attic loft in the Xavier Institute's residential area. A simply extraordinary amount of money has been spent on keeping the floor from leaking into the ceilings below — regardless, the sound of indoor rainstorms makes the rooms below Ororo's subprime real estate to the X-Men who live on-campus. There are signs of an intensely bohemian lifestyle on display: a bed that is more pillows than anything else, various carvings and works of pan-African art, and many, many plants, in pots on the ground and hanging from hooks.

Ororo has called this meeting quietly, and taking it to her loft rather than, say, the War Room is a further marker of the importance of secrecy. Only a handful of people have been summoned: longtime X-Men, who are either pillars of the community or who have earned Ororo's personal trust.

"Thank you for coming," Ororo says. There are chairs among the plants, but she stands, wearing an ankle-length dress whose earth tones match her surroundings well. "I apologize for not calling this meeting sooner — it is a regret I will have to live with. However, what I will say today is NOT to be shared with anyone other than active X-Men. Shield it in your thoughts, even — we have some nosy telepaths among the student body, and the students are NOT to be told of this."

Kitty takes the first seat available, sitting across from Ororo, and she twists her expression, thoughtfully. She knows when Ororo is being serious, and when Ororo is being serious, this serious, it's best not to joke with her. Thus, she indicates to Bobby to sit next to her … just in case. She can always pinch his thigh. Slug him in the arm. Something. Just in case.

"You know I always have your back, Ororo. And, I think I speak for everyone that if you say it's not to be shared, then, we won't share it. And the students know better than to go mucking around in my head." She smiles, sweetly, then sobers, ready to listen.

For as long as Ororo has been an X-Woman, Luciana Gutierrez has been a student here at the school, and she has climbed in that time up to the X-Men team along with her cohabitating twin, Isabelle. Luci and Izzy are here, now, sitting on the floor amongst the plants looking up, watching Ororo and listening intently. Gemini frowns a bit at the thought of secrecy, but she accepts this is still a thing. She may not like it, but she knows it can be important and worth pursuing regardless.

"We are listening." Luci offers Ororo. There's no humor there, no joking. They can be serious, too.

Bobby Drake has been living at Xavier's for just about as long as Ororo herself has — so when she calls a meeting in *her* room, under these circumstances? There are no flippant remarks or wisecracks coming out of his mouth. He is capable of behaving in all sincerity when it's important. Still… probably best that Kitty's on Bobby Watch.

Bobby has no idea what's going on, but he can tell that whatever it is, it must be important.

It all has him a little anxious. Not too anxious to claim the seat next to Kitty, but Bobby's having a hard time sitting still, one knee bouncing up and down in an unconscious fidget. "If you kept it to yourself, you had good reason," he adds, offering Ororo a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about it. We're not gonna freak out on you."

Ororo is indeed in Serious Mode, which on the outside does not appear terribly different from Normal Ororo. She carries herself with the air of a proud goddess either way. Her true tell is the way the air in the room is just a little bit drier than it should be, as the wind-rider's emotions seep out into the atmosphere around her.

Ororo looks at the four assembled, and draws in a breath through her nose, before letting it out slowly. "Jean is alive," Ororo then says, verbally ripping the Band-Aid clear off. "I have known for… perhaps two weeks now. I had hoped to inform Scott first, but he has proven… unavailable. Still, to the best of my knowledge, this is not a hoax or some story to trick the imagination. I have encountered Jean — OUR Jean."

Shut. The. Front. Door. Then open it. And. Shut it again. Because that's what Kitty's mouth does, pretty much, and no sound comes out. She just stares at Ororo, then, briefly, she looks to Bobby, then Luci, and then back to Ororo.

"But …," Kitty doesn't finish the sentence. That - well, it wasn't a good experience. It was, in fact, probably one of the worst things that any of them had ever been through. And, maybe, if it were anyone other than Ororo, Scott, or Xavier himself, Kitty would probably not believe them. Ororo, however, is not one to be tricked so easily.

So, instead of finishing her sentence, she merely asks, "…how?"

She knows she saw what she saw. But, Ororo … is Ororo.

Oddly enough, Luci doesn't make some protestation of the impossible. She is far from emotionally calm, but she isn't shocked. Jean, alive? That somehow fits with some of the things she, Laura and Lexi found. It ties together those threads into something tight, something that feels real. Fearsome and mysterious and worth being questioned. But real. Izzy agrees. So Gemini just nods, and listens intently. She's here. Tuned in. Ororo clearly has something in mind as to how to deal with this, where to go. Best to find out what that is.

Bobby's response seems to be mirroring Kitty's to what might be a comical degree, under other circumstances. His mouth works silently for a moment, his eyes wide and his face a good deal paler than normal.

At least his knee's stopped bouncing. For all that his outward reaction is quiet, though, it's clear that there is a *lot* going on as he forces himself to think things through before commiting to anything that can't be taken back.

Deep breaths, Bobby. You said you weren't gonna freak out. Steadyyyyyy.

"…two weeks seems like a reasonable amount of fact-checking time," he finally manages, his voice a little tight. But he's trying. "I wouldn't have wanted to say anything too soon, either. Okay. That's… okay." Bobby nods once. Yes. No freaking out. "…where?"

"As I said, I will have to live with the regret of not informing you sooner," Ororo says to Bobby. "Right now, Jean is in a safehouse in Greenwich Village. I am not sure 'safehouse' is quite the correct way to put it, but I am not sure what IS. Regardless, the place has mystical trappings about it, and Jean feels safer there at the moment."

"Because the fact of the matter is this," Ororo continues, "not even Jean knows the 'how' of this. She died, and then awoke, alive. What transpired between those two points is a mystery that we need to solve. She says that she woke in a mental facility of some kind that was in the midst of burning to the ground. This does not give us much to go on: is one of our enemies involved? Is it a cosmic force at play? Could Jean's powers have surged past their known limits?" Ororo shrugs gently. "Unknown."

"This is why Jean wishes to keep her… return? Revival? Whatever we call it, she does not want the students to know. So far, she is hesitant to return, precisely because of the mystery I just described. She does not want to put us in danger, which I must say is fairly typical of her." If that was a joke on Ororo's part, she sells it perfectly, without a wink. "I brought the four of you in to help me inform our fellow X-Men — Bobby and Kitty, the two of you have some of the broadest social networks amongst the team, and Luciana and Isabelle, your efficiency is double the average." Again, possibly, a joke, but who can tell. "Kitty, I might ask that you specifically tell Logan, or that we do so together. I fear that of all of us, he is the most likely to simply go and try to drag her home."

Kitty nods slowly to Ororo, somehow, or some reason, accepting what Ororo states without further prodding and probing. At least, for now. There might be some more, later. Still, she does ask, "Will she take visitors? Can she?" A safehouse of magical properties is most assuredly not something she wants to phase into, Gaia knows what would happen to her then. She doesn't ask the other question on her mind.

"We'll keep her return a secret," Kitty affirms again. She exhales, nodding. "I will talk to Logan. And, if needed, I'll keep him here until he calms down enough. I'm no telepath, but I can tell when he's stewing," she concurs to Ororo. Kitty knows the old man well enough, afterall.

"And in the interim, I'll help however I can, however we can," she says looking around and squeezing Bobby's knee assuredly, smiling warmly at Luci, and then back to Ororo, "To figure all of this out. To — bring Jean home." Kitty bites at her lower lip, "Wow. That's something I'd never thought I'd ever say. Ever again."

"We were at the mental facility, Ororo." Luciana offers, honestly. "Laura, Lexi, Wanda and I. We investigated, and there were some follow-ups. We picked up a very intense burst of psionic energy at the time and place of the fire, which is what led us there." Clearly, that came from Cerebro, since none of those mentioned is a telepath themselves. "What do you want me to do about Lexi, Wanda and Laura?" It's worth asking. Ororo is the senior X-Woman present, so what she says goes as far as Gemini is concerned.

"The Professor knows, right?" Bobby honestly feels a little silly for asking. It's Charles Xavier, after all. If he hadn't known before Ororo ran into Jean, he must have sensed her by now, especially if she's only as far as Greenwich.

Bobby gives Kitty's hand a quick pat in silent gratitude as he casts a curious look to Luciana, his head tilting to one side. "That follows. If I was a telepath and woke up to my environment being on fire, I'd probably have a spike, too," he says thoughtfully.

That reminds him. Bobby gives Ororo a very earnest look. "When you see her again, tell her we're glad she's okay? And that we'll figure this out so she feels safe coming home."

"I feel we should keep Laura out of the loop, so to speak, at least for the time being," Ororo says, though from her tone of voice she clearly does not relish saying it. "At Jean's request, this is for the adult X-Men at this time." Ororo might be holding back further comment, but whatever that comment might be, it stays held back. Probably something about how no one needs three damn Logantypes all dogpiling Jean.

"The Professor will be kept in the loop every step of the way, Bobby, there is no need to worry on that front. And… she knows that she is missed, and she knows that she is loved. However, we cannot force her to come back until she is ready. Whatever trauma she has experienced is not ours to pry into by our own demand. She must let us in." Ororo draws in another slow breath, and lets it out. The air in the room isn't quite as dry as it was when the meeting started. Maybe only Bobby 'moisture manipulator' Drake would really notice. In any case, Ororo seems to be finding her center.

"For now, we must play this one with the cards dealt to us. As we use the full force of the X-Men to turn our minds to this, we will get to the bottom of it, and if Jean is in any danger, we will remove her from it. I promise this."

"Damn right we will," agrees Kitty, vehementely. She just has a much sounder head on her than Logan, or any of his genetic line. She, certainly, is committed. She also nods about Laura, suggesting to Luci, "When we know more, or, if we need her, we'll talk to Laura about it. I think right now, keeping it insular with people who knew Jean well is probably the best. Especially since we don't know what's going on. If she -is- being hunted, the fewer people involved the better. But, tell us about what you found in investgating the fire. Anything - odd?" She frowns a little, thoughtfully.

Luci nods. "Alright. Lexi won't like that, but I'm sure she'll understand when I explain it. And Wanda, of course." She too is rather invested, but at one remove: she's not sure where to begin, how to help. The only thing she's been able to come up with so far is letting others on the team know. She may be an X-Woman, but she's no expert in magic. But Wanda is, so telling her is probably a good idea. And Lexi may not be as good a sniffing tracker as Laura, but she's not bad. And she's great in a fight. "You just tell me how to help, and I'm in. Doesn't matter what."

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