Myths & Magic

Characters: Loki and Sigyn
Rated: PG
Summary: Loki welcomes Sigyn to Avalon so they can prepare the antidote needed to save his friend. The arrival and help of a large, chaotic creature catches the Princess off guard and when it's all said and done, there are more questions than answers.
OOC Date: Sun. Feb. 11, 2018
IC Date: Backscene: Feb. 2nd/3rd
Where: The Isle of Avalon

It took longer than Sigyn would have liked in order to gather the books she wanted to take to Loki as well as the needed flowers and herbs from the gardens. What took the most amount of time sent her into the depths of a cave system not many would go into. For good reason! Nothing good lurked in there. Her guards were … Less than pleased with her. And she had gotten quite the earful from her mother and father about reckless behavior.

Could she have avoided the lecture by explaining? Possibly. Did she? Nope. Not at all. Why? …good question.

With everything finally pulled together, the trip to deliver things to Loki was made. She, however, used the pendant around her neck that takes her between Realms when needed as opposed to the Bifrost. That thing was … unsettling.

When the portal closes behind her, she's glaring at her guard who is insisting that he be allowed to carry the books and delicate package that she, now, has balanced in one arm with she smacks his hand away with the other.

"You are not touching these! First, these tomes are priceless and I won't have you mishandling them. A single scratch and I'd have your head." It's not often Sigyn threatens anyone. "Second! You do not touch these plants, understand? Far too delicate. Your touch isn't light enough. Just… Go find Prince Loki and let him know we have arrived."

Can she please drop the guards in the nearest volcano? Please? Pretty please??

Upon request, the location given is seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Off in the middle distance, the roar of waves against a cliff can be heard, and the skies are a steel grey. The field has wild grasses, and it's only the birds in the sky that might identify it as Midgard, assuming Sigyn was familiar with the flora and fauna of the Realm. Ruins lie off in the distance in the opposite direction of the sea; is this a trick perpetrated by the God of Mischief? He's given the name 'Trickster', and perhaps it is with good reason?

Once Sigyn's voice rises, there is a cool breeze that rises, and a fog seems to settle upon the ground in the direction of the ruins. In the next moment, the air roils with magic, and Loki steps through, in green and leather 'finery'. He moves forward, his hands outstretched in greeting, "I'm sorry I wasn't already here to greet you," and while he's smiling, it doesn't quite reach concerned green eyes. His gaze turns towards the guard before, "That will be all. The princess is in no danger when she is with me, and I'm afraid we are going where you cannot."

It's an oddly pretty little spot and makes Sigyn smile faintly. She'd probably enjoy it more if the circumstances weren't as they are. The guard steps away just as that breeze and fog blow through and immediately sets the man on edge. The Princess has to resist rolling her eyes. Not an easy task.

Loki's appearance is met with a smile but it's tight. The situation of the meeting isn't ideal and while she's happy to see him, time is of the essence. Still, her free hand reaches out to squeeze his gently. "No need for apologies. I couldn't give you an exact time of when I would arrive and it wouldn't do to have you standing and waiting for me with what's happening.

The guard, while clearly not happy about leaving his charge, has learned not to argue with Loki and so gives a sharp nod of her head. "Try not to get injured this time, Princess."

And now Sigyn does roll her eyes before looking back at Loki. "I have what you need. We should hurry."

Loki inclines his head in acknowledgment, but when the guard offers up his comment regarding injury, he turns his head sharply to do a quick check for any outward hint. He doesn't drop his hand, however, once it's clasped. "You will be perfectly safe, my Lady." Though there is most definitely a reason why the guard isn't coming.

With a wave of his free hand, the mist and fog begins to swirl once again, and he takes a step forward, encouraging her own pace. "We are going to Avalon." His voice lowers, "There is no other way but by me." Well, and another, but… okay, a few ways, but it sounds better! "It's hidden from view." Heimdall's.

Once they step through the fog, there's a feeling of displacement, a feeling of magic stirring the air. As they move, there is a sensation that one is being judged, and if worthy, the pair enter to the other side.

Avalon is verdant, green, and the air is electric with magic. Wolves howl in the distance, and dark figures circle in the air far above and away. Beyond, a castle that could almost rival Asgard's looks as if it waits.

"We should hurry."

That sharp look is met with a sweet smile. "I'm fine. Truly. It was a single scratch. He acts like I was bleeding to death." Honest, all she did was scrape her arm on the cave wall. Idiot guard.

"Avalon? I've heard stories of it…" But, of course, has never actually seen it. She can feel the magic as it swirls around them though and those 'whispered' words about entry make her giggle a little. "I shall try to remember. I'd hate to end up wondering around the Isle aimlessly should I attempt to visit."

The scenery that's revealed to her as the mist is left behind has her eyes widening even as the dart about, trying to take it all in. It's in whipping her head around towards where the wolves howl that she catches sight of … whatever is in the sky and almost immediately lifts her head.

"Wha—Oh! Yes!" Oh, how she wants to look around. The curiosity is an almost palpable thing. "I agree. Time is of the essence."

There are stories of the land in many of the Realms mythos, histories.. and even Loki didn't think it (still) existed. Pleasantly surprised, to say the least. When they do make it through to the other side, Loki loosens his hold upon her hand and finally holds his hands out to take her delicate burden from her. He can see the look on her face, and he offers a brief smile before, "Later."

Now, he begins his path to the castle, and the closer they get, the more magic seems to crackle and dance. For Loki, it's both a warm embrace and a strong base from which to work should he need to draw from its essence. "Its presence is difficult to explain, but it does have aspects of Asgard." She should recognize the hints here and there.

Once in the castle, Loki leads her to a library, but it's set up as both a library and a laboratory. Vials, flames that burn cold sit upon tables, with bits of dark liquids sitting in dishes. A large window is open, overlooking a grand courtyard…

'Later' gets a smile and a nod of Sigyn's head as she hands off the package containing the plants he needs. "Strong ones. And for some time as well." Oh yes, she can feel it. And she can't help but smile at it. Avalon has been part of Asgard for quite some time it seems. It makes her more than a little curious as to why Heimdall can't see it. "It's quite an elaborate cloaking spell…" Really, she's just thinking outloud.

The library, however, takes her breath away. "This is amazing, Prince Loki. Truly." Oh, how she'd love to have a set up like this at home. The books are set in a place that, at least seems, out of the way so he can put them away where he likes when time isn't quite so against them and then she steps back. She doesn't want to be in the way.

"If there's anything I can do to help, my Lord, I am at your disposal."

Once Loki explained things, such as he does that is, he's got the items and is now deep in the library. Approaching the tables as they're set, he sets the books down gently on one side, the herbs on the other. His head is bowed, his sight turned in for the moment, and his lips are moving. Not a spell, mind.. he's talking to himself, trying to work out where he is in the creation of the anti-venom and where all the parts are to fit together.

He almost sounds distracted when he turns around at her words, his gaze moving past her for a second before he focusses on her once more. Loki smiles, but again, it's not quite to his eyes as his ever expressive face shifts for every thought that moves through. "Hmmm? Oh.. yes." He points to a spot at the table. "Mortar and pestle, but don't grind them without some of that," he points to some viscous goo on the side, "… and a cold spell.." which she may or may not know. He's almost assuming she does.

Once he's given instruction, Loki is opening books and moving that cold flame down in order to accomodate some of the other herbs.

Instructions given, Sigyn nods her head steps into place. She works silently and deftly, the magic tightly controlled and the work precise. It takes very little in the way over though for her to twist and move as necessary to accommodate for Loki's work.

She stays, to the best of her ability, as unobtrusive as possible so as not to disrupt anything. Timing is crucial in this and she knows that. That he reached out as he did means this is important. She wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that.

Magic is truly all around them, so it may be a little easier for Sigyn to draw on what she may require. It may feel encouraging, nudging, a life to the air that wouldn't be felt outside this remarkable land.

Loki, for his part, is working quickly, deftly, his voice low as he talks to himself, moving his way through the steps. It's only the one shot that he's got, that they've got, and if there's a misstep along the way, all will be for naught.

When her part is ready, Loki holds out his hand for it, ready to put everything together for that final product. "Right," he says softly. "Cold to cold to cold.. and one more thing is needed.." He takes a step back, all the ingredients set upon the table.

"Tsern!" The word is virtually barked, the sound harsh but not sibilant. There Loki stands, motionless, for heartbeats. From without, there is a silence, but in the ensuing breaths, a sound of wind passing, the throb of a large beating wing can be discerned. Closer it comes, closer, before a shadow seems to blacken the large window. Soon enough, there is a large, black, scaly head, or rather, part of a large, black scaly head appears. Hisses and snarls come from the creature's throat, and for all its glory, Loki appears… calm.

With her part done, Sigyn steps back and out of the way. When Loki barks that call, Sigyn was prepared to see any number of creatures… Except the big black dragon that appears in the window.

Green-blue eyes go wide and she stiffens, rocking slightly in place as if caught somewhere between want to step back and step forward.

"Loki…" A whisper, like she's afraid to make too much noise. In almost an instant, she's 'hiding' behind him and peeking around his side. She wants to touch. Oh so bad. That's a a rather large beast though and it doesn't sound AT ALL pleasant.

Of course she wants to touch him; he wanted to too when he first met the great dragon. Loki's shoulders lower a little in response to Sigyn's repositioning, and he drops his head briefly, "It's okay," he murmurs before he's got his attention firmly on the dragon once more.

«Did you find all that was needed?» The dragon's 'speech' is hissed, snarled, and sounds a great deal more frightening than perhaps it should.

Loki, however, doesn't appear to have any issue in understanding the great creature. "I did.. and all it requires is your breath as I add the cold. It sits upon the fires now."

«Show me.»

Loki puts a protective hand out to Sigyn as he turns about, his voice low once more, "It's almost done. Then I'll introduce you, I promise." It's only a couple of steps to the table once more, and Loki takes hold of the full creation, waiting now on Tsern's breath.

She had started to step out from behind him, only for the dragon to 'talk' once more which has the Goddess freezing again. She watches the two interact, eyes bouncing back and forth. "Tend to this first. You'll need to get that to your friend right away." There's a warmth and understanding in her voice as she lets herself be stepped back. A formal meeting with the dragon that she's slowly making her way towards will have to wait.

That is, until that stream of dragon's breath shoots, ever so tightly controlled, across the room. She stops moving and her eyes widen once more. To feel the kind of magic that the creature possess… To be able to feel even a hint at the bond the God and Dragon share… It's awe inspiring.

It's in that moment that, while technically still afraid of the dragon… She also trusts him. Why? Because Loki seems to and she trusts Loki. That's more than enough of a reason as far as she's concerned.

As the breath comes, Loki is holding it all, and as dragon magic meets cold magic, there is a reaction.. magical darkness and cold emenate from the creation. Loki's hands, his forearms.. they don't 'burn' with the cold, however, or the magic, but they do react regardless. It begins with his fingers; they begin to turn blue, his hands too. Slowly, the azure travels on a path that the cold would, to his forearms… and even Loki is surprised by this turn of events.

Green eyes widen, and it takes all that he possesses to not drop that which is in hand. He hisses a breath in, and slowly he sets it down, the distress flickering behind his eyes. It's fleeting, and he draws a shuddered breath in as he stands there briefly, waiting in silence.

«It is done…»

The ebony dragon turns a single, large eye towards Sigyn and stares at her for a long moment before he pulls his head back. One step, two, and the large, leathery wings begin to beat against the air, and within a couple of breaths, he is airborne once more.

Loki stands silently for a couple more heartbeats, willing his hands to stop their shaking. They've returned to a more 'natural' color, but he can't help but stare at them. It's the magical cold..

"My Lady?" It's barely above a whisper, "It must be transferred into a vial.. if you would be so kind." Loki doesn't quite trust his hands yet…

Green-blue eyes flit from dragon to god, rather… to that lovely hade of blue that said god seems to be turning. They linger there a moment before lifting up to meet Loki's gaze. There's no condemnation there, no judgement. Just gentle warmth. "Of course, my Lord," is replied with a smile as she moves.

Once the liquid is transferred as requested, and done ever so carefully, she turns to hand it to him while reaching out with her free hand to take one of his. A heartbeat later and she leans up to place a quick, shy kiss to his cheek. "Thank you for trusting me enough to turn to me for help. For letting me join you here." It's a trust she'll be sure never to betray.

Her eyes shift, slightly, from that gentle warmth to something a little firmer. "It's time to go now, my Lord. Your friend needs you." The vial is pressed into his hand. "I will be here upon your return if you'll permit it. You have my word I will not… I will try not to cause problems."

Cheeky little thing.

Sigyn's presence pushes through his introspection, interrupts all of those thoughts that are swirling around in his head, just vying for primacy. Forgetting that there is a breath in his throat, he pulls another and straightens. Shoulders roll back, and he takes the vial as it's pressed into his hand. His eyes move down to her hands as they touch his, and once more, everything seems… normal. Fingers squeeze her hand, and he offers a ghost of a smile as he inclines his head.

"I have so little time left," Loki agrees. "You are safe regardless where you go in Avalon. You are known through me. Should you find trouble, call for aid and it'll come." But, it's time to go..

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