Reign of the Cybersaurs

Characters: Ironheart, Phyla-Vell, Starfire
Rated: PG-13
Summary: In Which Our Heroes Ironheart, Phyla-Vell, and Starfire Find Themselves Doing Battle With Dinosaurs Who Have Various Cybernetic Enhancements, Which Enhancements May or May Not Contribute to Their Desire to Harm Metropolis On An Industrial Scale
OOC Date: 1/27/2018
IC Date: 1/27/2018
Where: Metropolis

They came from underground. An immense drill penetrated the asphalt of a busy Metropolis street, flinging black asphalt in a dirty hailstorm in all directions as it bored upward, got stuck, retreated, and bashed through again, revealing itself to be attached to a titantic, leathery, scaly head crowned by an even larger plate one which two girder-sized horns were mounted: a triceratops with mining equipment where its mouth should be. Hydraulics squealed as its metal legs dragged it out of the tunnel on cybernetic hooves, and once free, hordes of dinosaurs were unleashed. Most of them, luckily, are much smaller than Tankceratops; just utahraptors and dilophysauruses with head-mounted lasers. Some, like the pterodactyls with metal wings and ramphorincuses with crane-like claws dangling from their bellies, were able to more freely terrorize the skyscrapers. Their leader seemed to be an enormous, angry-red Tyrannosaurus head and neck jutting from an entirely mechanical body, with a huge, throbbing brain encapsulated in a glass dome emerging from its skull. It shrieks war cries in dial-up warbles, and the dinosaurs obey, attacking any metal they can find. On a busy road, that most often means cars.

"I need to figure out theeeese staaaabilizers…!" Riri is spiraling thorugh the air in her newly slimmed down Ironheart armour, as yet upainted. It's still a bit bulky, with large pauldrons and oversized boots.But the important thing? It flies without any jets, repulsion being marked as glowing and bolts of light from the hands and feet of the armoured suit. Right now, however, the suit is rattling like it might fly apart, unable to keep completely steady as it careens through the air. "…What do you call a dinosaur in a car accident?"

"A tyrannosaurus wreck." With that deadpan declaration Riri drops into a dive that puts her on a collision close with one of the dilophysauruses.

Earth. Phyla-Vell had learned all about it, or enough that she thought she had, from the databanks that helped raise and educate her on Titan. A backwater, primitive planet that nonetheless had some of the greatest marvels of powers and achievement in the galaxy, perhaps even beyond. When Starfire had suggested coming here, Phyla assumed she'd, as the daughter of Captain Marvel himself, would be prepared for all the strangeness that a contradiction like that would provide.

"What in the name of great Hala is all of this nonsense??" No databases in all the universe can truly prepare you for the strange wonder of cyborg dinosaurs, however, and so as she arrives in time to see the tankceratops pierce through minerals and dirt and asphalt, Phyla-Vell just hovers there for several long, ponderous seconds, staring blankly as her black cloak flows grandly behind her in a way that absolutely does not match her bald-faced confusion.

It is interrupted when she sees the glimmer of metal that is Riri Williams rattling past with her quip reaching her ears just after the gush of jet-fueled wind resistance sends her cape blowing wildly forward. "… dinosaurs?" she wonders, before shaking her head once, firmly. Head in the game, she flies after Riri in a shine of golden light, her right eye shining white as she directs blunted golden constructs forward to smash into ground-based, metal-wrapped dinosaurs before they can reach those cars, still looking utterly flabbergasted.

"I thought dinosaurs were birds, not robots—?!" Yes, that seems to be her main sticking point, now.

No talking in space, so Starfire communicates with Phyla-Vell by holding hands during the trip back to Earth. It's a simple message, but a heartfelt one. The two of them descend from the sky like a blazing comet in varying shades of gold, and Starfire's smile is from ear to ear as she observes the lunacy on the ground. "You see, did I not tell you Earth is most wonderous?" she asks Phyla happily, squeezing the other woman's hand before reluctantly letting go. "Let us act in the defense of the humans who seem to be in danger!" With that word of wisdom thus declared, she lifts up into the air hundreds of feet, fists ignited with green plasma, hunting jet-powered robo-dinosaurs.
Riri, with her head start, has doubtlessly saved lives. Her tackle is more than enough to take down any cyber-raptor; the creatures are not uniform in their implants, but none of them seem to have particularly reinforced skeletons, and the impact is powerful enough to even overcome the delay dinosaurs have in feeling pain, knocking the animal senseless. But Riri's appearance saves lives in another way: dressed in delicious metal, a herd of raptors charges toward her from five direction, arms outstretched, ready for the feast.
Quasar is less interesting to the dinosaurs. Her metal content is quite low. They can understand the threat she represents, though, and she too is rushed, but from above, in parabolic arcs: apparently, the dinosaurs' leaping muscles have been enhanced. How lovely.

Riri careens through several of the cyber raptors, sending them bowling in all directions. She rights herself narrowly, kicking up dust and pebbles from the road as the repulsor field washes back against her suit and then is reflected back aat the ground once more. Riri turns toward Phyla-Vell as the other speaks, the girl's face hidden by the mask of her wannabe Ironman armour.
"Well, they're related to birds. These ones seem to be- um… Fused with robots. Which isn't so strange given that dinosaurs are supposed to be exti—-aaagh!" The raptors swarm over Riri and her tasty metal suit and she can be heard yelping. A blast of energy throws one raptor back and she swipes at another ,bowling it over. More continue to attack her, howeve.r "What are you doing? Get off of me! Stop it!"
Riri ultimately shoots upward, out of reach of all of the raptors, and then whirls so she can survey the scene beneath her as the creatures conerge. "Okay. So maybe if I- holy shit!" A pterodactyl screams down on Riri and then she's screaming. "…Damned terrordactyls!" She is swiping her arms back and forth helpfully over her head.

The warmth of that brief squeeze is more than enough of an anchor point for Phyla-Vell against the madness of her senses that is robotic dinosaurs. "Most wondrous. That's a good way to put it." A fond smile at Phyla-Vell's lips becomes a full bloom of a radiant grin at Koriand'r's suggestion, and as the Tamaranean goes dino-hunting, Phyla's competitive streak feels properly ignited.

"I bet you I can get more of these dino…robo…birds before the day is out!" wagers Phyla as she swoops in, bristling with pride and a renewed vigor as she blows back dinosaur after dinosaur with flashes of bright gold. Prisons of yellow bands wrap and ensnare others as they tear into cars, binding them up and tossing them back towards the hole where they came. It's Riri's words that catch her attention, blue-and-white eyes blinking as she spins, particles of gold bleeding off her. White brows scrunch inwards, slowly. "Dinosaurs are supposed to be extiaagh? What does that me—aaagh!"

And soon, Phyla gets the same treatment as those cybernetic creatures lunge upon her like death from above, robotically-enhanced limbs sending them leaping at her in ways they shouldn't as they land, one after the other. Claws slice at clothes and dense flesh, earning small scratches and a snarl of irritation before a golden -flash- emanates from the white-haired half-Kree to -launch- them all away. She spins, eyes going skyward — and as she sees Riri in trouble, she reacts immediately, freeing the Quantum Sword as she lunges through the air to drive her blade through the mechanics of the half-metal flying beast.

"… Terrordactyls? Is that the formal pronunciation—?" Puns, also, seem to be an issue for her.

Relatively few of the dinosaurs, whether on land or air, have cybernetic mouths, but each monster has a method of consuming the metal it takes, often in the form of a glowing portal somewhere in its belly into which the metal can be fed and, apparently, melted down almost instantly. The dinobots who feed themselves don't appear to be growing any new metal implants or appendages, but neither do they seem to swell or burst into flames as one might expect with a gutful of liquid metal.
None of this means much to Starfire, who is tackling the airborne predabots as best she can, hurling starbolts in exaggerated, overhand throws punctuated with grunts of effort. They splatter against the diesel-fueled dinosaurs and send the beasts scattering, more angry than harmed, which fact Starfire has cause to regret as they wheel with wifi-fueled precision to flock toward her. Starfire yelps and falls back, hucking as many fireballs as she can, which the unfortunately aerodynamic birds seem all too adept at dodging.
Ironheart has more reason to be interested in their method of ingestion. The beast's head is slamming beak-first into her forehead like the world's largest woodpecker trying to peck through the Liberty Bell, and it has one of her legs in a literally iron grip, but more importantly, the portal in the terrordactyl's belly opens to blast smelting heat into Riri's chest. There's also a curious, pulling sensation, as if it means to vacuum up any liquified metal.
There's no chance to find out how effective the attack would be, though. Bloodied if not battered, Phyla-Vell's Quantum Sword is brutally effective against the cyberdactyl, leaving Ironheart with a few hundred pounds of metal still clenching her thigh but otherwise suddenly harmless as it's severed from the until recently living half of its component self. The three heroes have severely inconvenienced dozens of dinosaurs by now and destroyed more than a few, so it's perhaps not surprising that Tankceratops is turning toward them, missile batteries extending from its hips and shoulders, targeting systems locked on: and suddenly the air is split by the sounds of a hundred or more warheads shrieking toward the three of them, as the dinosaurs attacking them peel off at the last moment.

"Structural integrity… Failing." A deadpan vaguely masculine voice echoes inside of Riri's suit, vaguely reminiscent of some famed billionnaire but not quite enough so to be considered an unauthorized use of his image. Riri groans as the alarm sounds but nods. "Thanks, now try telling me something useufl," she grumbles at the VI. It isn't capable of doing anything of the sort, of course.
As Riri goes for more intense evasive maneuvers Phyla-Vell's sword cleaves through the pterodactyl that has launtched onto her, leaving the girl to stare at her past the glowing blade. She pauses for a second, then takes a deep breath. "Full power to the anterior thrust. …Right. Fire!" The leg repulsors fire off in a massive blast of concussive force, shooting Ironheart upward and yanking her free of the grasp of the nearest predabots. It also launches into a massive uncontrolled spiral that is both great at dodging blasts and terrible at getting anywhere intentionally.
"Thank you- no, the correct pronunciation is ptero- get out of there!"
All of this comes out in a rush and then Riri throws her suit forward full throttle, intending to get well out of the way of micro-missile barrage. "Chaff! …So tired of verbal commands…" The suit helpfully fires off an array of missile attracting inert material in all directions to help confuse the weapon.
Riri will probably escape the worst of it but it'll be close.

"Are you alright, metal warrior?" Quantum Sword gleaming a radiant, glowing gold within the clear skies surrounding them, Phyla-Vell turns a concerned look towards Riri as she inspects the damage done towards Ironheart's armored frame. "They didn't do any damage to your systems, did they?" She might be unclear about whether Riri is some kind of advanced, self-aware robot or not, too. She's heard Earth has those sorts of things.

"You know, I thought robot-bird-creatures would be more challenging than this, extaaagh or no," she muses, a frown on her lips. "Kori, how have you gotten? I've— Kori?" And she sees, in the distance, Koriand'r on the defensive; eyes of blue and pure white widen as those aerial dinosaurs weave through Starfire's fireballs on the advance, and suddenly Quasar is shifting, conjuring up an almost literal storm of golden swords around her. "Kori—!!"

Which means, attention compromised as it is, she doesn't notice those missiles. And perhaps would not have, until it was too late, if it wasn't for Riri's words. 'Get out of there!' shouts Ironheart, and Quasar's gaze is snapping in a few, precious seconds to see a barrage of micro missiles nearly blotting out the sun. Widened eyes narrow. "Oh that is /it/-" she snaps in anger, and then starts /wheeling/ backward alongside Ironheart, trying to keep Koriand'r in her peripherals as best she can as she focuses on the most immediate threat. The first missiles -slam- into the ground in a series of explosions that Phyla-Vell cannot stop in time, heat and kinetic force ripping at her clothes and skin, spiraling, smoking through the air. But as she recovers, those that aren't confused by Riri's chaff, those that are still flying? Phyla-Vell attempts to seize within golden encasements…

… so she can redirect whatever remains towards the dinosaurs immediately in front of her.

"Gh — the large one! Focus on that! The Tyrantosaur!"

Starfire congratulates herself for scattering the birdbots with her starbolts an instant before that confidence melts into dread at the whistling sound of incoming short-range missiles. She has only an instant to glance below herself and spot the two dozen twisting lines of smoke surging toward her, not nearly enough to tell if their weaving, erratic flight means they're tracking her: all she can do is run, bursting upward with speed, aching to put distance between her and the explosions.
It basically works. Tracking her or not, they apparently had timers on their detonations, and explode well beneath her. The bad news is, the concussion of that explosion shatters glass and cracks concrete for hundreds of feet. It doesn't just knock her own flight off-course, it pelts her with debris that cuts countless grooves through her skin, the cuts reasonably shallow but multitudinous enough to be a problem. She'd like to answer Phyla-Vell's call, but all she'll be hearing for some length of time will be a high-pitched ringing.
Ironheart fares better. The chaff missiles are so helpful; everyone should have some. As the angel's wings spread, the missiles soar out toward it instead of the two heroines, detonating the missiles dozens of yards away. The concussion wave is worse at ground level than it was in the sky: lampposts buckle and collapse; half-eaten cars flip over; the road drops three feet into the earth as if an invisible giant's foot stomped on it; the heat makes rubber tires sizzle for the brief moment the fire exists before snuffing itself; the winds buffet even an Iron Man ruthlessly.
Those that Phyla-Vell can catch, though, these hurl back at Tankceratops and, standing behind it, Tyrannosaurus Mech. The missiles' timers already are nearly at their end by the time Phyla-Vell can redirect them, so none of them have even a chance of actually striking the pair of king-dinosaurs, but the explosions cause a hemisphere of pink-yellow energy hexes to erect before them to shield the pair from the blastback; energy hexes that burn and sizzle and dissolve at the edges as the explosions rock them. Whatever shields they have seem to have burned off a lot of power in that display.

"I don't think getting close to those things is probably a - good idea," Riri is sayng once she's finally recovered from her anterior spiral and righted in midair. The girl takes a deep breath and spends a second lisgtening to her systems rattle off their readiness reports. Chaff at 50%. Anterior thrusters, minor damage. Full effect. Outer armour, 95%…
"I"m fine. Thank you. I've gtaken worse," Riri promises Phyla-vell now, twisting in midair so she can look over both of the warriors who have come to join her. "…Woah. And I've just got this suit I built," she mutters. "This is crazy. Um. Okay, so I have a couple ideas. I'm just not sure how I'd- destroy it once I get close. Ideas?"

Smoke wafts from Phyla-Vell's smoldering clothes and scorched skin in voluminous blots. Anger etches the would-be Protector of the Universe's features as the heat ripples and dissipates from around her, floating in mid-air, coated in a golden, protective sheen. She is not the best at reining in her emotions — a more generous person would say she wears her heart on her sleeve. And right now… her heart seems very, very mad. A rage that just seems fanned as Starfire is engulfed in heat and concussive force, sending her spiraling through the air.

"Kori—!" Lips part. Phyla reaches out, and hesitates. No — she needs to have faith in Koriand'r, and deal with these oversized birds before they can do anymore damage. Two-toned eyes turn on the two, massive creatures spearheading the assault.

"… Okay. I think I get why you things died out before," huffs the half-Kree, lips peeling in a faint sneer; her two-toned eyes drift, briefly Starfire's way, and her frustration. "No self-preservation instinct." She hears Riri, and golden motes of light begin to rise from the glowing bands wrapped around her wrists.

"I'm opening the way. Hit them with everything you have after." Apparently, she thinks this is the best tactical decision she could possibly make, considering she is /accelerating/ at velocities that should rightly be impossible moments after. Sonic booms chasing helplessly behind her in her wake, golden light wraps around Phyla, layers over her over and over until she literally turns herself into her own battering ram with a pointed tip.

Aimed to drive herself straight through the remains of those pink-yellow energy hexes and whatever else she can to shatter the defensive barriers and provide the other two an opening as she charges with a very angry, very reckless cry. "Take this, you overgrown turkeys!!" Probably not a good idea to get close to those things. Which is probably why Quasar is doing just that.

Starfire, deafened by the explosions, finds herself falling briefly toward the pavement: she hadn't realized how much she relied on her hearing for orientation while flying in an atmosphere. She corrects herself still hundreds of feet above the ground and scans around for… there, the yellow bands of Phyla-Vell's conjuring. Joining Quasar and Ironheart is, in several ways, a terrible idea, not least because it gives the monsters a chance to focus their efforts in one place, but with her ears gone, she needs someone who can watch her back. She swoops down toward the pair, no longer conserving her energy in hurled starbolts but now glaring continuous eye beams at the ground to burn down the relatively few remaining raptorbots.
When Starfire lands, she has only a moment to give Ironheart a concerned look, cupping one robotic cheek in her head in a weirdly intimate gesture; apparently the giant golden woman wearing rubber lingerie does not share American standards of personal space. That gesture of concern has to pass, though, as Quasar charges the cybersaurs: Starfire must follow suit, backing her girlfriend's play with a shockingly bass battlecry. She soars in, a contrail of fire marking her path (the bumps illustrating where Phyla-Vell's superior atmospheric speed creates the sonic booms that rock her in her path), fists ignited green to hammer at the shield…
…which shrinks. By half, exactly, condensing downand of course strengthening by doing soto protect only Tyrannosaurus Mech. Tankceratops is no longer protected, or more accurately, no longer restrained from setting its drill-mouth to spinning and beginning a ponderous charge forward, the beast the size of small house.

Riri can't help flushing faintly when Starfire first cups her hand against the girl's cheeck.She staes for a second and then nods slowly as the alien is turning away. It's hard to make heads or tails of anything that ishappening right now.Hard to even keep her suit flying in the right direction if she is being brutally honest with herself.
As the other two are throwing themselves at the Tyrannosaurus Mech Riri is reviewing her options. Weapons are at a premium on Ironheart right now. Tony Stark she is not. The teen orients herself on bots, watching as the shield is condensing down.A slow frown starts across her lipsand then Riri nods. Just once.
"Well, if we're all going to be crazy…" The girl hits the boosters hard and streaks toward the dinosaurs fast enough that there's blue light surrounding her. A rattling develops as she travels, causing Riri to groan. She has no time to worry on it however… An instant later she is going beneath the tankceratops. "I mean, I *am* a roboticist…" What do we have here?

The sharpened tip of the impromptu ram that Phyla-Vell has become rams itself powerfully into that barrier in tandem with Starfire's efforts. A smile draws across Quasar's lips at the sight of Koriand'r there with her — but it's an appreciation that doesn't last in the face of the greater priority of being denied a satisfying dino-beatdown. The shield condenses, reinforces itself — and Phyla finds herself striving against a much stronger barrier that protects the vile Tyrannosaurus Mech from her wrath.

"Stupid… shields…!" complains Phyla through grit teeth. She pushes harder. Stronger. To give Riri the time she needs to get through those defenses towards the Tankceratops. She can -feel- the energy behind those barriers, pulsing, if she just had enough concentration to reach out and take hold of it for herself. But she can't, not right now, so instead, straining against that barrier, attempting to batter it hard enough to keep it -all- focused on that one point, Phyla just shouts,

"Starfire! Hammer it from behind!"

She'll worry about her terrible choices in phrasing later.

"BWWEEEEEET-rlrlrlrlt," Tyrannosaurus Mech modem-roars in outrage at Riri's disappearance between Tankceratops, perhaps detecting by their connection the tendril of Riri's code reaching into the tank's mainframe and replicating. Saurian firewalls erect themselves, built on strange, prehistoric code languages that Ironheart's own is weirdly out of sync with; it slows her assault on its integrity and hinders her progress toward its core files. If she presses forward, no doubt she'd break through, but for the moment she can't even access implant control centers. She can access certain non-essential voluntary functions, though…
Starfire's hearing is mostly returning in the form of vowels. Consonants are still beyond her. Still, it's not hard to guess what Quasar commands: if the shield faces one direction, and there are two of you, get on the other side of it! She flashes a shining grin at Phyla-Vell and soars overhead, then down. Those two acts are of her own volition. Her flight back up is rather less so when Tyrannosaurus Mech's cybernetic tail extends four extra feet from the base to slam into her like a morningstar the size of sedan. The cloud of cement dust from where she was driven through the wall of a parking structure across the road obscures her flames momentarily.

"…It's a start." Riri is keying through the various non-essential functions, poking at various menus. "Huh." She jabs a couple of commands into the tankceratopsand then takes a deep breath. "People always seem to underestimate the importance ot hings like this," she murmurs softly.
Up above the tankceratops is in a tizzy. It's hard for it to focus- indeed, it's hard for the creature to even move in a coherent direction. It smells the air, and resists the urge to bray powerfully. After a split second the tankceratops remembers that the T-Rex next to it is not a target. Right?
…But still.Just where will it be able to find a proper mate? It hasn't felt the urge since the implants were put in…

Quasar thought she had a good idea. She was sure of it. A plan her father would be very proud of, she tells herself. And then she remembers, just as it swings high: she forgot about the tail.

And so Quasar's prideful, perhaps cocky, grin becomes a look of shock, dismay and worry as Starfire is swatted from the skies like a fiery gnat. Sucking in a sharp breath, the half-Kree represses the urge to shout after the Tamaranean who has become so precious to her. But self-restraint can only take someone so far, and powerful as the Quantum Bands might make her, Phyla is still too new to all this -not- to react on emotional impulse.

And so Phyla peels off from the Tyrannosaurus Mech seconds after Koriand'r goes flying, chasing after the Tamaranean's impact point as she punches through the veil of powdered cement that gushes angrily from the parking building. "Koriand'r! Kori, are you okay?!" she calls, only after she's landed. Probably foolish, but, she's not so much a hero yet that she can keep her personal worries from ruling her, and until she finds Koriand'r and gets her up on her feet and ensures she's fine, well — Phyla can't even focus on anything beyond that, right now. Given what is about to transpire, that -might be for the best-.

The cloud of gray dust is lit from within by green light as a dazed, bloody, and furious Starfire soars like a missile out of the hole she created, rushing past Phyla-Vell in her fury, her battlecry still echoing in the garage behind her to engage the monster whose largest teeth are the size of her whole body. If she notices that Tankceratops has turned its drill onto the creature's shield and shattered it with a mere three seconds of pressure, if she notices that Tankceratops has knocked the Mech off-balance by butting its hip in what appears to be a mating dance, she does not care. She just arcs upward and punches with all her might, driving up under the Mech's jaw with an impact like thunder. Tyrannosaurus Mech's mouth is slammed shut and its head rocked back on its neck by the force of the golden comet's punch, one into which she put a lot of her stored solar energy. Her strength is still mighty, but flagging.
So yeah, Ironheart's cyber invasion definitely worked. Tankceratops finds itself tottering back and forth between reasserting its core programming, defending its mate, and continuing the ritual dance: it is currently rather useless, particularly with Tyrannosaurus Mech's attempts to bolster it temporarily stunned out of its head.

Riri detaches from the Tankceratops and floats easily back into the air with just a few repulsor blasts for stability. She blinks a few imes as the tankceratops takes down the Tyrannosaurus Mech and asserts its… Dominance. "Well, that went better than I hoped for. I think I need new words fo this one. i wonder if I can find a Thesaurus…" She scans the collected dinosaurs then slowly shakes her head. A deep breath is taken and then slowly exhaled. Riri seems to be busy composing herself.
"We still- um. Need to find a way to actually destroy them…" Riri begins, before turning toward Phyla-Vell and Starfire. She starts in that direction at a comparatively leisurely pace. "Are you both okay…?"

"Starfire! Kori! Are you—" WHOOSH


Phyla-Vell watches as Starfire blitzes past her, leaving her shredded cape flapping wildly in her raging wake. Once more, Phyla stares, perhaps a little bit dumbfounded, as her girlfriend punches the hell out of a dinosaur. A little bit dumbfounded.

"… Oh. Oh, wow." Mostly just bedazzled.

A second later, the half-Eternal is clearing her throat and refocusing her distracted thoughts. "R-right!" Getting over her brief, flustered awe, Quasar recenters herself and finds that spark of annoyed rage still flickering inside of her. They still hit Starfire. So, blissfully oblivious still to the Tankceratops' lusty overtures and believing in proportionate responses, Phyla-Vell draws on the power of the Quantum Energy, and charges for the Tyrannosaurus Mech. Riri is right in the middle of asking if she and Starfire are okay when the half-Kree -rages- past with intent to impale the thing straight through the stomach and right out its back.

tAnd then she'll let the three dozen -other- quantum swords she conjured behind her do the same until she turns the evil, cybernetic living fossil into the world's largest pincushion. Proportionate response.

Starfire ducks the dozen incoming swords and most of the spray of oil that issues from the cybersaur's pierced body. The deadly assault doesn't just finish Tyrannosaurus Mech; the immense cyborg might have been the master unit controlling all the others, because Tankceratops freezes in place with its paramour's death, joints locked, eyes flat and fixed, probably dead itself. Starfire doesn't bother taking its vitals. She just flies over to Phyla-Vell and embraces her tightly around the neck, gushing, "You are so full of courageousness and skill! What a battle you have fought!" Still hugging the smaller, paler woman, she flies over to Ironheart and relegates Phyla-Vell to a one-armed embrace as she runs her hand carefully down the damaged portions of Ironheart's armor. "And you, friend, your use of your weaponry was most well-timed, but are you well? Is this your body, are you still functional, or…?"

"Ironman is who you're thinking of. And yeah, it's- just like that really. Ironheart. That's what they call me." Riri makes that decision after a split-second of thought and then she smiles- not htat either alien can see her do so. "I mean, yuou guys can toally head off ify ou want. Otherwise, sure. I want to excavate these implants and see if the manufacture gives me any hints as to who released these things in the first place… Even small details might tell me which companies might have been involved." She frowns at the scattered dinos. "And then I have some work to do on my armour…"

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