Noodles in Chinatown

Characters: Chat Noir, Laura Kinney, Lexi Nemo and Logyn
Rated: G (with brief exposure of blades)
Summary: Four people are out to get food in Chinatown (Laura and Lexi arrive together) and meet at a noodle cart. The L-ladies deal with the concerns (near threats) Laura shows towards Logyn. Chat pays and pun-ishes the three ladies as well. Logyn is given an invitation to go to a certain estate in Westchester county.
OOC Date: 2017/12/15 & 16
IC Date: December 16th, 2017 (after nightfall)
Where: Chinatown, Manhattan

Chinatown at night

Night time. Chinatown, New York.

This is the best place for noodles. It's not CUPNOODLES Museum in Osaka, but still! Noodles! In the middle of the night!

Slinking across the roof tops is a lean and lanky figure in all black, cat ears on a mop of unruly blonde locks, and a long sleek cat tail trailing behind him, swaying to give him counter balance when he pauses to perch and survey the streets below. One clawed hand comes up to his chin as he ponders which noodle cart to drop down to. Have to make sure there are enough late-night millennials to social media his appearance so Hawkmoth will keep notice, but not enough that there are so many alerts to the Super Villain that he'll send an akuma on what otherwise has been a fairly calm and quiet night.

Laura Kinney shoves her hands a bit deeper into her jacket pockets, hunching her shoulders against the winter breeze. It's at least a size too big for her, given she's a lot skinnier than its original owner but… It's warm, and the leather's nice and broken in. And it was Logan's. Also, it smells like food here, and she's hungry. Plus, Lexi had insisted on going out again. The question is, which food cart to hit up… She darts her eyes upwards, staring at the figure on the rooftops for a moment before going back to browsing food. He smells funny, but half the people around here do. Oh hey, extra spicy chicken. She points that one out to her mauve pseudo adoptive big sister.

More specifically, Lexi insisted on going out to show Laura the wonders of proper, for reals ramen. Not the cheap cup stuff that you get in the States generally. But the really good quality noodles and broth and everything. And this is the place she knows is the best. Not to mention she's…well, hungry. Again. And their portions are really good for that sort of thing. "Yup, that's it!" Lexi says cheerfully, the mauve girl drawing some looks, not all of them friendly, as she walks with Laura down the street. "Noodletopia. It's tasty stuff, yer gonna love it." she says, walking over to the counter. It's set up like a Hong Kong streetfood shop, so long counter where you can order, lots of open tables and such outside to sit at and eat. "Whatcha wanna try? It's mostly pickin' a meat. But ya like spicy, so maybe the Hong Kong special…they've got th' goooood chili peppers." she notes thoughfully.

Having driven through the night, Logyn rolled into New York on her "borrowed" motorcycle and found an inexpensive place to park and took to the sidewalks with her saddle bags slung over her shoulder. She allows her hunger to guide her as she goes towards Chinatown to see if she can find a noodle place she recalls from her implanted memories… or some equivalent to it in the general vicinity at least.

Whoa. Magenta colored person! Chat only sees that hue on a person when they've been akumatized. His shifts from intent on food to ready for a fight, scent shifting to match. But for the moment, he doesn't move in on the potential villian. Not when his cat-ears, swiveling on his head to catch sounds, picks out her friendly tones and cheery demeanor.

Cheery? Akuma aren't cheery.

Confusion drifts into his scent, tail twitching with curiosity behind him.

Laura Kinney nods again. "Chicken. And that sounds good." She cocks her head again, the bass rumble of a motorcycle at low idle catching her attention. The smell of the peppers is strong, but… Another scent. Familiar, extremely so. But… different. And the prowler is getting closer. The teen stiffens, hands clenching into fists, knees flexing slightly as she shifts her weight. Lexi might recognise the signs of a Laura on edge…

Lexi slows, going on alert as Laura does as she turns her head, her golden eyes scanning in the direction Laura is looking as she unconsciously rises on her toes just a bit, falling into a defensive stance. "…what? What is it hon?" the mutant woman murmurs, glancing back at Laura. She knows better than to touch her shoulder or something when she's like this…but Laura has better developed senses than her own, though her nostrils start to flare as she takes in the scents here, trying to look past the mouthwatering scents from the nearby noodle shop.

Everyone's scent is different but genetics has enough of a factor in this that there is some similarity and as Logyn gets close enough to be smelled she too picks up a strangely familiar and strange scent. Following that scent she gets close enough Laura and Lexi though the crowd and slows, looking the girls over before approaching them.

Addressing Laura, with her eyes on the easily recognized symbols on the girl's jacket, she says, "Good evening," with a slightly questioning tone of voice.

Ooookay, then. Purple chick is not an akuma. Maybe. With the two others, Laura and Logyn, turning to face each other, Chat leaps to a different rooftop for a nwe angle, so that when he hops down onto that noodle cart - because Spicy Chicken Noodle, YES PLEASE! - he'll be near enough to Purple Girl to do something. Just in case.

And by onto, we literally mean ON. Chat's leap carries him gracefully over the crowd and onto the top of the cart with a soft but audible THUMP.

"Sorry to drop in unannounced, but the noodles were calling my name," he quips, green silted eyes on Purple.

Laura Kinney grits her teeth. "We are being followed. There is someone on the rooftops. And someone else… They smell… Like Logan. But different. Not quite like me either." Her eyes lock on a figure bearing down on them, hands clenching a bit tighter as she shifts to step between Logyn and Lexi. ~So many civilians. If there is a fight here, collateral damage is likely. She looks like Logan. Even Smells like him. But…. Did they get a step closer to…~ The sudden thump heralds a soft *snikt* as an inch of claw protrudes, Laura's head jerking around to stare at Chat, before the teen quickly retracts her claws again, the wounds on her knuckles healing over within seconds. "Who are you? Did they send you?" The questions are flat in tone, almost a growl in her throat.

This close, scenting the air brings Logyn's scent, and the odd scent above her, smelling like…well, she's not sure what to call that. Decay? Fire? Something…it makes her think of destruction. She turns slightly so she's facing a bit more towards said buildings, tilting her head as she listens. "…did you hear a leap?" she murmurs, then…well, Laura distracts her. "Hey! Heyheyhey…" she says worriedly, stepping between the teen and the other girl. "Whoa." She looks at Logyn, looking her over. "….okay, who th' hell are ya?" she says, her silvery hair shifting as if brushed by a breeze. She's still forward on the balls of her feet, balanced perfectly, ready to dodge at need. A bit protectively close to Laura. Yes, intellectually she knows Laura could kick her ass pretty handily, but really…she's still her 'lil sis'.

Logyn doesn't look down at the girl's hand but the smell and the scent of blood are distinctive — not even drowned out by the more distant scent of decay in the air. She looks Laura in the eyes and calmly says, "Nobody sent me and… well, your reaction doesn't make me predisposed to tell you my name as I suspect you won't like the answer."

Snikt? Chat's ears flick forward, homing in on the sound. Cat-like green eyes follow a half heart beat later, just in time to spot the metal retreat. The growl and the questions were not what he was expecting. He, honestly, had been expecting that flicker of butterfly wings around Lexi's eyes when she saw him. That she moves to intervene in a situation that might be Bad News had him firmly being out of mind any chance that Lexi was taken over by an evil infection.

"I'm Chat Noir. No one but myself sent me. I'm here for noodles… and maybe dumplings…. and pot stickers… and gungjung tarae if I can ever find that vendor again," rambles the feline-boy who smells of destruction, the opposite of creation. His voice carries no accent as he shifts from the defensive three point landing to dangling his long lanky legs over the edge and thumping his heels lightly against the side of the cart.

Laura Kinney shoots the boy in the cat costume another glance. Not the first cat themed person she'd heard of but… Sliiiightly bigger issue at hand here. Namely, what looks and smells like a mix between her father and her, but without any of the Sarah Kinney genetics, is standing in front of her. "You're like him. Like Logan. They could not get him, so they made me. You…" She trails off, honestly just starting to look confused. Her gaze flicks back up to who's now introduced as Chat.

Lexi's head turns sharply as Chat speaks up, her golden eyes watching. She has that in common with a cat, in that her eyes are reflective, glowing faintly in the shadows from reflected light. "…okay, are ya, like, Catwoman's younger brother or somethin'?" Is her first question. Though Laura's words bring her back to the stand off. "…yeah. Logan. That's who ya smell like, miss." she says, a bit politely. "An' we got reason ta be on guard. But willin' ta hear yer story first." Her eyes glance back to the cat. "An' for th' record, we're here for th' noodles an' fried rice. So. No reason we gotta make a mess here, if we're all peaceble-like. Right?"

Logyn nods as her namesake is… well, named. She smiles grimly, an expression that is very reminiscent of said person despite her different features. "Very interesting," she says before deflecting by saying, "Noodles sound good." She also nods to the approaching cat boy and greets him with an idle, "Hey there, bub," which she then follows up with a question to Laura, "Should we get some grub?"

"Cat..woman? No. Never heard of her. I'm Chat Noir," Chat repeats, frowning that he's not as known here in the States as he was in Paris. Ah well. C'est la vie. When food is mentioned, Chat smiles, toothy and cat-like. With a push, he shoves himself off the top of the cart to land with a flourish before the three ladies. He's tall, standing over six feet, and with the leaness of him frame, he looks taller.

"Lets!" he chirps, happily inviting himself to the 'table'.

Laura Kinney nods slowly. This… is still incredibly weird. But… Food calls. Laura orders something horrendously spicy with chicken and noodles, sitting next to Lexi wherever the group shelters out of the wind. "She shares your cat motif. A burglar, mostly. Based out of Gotham." She doesn't take her gaze off of Logyn though, her stare piercing, evaluating.

Lexi hesitates, then hmms. "Well…yeah…heck with it. Let's eat, we can talk about this stuff inna booth where it's quieter an' more private." She turns to follow Laura in, waving the other pair in after. "C'mon, c'mon…" She's not quite as tense, but still a bit on guard.

Logyn listens to the conversation about 'Catwoman' and, keeping some of her attention focused on Laura but turning her eyes to the menu, she says, "Nice t'meet you Chat," to the catboy before ordering. "I'll try your pad thai with wasabi," she says to the cart vendor. She then quickly adds, "Actually, give me extra wasabi on that please," after a moment's thought after subtle inhalation to test the scents of the man's wares.

As long as there's food involved? Chat smiles when the three ladies seem to be willing to get along, no fight looks about to break out, and the purple one does not seem to be infected by any evil purple butterflies. Content, he too turns to order.. in the language the noodle vendor speaks best… again without a trace of accent. The conversation is polite enough, Chat bowing more than once through it all. From a pocket in the front of his suit, Chat produces cash, and places a fair amount, more than enough for the four bowls and then some, into the drop tray before he turns and happily follows the girls to the table.

What? Gentlemen don't let ladies pay for meals. Not when they can help it.

"Likewise. What were your names again?" Chat asks, charming smile back in place and words back in English. His tail curls up behind him, and in the light it is very obviously NOT a real cat tail. It's a black leather belt, complete with metal tip. Yet, it curls up happily, just like a real cat tail.

"I didn't say." This guy is… strange. He doesn't seem overtly evil, but something about him has Laura on edge, and the smell isn't helping. Clearly, this one isn't much of a talker. She follows Lexi inside, taking a seat with good visibility of the rest of the room, and digs in. Mmmmmmm. That's good fud.

The older purple girl raises a brow at the offer…then proceeds to order enough food for about three people. She then hmmms, then says slowly, in response to Chat's question. "Lexi." She doesn't offer her last name or Laura's, respecting her desire not to say as she leans back. "And what do we call you two?" she says thoughtfully, looking at Chat, then to the other woman. "….Logan?" she says slowly, questioningly. "Because you scent like…him. But you're not him."

With a frown, Logyn says, "Its Logyn, actually." The difference is barely perceptible to those with normal human hearing but anyone with enhanced hearing can discern it with almost no effort. "I spell it differently," she adds as if that matters in a conversation at a street vendor's cart. When the young man says he's paying she asks for a couple of chicken satay skewers to accompany her bowl of pad thai. "Nice to meet you Lexi and…" she adds, trailing off the last as she turns her attention fully back on Laura after accepting her food from the vendor.

Chat is paying, isn't he? When more food is ordered, the blonde cat just smiles and his tail sways happily this way and that way, and when the bill is tallied, he checks to see that there is still enough for a sizable tip, before leaving the vendor. He tucks his hands behind his head as he walks, ears swiveling about to listen in. Lexi. Logan… Logun… Loganne? Loganne, Chat decides. Because that's the only way that name plays out as feminine to him. Thusly pleased with self, he looks back at Laura and waits for her name.

Laura Kinney is slightly more willing to reveal her identity to someone who isn't seemingly smarmy, and who might end up being her alternate universe mom. "…Laura," she mutters, before looking back down at her food. Any charm clearly wasn't in the genetics that Laura got. She eats like she's famished, her oversized portion rapidly depleting, before looking up at Logyn again. She's still not entirely happy that Chat has just inserted himself but… Free food is free food.

Lexi sighs a bit, then mmms. "…okay. So. I know a guy named Logan." She tilts her head. "…he's a mutant, like me. Do ya know him?" She starts to dig in, starting with a plate of fried rice that she starts to make disappear rapidly. After a few swallows, she gestures with the fork. "Are ya like his sister or somethin'?"

Logyn lets out a grim chuckle at Lexi's question. However, she doesn't address it further yet, instead she nods to the other girl and says, "Laura," as a form of greeting. She then salutes Chat with her chicken skewers before using them as if they are chopsticks to take a bite of her pad thai. "You could say I know him as well as he knows himself," she answers Lexi. And then she adds, "Or, well, maybe not the man you know." And then, not clarifying if it is related to the sister question or her previous words, she also says, "Its complicated."

"Maybe this IS the Logan guy you know but he got hit by a Ramna one-half ray thing and when he gets splashed by cold water HE turns into a SHE and…." Chat starts, suddenly eager and bright. He even bounces up onto his seat.

As in, he was sitting on a seat very properly, but the moment he started talking, he started on a huge gasp, bright wide eyes (dinner-plate face is what the wide eyed hyper cat eyes are called in my household =O.O=!!), and a quick hop so that he's crouched on the seat he was just sitting on. His tail is counter balance again, and in perfect angle to be grabbed for yanking him back down.

Laura Kinney continues to stare while she eats, her gaze flicking from Chat to Logyn and back. "And you both just showed up at the exact place Lexi and I were going out to eat. Entirely a coincidence." Sluuuuurp. What, it's good food? Chat just gets an even more piercing stare. Laura is not familiar with Anime. There's another soft noise from under the table as he suddenly looks like he's about to pounce, this time one of Laura's toe claws poking through the slit in her boot that indicates she's done this before.

The sudden jump up on the chair causes everyone to jump, and reflexively Lexi snags the tail and pulls him back down. "Don't DO that!" she hisses, frowning at him. "What are ya freakin' out over?" She frowns a bit, then looks back between the other two girls. "Laura, calm." she murmurs, her voice soothing, before she looks at Logyn. "…oh, it always is complicated." she says simply. "So let's cut th' crap. Are ya a clone or somethin'? Alternate universe version? Long lost relative? Where did ya come from, an' what are ya doin' here?"

Logyn chuckles at Chat but also shakes her head. "You're both fairly close to the truth and as far off as anyone could be," she says to him before she turns her attention to Laura after hearing that soft but extremely distinctive noise from beneath the table they've all sat at. After letting Lexi try to talk her friend down she says, "Not so much a coincidence, I was looking for a place like this and you basically drew me here," to the other clone. She nods to Lexi but only says, "As far as I know I'm not a relative," before she resumes eating some of her food.

Tail yanked it is a very majestic yowl that escapes Chat Noir. One completely fitting of the ungraceful manner in which he falls back to his seat then flails about to get his limbs where they are supposed to be; namely, feet off table. Settled, Chat runs the palms of his hands over his front, then each arm, then over the top of his head. His ears fold flat - ears one will note that are little more than triangles of black leather tacked onto his blonde hair by metal clips - before standing back up again. Chat gives his head a quick shake, as if that would set his unruly hair into order before beaming at Logyn and turning to Laura.

"Midnight munchies are a purrrfectly legitimate reason fur me to be feline like some noodles," he declares, leaning on each pun to make sure they are heard for what they are: Puns and NOT mispronunciations.

That metallic tapping under the table totally isn't an adamantium claw tapping against the table's center post. Nope, not at all. Green eyes flick over to Lexi for a second, one of Laura's lips curled, teeth bared. "You are attempting to distract me with Puns. It will not work."

"Yeah, lay off the punishment, already, yer a whisker's edge from catastrophe as it is." Lexi says, though there's a betraying twinkle in her eyes, before she looks back at Logyn, her expression turning more serious. "So….right. How did Laura draw ya here?" she says, frowning a bit. "Were ya stalkin' her or somethin? Cuz totally not cool."

Logyn finishes her pad thai and then says, "If she's anything like what I'm growing to think she is she 'nose'," to Lexi about Laura, joining in on the puns that have been lacing the evening's conversation while also managing to continue to play things close to her chest. She taps the side of her own nose with the end of one of her skewers to illustrate her word play just in case.

Laura Kinney …slikt. The tapping stops as the claw disappears back into her boot. "Logyn is right. I could smell her." Nomnomnom. Pretty much all of her food is gone at this point. "If you are going to be here… You should know. There are people looking for me. For people like us. You do not want them to find you. I suggest you go to Xavier's School for now. It is where I am staying, and the people there can help get you oriented.

When Lexi puns, Chat grins broadly. He holds up a hand, fingers in something like a boy scout's salute. It reveals the sharp little black claws on the ends of each digit. Claws that clearly do NOT retract. (Chat lost the retractable claw arms race! wah!) His other hand zippers over his lips then presses against his heart… and then Logyn puns and Chat loses it. He falls over onto the table, laughing.

Lexi raises an eyebrow at Chat, then hesitates at Laura's offer, then says, more reservedly than Laura. "…but before ya do that, ya really need ta talk to one of th' teachers there first. Just ta, y'know…work things out." Because inviting strange Logans back to the school without vetting them first will get her SUCH a look from the Professor. She reaches in a pocket, pulling out a little piece of paper and writes a number on it, handing it over. "Here…we can work somethin' out. Ya got a place ta stay an' stuff, I can set that up for the moment, until ya can talk with th' staff there?"

Logyn huhs and nods. As she stands from the table she says, "Thanks for the grub, bub," to Chat and, "A pleasure to meet you both, ladies," to Laura and Lexi. "I was heading towards Westchester anyway, so I'll remember to tell them Laura and Lexi invited me, maybe I'll get an easier reception," she adds to her gene-sister and friend. "Have a good evening, all of you," she closes with before collecting her saddle bags and heading off still eating chicken skewers as she goes.

Editor's Note: At this point in the scene I (Logyn's player) logged out for the night, Laura's player provided the rest of the scene text.

Laura Kinney watches Logyn go, before looking back and forth between Lexi and Chat. "…This still feels strange. And I am still hungry." Hey, healing factors take a lot of calories. Especially when you're on edge all the time. "Logan trusted me. This is a calculated risk. I beat him, I could beat her if I have to."

Pulling himself together, Chat sits up, wiping at a not there tear with a dainty claw.

"Here.. ah! Here, have the rest of mine. I laughed myself into a tummy ache," Chat says. He pressed his half-finished bowl toward Laura. He's eaten more than he normally does anyway. And there's still patrol tonight. Leaping rooftops is hard to do on a noodle belly. And tomorrow, there's a spring collection to shoot. Seriously. Light, cotton, airy SPRING clothes… in winter. Chat hopes it'll be indoors this time. After all, SNOW! Unless they opt for a redo on the Christmas shots they took last month. YAY. Feathers. =x.x=

Lexi raises a brow, then nods to Laura. "If she's got th' same thing you do, yeah. She might not. Just cuz she looks an' smells th' same doesn't mean she isn't, an' I notice she didn't actually answer any of th' questions about where the heck she came from. I'd wanna know more before I'm comfy with her gettin' closer ta ya or ta th' school." She pats Laura's shoulder lightly, then turns her attention back to Chat. "So…yer not smellin' like that, by th' way. So…yer like a vigilante for this area? All runnin' rooftops an' takin' down bad guys?" She pushes her half-finished plate of egg rolls over to Laura then rapidly finishes off her rice, before starting on her orange chicken.

Laura Kinney's nostrils flare as she sniffs suspiciously at the steam rising off the bowl, but she grudgingly digs in anyway. Probably best just to listen and get her intel right now, and let Lexi carry the conversa-Oh hey, egg rolls! NOMNOMNOM.

With a tummy full of warm noodles and nothing really urgent pressing, Chat lounges back, hands on either side of his hips. His tail twitches a mindless pattern in the air in time to a song in his own head.

"Basically, yes. I was in the area and smelled the noodles. I hadn't eaten much of anything since furry early this morning, so.. I figured, might as well eat while I could. You know?" he confines with a catty grin.

"Uh huh." Lexi responds around a mouthful of chicken, then swallows, letting out a little belch. "Right, so…points for th' classed black suit an' ears an' tail. Way to play to th' image." she says, tilting her head. "An' ya just felt like buyin' some girls some noodles, then?"

Laura Kinney nomnom… Oh. It's all gone. She pushes the containers to one side, fixing her eyes on Chat, her gaze piercing, evaluating. …She doesn't blink a lot, does she?

Chat would swing his feet, but he is far too tall now. Growth spurt. So, instead, he drums his heels lightly on the ground, flicking his slitted gaze from one lady to another, pausing on Laura when he notes that her eyes aren't leaving his.

"Well. I'm the cat. And I'm.. I'm a gentleman… gentle-…gentlecat. Rude not to pay fur… lady's meal… what?" Chat, mostly distracted by the 'challenge', has gone tense, tail growing still and ears starting to lay back on his head. Just as Laura's gaze is unblinking, so has Chat's gone unblinking, and his pupils are slowly narrowing into sharper and sharper slits.

Lexi pauses, looking back and forth between the two, one then the other, then mmphs and deliberately holds out a hand to break eye contact. "Cut it out!" she says with a faint frown. "Geez. No rippin' up th' noodle stand. We're just talkin'." Really, she's kind of expecting it by this point with Laura though, she just mentally slots in the possibility of Laura violence when she has interactions with her these days.

Laura Kinney is starting to get that look in her eyes again. The predatory one, the one that says 'You don't scare me, and actually, you look kind of tasty.' "Nobody is that trusting randomly. And you smell like death." She squeezes her fists a little tighter. "Do not get any ideas."

Chat double blinks as Lexi breaks his eye contact with Laura and he sort of shakes himself back to rights. He'd just been starting to feel the small hairs on the back of his neck lift. The urge to try to puff up and make himself bigger had been steadily climbing the longer he and Laura's eyes held. Now, he settles back to calm, even if the very tip of his tail spazzes about on the ground.

"Death?" he repeats. He lifts an arm and smells.. himself.. "But.. I showered today…" Twice. What? "Ideas? About what? Unless you're an akuma or some other villain… I have no purroblems with you whatsoev-furr." Get it? HA!

"Decay. Rot. There is something strange about you." She finally breaks the gaze, looking down. "The food was good." She climbs to her feet, looking expectantly towards Lexi.

Lexi hmmmms, finishing her food, then checking her watch. "Well, um…nice ta meetcha? Maybe we'll bump into each other again when you're out prowling the alleys or somethin'." she says cheerfully, then nods to Laura. "Let's go, we should get back an' check in before it gets too late." And with that she walks out with the younger girl. "Thanks for th' meal!"

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