Models and Modernity

Characters: Linda Danvers, Adrien Agreste
Rated: PG
Summary: Linda shows up to watch a photoshoot of Agreste models with StarTech products, which Adrien is overseeing.
OOC Date: 2018-01-01
IC Date: 2018-01-02
Where: A photography studio in Metropolis

It's a cold but sunny day in Metropolis. Normally, Adrien doesn't come to photo shoots, but he had brand new models on staff today. Mix this with contract with a new to work with company, and the face of Agreste has come out to help supervise.

The young man, Mr. Agreste, stands where he can see the photoshoot but isn't in the way, his hands in his pockets. He's wearing tailored designer clothing, his family's label, and a beautiful but slightly worn blue scarf is wrapped about his neck to ward off the chill. His blonde hair is brushed back stylishly. He's quiet, green eyes watching everything closely.

Linda Danvers is not one to seek the limelight or attention; she gets more than enough splashed upon her by simple virtue of her avowed intelligence, creativity, and interest in making the world a better place. She has built an entire company around that drive, and StarTech has not exactly been unsuccessful. Started when she was a mere teenager, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Too young originally to take the CEO position, she has since taken it up as a mature woman of means. Accepted as brilliant, she has made even more of a name for herself by supporting the brilliance of others than she ever did through her own inventions.

Of course, all of that was entirely intentional. Can't go introducing the entire cornucopia of Kryptonian science and technologies into the Earth all at once. Patience is a virtue.

Linda makes a point of not being exceptionally public. She doesn't trot herself out to all of the classiest events. She does't do constant press tours and interviews. And her face is rarely seen in promotional materials for StarTech or its projects and products. But she is now the CEO, and she has an interest in seeing how the company and its efforts are being portrayed. Which is why, very quietly and without preamble, she has managed to slip into this photoshoot today.

Linda's clothes are not the highest-end labels, but they are high-end and quality, and have in fact been tailored to her form, if only because her form is not one that fits into the narrow confines of 'common and average'. Her style is, in many ways, not at all 'business attire', and very casual if upscale. Added to this is a pair of the latest generation of StarGazeR AR glasses, the crystal clear (in indoor light) broad lens a perfect breakup of the lines of her face. Almost as if she planned it that way.

Linda too is off to the side, not far from where Adrien is hovering. Her attention, as his, is upon the shoot and those working it. She doesn't speak up or try to direct anything. The closest she gets is murmuring something softly, dictating notes that are appearing on her phone, able to be transfered to emails or texts at some later moment if desired. After one such string of softly murmured commentary she turns towards the tall, elegant blonde man nearby to offer an apology. "Sorry if I disturbed you."

Aside from speaking to the models now and then to help them find better lighting or adjust their bodies just so, the blonde had said nothing. When spoke to, however, Adrien looks over.

"No, not at all, Madame…" he says, french accent on display, words trailing off in a subtle request for a name. This as he withdraws his right hand from a pocket and holds it out for a handshake. There is a silver band on the ring finger of his right hand.

"Just Linda." she offers softly, intentionally turning her head and pitching her voice so it won't carry towards anyone else, not wanting to distract anyone else with her presence or her interest. She does take Adrien's hand, though. She wears no jewelry at all, not even any signs of a necklace.

"Adrien," he counters, smile soft and warm and polite. He too makes sure that his voice doesn't carry, even as he mentally notes the tailored non-name brand attire and the lack of jewelry. His grip is certain and firm, but loose enough not to read as over bearing. Handshake done, Adrien settles his hand to his side.

"Pleasure to meet you, Linda," he says then, eyes turning back to the photo shoot, where the creative director has finished that set and is asking for the next model with the watch.

Linda's handshake is warm and firm but gentle. "Nice to meet you, Adrien." she offers, as she then steps to the side, making sure not to obscure his view of the set as new shots are lined up. "I take it you're good at this sort of thing." she murmurs. She has caught that he was giving direction, and was being acknowledged.

As the model steps past him to change for the item after the watch, Adrien lightly puts a hand on her shoulder, smiling and giving her some praise and constructive critism. The girl beams and nods before stepping away for a wardrobe and hair change.

"I suppose that could be said, yes. I have modeled since I was very young," Adrien replies, left hand returning to his pocket.

"You are… an executive?" he asks, because she'd not acting like a model or a designer.

There's a hint of an upcurl around Linda's lips as Adrien asks his question. "Of a sort, yep." she offers, and nods to affirm her answer wasn't misheard. "Adrien. That would be … Agreste? Your models, then?" Whomever she might be, she pays attention.

"You obviously made a good transition, from in front to behind the camera." Linda comments, keeping her voice soft and subtle, trying to avoid more attention. "That's not easy for everyone to do, or so I hear."

As she guesses correctly, Adrien nods.

"Yes, madame," he replies on a smile. "Thank you. Behind the camera is easier at times, but I still model. Not these sorts of contracts, however. I am here to support my models. For one, this is her first shoot," he adds as a reason for him being here. Not that he really knows why a suit is here, but he's been around the industry. It's not at all unheard of for someone in Marketing or PR or some other such thing to show up and make sure that the models are being professional and showing their products in a good light.

Linda nods. "Good for you, looking out for your people. Help and guidance." She watches the shoot continuing and takes a step back. "Human capital and personnel potential are the greatest value of any org or company. But all too many miss that truth."

It was movitated more by his father being a jerk and still missing his late mother, but… sure. We'll go with what Linda said. Adrien smiles warmly again, nodding in thanks as his gaze once more turns to the shoot and the more experienced model.

"If there is anything that you see that you would like addressed, I would be more than happy to do so," he offers. Because she's a suit.

Linda is a suit, despite not being in a suit? Yes, that's true. Not that she considers that the right label for her. But she can accept it, still. "I appreciate it. But honestly, I'm not good at this. Marketing. Advertising. I just … I don't like to feel disconnected. I try to make sure that the way we're represented, the way our products are represented, is faithful."

Called it. Adrien smiles with another faint nod.

"Of course. If you see anything amiss with the models, please let me know," he offers again. Not marketing, then in products. Which might be worse for the models if she tried to speak to the models. Adrien's been on the recieving end… usually his father, but that's a different story.

"I'm pleased for Agreste Models to be able to work with these products. It is slightly out of the normal for us, which is exciting."

Linda nods. "If I see anything, I will. But honestly, I doubt I will." She gives a little shrug. "Like I said: not my thing." Which is why she stays back here. Why she doesn't say anything to interrupt the photographer or the models. Why she just says back here, dictating probably to some recorder or computer, getting down her thoughts and observations to go over them later.

"Glad it's working well, for you. For StarTech, too." Linda offers Adrien.

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