Mother, Sister, Super Family

Characters: Superwoman, Superboy
Rated: PG
Summary: Following immediately from Enter the Superboy, Kara and the Superboy get a chance to talk about who they are to each other, who they want to be, and what to do about Divine.
OOC Date: 2017-12-26
IC Date: 2017-12-24
Where: Aboard a Justice Defenders' javelin parked north of Metropolis, near the site of a now-demolished secret Cadmus lab facility.

Once the other Justice Defenders arrive, Divine departs adroitly rather than even further compromise her secrecy of existence. Relieved of further need for combat, Superwoman wipes her sleeve against her face, clearning some of the schmutz and garbage away, as well as some of her own blood, as she recovers. It is not often at all that she ends up fighting someone who is as strong, fast, and powerful as she is, and the other woman's trained sill and raging determination made it even more difficult.

Panting, Superwoman approaches the landing Javelin and nods to her teammates. "We need as much video and other samples as we can get from the site. They self-destructed, so I do not imagine we'll get a lot. But anything we can get that will prove what was going on here is vital."

Superwoman then steps aside, and motions Superboy and his charges forward. "I want all of you to meet Superboy. We'll have more time to learn from him later. For now, I'm going to stay here with him, while the rest of you gather whatever you can, without being prejudiced by anything I may have seen or believed. Just be careful, out there. My clone sister was here until moments before you arrived, and that likely means that her lords and masters are watching."

That said, Superwoman moves into the back crew compartment of the plane and settles on a bench seat there, letting the rest of her teammates rush out and make their way to the site. Meanwhile, it gives her a chance to actually talk with Superboy, without an immediate life or death crisis unfolding. "I'm very glad you were able to rescue them safely. Thank you, for your help. Please, come on up and take a seat. Perhaps we can start with you introducing me to your large white friend." She indicates the wolf with a smile and a nod.

Superboy just kinda offers a small, uncomfortable(?) looking wave to the Justice Defenders, not quite sure how to act in this particular situation. "Uh..hey, there." he smiles softly. That Red S on his chest isn't helping him lay low -whatsoever-. Regardless, he seems genuinely happy that Superwoman had returned to the group safe and sound. That Divine lady was a little intense. Regardless, he is inspired by how effectively Superwoman appears to be as a leader, able to easily give out orders just as necessary. Even as people move out, it's Superwoman who chiefly has Superboy's attention when she gestures over for him to sit with her.

Approaching her with a more practiced step, he sits down and he looks around the place..but then she was thanking him! If the guy ever had a dream, it would be to be recognized and acknowledged by his progenitor. "Oh, thank you…it was an honor to lend a hand." he nods a few times, smiling for the first time…but it's actually a beautiful smile. Kara could easily see her as if it was a male mirror, though clearly he possesses other handsome traits, likely from the human donor. Regardless, he appears equally happy to speak with the woman across from him.

"Oh? Oh!" he looks to the wolf then and rubs the back of his neck. "I…uh…sorry for leaving to get him. I figured if you freed me, I should follow the example…besides, I didn't want to leave anything behind. He deserves freedom as much as I do." so the wolf is male. "I..uh..haven't named him yet. Can I keep him?" he asks curiously with a gleam of hope in his eye. Though it's clear that he and the wolf has already bonded a great deal.

"I should probably find a name for myself too…."

Superwoman's leadership is not one of command, but that of mutual trust and respect. She is, at most, first amongst equals, and there are those in the Justice Defenders even she would follow without hesitation. Captain America would obviously be one of them, quite clearly. But since she was the one on this assignment and she knows best what needs to be done, she leaves it to her teammates and instead visits with Superboy.

Kara gets on one knee, her hand outstretched towards the wolf. "You're smarter than the norm for your species, aren't you?" she asks him in English, smiling. "You like my little brother?" she queries, and turns to look up at the young man, smiling.

"You're right. You're going to need a name." Kara responds. Then she reaches out, laying the fingers of one hand on the S on his chest. "This is the Crest of the House of El. It means hope, in the language of Krypton, the planet on which I was born." She considers for a bit. "You were Project Kr, in their database. That's the symbol for the element of Kryptonite, a metallocrystalline element native to that planet, imbued with the radiation released in its destruction, and lethal to those of us from that planet. Myself, and my Uncle, Jor-El."

Superboy probably knows all of that, but she says it aloud anyway, as she works her way through the thoughts flowing through her mind. "You know I am called Superwoman. My birth name is Kara Zor-El, meaning that I am Kara, the daughter of Zor-El, who was the brother of Jor-El." Kara ponders that for a bit. "What if we name you Kon-El? You'll need a human name, of course, to blend in. But truth is still important."

The Wolf turned it's head to Kara as she got down on one knee and outstretched her hand towards it. It seems to think for a moment, but perhaps it was a mental message from teh Clone of Steel, or simply the Wolf was just friendly by nature, but it sniffs Kara's hand before it moves it's head into her grasp, allowing her to pet him.

Superboy does smile at that display "What should I name you…" he seems to ponder this before Kara steels his attention once more, telling him in a brief summary what he was and what his heritage is. "Krypton.." he sounds the name out for himself a moment. "It was destroyed…we have no home?" he asks her in curiosity. Though then she tells him why he was named Project Kr, or the reason behind it. "Kryptonite bad…got it." he nods once. While he did know most of this, he didn't know that Krypton was smithereens or what Kara's real name was.

"Kara Zor-El.." Though then he gives her a curious look, but seems happy that he was given a -real- Kryptonian name. "Kon-El…I like it." he smiles then warmly to her. Though when talked about what human name he could possess, he seems to hum for a moment…"umm…what about Connor? what do you think….mother?"

Kara gasps softly as Kon-El calls her mother. She is by no means so old that she cannot have a child, but she has honestly had no solid luck in a relationship that could have offered her the opportunity for children. And she feels a bit embbarrassed by Kon calling her mother. But she decides to be gentle and try to redirect that automatic affection.

"How about 'big sister'?" Kara offers Kon with a smile, as her hands brush and scratch at the wolf's hide enthusiastically. He's so pretty, and clearly smart too. She likes that. "Conner, for a human name? I like that. Mine is a bit less direct." she admits, without (yet) telling him what her human name is.

"I was pre-verbal when I arrived on Earth and was adapted by a human family. They gave me my human name, without knowing my Kryptonian name at the time." Kara explains. "You look a lot like what I imagine my cousin would look like, all grown up. His name was Kal-El." She reaches up and ruffles a hand through Kon's black hair.

Kon-El seems to tilt his head a moment when Superwoman seems to show a superb moment of shock at being called his mother. While it's not technically wrong, it's not technically true either. A rather…complicated relationship. As such, Superboy looks genuinely confused when she asks if he can call her big sister instead. "Oh? but why? I was genetically grafted from two donors…is that not how descendance works in humans?" maybe the information Cadmus gave him was wrong…..regardless, he doesn't want to argue. "Alright…big sister." though he seems uncomfortable calling her that.

The wolf seems to like SUperwoman's touch as she scratches it's hide, and it's hind leg starts to tap the ground in that classic display that the dog likes what she's doing. Though Superboy looks back to Superwoman as she describes that he looks a great deal like her cousin. "Kal-El? Kal-El." he repeates to committ it to memory. There are more of them than he thought. Though his hair is ruffled and he seems to remain still for a moment until he tries to lower his head all kid-brother or son-like 'eehhhh stooop'. but it's cute and adorable.

Though Kon looks back to the wolf then. "Krypton….maybe I could name him Krypto?"

Kara leans down to look into the wolf's eyes, smiling. "What do you think? Krypto? Do you like the name Krypto?" Kara questions, waiting for a response. Then she gives one more thorough petting and scritching, and then sends the wolf off towards Kon, figuring that their bond is strong, and maybe Kon would prefer to offer some of that affection himself.

When Kon shows his is uncomfortable with her request to call her big sister, as she is when he calls her mother, Kara decides to try to explain. She takes Kon's hand, and lightly presses it to her tummy, as she sits back up on the bench seat of the plane beside him. "Sorry. It's just that I grew up thinking of children the way a human would, carrying them inside my womb and giving birth to them. And I didn't get to do that with you." She doesn't sound disgusted, only somewhat sad or disappointed.

Of course, Kon's programming of knowledge comes largely from humans, so he doesn't yet realize what else she is going to tell him. "Of course, Kryptonians almost never give birth that way. We used birthing matrices, external wombs. We gave genetic material, and that was engineered artificially into the best child that could exist from those two parents." Sounds so clinical, right? Kara shrugs a little. "So I guess you are like my son, that way. It just … isn't what I expected."

Kara knows she will have to consider a family name for Conner as well, but she's stuck on that right now. She's not sure she wants him to be Connor Danvers, since not all of the family knows about her or would understand. She'd suggest Connor Rogers, but she should talk to Steve first about that. She'll find an answer. She's sure of it. Just not right now.

The wolf seems to like the name of Krypto, nodding a few times and even letting it's tongue hang from it's mouth as it takes excited breaths. It's tail wags. Likely, for the first time in it's life since it was a pup, it looks happy. Krypto easily moves on over to Kon-El at Kara's behest, receiving similar affection from Superboy as his hand moves through it's soft(but seriously durable) hide. Then Kara takes his hand and sets it against her belly.

He can feel every muscle. His heightened senses even picking up her heartbeat. Regardless, he looks into her eyes as she speaks of how Krypton ran things when it came to reproduction..and he nods a few times. "It…sounds strange. Why would they do that? Did they consider it too painful and difficult?" he asks her curiously. Of course he doesn't have the knowledge of Krypton like Kara did, and maybe never would to such an extent. But he turns his hand so that he's holding hers. 'Mother' and 'Son'. He notices that she sounds sad and disappointed, and she can see his expression mirrors hers.

"I see….was I a mistake?" he asks her then, trying to figure out just -who- he is, now that he rejected the control of Cadmus. He looks her in the eyes, his head lowered then…

Kara's other hand lifts Conner's chin, making sure he meets her eyes as she responds. "You are not a mistake, Kon. You were not my choice. I didn't get a chance to say yes or no. I didn't get the chance to raise you." To love him. It's there, in her thoughts, but she doesn't say it aloud. "But you are not a mistake. I know about you now, and I choose you. I chose to try to get you out, and to try to set you free from anyone's control. To keep you from being anyone's weapon, like they have done to your sister, Divine." There is profound sadness in Kara about Divine. Divine should be her sister. Not her mortal enemy.

"The Kryptonian people faced an incredibly dangerous world. They conquered those dangers with technology, including both the dangerous of childbirth, and the dangers of genetic abberation." It's not honestly something Kara herself approves of, the Kryptonian way. But that is because of her human upbringing with the Danvers. "I prefer the thought of the human way, and I think it would lead to much stronger emotional bonds between parents and children." Which is why she cannot help wishing she'd chosen Kon, rather than found him already grown up.

Kon looks up at Superwoman when she takes her hand to lift his chin to look at her. He didn't even have the choice to exist….but he does now. Now he wants to live and see this world for what it is and what it could be. He looks his mother in the eyes then, a smile touching his features, though he frowns softly when he hears of Divine. "How can she be who she is? It doesn't make much sense…even if she is a soldier. Even soldiers can think… he comments softly, but not meaning to anger or hurt.

Then she speaks of Krypton once more, and he listens intently. "ah…I see. But such things shouldn't be right…it's like it's attempting to play like a ruler of life. It never ends well, from the knowledge I was given anyway." names like Frankenstein namely rank that list of the dangers of trying to do just that, even if it was a different situation entirely. Though even Kon seems to be preferred of the normal human method of having children.

He wishes he was made theo ld fashioned way too, where he could have seen Kara's face the moment he was truly born. But alas, such things are not to be, and he looks at himself like he was a monster. Regardless, he looks at her then. nodding a few times. "I'll try to live up to this.." and he puts a hand on the S on his chest, and the S on hers to be symbolic.

Kara gives the hand of Kon's she's still holding over her tummy a light squeeze as she nods, understanding all too well his distress where Divine is concerned. "Remember: You were educated while you stayed in that pod. You never would have left that pod, until they were ready, but that I broke you out." Hard for him to imagine, perhaps, but true. "I think they did similar things with her. But I think they went one step further, to push thoughts into her head. To command her how to think, what to think." Brainwashing. Mental programming. And it clearly disgusts Kara.

"I'm not sure how to save her." Kara admits. "But I intend to do my best to find a way." Superwoman wants the same opportunity at life for Divine that she is in the process of giving Conner. Idealism incarnate, she really is. "And I agree. There are a great many consequences to doing things the way that the Kryptonians did. Not every last one is bad, but many of them are less desirable, in my view. I know Krypton, its history and culture well. But I was raised here on Earth, too. And I have the values of Earth along with those of Krypton."

Kara smiles at Kon and places that other hand of hers on his cheek. "I know you will. I believe in you, Kon. And I will do all I can to help you, to support you." She can't promise to love him, but she will try. Because that is what makes the difference. That is how monsters stop being monsters: to love and be loved in return. That is what makes a monster a man. Or a woman.

Kon-El smiles softly to Kara as she squeezes his hand in return. Though his frown returns as they speak of Divine further. "I…agree. That said…thanks for coming for me…even though you weren't really looking for -me-." he smiles softly to her. He knows enough that he isn't angry about his circumstances. Regardless, he smiles warmly to Kara even when she says that she doesn't know if she can save Divine.

"I can help…with us,'s a matter of programming. If I can rid her of command words and forced encryptions, she could be able to think more freely….but I don't want to intrude on such a level." he lowers his head then. "I still don't know what is right…and what is wrong. I feel these things are relative only to what one feels in their hearts." he touches her heart then and feels her heartbeat. He seems warmed by that presence of life that exists in all things, subtle, but true. He looks back up to her as she touches his face with both of her hands.

"I…" he seems utterly warmed by this. "Thank you." and he moves to rest his hand against her, his arms wrapping around her waist to hug his 'mother' tightly, his head lowered as what he thinks is a tear escaping.

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