Onward To Yule Shennanigans!

Characters: Thor Odinson Loki Lady Sif
Rated: PG
Summary: Thor, Loki and Sif discuss the upcoming holiday and how to spend it while remembering the past and plotting for par - er - future.
OOC Date: Fri, Nov. 24, 2017. 1:38 pm
IC Date: Fri Nov 24 13:38:32 2017
Where: From the stables to Odin's Palace, Asgard.

Asgard, the shining city of the Aesir. That single place from which all of the Realms of the Tree are watched, guided or protected (or punished). The holiday season is coming, and preparations are being made for jule, that multi-day of feasting and drinking, where oaths are sworn and all is done to uphold the promises made for the rest of the year.

It's that 'feasting' bit that has the youngest prince putting his horse away; no, rather, handing his horse over to a groom, handing over the elk which was killed on the hunt to those that will dress it and make it ready in the kitchens. Loki is in good spirits; green eyes gleam with anticipation, and as he turns about, he's rubbing his hands together before dropping them to his side. "That went well.." His tones are upbeat, and there's an easiness in his carriage, manner and mien. "Oh, I can't wait. I feel as if I'm a child once again.." He's got surprises in store!

"Thor, do you remember when we were young, and we'd made our presents for Mother and Father?" Loki looks to Sif and continues, "We'd stayed up nights for a week before, that seemed like forever.. I'd gotten chastised because I couldn't stay awake for my studies, but when they received their gifts…"

Slipping from his own stead, Thor grins at Loki's reminecing. Stormy-blue eyes flit toward his brother, with a look of 'Whachew talkin' 'bout Loki?' Of course he recalls making things for Mom and Dad for jule, but never did he stay UP to make them. He'd get his done in an hour, since by then he'd have grown bored with the crafting. Young Thor had no patience.

Current Thor still has no patience for crafting things.

"I don't know about stying up for a week before, but…. It was nice, the looks on their faces."

Sif is… Far more reluctant to hand over her winged steed than the boys were their own mounts. Eventually, she does though, with a death glare that promises unimaginable pain on the groom if he doesn't take the greatest care of her favorite animal.

"This was, I assume, during my time away," is said to both men as she walks up and links an arm with each of their. There's a chance that Sif is the only woman to be 'escorted' by both Princes and not swoon or faint. "I like the idea of that. Making gifts. It's… sweet. More personal. Shows more thought." Her brow arches at Loki. "Your idea?"

Loki looks over at his brother, his expression one of theatric bemusement. "That's right.. your snores helped me stay away to finish them." He pauses before offering a lightly sarcastic, "Thanks for that, anyway." He shakes his head and looks forward, swinging around to watch Sif as she dismounts and hands over the reins to her particular steed. It's not as if the groom doesn't have experience with the creature. These are grooms from the royal stable, after all.

He waits as a gentleman should as Sif approaches, and as she links arms, Loki's turned again as they make their way towards the palace proper. They've all been together since youth; there's no swooning to be had. And, as they pass, heads are bowing in respect to the crown.

"Of course my idea. Thor thought that simply making an oath to keep his chambers clean and to not harass the guards would have been enough for Father and Mother." Loki casts a glance sideways before, "Hmm.. maybe it would have been enough. Low expectations and all that.."

Pleased Thor is pleased that Sif links arms with him. His smile is boyish as he walks with friend and brother towrds the palace. He had waited as Loki had.

"Hey now! I thought of the new bracers for father that one time," Thor tries to defend himself. After all, why keep your room clean on your own when there are servants paid nicely to do these things for you? Not commenting on harassment of guards, however.

"Yes. You were not here for this, Sif," Thor replies, mind tucking away the notion that Sif likes hand made things with out him thinking about it.

The Goddess can't help but snicker a little. "That would have been a gift for the whole of the palace. The poor guards…" She shakes her head. "I've heard stories of the terror he was in my absence…" A look is cut up to Thor and Sif smirks. "Did you make the bracers yourself?"

Sif doesn't typically give in to the head bowing and shit. She gave that up when she walked away from the Throne of Vanaheim until she absolutely had to take it. Her hands are busy though so… A head bow to those they pass it is.

"And are you ready for the upcoming festivities?" She likes to party as much as the next Asgardian though she can, at times, be a bit more controlled about it.

"No.. you cut the leather for them, after sneaking into his room.. asking me to keep the lights down low so he wouldn't notice." Loki takes up the story, "Then you brought them back and almost ruined them because you couldn't remember your letters for protection." He's enjoying picking on Thor, though there is no doubt that soon enough the tables will turn. For the time being, however, the conversation is light and easy born of a comfort and anticipation of things to come.

Loki chuckles and nods his head, "A gift for us all. The first couple of times, we'd attempted to keep him to his word, but after a few months, it was," here, he adds a theatric sigh, ".. futile. Thor will be Thor, after all."

In answer to the question, Loki's smile relights, and he answers simply, "Almost." Beat. "Thor?"

"Of course I did!" Thor starts. "Cutting the leather was hard work in the dark! And forgive me if fehu, ansuz, and laguz all look similar," he retorts, frowning into the easy and light teasing. After all, for the moment this is comfortable. And more when talk turns to the upcoming feasts.

"Oh, More than ready. Mead and meat and stories and music. What better way to celebrate could there be?"

Loki's teasing of his brother coaxes a rare laugh from Sif. These men are her best friends and while, yes, she tends to be a little…softer…around Thor, she wouldn't give either of them up for anything and hearing the brotherly bickering is wonderful for her. She and Heimdall are close but not like this.

"I can only imagine," is offered to Loki before she rolls her eyes at the blonde at her side. "Do not," is muttered with a shake of her head. "Oh, I don't know… Quietly, sober and with friends and family so you actually remember it the next day?" Not that she won't be drinking, mind you, but he asked… "I demand a dance of you both."

"Mead, stories, feasting to the point where even Folstagg will push his plate away declaring," Loki's tones rise in theatrical imitation, "Enough! I couldn't eat another bite! Oh.. here.. charge my tankard again." He's laughing at the thought, and his voice lowers, "And there will be presents offered. Oaths made, and I'll not tell you what, nor will I give either one of you a hint."

As they approach the palace, Loki's easily in step. "There is no fun in recalling the evening before during jule. I intend to make sure that the only thing recalled will be done so groaning upon pillow, or lying upon the ground, face down in dirt." He cants his head in Sif's direction before responding, "And a dance you shall have. The first evening."

Leaning forward, half in front of Sif, Thor 'pouts' at his brother.

"Not even one little clue, brother?" Thor pleas, lips curled up in a grin. He's aware the puppy eyes won't work, and so he straightens back to wink at Sif. Pillow groaning and face down in the dirt. Heh. heh. heh!

"She'll dance with me first though, won't you Sif?" because things are even a competition.

"Who I dance with first is solely dependent upon you two." Whoever is paying enough attention to ask first, of course!

For a moment, she mirrors Thor's pout. "None at all?" Her head drops to Loki's shoulder. "Not even if I say please?" She isn't sure, really, how much longer she can keep from snickering.

"Sounds like a good and proper way to spend jule, yes." Is it any wonder these three get in trouble so often?

Loki snorts at his brother in an 'as if' sound. "You'll be too busy challenging everyone to a drinking contest." He looks back at Sif and grins, the expression actually boyish as he mouths the words, 'Me first,' following it up with a pointing at his chest.

It continues, however, with Loki shaking his head. "Oh no. I'm not saying anything. You'll just spread it all over Asgard. You'll see." As far as he's concerned, that'll all he'll say on the matter. There is still work to be done to set up the presentation, and for that? Research, some travel, and… time.

The broad stairs are gained and the mounting of the steps begins. Palace guards come to attention in the princes' presence, as well as honor given the Lady Sif. Still, with their friendship as it lies, just the way they come up the steps and enter the palace begins the gossip all over again…

Which Prince will Lady Sif marry?

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