Logyn in Metropolis

Characters: Logyn and Superboy
Rated: R (language and violence)
Summary: Logyn meets Superboy (in his civilian guise of Connor Kent) at a bar. A biker recognizes her from months back in Lebanon, Kansas, and a brawl ensues.
OOC Date: 2018/1/20
IC Date: January 20th, 2018
Where: Suicide Slum in Metropolis

Having been traveling for a month, Logyn's return to the eastern seaboard has brought her to Metropolis. Being who she is, she quite naturally gravitated to the neighborhood called Suicide Slum. Having found a cheap hotel to stay in she has spent the day after she arrived doing the tourist thing she found herself to a biker bar where she had every intention of getting a good drunken buzz going for as long as she could maintain it.

The bar, a bit of a dive even considering the neighborhood, is a bit crowded this evening but Logyn sits alone at the bar with an empty stool on one side of her and two on the other. This separation is more due to the patrons not being sure what to make of her than anything else… for now.

Connor was driving on his motorcycle actually, though his curiosity of the world is very apparent as he drove through Suicide Slums..though he feels it inappropriately named…were people committing suicide here? Not looking like it….

Eventually, he stops at the bar, and enters. Leather jacket, jeans, black T shirt, combat boots. He looks curious almost, until he approaches, coincidentally by Logyn. He looks at the rack menu then, humming softly in indecision.

never been to a bar before.

The woman was an outsider but she at least 'feels' like she belongs. Connor, on the other hand, while his attire fits as much as anyone else's sticks out like a sore thumb and draws the attention from Logyn for a time.

Logyn doesn't turn away from her mug, but her keen awareness allows her to sense the change in the feel of the room and so, as she goes to take another drink, she turns her head slightly and uses the angle of the glass to look over her shoulder behind her to see what - or in this case who - caused this to occur. She then drinks about another third of the contents of her mug.

Connor just keeps his eyes on the bar, looking confused before he just tilts his head. "Heineken please." He says with an ehhh tone to his voice.

once his drink arrives, he sips it once and seems content. "Hmmm.." he hums questioningly, Though he doesn?t notice Logyn quite yet.

The bartender looks at the young man in what he sees as a black Superwoman shirt and says, "ID," to him in a request without a question.

Nearby, from her stool, Logyn says gruffly, "Give th' boy his drink, bub," to the barkeep as if she had any say in the matter. Then, speaking to Conner, she asks, "First time here?" as if she was capable of seeing this fact rather than it being conjecture on her part.

Connor pulls out his identification and shows it to the bartender. Everything is in order, age 23. "That work?" He says before he looks at Logyn at her words.

"yeah…never been to one before." He states easily. "Though I can tell you are a regular to such establishments."

Logyn manages to nod and shrug at the same time. "Close enough," she says and then nods to one of the empty stools next to her with little interest if he actually follows through on the offer. As the patrons begin to resume their conversations it will start to be apparent to anyone paying attention to them might notice that one man, off in a corner, is focused on the bar - either at the newcomer or the woman.

Connor looks then to Logyn in a slight curiosity as she nods to the seat beside her, indicating that he could sit there, which he does. Sitting right next to her, he looks around then, still trying to get a feel for his environment, looks like. Though his super hearing is on full effect to see if he can pick up anything…suspicious. "So, you have a name?" he only knows how to ask that because he was asked that once himself.

Maybe it was a form of official greeting?

Regardless, he sips his drink while looking then to Logyn.

"Logyn," is her half-grunted reply before she finishes her drink and waves at the bartender to bring her another - which he does without question or hesitation, although none of the flirting he'd attempted when she first got there. While she waits for the refill she asks, "You," turning to look at the young half-alien.

Off in the corner, the man is told by his companion it's his turn to shoot pool and anyone with a good sense of hearing hears him grumble about it 'actuallying being that bitch' as he sets the cue down forcefully and begins to head towards the ball.

Although she is instantly aware of this change in positioning by the angry drunk biker, Logyn deosn't turn to look at him or even show any evidence of noticing these actions she saw out of the corner of her eye.

Connor nods softly then to Logyn as she says her name. "Connor." and he leaves it at that. she didn't give him a last name, so he figured he would do the same for her. Though he does turn his head -very…VERY- softly as his super hearing picks up those men cussing her name. While this causes him to frown because gentleman still exist somewhere right? Connor doesn't do anything for now. He catches that Logyn noticed it juuust barely..or at least it's an educated guess.

He sips his beer then before he looks to Logyn. "So…do you come here often or is this your first time?" he asks then, attempting to at least -try- to make a good conversation with the lady.

"She's never been here before a'far as I know," the drunken biker drawls before Logyn can reply, "But I've seen her in a bar b'fore."

Logyn doesn't answer Connor, her attention slowly turning towards the approaching man. She frowns as she tries to place the face and voice. For the moment she is failing.

Seeing her confusion, the biker reacts by practically screaming at her, "Can't remember me and my mates that you assaulted in Lebanon, bitch?"

Connor looks then to the biker as he starts to drunkenly yell, shaking his head, Connor stands up. "Please calm down." he realizes he's talking to a drunk person and reason isn't exactly the strongest suit here…but hey, give the guy props for trying to defend the lady's dignity. "Though I think you've had a little too much to drink." he says then. he could have used his telepathy to shut him down, but he doesn't do that.

Looking to Logyn, well…guess that tells you what she's been up to as of late. Though why lebanon? it's a nice place…least he thinks it is. he doesn't know.

Logyn's face lights up in a grim smile accompanied with a clear sign of understanding. "You were one of those boys in Kansas, huh?" she asks with a slightly drunken stretch of her words as well. Without waiting for an answer she adds, "Didn't have enough that night?" as she slips off the barstool - her new drink forgotten - and looks up towards the approaching biker.

Connor tilts his head softly as he realizes that this is a bout between Logyn and the drunken biker. "Oh? oh." and he just staaays out of it. Until one of them find themselves dumb enough to hit him anyway. He just watches the confrontation from a distance….noooope. not gonna worry about it. nuh uh.

Drunken anger appears to be contagious. Angry drunk biker's pool game companion and a few of his friends appear to have heard about the fight in Lebanon, Kansas, and they begin the process of becoming an angry mob behind the first guy. One of them calls out, "Is this the bitch that took my brother's wheels?" and is answered by the first guy with a terse, "Yup," as he glares at her while working up a sufficient hed of steam to throw a punch at the diminutive woman.

Either oblivious to what it will do to the man's mood (or simply not caring about it), Logyn leans her head to the side and says, "Hold my beer," to Connor.

And there goes the trigger. The angry biker throws a punch at Logyn, aimed at her face and by all rights strong enough to send someone her size sprawling. When it lands there is a moment where nobody is making a sound after the unmistakable noise of bone cracking. Then the puncher screams, his hand broken, and the spell is broken. His fellow motorcycle gangers react and rush at her - most armed with pool cues but a few drawing switch blades as evident by the distinctive noise of their blades extending.

Connor seems to sigh a moment despite the woman being punched…only for the puncher to break his hand on the punchees face. Humans are so fragile. While Connor attempts to hold some of the men back at least, he doesn't want to hurt them, nor does he want to reveal that he has powers…even though the pool cue breaks on his shoulder when someone swings it at him….and looks shocked when it does absolutely nothing. "Why would you do that? how rude." he says then, flicking that person in the head to send them into the wall with gentle force. humans were so fragile!

A look then to Logyn as she gets ready to clean up shop.

If there was any doubt that there was something with Logyn after she took that punch, then when she sweeps the still whimpering drunk's feet out from under him before launching herself - with a growl none the less - into the clump of bikers none remain.

Connor is being pretty practical here. He knows he could wipe out the whole establishment with a glance or a breath, so he simply tries to be -really gentle- with the bad guys. he punches one right in the face with force enough to not kill him, but give him a nice little launch over the bar counter. then with his mind, he pushes a man telekinetically to the ceiling and lets him fall bac kdown to knock him out. He thinks Logyn has the rest pretty well in hand…

Logyn is, for a normal observer at least, a blur of motion as four of the men gang up on her directly. Like her 'ally', she restrains herself. While there are no broken bones a couple of broken pool cues are worse for wear - broken in two on the unbreakable bones in her arms and leaving splinters in her bruised but quickly healing flesh. Her assailants are quickly disarmed, scared off or left unconscious at the floor at her feet. The worst injuries that can be seen as result of the fight are her own and involve the switchblades drawn earlier: one is sticking out fo her forearm from an intentional block on her part while the other is imbedded in her back, likely having impaled one of her kidneys.

Other than the unconscious assailants, Connor, Logyn and the bartender - who is on the phone calling the cops - the bar has emptied itself. As she looks around, Logyn grunts in pain as she draws the knife out of her arm only to drop it to the floor. Then, almost comically, she reaches behind her and finds she cannot quite reach the knife.

"Care to help before we get out of here, bub?" she asks Connor indicating the hilt.

Connor looks a little 'ewwww' as he sees that the knife was in her kidney. Though he can tell she has a healing factor given how the skin and muscle in her arm healed after she pulled out the rather sharp object embedded in there. with his mind, the knife is pulled out of Logyn's back -fast-, like tearing off a bandaid, and dropped to the floor. "Okay…guess let's go." he smiles softly then to her before he turns around, headed for the door. "Need a ride?"

Logyn chuckles at Connor's expression but then nods at the question. "I walked here and yeah, I think getting out quickly would be good," she says - the sound of, still distant at the moment, approaching sirens punctuating this. She gives a rueful glance at the blood she spilled but shakes her head thinking there's no time until… she looks at Connor and asks, "There's no chance you have the ability to get rid of the blood evidence," after taking the logical leap from his reaction to the conclusion that there's more to the young man than the cover advertizes.

Connor hums softly as Logyn asks her question about leaving the blood evidence, so Connor turns back around and uses his simulated heat vision to incinerate what was left of the blood from Logyn. Nothing to trace. though there is a few embers there on the floor, it's nothing that would start a fire. Content, Connor turns around and follows Logyn, getting on his motorcycle that has room for two. "Hop on, I'll drive you back."

Following Connor out of the bar, Logyn examines his motorcycle with a discerning eye and then mounts it behind him. "For having never been to a bar before you did good in a bar fight, kid," she says.

Connor drives off and quickly leaves the scene before the police arrive. "I'm not a kid. you look all of twenty years old." he comments, though that was a compliment. She was an extremely beautiful woman.

Logyn hehs. "Long story," she says and then - sounding completely sober - says, "There's more in this noggin than the package implies."

Connor shakes his head softly. "I'm not gonna question that." he turns the corner at fairly high speeds. "So, why did those guys want to stab you 80 times with a broken pool cue?" he asks her then without looking at her, thoug htheir's nothing stopping her at all from wrapping her arms around his perfect physique.

"He and some friends of his put a friend of mine in the hospital," she explains as she does wrap her arms around Connor to help keep her in place on the motorcycle. "I returned the favor by driving them out of town with their tails between their legs… and one fewer pair of wheels t'boot." She indicates an upcoming hotel a few blocks away as her destination.

Connor nods a few times. "Fair enough." he says pretty simply as he pulls into her hotel parking lot. "Well, happy you got the best of 'em today too." he says then pretty easily. "I assume this is it?"

Logyn nods, a gesture that while not seen can be felt due to the intimacy of riding a bike together like the pair are. "That's it, yeah," she says, adding, "Just a temporary home."

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