Legacy of War: Part I

Characters: Steve Rogers (Captain America), Haven MacKenzie, Duncan Reynolds, Eve Llowe, Sebastion Gilberti
Rated: PG-13 for violence
Summary: Captain America leads a crack team of SHIELD agents to recover Nazi serum from a bunker in rural Norway.
OOC Date: 16 February 2018
IC Date: 16 February 2018
Where: Oslo, Norway

Though it's been most of seventy years since the war ended, the impact of the Third Reich on the world continues to be felt. Broken ruins in France, stern concrete bunkers in Germany, even unexploded ordnance in the Thames.

And, sometimes, worse things.

The SHIELD jumpjet flies fairly quietly, zipping low over the frosted woods of Norway. The team, handpicked by Captain Rogers, sits in the seats, with only a red light providing minimal illumination in the bay.

"Okay, we're twenty minutes from the drop zone," Steve remarks, speaking into the headset that allows everyone to hear each other clearly. He walks down the aisle, passing out sealed mission briefs. "Sorry for the secrecy, but this one came down hot and we didn't have time to clear everyone beforehand."

"Open your packets now. We're going after a sealed Nazi bunker that HYDRA remnants found fifty clicks southeast of Oslo. We think they've been in there about two weeks," he says.

Inside the packets are maps, dossieres, and lots of redacted information. The tactical planning had been done well in advance, but with a lot of omitted information. Pretty standard procedure for national security operations.

"Our objective is to neutralize the HYDRA element and secure the bunker. If we can't secure it, airstrike sorties will level it."

"Now, here's the dilly in the pickle— we think HYDRA has some legacy Nazi serum," he remarks, tugging at the armor of his combat uniform absently. "They either found a store of it or are trying to manufacture it. None of you have ever gone up against some of their elites," he warns them. "They're big and strong. Faster than they look, too, but clumsy, and the serum makes them aggressive and stupid. This is highly classified stuff," he warns the group. "If it got out that HYDRA is manufacturing more of this serum, then it could create a threat to the stability of all of Europe. The last thing we need is some terrorist group getting their hands on it."

He glances at his watch. "Fifteen minutes. Any last minute questions?"

"Do I get to go for jugulars?" Haven will ask, reading over some of the dossieres. "Or shall I confine myself to rendering useless, not trying to kill?" She sounds level, almost too calm and clear. Blonde hair is braided back tightly, and she wears the gear like it's jeans and hookie out of her closet.
Duncan looks over the information at hand and he nods, "Sounds pretty striaght forward." he nods as Haven asks her question, as he start to check his gear to make sure it and he are ready for action.

Sebastion Gilberti is an agent, yes, but he's part of the tech (and medical) group. Mostly he's known for robotics, or things like hacking through a door, for a mission like this. Pretty big for a "squint," though. Still, that means he's supplying things like special ammunitions and other tech toys. There is a big steely silver case that the big man is toting around of his tools. Anyone without body armor would have gotten Gilberti's semi-joking pressure to wear something. And… he will be in the back, probably. Unless there are things like security doors.

Haven's question about outright murder gets a frown from Gilberti, but he doesn't say anything, just goes back to the packets they were just handed, paging through to the parts that would concern him.

"Enemy combatants will use lethal force," Evelyn chimes in absently as she scans over the pages of her pamphlet. She doesn't stop to read; she simply glances at each and moves on in a decidedly business-like fashion. The petite brunette is seated by herself, long hair pulled into a functional bun to hang away from her azure eyes. She pauses for a second. "If you are more effective with lethal force then pending additional orders, by all means. It's SOP." At this statement Eve sets down her papers and then proceeds to check her rifle. "These aren't taser rounds."

"Don't stand around waiting for them to shake your hand and smile," Steve advises Haven, slinging his shield on his back. He press-checks his pistol— an authentic old 1911A1— and slips it back into the holster with a *click*. "If anyone needs to pee before we stop, now's the time."

A few minutes pass. He checks something on the computer nearby. "No civilians in the area, but let's try not to get too trigger happy," he advises the others. "Dead men aren't good for much intel. But my goal here is for everyone to come home alive with no more than the regulation number of holes in them," Steve says, with a grim sort of infantryman's mirth.

The lights in the bay go from red to green. "Okay, we're on station! Two minutes, everyone clip in!"

Steve gets everyone in line and hooks their tactical harness to the rapelling rope, then checks himself last. He gets by the door— gravity swings in a pendulum in the stomach as the jumpjet banks and hovers fifteen feet off the ground.

The bay door opens, and Steve pumps his arm twice in a jumpmaster's signal.

One, two, three, four— Steve helps anyone who hesitates with a firm shove to the shoulder. The harness automatically slows their deployment, and each lands on the ground with a minimal amount of impact. Steve's last, and he shakes loose the cable as it slithers back towards the jumpjet.

"Okay," Steve whispers into his radio, his voice relayed to everyone's headset. "Fast and loose, on me. Stay quiet, and be vigilant." He breaks into a low jog, his hands empty and moving fast and low to the ground. He always seems a little ahead of the group, utterly silent despite his size and speed, and frequently pausing to wait for the others to keep up while looking ahead for threats. They approach the old bunker with little issue, and it appears that only two guards are on duty. They wear jeans and flannels, and might have been mistaken for locals save for the assault rifles on their backs and the utility gear slung around their hips. Steve takes a knee and makes a series of gestures, sending Haven and Eve to flank to the left, and Duncan to take Bastion and make the longer approach from the right.
ooc Sorry to move fast, figure we want to get into the action asap.

"I'm not that sort of lady, anyhow." Haven will remark dryly, a glance at Cap. "I'm also here for the hole patching. Aren't you all just a lucky bunch." She will rise, though obviously not to pee break, but to stretch and relax her muscles.

There's a glance at Duncan, a brow lifting. "Ready to work together again, Reynolds wrap?" There's a quick grin, and a wink. "Be like riding a bike, right?" Except now the biokinetic is a lot.. freer. She'll poke the dark haired former Seal, before she's hooking up in line. She'll take the jump with glee, something lighting up inside the blonde.

She'll move under directions, a signal back at Steve that looks like the Vulcan neck pinch. Should she just pass them out, boss, or save it for later? She'll behave, if he wants. …probably.
Duncan laughs and shakes his head teases Haven back, "Just try to keep up, Brooklyn." He gets hooked in and makes the jump. One the ground he nods to Cap when he is given the orders and turns to Sebastion, "Take the six." He says giving himself the point as he starts to circle to approach the bunker from the right flank.

Agent Gilberti swaps some things out of the case before they go: a smaller high tech computer console, and his 'medpac', which is more accurately a toolkit. Ready soon enough as he adapts his loadout to what the packet described, and he's silent and efficient: no jokes for the jump from him, just a careful, silent movement from the big techie. A curt brief nod is given to Rogers before he deploys.

Gilberti lands a little hard - he always does, no landing finesse - but managed not to break his legs, and follows exactly what Duncan asked without question. He doesn't have a big rifle in hand, sticking to a smaller gun, to keep his other hand free to handle other gear as needed. He moves quickly, covering Reynolds.

"Ah, excuse me." Eve gets up when Steve suggests using the restroom, returning to her seat just a moment later. Then it is time to jump. She does so smoothly, apparently comfortable with a slung rifle to hand and the ground rushhing toward her. Evelyn doesn't look thrilled to be jumping by any means- but she doesn't need a shove, and she lands easily enough despite everything. Then they're moving.

With the rifle raised Eve comes toward the guard on the left hand side and signals Haven before approaching him. Apparently Eve, at least, wants the man unconscious. Either that or she's going to use that knife she's just pulled out of her belt. Dealer's choice. Still, the guard won't be able to alert anyone for long.

Captain Rogers is doing it by the numbers. He waits until Eve and Haven are set and Eve can cover their secondary flank, while Duncan and Bastion are set up with a crossfire if things abruptly go wrong (as they often do). Interlinked as they are via subvocal communicators, its' easy to communicate on the fly.

Steve makes sure he's concealed from view, and responds to Haven's hand signals with some of his own, instructing her to take the nearer of the two. He silently unlimbers his shield, curling around to prep himself for the throw. Close to twenty meters, and he looks perfectly calm about taking that shot.

The timing is about perfect, and the shield flies quiet as an owl and smacks one of the men in the back of the head the instant that Haven's talents drop the other fellow.

"No cameras," Steve mutters, as they link up near the two downed guards. One's down, and one's done. "Search him, cuff him, throw the bodies in the bushes," he orders Duncan and Bastion, assessing the situation around them.

Once everyone's set again, he starts issuing orders.

"Llowe, Reynolds, you're on point. Gilberti, you're on deck with me," he says to the tech. "Priority is pushing to the labs. Mac, rearguard," he tells Haven.

"Go go go," he whispers— and the little squad starts pushing into the dimly lit bunker, which is illuminted by truely ancient incandescents and a few plugged in halogens intermittently fed by diesel generators.

It's a mostly linear affair, with few branchings and lots of side rooms. The first resistance they run into is three HYDRA goons wearing mismatched camoflague gear with their rifles leaning against a wall. The guards seem surprised to see Duncan and Eve, gawking at them in shock as armed SHIELD agents ghost-step into the rec area and interrupt a low-key poker game. One guard, faster than the others, dashes for his rifle against the wall.

Haven is not super enthused about bringing up the rear after being useful and dropping the closer guard without a sound other than his body hitting ground, and Steve will probably hear about it later. Protecting the medic is not her gig, anymore. But she's a good little soldier of the moment, falling in and keeping her senses (all of them) wide open.
page bastion= You deduce that this is a storage facility, not a full laboratory. But there is a station for experimental storage and analysis at the far end of the building. If you look around, you can probably find a map or layout for the bunker.

Duncan gives Eve a nod and joins her on point. As the enter the room with the three hydra goon, he drops one with the butt of his rifle cooly and efficently and loks eyes with the second almost daring him ot make a move, leaving the one breaking for the weapons for his follow agent on point to handle.

"Sir: you want an attempted hack into their communications, say the word; listen or plug… or maybe making it rain in there," Gilberti says over their own comms quietly, sticking to the orders for now: which is to keep Reynolds intact as much as possible, at least until the other agent moves off, on point. Gilberti takes his orders quite seriously, really. Although if he can get into security systems and cause havok inside, he'd be pleased to do so, of course. For the moment, though, Gilberti will keep things 'tame,' and remain tight to Rogers.

Eve doesn't move like a solddier. Police have different priorities in training and it shows in how she handles her rifle and checks corners. Still, she's methodical and precise, studying her surroundings with a careful movement. When they come upon the three guards Eve is already lifting a hand to signal.

Three ahead. Go hot. It seems that the brunette's attention to detail is paying off. So she's more than prepared for when they break around the corner and Duncan clubs the first man in the face. The second is being eyeballed and the third gets a 5.56mm round from a heavily modified Tavor bullpup assault rifle directly to the chest. Eve glances over at Duncan andods as well, then moves to check out the poker table.

"Our runner had a flush. Guess it wasn't his lucky night after all."

From behind the squad, there's the sound of running water and a taproom being used. The door behind them swings open, and a soldier walks out buttoning his fly. He's wearing military gear, all matching, and his weaponry is substantially more modern. He is smoking a cigarette, and it dangles from his lips in stunned surprise as he gawks at the blonde slip of a woman occupying the hallway with a rifle in her hands.

Steve is weirdly calm, even as gunfire breaks out. They're all experts— they don't need to be told how to handle the situation. "Get a tap if you can," Steve tells Bastion. "If they alert to us, knock them back into the Stone Age," he suggests. He glances at a wall map, sounding out the German pretty passably. "Okay, sichern speciher… that's secure storage… so that's the hot spot. Fernlabor… bet you that's where they're playing with this stuff."

He glances over at the sound of the man exiting the washroom, readying his shield just in case it's needed.

Before the soldier is even out of the washroom, Haven's in motion. Firearm in hand as she approaches him on quiet feet, yes, but she's not pulling the trigger. Instead, blood is forced away from his lungs, and in less than the time he would have to pull his weapon to hand and fire, he's slumping to the floor. Blind first, and then out as sure as if he'd been in an expert sleeper hold. Haven will move and knock him in the head with her rifle butt to keep him down even after she walks away. She'll turn, and seeing Steve with his shield, will give him an insulted look as she heads towards him.

While maintaining the glare, Agent Reynolds steps over and restrains the last goon in the room and also takes a moment to gang him to kepe the alarm from being raised, "Looks like we saved you from losing some money, hope you can improve your poker skills in prison." he tells him. He glances around the room to make sure it is secure.
Gilberti gets right to his hacking gig, after he finds a shady spot out of direct line of sight from the passageways, sqatting to pull his console forward and key into it quickly, sifting through various frequencies, to check out what is going on internally, and crawl into their wifi and whatever else he can burrow his way into. He then pauses, eyes slanting left: noticing a big bundle of cables near him at the end of the wall. So, Gilberti scoots over to it, flipping out one of his tools to make short work of patching into it. If he can get communications, or cameras, or further layout and resistance estimates, he'll share that with the group!

"Was haban sie gesagt? Was….?" The German prisoner terrifiedly looks between Agents Llowe and Reynolds, staring at them. Sweat is pouring down his face. Eve leans forward and breathes a soft sigh.

"He said, 'we saved you some money in your game'," she informs the man in clipped German. When he looks down at his comrade's hand she slaps a pair of cuffs on him. "Lucky you, you also get to live. All aces." Eve briefly looks around the room, shaking her head as she does.

"Do we have a layout?" Evelyn asks as she approaches the far side of the room and moves to stand against the wall. "Someone's going to check on these fine gentlemen sooner or later, so we should keep moving." Gilberti gets a nod. Eve covers the hallway ahead until the group reforms.

"What is this, a Gilbert and Sullivan bit?" Steve asks, his voice low and easy. "You guys tell more jokes than Jack Benny." He adjusts his shield and glances up and down the corridors, doing some math in his head while the agents deal with locking down the villains. He ignores the glare from Haven, and rallies them up a few seconds later.

The building's too old for an integrated CCTV system, but there are patchworks of radios and remote systems that intermittently reach through the dense, reinforced concrete walls.

Steve rips down the wall placard so everyone can see it on a low table, and uses a blunt pencil tip to draw a path on it. "Okay. We're breaking into two teams. Gilberti and me will take the lab," Steve says. "Reynolds, Mac, Llowe— you three hit the storage facility. If you hit too much resistance, don't stand around making speeches," he suggests. "Fallback will be to the rec room, then secondary fallback to that clearing south of the main entrance we passed," he says. "Keep the radio lines open. Move to support once primary objectives are secure. All clear?"

"Like I'd waste my breath, boss." Haven says quietly to Cap, fingers on the edge of the placard, studying the paths. She'll glance first at Eve, before there's a more meaningful look to Duncan. It's nice, having someone she can rely on so easy at hand. Of course, he also probably knows she'd be the last to fall back. "Clear."

Duncan nods to Steve, "Clear." he loosk to Eve and Haven, "Ready?" He asks them and starts to move out assuming the affirmative. He reaches the first storage door nad waits until they are in position to open it.
Indeed, the building's just too old to most of what Gilberti would PREFER to do. "Not even sure I can cut /lights/ from here, this place is ancient." SIGH. Grumpy, Gilberti puts his tech gear away again, although he gets what he can from the intermittent radios, and comes over. He doesn't have questions, nods once simply, drawing his single gun again. It's non-standard issue, that clearly projects something other than bullets, it has a fuzzy reddish energy thing going on.

"Clear." They proceed, and Llowe nods once when Ducnan asks for the ready and takes the position his left, covering the other agent with her rifle. She signal an affirmative for them tobreak int othe next room, sighting through the holographic reflex on her weapon while she waits tensely. Eve pauses for a second. "Expect hostiles on the next corridor," she notes, tilting her head slightly. She's more than ready when they are, however. "And… here we go."

Steve moves with Gilbert to the med labs. There's not much security, at least, nothing they can't handle. Steve drops one guard with a textbook one-two punch to the jaw, hitting the off button right on the tip of the chin. He takes a second to ziptie the man's hands and throw him into a broom closet while Gilbert keeps watch, and then they hit the heavy reinforced door to the lab. Once inside, there's two guards who are reading books, and a couple of men working at the lab station controls. They gawk when the Super Soldier busts through the door, shield high and deflecting the *SPANG* of bullets whipping from a swiftly drawn and fired pistol.

Inside the storage facility, the trio of agents breaches the door and surges inside. There are a handful of men at work, rolling steel barrels towards a tracked truck. The heavy doors are shut, likely leading to a well concealed exit that the first surveillance pass missed.

And two of the workers are big. Not just 'brick house' big— close to seven feet tall, with dense, deeply veined muscles that look like steroid junkies on a bender. Almost no neck, wrists the size of redwood posts, and a lurching clumsy one associates often with overdeveloped strength and a lack of corresponding core training.

Two bruisers, three guards. The guards gape in shock, but the mini-hulks respond instantly with shouts of anger. One of them goes a step furthur, picking up a fifty-five gallon steel drum and throwing it directly at the three SHIELD agents like he's tossing a medicine ball.

Haven will move to fall in with Duncan, a sort of oddish walking a couple steps behind Eve. She'll let Duncan do the heavy lifting, a glance at Eve. " Got a number?" She'll ask, before she's moving into the storage room. Blue eyes ping from signal to signal, taking in more information than just with her regular eyes. "Shoot the big ones." She'll say to Duncan without a though. The guards are easy enough, tipping over like dominoes while the mini-hulks charge, and Haven will dive down low and to the side to get under that thrown drum. "Down!" She'll pause long enough for a deep breath, shooting her rifle for the chest of the mini hulks. If she can score blood, she can drain them and weaken them. That's the plan, anyhow.

Duncan dives out of the way of the steel drum, shouting out, "Incoming." He warn the rest of the trio. He says, "We have to make sure that truck doesn't get clear." He turns his attention to he mini-hulks, breifings said they were clumsy, he opens fire on the mini-hulks not expecting the shotsto do much as he moves towards a broom the janitor has left in the corner.

Gilberti goes for the lab technicians. Following closely up behind Rogers, using the super Soldier's launching forward to it's utmost: Gilberti can slide in right behind him and his shield and then lunge laterally away at the lab techs. Gilberti goes for legs, his snub-nosed laser gun sends a burning slice across at about knee-level under the consoles. In his experience, lab technicians don't do very much when they are crying on the floor. He doesn't even remotely worry about the guards: Gilberti wants the consoles, and to take a good stock quickly on what the laboratory appears to actively be doing. Should the head of a lab tech be on level to be knocked out with a boot, that's more a side thing! Gilberti, of course, is true to his science type: the lab is INTERESTING. But even so, part of the objective is to secure it: and knowing what it has in it is part of that.

"No, just that they're… Big." Eve does express muted surprise upon seeing the miniature hulks, eyes widening slightly. She breathes a soft sigh. "Super soldier serum, hm…?" When Haven says to 'shoot the big ones' Eve raises her rifle and then there's the loud thunk of her Tavor X-95 putting several jacketed high speed rounds directly into the body of a monster. It responds by screaming at her.

When the other two move to dodge the drum Eve shifts her weight to the left and drops to a knee. She lets the barrel fly just over her head and keeps shooting. It isn't like the target is difficult to hit. It is, however, angry. And angrier yet that Eve didn't run away from the barrel. It seems the giant humanoid battering ram doesn't like being shot. With a rumbling roar like an explosion in close quarters it charges.

That's when Eve starts running. The problem with things that big? They're also pretty fast. She's got a lateral head start, but it'll be meassy if it catches up to her. "Limited effect on target. Ideas?!" It's hard to be calm when you're running for your life. Eve needs practice.

Steve and Gilberti make a pretty good team— Steve rushes through the guards like a truck plowing through loose snow, hurling his shield to drop one who is reaching for an assault rifle. He picks up the other and throws him into the air, then hits him with a twisting kick in the gut and knocks two down.

His luck runs out when a huge hand reaches out, grabs him by the head, and throws him into the lockers.

One of the twisted lab experiements slams into Steve like a juggernaut, kneeing him repeatedly and his massive fists swinging wildly. Steve covers his head and takes the hits, resulting in the massive monster immediately breaking his own hand on a steel support. The big guy only screams in anger instead of pain, and keeps flailing at Cap with more rage than skill.

The guards shout at each other— Ukrainian, maybe? Some Slavic language— and decide to let the twisted monsters of men lead the fight. They rush for the truck, and one of them starts pounding on the door controls. Ancient hydraulics push the doors open with agonzing slowness, and the half-track rumbles to life with a coughing of black diesel smoke. One of the hulklings charges after Duncan, visually keying to movement like a bear chasing a rabbit. The other dashes for Eve, reacting instinctively to her retreat. Both scream mindlessly, clearly beyond any real words.

Haven's torn in three directions: Even, Duncan, and the truck. She'll choose first: Duncan. "Get the truck, Wrap!" She'll yell out, even as she's firing at the hulking, and there's an outpouring of her power. If there was a way to measure it, it would feel like a torrent of fire flung from the biokinetic to try and drag the hulking down. Even little hulks need to breathe, right? Breathe and bleed, and for one of the first times in her life, Haven is unchecked in trying to pull the blood out of the body of a combatant, not just divert. "Evening, can you loop around?" Eve's got a nickname, for now.

Duncan :nods to Haven, "Alright." He grabs the broom and breaks off the head and rolls the handle under the feet of the hulk-ling to slow it down enough to get around it, once around it he peppers the armored half-track with rifle fire that does little good, but he is rushing over towards it and he makes a leap trying to grab a hold on it before it gets through that door.

Eve glances at Haven and gives her a nod. At this point the combination of adrenaline and exertion has made it rather difficult to speak. So instead of speaking she starts sprinting that little bit faster. The thing about Evening? She's not very tall. While quite physically fit her shorter stride means that the creature is gaining on her as she makes her dash toward a series of crates and industrial drums.

The creature slavers and howls mindlessly as it bears down on Eve. Closer. Closer. Almost within arm's reach. Then the diminutive agent pivots on a heel and lets her momentum carry her forward as her hulkling rashes into a series of steel drums. She has the temerity to strike a slight pose and wait, the toe of her left boot against the floor, for the creature to right himself.

"Incoming!" Dutifully, the brunette brings her pet monster back around the bend. She's forced to zig and zag to avoid bits of crate and steel drum thrown at the back of her skull. Somehow she manages without looking. "Could try the grenades… In a mouth or something…"

Gilberti tries a 'smart' route first instead of directly trying to fight the lab 'freak,' leaping away from the consoles as Steve is suddenly grabbed. His analytic mind inventories all of the counter items — after all, the lab techs had to be prepared if one of their creations decided to go absolutely bonkers. He picks a likely candidate syringe and attempts to stab the lab experiment in the ass with it, depressing plunger. Or if the thing is dragging around an IV, that works too.

And he also saw something else, and speaks into the comm: "Heads up, team: I've got a container, serum expected. A bit busy to do inventory on it yet, so make sure nobody escapes before we make sure we've got all of it here," Gilberti warns. The screaming brute that's next to him with Rogers is decidedly heard in the background. He then continues to stick sedatives into the Hulk, attempting to not accidentally hit Steve as he wrestles with it; that would be less than ideal. It's an interesting test: how many does it require before it collapses?

Steve is physically dwarfed by the creature attacking him. His physique will keep him alive for ages; the monster probably has a half-life of months, with the monstrous amounts of endorphins raging through its berserk pituitary gland. Steve bounces off a wall, performs and admirable loop, and wraps it in a headlock. He bears the creature down just in time for Bastion to stab science into the beast's butt— repeatedly— and screws down a chokehold worthy of any martial arts school in the country.

Even then, it takes twenty seconds to subdue the raging, steroid-maddened man, who kicks, flails, and thrashes the entire while.

Duncan makes it to the half-track and gets a hand on the back hatch. Nothing's locked down. Windows open, one door banging loudly, the hatch unlocked— they are making a fast getaway, not a fast assault, and the driver and his passenger start rushing for the door. The third man tries to get on board, but ends up getting tangled with the wheels and goes down in an ugly *crunch* as he's run over.

This leaves the berserkers, and one of them is decidedly slowing down as it leaks a lot of blood from the many holes in the chest. Even monsters need oxygen, and the one raging at Haven is decidedly slower and less responsive, breathing heavily and moving more sluggishly.

The one chasing Eve goes down in a pile of crates and barrels, smashing him to the ground under a few hundred pounds of cargo. He kicks and fights a little fruitlessly, struggling in vain to get out from under the mess of industrial equipment that has him pinned down.

Haven will keep pulling at things only she can see, before she'll just take advantage of the super slow lumbering to aim for the headshot. She needs to get him down, check on Eve, so she can go after the truck. There's no way she's letting her LT go joyriding alone!

As the half-track rumbles forward, Duncan makes his way along the side of the vhechile and to the door, he swings indies of the beast and smiles to those already there, "Now ould be the right time to surrender." he tells them. "Make it easy on all of us."
"Four, and one Rogers," Gilberti says as if making a mental note of how many syringes it takes to subdue one of the damn things. "Kind of pitiful sedative," Gilberti declares in a judgemental way, before moving to open the serum-crate, and also do as much inventory as he can of serum bottles. It's not fast, because he has to check serial numbers and make sure the correct bottles are (or aren't) there in the lab, to be able to give the team some idea of what they may have to go chasing.

"Did anyone read me about the serum?" Gilberti asks urgently into the comms, and repeats his message about it, since he did not get any response.

Eve looks over at the creature she'd been firing upon and shakes her head slowly. She shifts her wieght slightly, adjusts her rifle, sights carefully - and puts several shots in the monster's head. Satisfied, the brunette goes about the task of sweeping the room, ensuring the exits are covered and people are rounded up onow that the mini-hulks have been dropped. She takes a deep breath and then sighs softly as she approaches the half-track. "We're clear…" Catching up to the truck can come after their position is secure.

"Hate these guys," Steve grunts, shoving the berserker off of him. "Good shock troops, but they're almost too dumb to tie their own bootlaces."

He gets to his feet and checks his own mic, tugging the earpiece back into place as he helps Gilberti go through the manifest. "One, …four… hey troops, we're missing two bottles of serum," Steve says to the others.

Eve drops her berserker in a rather anticlimactic *thump*. Haven's berserker gets a second wind, scrambling for her, but makes it six paces before it keels over as well.

The truck swerves and twists wildly, ricocheting off one of the doors and then skidding to a halt. The two men fumble for their guns, but Duncan has them dead to rights and they surrender with angry, thin-lipped expressions.

Shortly thereafter, the secondary SHIELD teams are on site, along with UN Observers and Norwegian military. With the truck secured, various guards incapacitated or detained, and no casualties, it seems like the mission's a solid success.

"Looks like we got almost all of it," Steve remarks to the team, standing with them in a loose circle for a quick debrief. "But two containers made it out of here two days ago. Looks like the intel crew were a little too slow," he remarks, with a tone of tolerant frustration. "Hopefully they don't start synthesizing this stuff anytime soon. But for now—" he looks around the crew. "Great job. Absolutely outstanding. When we get back to Mildenhall, I'll open a tab at the Officer's club. Drinks are on me," he says, with a grin.

"So we have possibly more of those mammoth morons. Great. I'd love some more practice." There's plenty of bitter sarcasm in Haven's tone, and a lack of flush to her cheeks. "I could use a whiskey, though."

Once his new prsioners are secured by the back up he walks over to the rest of the team, "Well that was a job well done." He smiles, "Glad to see we all made it out alright." he looks over to Sebastion, "Thanks for the heads up about hte truck, we would have been in deep if it had gotten away with that junk on board."

"Only works if you get the truck, —and /you/ did," Sebastion smiles to Duncan, with an offer of a fist-bump about doing well as a team — specifically at Duncan at this point, since he spoke to him directly first, but willing to share congratulations with the others also! To Steve: "I'd like to get a good look into the data we pull from here; see if they /are/ close to synthesizing it," Sebastion adds: he's not interested in just leaving that lab data unchecked. He's … thorough. "….but a drink first is welcome."

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