Logan meets Logyn at Breakstone Lake

Characters: Logan and Logyn
Rated: PG
Summary: Logan (Wolverine) meets his trans-dimensional, gender-swapped, magically-cloned "sister", Logyn (Ratel) at Breakstone Lake on the Xavier Estate. She fills him in with an overview of her unusual history.
OOC Date: 2017/12/19
IC Date: December 19th, 2017
Where: Breakstone Lake at the Xavier Estate in Westchester County, New York

Xavier Estate

Midafternoon. Westchester County, New York. Breakstone Lake defines one of the borders of the Xavier Estate, the only one not walled and gated away from others.

The extradimensional guest, Logyn, has headed to the lakeshore despite the winter chill. Leaning against a tree, she is gazing out over the water contemplating this new world and its people. She's also smoking a cigar that she appropriated from a box of cigars hidden in the school at a location that matches one used by the Logan of her memories.

Logan was already at the lakeshore, chilling on the docks there in case someone wanted to do some fishing, and if Logyn looked hard enough, even she would notice the scruffy man smoking a Cuban cigar. There were always more! Regardless, the newly returned Wolverine hadn't shown up at the school yet to surprise everyone…more or less was uncertain he could even hold such a surprise.

But…there he was. Sitting here with a leg dangling off the edge in a state of relaxation as he appears to be reading the newspaper, huffing smoke every now and then. Though he did want to see how Laura was doing….and what's this heartell of a possible clone? another one?! someone remind him to go take out anyone who has his DNA.

As soon as she notices that he's aware of her presence, Logyn pushes off the tree and walks over to Logan. Speaking around the cigar in her mouth, she says, "Always wondered what I'd say when we met, and 'hey' just doesn't seem sufficient does it?"

Logan just keeps reading the newspaper until a new scent caught his nose. With a few wiffs of the air he turns his head just lightly to see Logyn. Holy shit, she does look a helluva lot like him. Regardless, he gives a little head tilt for her to come on down, and he stands up, setting the newspaper aside as he takes the Cigar out of his mouth to flick some of the embers away before he speaks.

"So, you're the new gal." he states with a small grin. "You're right, hey would have just been weird darlin'. So…want to tell me where you're from?" he states simply, before he invites her to sit down next to him at the dock as he sits back down. "Don't worry if it's weird or not…after all, I got Laura."

"Yeah, I met her the other day," she says as she looks over the original and then observes, "It's weird. Don't normally think about how a mirror changes what you see, but you look inverted." She takes the offered seat next to Logan and says, "I'm called Logyn," the pronunciation is significantly different to anyone with sensitive enough hearing, "And as far as I can tell, I'm from an dimension called Mojoverse which is associated with a parallel Earth." She says this as if she expects him to take it in stride… and why wouldn't she after all.

Logan seems to nod a few times as he keeps his eyes on her. The sound of the name was similar in some instances, but to his sensitive hearing, he could tell it was a different name altogether. "Logyn." he repeats to memorize it, a few nods as he lets out a small puff of smoke. He keeps listening as she keeps talking, and when she finishes, he takes a deep breath.

"Well, that's some weird shit, I'll have to admit. But, lucky for you, it's not the strangest thing I ever heard. Plus you look like me…to the point where you look like me even more than Laura looks like me. So I guess I oughtta believe you." he's easy in that way.

Logyn snorts in an incredibly unladylike fashion. "Don't you know it," she says regarding the weirdness aspect. She then adds to it with a few words. "I'm a clone," not the first clone he's met, "Created though technosorcery," okay, he's met wizards and other sorts of magic users also, "Because the X-Men of my world were thought to be dead and this was going to deprive the world of Grade-A Prime Entertainment material. And then my team and I were discarded." She pauses a moment to inhale cigar smoke before holding the cigar again and saying, "Weird shit indeed." She then says, "You look like him - mirror reversal withstanding - and sound like him so… yeah. Still weird for me also."

Logan just shakes his head for a second before he nods. "Everyone keeps trying to clone me. But I don't mind." he puts a hand on Logyn's shoulder. "So, I guess you're my sister then." the genetic templates are too closely related for it to be father and daughter he thinks. "Don't ask me the specifics of that." he states soon after. "Well…sounds like this Mojo-world wasn't a good place for us mutant folk. Glad you survived at the very least." he gives her shoulder a squeeze then as he releases her.

"Sister works for me, cause I'm not your kid," Logyn says. "And the place isn't that nice for anyone but the ruling class - the spineless ones. I spent most of my life," she doesn't think of more than those three years as truly 'hers' after all, "In the resistance, fighting Mojo and his forces. Survival is what we do after all though, brother, right?"

Logan just shakes his head. "Yeah, yeah, shut up…sister." he teases her at her kid comment. He had a snarky remark but eeeehhhh. Though when she speaks of spending her life fighting the resistance for survival, and calls him brother then, he nods. "Damn straight. You know enough of this world I assume? or are you a new arrival to our humble little pebble?"

"I've been here for a few weeks," Logyn says, "Appeared near Lebanon, Kansas, and spent a few weeks with a couple there on their farm. But yeah, the world is weirder than the one in my memories." She pauses to take another puff from her cigar and then says, "I'm a quick study so I think I have enough to work with."

Logan nods a few times as he gives a little puff of smoke on his own as he cracks his neck a little loudly, the Adamantium heightening the noise, but regardless, he gives a small smile to Logyn. "Well, sounds like you don't need my help there. Sometime we'll go to a bar and figure out if we're exactly alike or just mirrors of each other."

"Maybe we should go shoot pool at Harry's in town sometime," Logyn counter proposes, mentioning the bar that Xavier's students have so often hung out in while agreeing with the suggestion at the same time.

Logan seems to grumble for a moment as he thinks, before he offers his sister counterpart a small nod eventually. "Sounds good. I'm in good with Harry, so we should be able to get a discount even. Or if we catch him on a good day, he might make our tabs free." he shrugs a little bit then.

Logyn nods curtly not having much to say on the matter. "I have to ask," she says a bit more hesitantly as might be expected from her, "How much do you know about your past? I'd like to compare notes but at the same time I may know things you might not want to be surprised by."

Logan nods a few times at Logyn's question, and he answers her honestly. "Not a lot. But apparently I was born a long…long time ago. I don't remember too much from a few years ago when I met the professor. behind that, I have no memory of who I was. But let's talk about this another time. I need to go speak with the professor, let him know I'm not dead."

"Of course, say hi to old chrome dome for me also," Logyn replies.

Logan starts walking off down the docks, straightening out his leather jacket and puffing on his cigar as he gives a little wave behind him as if to confirm her wish.

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