Laura's Older Sister

Characters: Logyn and Luciana Gutierrez (Gemini)
Rated: PG
Summary: An unknown but eerily familiar woman arrives at the Xavier school and asks to be let in. Luci ends up greeting her.
OOC Date: 2017-12-17
IC Date: December 17th, 2017
Where: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Westchester, NY

Xavier Estate

The sign may say the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, but it doesn't look that much like a school, not even like a private school should look. Instead, it looks like what it is, or what it was until perhaps fifteen years ago: a very palatial private estate, dominated by a very large and well-appointed traditional mansion. Very few people in the world know the truth that this school is so private because it is in fact a school established to help train, shape and prepare children born with metahuman abilities how to survive and thrive and control their powers in a world that often fears what they represent.

One of those students in question is the young Luciana Gutierrez. She came here over a decade ago with her twin sister, as newly admitted students in desperate need of help, guidance and counseling. In that time, they have become one of many lynchpins of the community here, graduating high school and even completing college via remote learning and associate credits, and becoming part of the staff at the school to help pass on the benefits of her own youth to a new generation of students.

Luci and her sister are also Gemini, a member of the X-Men, a team of metahumans who strive to help and protect the people of the world from threats that the normal heroes of society - law enforcement and fire departments and the like - cannot. And right now, Gemini is suited up in costume, sitting in the copilot seat of an aircraft most of the world would never believe was even real rather than something from a movie set, while one of her friends is trying to teach her how to pilot the darned thing.

It's not going well.

After staying the night at a relatively cheap hotel in Manhattan, Logyn woke about an hour before noon. She retrieved her motorcycle from the garage she'd left it in for the night.

Taking to the road after consulting a map - with which she found the geography of this world different than the one she remembers yet again - she heads towards Westchester. A stop in a dinner half-way there gets her a mid-day meal (or brunch depending on your point of view) and then she continues on towards the first time she'll visit the local analog of a school she remembers but has never actually seen.

Logyn stops at the gate to Xavier's to see if anyone comes to meet her. Rather than waiting long, however, she dismounts her cycle and walks up to the gate and presses the buzzer to announce herself to anyone who may be in residence at this time.

When someone rings the buzzer, several things happen. One of those is that someone checks the cameras, spots someone who looks frighteningly like an older Laura at the gate, and decides a few people should be informed. Meanwhile, a voice comes over the speaker.

"Hi. You've reached the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Can we help you?" comes out at Logyn.

Meanwhile, as this information is routed to and fro, the X-Men on duty and in uniform are informed. And Luci decides she should take it upon herself to go check in with this person at the gate. "Hey. Don't worry about it. I'll take a walk, see what's going on. Keep the cameras going. If the feed cuts, or a fight starts, you hit the big red button. And, uhm, tell Sarah in the kitchen to make sure she has dinner ready early, for at least four."

Because if this gets interesting, Luci is going to be really hungry. And maybe so will this other woman. Better to be safe than sorry.

Logyn has memories of Logan serving gate duty and smirks at the greeting - at least something is familiar. She presses the call button and says, "I was hoping that the Professor or one of his…" she pauses and decides to /not/ say 'X-Men' at this time, instead goes with an old code phrase for them "…'Advanced Students' might be available." She almost stops there and then changes her mind. "Met Laura and Lexi last night. The little not-Canadian suggested I might be welcome here," she adds.

Luci is listening to the conversation at the gate through her earbud as she jogs up the stairs from the hangar, and then heads out of the portico door across from the garage, making her way around from the east wing of the mansion towards the loop of the driveway and down towards the gate. Her costume should be a clear enough proof that she is one of those 'advanced students', and she probably looks about the right age for being a contemporary of Lexi, though she might come off a year or three younger.

Also hispanic, not that anyone here would care. Right?

As she walks up on the gate, the woman in costume nods. "Hi. You ran into Laura and Lexi?" Interesting indeed. Of course, they're not home right now as far as Luci knows. "At the shelter? The kitchen? Or somewhere else?" This woman showed up on a motorcycle, so the homeless shelter and the soup kitchen are unlikely, but they're the two places Luci can think off off the top of her head where those two regularly run into other mutants.

Y'know, other than 'on the streets in Mutant Town'.

"Noodle cart. In Chinatown," Logyn laconically as she examines the woman approaching her on the other side of the gate. No expression of surprise over the uniform shows on her features but she nods her chin in Luci's direction and says, "Advanced student or training uniform?" with no more verbosity than she's shown in person yet.

"Advanced student. Graduated a while ago." Luci offers. She's not nearly so laconic as Logyn, but she knows the type and has dealt with it for a few years now. She comes up to the fence, pausing as she looks through the gate at the other woman. "No offense intended, here. But you look like an older version of Laura." Which implies to Luci a connection with the Facility which is not to be taken lightly. "So what do you want, here?" Suspicion, or at least caution, becomes the watchword. "What are you hoping for?" She's hoping she'll be able to tell if this woman lies. But she can't be sure of that.

Logyn chuckles as she's told twice in two days she reminds people of someone that all evidence says she /should/ resemble. She then shrugs and says, "Laura invited me here. Maybe she didn't send word. That's okay." She thinks on the question and replies, "A place to stay would be nice. Maybe in the stables or the boathouse even if not in the mansion itself?" She then adds, "I also have the problem of having no identification so I'm having to do everything cash-transaction and while I'm okay with that, sooner or later it'll cause problems for Laura and someone she cares about, so I figured her offer was something I should take up." Gruff but sincere, there's also a trace in her tone indicating that this is a new train of thought for the woman.

"Well, lack of ID could be an issue, I'll admit." Luci offers, frowning. Izzy agrees, of course, given she faces the same problem and worse. Luci looks over Logyn very carefully, judging. "What should I call you?" she queries Logyn, as she approaches one of the pillars and taps in a code, then presses her hand to the controller, after which the gate unlocks itself and starts to swing wide open, but only half of it.

"I'm Luci. My sister is Izzy. And we're Gemini." Sister, what sister, right? That's what anyone would be asking, but that's how Luci introduces herself here at the school. She offers her hand to the other woman, and waits for her to wheel the bike through the gate before locking it back up. "I don't know where the Professor might decide to put you. But I can at least get you settled and get you something to eat, until he has time to see you."

Logyn retrieves her bike and, with one hand near the center of the handle bars, pushes it towards and though the gate. She takes the offered hand in hers and shakes it as she says, "I'm called Logyn," the name sounding a bit different than the X-/Man/'s name, especially to those with enhanced hearing. She quickly adds, "And no, I'm not from a gender reversed world," (at least as far as I know and matters,) she adds in her head. As the gate is locked she says, "Its complicated."

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