Odin's Put In His Place

Characters: Loki Odinson, Sigyn Aglardis & Thor Odinson
Rated: PG
Summary: Odin tries to teach his youngest son a lesson only for the plan to blow up in his face, an elven Princess to mouth off to him and then it's off to go shopping in the market for the boys and their guest.
OOC Date: Sun. Feb. 18, 2018
IC Date: Sun. Feb. 18, 2018
Where: Asgard, Odin's Palace to the City Market

Odin is an ass. Let's just make that clear. He was more than willing to let Frigga 'deal' with their son in regards to the disappearing at he pulled and with the Princess of Alfheim, no less! Odin had stewed, already irritated at his youngest for messing in the affairs of the healers and then to put at risk an alliance, even if it was unknowingly… But Odin was a patient man. Occasionally. And so he waited for the perfect moment.

That moment came too. He had 'suggested' his sons spend a few hours out in the sparring yard. Both had been somewhat preoccupied with other things lately and it just wouldn't do for the Einhenjar to see their Princes slacking. Or, so he told the brothers. And of course, he stands on the balcony over looking the training area, hands resting on it and watching his sons closely. The only time that frown moves is when a servant arrives, bows and informs the King that 'his' guest has arrived. The order to 'show her out to the grounds' is given and Odin turns his attention back on his sons.

It was more than clear, more than evident that 99% of that lecture was directed at Loki, the younger prince. After all, he'd interfered with the healers, and had been remarkably absent from the forays into battle that Thor had attended. Loki put up Thor's defense in the entire thing, undoubtedly lessening the Crown Prince's 'punishment'. (As if sparring was punishment for Thor?!) Of course, it wouldn't do at all for the populace to think that he had slackers for sons. Read: Loki needed a little bit of punishme— er.. PR. Frigga refused to attend such an event, and her absence spoke louder and more eloquently than any word that could be spoken.

Loki's dragging his sword, green eyes shifting towards the All Father and back, his expression set and inscrutable. Pausing in his step, he doesn't catch words, but he does see movement. Eyes narrowing, Loki straightens fully, bringing his sword to the side now, a smile ready for when he catches sight of his brother.

Thor had responded to his father's summoning and instructions, just as his younger brother had. Mjolnir in hand as he looked at his father with a sort of deep sigh. A few strands of his golden hair was braided, no doubt from a certain Goddess of War. Either way, the look is quite nice on him, though he wears his leathers today, not so much his full armor that he would wear when going to war or battle.

He turns his head to Loki and offers him a smile in return, before his attention falls on the All-Father. The absence of his mother spoke -volumes- of what may be about to happen as the Thunder God looked to the God of Mischief, a look of uncertainty in his eyes.

He knew a beating was likely to ensue….

Odin straightens as he hears the soft footsteps behind him. "Carry on," is ordered to his sons before he turns and holds out a hand. "Ah. Princess Sigyn. Welcome back to Asgard. I'm pleased you could join me out here today. There was training that required my attention. Come, tell me what you think."

The guards that came with her step off to either side and take a stance against the back wall to watch their charge silently.

"Training?" The soft, sweet voice holds a touch of confusion. "Forgive me, Majesty but I fear I know very little of such things." Which seems to be waved off by Odin who guides the Princess to the banister whereupon her eyes go wide and her head snaps up to Odin, those green-blue depths narrowing. For a single heartbeat, that demure elf's looks like she's about to tear the All Father apart.

Forcing herself to look impassive, she turns her attention back on the sparring. "Truly, Your Majesty. Such … things are inconsequential to me."

Odin, it would seem, has quit listening. He has said the Princess will watch… So the Princess will watch. End of story.

Loki looked.. a great deal less than Thor. Dark hair falls to his shoulders, his slight frame wrapped in green and brown leather. It's obvious which is the one born to fighting and which does enough 'to get by', as it were. Still, the younger prince isn't a stranger to battle, and he's deliberately not looking in the All Father's direction now. He can hear the voices if not the words, the tones, and first, he looks down, then brings his gaze back up and it's steady upon his brother.

The smile doesn't fade, however.. and Loki's posture shifts into something lighter, less burdened. "It's a sparring, brother. Just as we had as children growing up." His tones have a touch of lilt to them, words designed to rest any concerns Thor may have. This isn't the Crown Prince's punishment, after all!

With those words, Loki begins to move, but the sword doesn't come up. It stays down, tip pointed to the ground as he begins to make a wide circle, starting at something of a distance, but closing in slowly but surely.. but making sure he's out of his brother's immediate reach. Loki's eyes never depart his brother's, watching for reactions. In the next heartbeat, however, Loki throws his sword to the side, his mind changed.

"I'm not doing this. This is ridiculous," Loki announces, still not looking towards Odin and his 'guest'.

Thor looks at Loki then as the notion that this is a spar is clear, he holds Mjolnir in his hand as he enters a stance, fully knowing that his brother can dance with Thor and hold his own well enough. His eyes lock onto the younger brother, a smile for him in return, though it's almost so carefully simultaneous in what happens that it's almost inspiring.

At the same time that Loki drops his weapon, Thor does too. At the same time, Loki's sword and Thor's hammer touch the ground as both brothers stand up straight in what looks like defiance. "Neither will I. I won't harm my brother for doing what was right." he looks then to Odin, the two brothers, in an admirable showing, stand together.

Being ignored is… Not something that settles well with Sigyn. And she refuses to take part in Odin's attempt at humiliating his son to teach him a lesson. "You, Your Majesty, need to understand when it is too much and too far." Her chin lifts almost daring the elder King to deny it. "Swordplay means little to nothing to me nor my people so this display is pointless." Her voice is so much harder and colder than normal. "I cannot express to you how thankful I am that Prince Loki was my first impression of this Realm instead of…That," she motions to where the boys stand.

Odin, for his part, glares down at the younger woman beside him, unused to being spoken in such a manner. Anything that would have been said to her is cut off when both sons refuse to spar. That reproachful look is turned on the Princes. "We will discuss this later." His tone leaves no room for argument. As he turns to go, he word is offered to Sigyn too low for anyone but her and it has her chin lifting defiantly.

Only once Odin takes his leave does she turn her attention back to Thor and Loki and, finally, the Princess smiles. "Prince Thor. Prince Loki." She dips. "A pleasure to see you again. I was considering going into the market. Would you care to join me?" Incident? What incident?

There it is, a look of surprise, however fleeting, is set upon Loki's face before it settles into something more akin to relief with a hint of gratefulness. There's no mistaking that gleam however, as Thor stands beside him, and a quirk of his lips into a ghost of a smile. He folds his hands before him and leans, sotto voice, "I could have beaten you." Teasing!

Fully expecting the ire of their father, Loki watches the tableau before them; the Crown Princess versus a rather unhappy All Father. No doubt there will be 'not whispers' in the courts. Plural. Sure enough it comes, though it's more a promised threat for later.

As Odin departs and Sigyn turns her attention before her once more, and on the pair, brows rise and Loki chuckles; the sound a little incongruent for the event just passed. He exhales in an audible breath and shakes his head. "If you wouldn't mind being escorted by the likes of us?" Loki turns to look at Thor, his expression questioning, "Brother?"

Thor looks sidelong at Loki then as it appears the God of Mischief wants to talk shit, he chuckles, whispering back. "I'm sure you would have fallen in the first strike." he teases back. ahh….siblings.

Then he fully expects some minor smiting from the All-Father….but they get something much….MUCH worse. A private talk. DUN DUN…..DUUUUUUUNNN. Thor can almost spell out his personal doom. Either way, it's not the first time the two have stood against the harsh judgement of their father. He looks then to Sigyn, and at Loki's suggestion, he nods. "If the princess wishes."

He agreed!

While the boys debate, Sigyn looks between them. Ignore the guards frowning in the background who know they're going to be told to stay put. When they finally agree, a warm smile graces her features and lights up those aquamarine eyes which flit from Loki to Thor and back again. "I can think of no one I would rather have with me, my Lord."

And this same, soft spoken and demure slip of a girl is the one who just stood her ground and pushed back against Odin?

"Are you comfortable going as you are or shall I wait for you to change? I fear I have yet to fully grasp Asgardian fashion." She tends to zone out when her sisters start twittering on about it.

"You only say that because you can only count to one." Loki counters, teasing as only a little brother can. When Thor agrees as well, he nods his head once in acknowledgment and reaches to pick up the sword from the dirt. "I could have left this, but you really shouldn't leave that old thing lying around." Mjolnir. 'That old thing.'

Loki looks down at what he's wearing and offers a shrug, twisting around to look at Thor, then back to him. "This is fine." Should be. Everyone knows him, knows them, after all. "The market, then?"

Thor scoffs at Loki, before he nudges him hard enough to possibly knock him over. Hah! Big brother powers, activate! Either way, he extends a single finger and Mjolnir flies back to his hand and it's caught almost insultingly easily, given that the only two beings known able to lift it are Thor and Odin, one being it's wielder and the other being it's creator. Either way, a kind smile is given to Sigyn….Loki knows how to pick 'em!

A look then is given to his brother wit ha nod before looking to Sigyn. "By all means, we are fine as we are."


Sigyn nods her head, that smile never once slipping. Her hands clasp in front of her, resting against the pink and white silk of her gown. "Lovely. At your leave then, my Lords," is said with a dip of her head as she turns and waits for the men to join her. Only to meet the protest of her guards which is silenced with a look. "I am in Asgard. The company I keep here ensures that I am more than safe. You will remain here, please." They don't like it, but they agree none the less.

While she waits for Thor and Loki to join her and lead the way to the market, because she really has no idea where it is, she's making a mental list of things she had wanted to look for.

The brothers Odinson join her, and as Loki does approach, he briefly offers a touch of a bow before settling in by her side, fully expecting Thor to settle in on the other side of their guest. He's prepared to lead her towards the market, a place where most anything from the 9 Realms can be gained, plus a little extra. "Fabrics? Tonics? Oils? Gifts for your sisters?"

Leaning forward slightly, Loki's looking towards Thor. "Did you hear if Ragnarsson finished the hides on the deer?"

Thor keeps to the other side of Sigyn, a soft chuckle as he watches Loki start asking her questions of what she could want. Seeing himself as the third wheel for a change, Thor just keeps a small distance from the clearly attracted pair. "hm.." he says mostly to himself as he starts pondering if he should have requested Sif's presence. Either way!

He does seem to smile softly as Loki seems to be truly -happy- around the princess…and that's more than enough for him.
Thor looks to Loki. "Hm? oh, I have." he nudges his brother.

"Fabrics. Closer to what I'd get at home if possible. I'm hoping to take them to Midgard upon my return and see them made into something that doesn't appear to be a … costume." It still irks her somewhat. "My sisters get gifted enough, I think. I need… an emerald and an aquamarine… A piece of topaz or Tiger's Eye as well…" Gems that can all be used as magical tools. "And I'd love to see what scent oils are available…"

The talk of deer hides is… Not the least bit interesting to Sigyn but she's happy to listen to the Princes talk as they guide her to what she's looking for and allow her to browse, and purchase, at her leisure.

There are definitely worse ways to spend the afternoon, yes?

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