Perfectly Normal Human Coffee

Characters: Daisy Johnson, Delta
Rated: PG (Language)
Summary: // A SHIELD Agent and a Totally Normal PA get coffee after a rather… interesting night.//
OOC Date: 12/17/17
IC Date: 1/7/18
Where: Cuppa Joe's Diner, South Bronx

It's only lunchtime and it's already been a *long* day.

Daisy Johnson feels like she has covered every inch of the trainyard looking for any kind of sign of where Dr. Robotnik and her bestie managed to slip off to, but she's coming up empty and it's driving her *nuts*. So, when the hands-on approach fails, she falls back on old reliable: her laptop, and security feeds.

And coffee. So much diner coffee.

Daisy's parked at a corner booth with her chin propped up in a hand, lips twisted to one side as she goes hunting for nearby security camera footage that might have spotted something she didn't. She isn't so focused on the screen that she doesn't look up and offer a smile to the waitress who refills her coffee on the way by.

It was always run to return to the scene of the 'crime', even if the crime in this case had only involved kicking the butts of some stupid villains and not sticking around to answer questions. Plus… Delta never could resist a good apple pie. Or more appropriately, Dani Masters couldn't. After a bit of awkwardness yesterday over acquiring the initial clothes however, she'd expanded her wardrobe, and was back to feeling like her normal self.

The bell over the door jingles as a brunette enters, acquiring a slice of pie, before taking a few steps over towards the woman in the corner. "Hey, 'Scuse me, but would you happen to have a charger I could borrow?" She holds up a cell phone. "I don't have a lot of charge left, and I left mine at home.

Oh, thank God. Something to distract her from the shameful lack of security footage in… a… crappy old trainyard. Yeah, Daisy wouldn't spring for cameras either.

Daisy takes a quick look at the phone as she closes her laptop, then cracks a smile and goes digging in her bag. "Lucky you, I think my charger'll fit. Here." She holds up the charger and nods towards the outlet. "You're welcome to use this one, if you want."

"Oh thank god. My boss is always after me if I don't respond to texts fairly quickly." Dani plugs her phone in, which chirps happily as it begins gobbling milliamps. Any snooping circuitry in the no doubt SHIELD issue equipment wouldn't find anything out of place, just a mid-range prepaid smartphone, although with a lot of sci fi ebooks. "That's a massive relief. now I can actually relax and enjoy this!" She digs into her pie, eyes half lidding as she savors the taste.

"Ugh. Even on your lunch break?" Daisy scoops up her mug and leans back in her seat, grinning across the booth. "That's the worst. At least finish your pie before you check for missed texts," she muses, waving at the phone. "I'll be your alibi."

Dani grins wryly. "Actually, not on my lunch break. She's really good about that, and benefits, that kind of thing. Just when you're on the clock… Intense. I'm technically a Tech, but I'm also playing Personal Assistant sometimes. I think it's because I'm the only one who's stuck around. Pay's great, though." When the Waitress comes by, she snags a mug of coffee as well, sipping from it.

Daisy hums in understanding, slowly nodding her head. "Sounds like a demanding gig. Can't argue with benefits, though. Nice." With a grin, she raises her mug in a salute before she has another drink. After a pause, she leans forward enough to offer a hand across the table. "Daisy, by the way."

Dani shakes it firmly. "Dani. Dani Masters. So what brings you to this side of town? The coffee that good?" She grins, forking up some more pie. "I mean, it /is/ amazing, but the view does leave a bit to be desired. Guess that's the price you pay, though."

"Nice to meet you. View's not so bad," Daisy muses, turning to look out the window. "Even places like this have their own sort of charm. But it is mostly the coffee, yes." She slides her mug to the edge of the booth, the silent Dear God Please Give Me More Caffeine signal every waitress in the world knows.

"Hard day? You don't look like You've gotten much sleep." Dani tilts her head to one side a bit, before her phone bleeps. "Ooooh. That's an important one." She picks the device up, thumb flicking across the screen. "Oh hey, that's cool. Another Iron Man sighting. Damn that stuff's cool." She sighs wistfully. "I wish /I/ could fly…"

Daisy can't help but laugh, dropping her chin back into her hand. "It's been a long weekend," she concedes, rolling her eyes up towards the ceiling. Yes. A long weekend. The Iron Man sighting gets a small grin out of her. "It would be pretty nice. Less traffic."

"Not to mention the view. …Do you think he flies places in his armor instead of taking a jet? It'd probably be faster…" Pie is temporarily forgotten as Dani enters full geek mode and ponders the what-ifs of power armor. "I mean, if he's that rich, he could probably have a limo meet him at the other end and get changed in the car."

Now that question actually gets a brief laugh. "Oh, he definitely does," Daisy says with a broad grin. "It's Tony Stark. He would *totally* do that." She pauses, her brow furrowing slightly. "Although… power armor doesn't have a bar. I mean. Probably. His might."

Dani grins. "I dunno, he might have it rigged up with like… a camelbak. I mean, he needs to drink water in there, right? Just have a voice command to switch reservoirs to booze. …Being rich must be /awesome/."

Looking resigned, Daisy nods in agreement. "Yeah. Yeah, Tony Stark definitely has a camelbak full of vodka in the Iron Man suit." Ah, there's her coffee refill. Another smile and "Thank you," for the waitress, and another sip for herself. "It's definitely better than being poor. Although I'm not sure flying under the influence is the… the best idea."

"Oh!" Sssssip. Dani holds up another finger. "Does that count as a DUI? And who would actually pull him over? I'm just imagining a fighter jet with red and blue lights and a Police paintjob."

"Beats me. Superwoman? Though she probably has more important things to do." Like literally anything not involving Tony Stark. Daisy props her elbows against the table, mug cradled in both hands.

"Plus, different city. And she's busy fighting the people you need to be invincible to fight. It's weird how like… Ninety percent of the hero stuff you hear about is in these three east coast cities. Does LA even have a team yet?" Dani slides the finished pie plate to one side, wrapping both hands around her mug.

"I'm sure there are things going on all over the place," Daisy muses, drumming her fingers against her mug. "I think I read an article about a team in Tokyo not too long ago. There's stuff. It just might not be as easy to romanticize as a mysterious bat or a star-spangled man."

"True. Surprised you don't hear more details about villains though. I mean, They might as well go full 'Pro Wrestling' and get their own publicity people." Internally, Delta is dying laughing, even if Dani just grins. "I mean like… Think of the action figure licensing! …Maybe I could talk my Boss into getting into that."

Daisy smiles at Dani over the top of her mug, raising an eyebrow and dropping her voice to a conspiratorial tone. "What, is your boss a villain?" she asks dryly.

Half a heartbeat later, Daisy adds, "Or does she just work in marketing?"

Dani giggles. "Seriously? If she was, that'd be cool. I mean, then I'd get to be a sidekick or something. Probably have a better job title, at least. But nah. We just do special purpose tech stuff. A lot of custom tooling. So I already have access to 3D printers and things."

Daisy squints just a touch, but her smile doesn't waver. "I don't know, Dani. If I was gonna be somebody's sidekick, I think I'd prefer one of the good guys. Less jail time, plus Rey is *way* better than Kylo Ren," she notes, before she shrugs and sips her coffee.

Dani Pfffts. "That guy's not a villain, he's a minion. What's that movie with the guy with the really big blue head… I forget, but I watched it last week. They had the distinction down. He's being puppeted by that other guy. Not as good as the original trilogy, though. O.T. was great, One was pretty bad, two had a few good parts, and three was mostly decent."

"We drink to forget One," Daisy says matter-of-factly. "And any and all dialogue involving the word 'sand.' Mistakes were made. But the prequels did give us Ewan McGregor with a beard, so I am willing to forgive a lot." She starts to sip her coffee, but stops short. "But Kylo Ren is still a bad guy. Well-written, but c'mon."

Dani somehow manages to look even more incredulous while sipping coffee. "Well Written? Bullshit. 'Waaah, My parents didn't love me enough because they were too busy saving the galaxy from fascists, so I'm going to go get brainwashed by the first fascist I find!' Are you KIDDING me? Han would be an AMAZING dad. You know he'd let his kids sit on his lap and fly the Falcon."

Daisy can't help but laugh. "That's fair. I don't mean well-written in that I sympathise with him, just… that stuff happens every day. It's good commentary." She waves a hand dismissively. "But Han *would* be the best dad. Do you think he called Chewbacca 'Uncle Chewie'? I would one hundred percent call him Uncle Chewie."

"Yes!" Dani points to Daisy, getting her own refill of coffee. "That's what I'm talking about. And the BEST SHOULDER RIDES, he's like seven feet tall." She leans back, grinning widely. "So what brings you here, anyway? We've established I'm playing hooky, but…"

"Eh, just passing through. Plus…" Daisy raises her mug and an eyebrow in tandem, grinning broadly. "Battery was running low. Speaking of which, how's your charge? I should get going before I drink these lovely people out of their livelihood."

Dani grins, toasting to caffeine herself, although her face falls when Daisy says she should probably leave. She picks up her phone again, before unplugging it and handing the charger back over. "Good enough, thanks. We need to hang out more, it's nice to have someone to talk geek stuff with. Ooh! Hang on." She rummages in her pocket and retrieves a wallet, before sliding a card with a QR code on it across the table. "Here. That's got my contact info on it. Just scan it with your phone."

"Fancy," Daisy muses, eyeing the card as she returns her charger and laptop to her bag. "And here I was just gonna write my Twitter handle on a napkin for you, old school." After a moment's thought, she fishes out her phone — personal phone, dear lord, NOT her work phone — and brings up her QR scanner. "Boop. Thanks."

Dani smirks a bit. "Hey, I work in Tech. You should see the REALLY expensive ones. I saw a guy with laser cut aluminum ones once. Like a credit card." She puts enough cash on the table to cover both their coffees, and the pie. "Lemme get that for you since you gave me the charge. I probably should actually get back to work anyway. Talk later?" She turns to head out, looking over her shoulder.

"Oh, that's sweet — thank you. Definitely." Daisy smiles brightly as she gets to her feet, lifting a hand to wave. "Take care, Dani. Coffee'll be my treat next time."

Dani grins. "Totally. See you later!" She skips out the door, jogging off back towards the center of town. That… definitely went well. And apparently the SHIELD girl doesn't know anything too important. She looked pretty frustrated when she first walked in.

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