Just Another Day

Characters: Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) and Serenity Malcum (Switch)
Rated: PG (Flirty Behavior)
Summary: Pietro (Quicksilver) and Serenity (Switch) spend and evening in with dinner and a movie. Could Serenity possibly have caught the speedster off-guard??
OOC Date: 03/09/2018 6:52:23 pm.
IC Date: March 9th, 2018. 7:00ish in the evening.
Where: Hotel in Mutant Town.

Firday night in New York City. It meant a few things. The city's night life came to alive more than normal. The younger crowds would be out so the dealers would be out more. Cops would certainly be thicker than during the week. That was reason enough for Serenity to stay in. More of a reason, however, was because she was expecting company. Which would explain why she actually kept the room that had the kitchenette in it as opposed to a normal room. The motel wasn't the best but it could be much worse too.

Dinner tonight was full of creme sauces and calories and protiens. It's meant to refuel him. Even if the chances were that he'd be crashing with her tonight. It was becoming the norm, really, and 'Ren couldn't exactly say she objected to it.

Dressed in a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a tank, a movie had been rented and opped in. Snacks are available (it's insane how quickly the boy gets hungry!) and plenty of sugary drinks available. And caffeine. Always caffeine.

Mutant Town has taken a beating in the least week or so, and with the sun going down, it's becoming bad news. So, when Pietro does knock and is summarily allowed in, he turns quickly to lock the door behind him before he strolls in, a spring still in his step. "It smells good, whatever it is." How's that for a 'Hi, how are you? I'm fine..'?

Pietro is also 'dressed down', but regardless of what he wears, still looks.. 'with it'. His hair is mussed, the tips still showing blond streaks. He does walk up behind her, and leans in to give her a quick peck on the cheek. "Another day. Come run away with me?" He's teasing, partially serious and partially, well.. all flirting.

This…This was almost routine for them now. The kids to the cheekearns him one to his jaw. Gotta love height differences. "Name the time and place." It had become her standard answer to his question, always given in a flirty, half serious and playful way. "It's food. I'd ask if you're hungry but… Pour something to drink. It'll be done soon."

She likely explained some of her past, or at the very least why he was given a different name than what most everyone else calls her.

"There's a stack of movies too if you think you can sit still for one long enough." A brow arches. "Or … I could make you."

"Food," he repeats. "Like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder." Pietro grins lopsidedly as he continues, "And you are the lovliest lady I've met."

With the invitation to pour something, Pietro makes his way over, expending a little energy, that is.. one second he's in one spot, and the next? Next to the refrigerator for drinks. Opening it up, he's perusing, mumbling softly, "Soda.. milk.. beer. Ah.." and two bottles are pulled out, the tops popped. His tones turn a touch on the theatric side, the lightness still holding in his voice, "A stack of movies? What are you trying to do? It will be forever to me…" Sitting still? It's hard! Pietro continues, the smile returning easily, "So it had better be a good one."

Serenity blushes even as she rolls her eyes. "I'm going to show you, one of thesedays,what the world looks like that to the rest of us," she threatens teasingly as plates are filled with a mock-stroganoff made from heavy cream, cheese, cubed steak, and a myriad of other things.

"I promise, if you get bored, I'll find a different way to entertain you."

Pietro takes a swallow of beer before tilts it in her direction in gesture, "You.. you could never bore me." The blush brings his smile brighter and he laughs, "Living in slow motion, though?" He shakes his head, "No.. that could kill me for boredom."

The plates are piled, and the smell of the cream, the look of it causes his eyes to widen, "You spoil me.." Of course, the chances are good he's getting more than she is. Probably. "As for the movie? Now you will never know if I am truly bored with the movie, or just interested in what you might have in mind to entertain me." He's honestly good with a movie, however.. they've got the whole night ahead of them!

Serenity can't help but giggle and shake her head. "You are incorrigable, my dear gypsy." She adores his accent if she's being entirely honest. "Sit. Eat." Her head is given a shake and once the plates are sat down, she pops in the first movie in the stack and then makes her way over to curl up next to him. "And it doesn't seem like slow motion after my touch. I don't think… Actually, I've never turned off speed powers before…" Not that it matters, mind you. She wouldn't really shut him down.

"And no more than you do me, thank you." A sip of her beer is taken as the opening credits start. "The night is young, Pietro. Pace yourself. For my sake." A quick, playful wink and she settles back to enjoy dinner and her company.

Pietro completely trusts her when it comes to her powers, though the struggle was real there for a little while. Beauty and personality won out, and the 'how could such a lovely lady do such a thing to me?' came out on top.

Settling in on the couch, then, with plate in hand, Pietro shifts a little in order for Ser to get comfortable beside him. When she tucks in and curls up, he lifts his arm in order for her to lean up and against him, shifting the bottle to his 'free' hand in the process. "Incorrigible?" He looks beside him and down, brows rising, the amusement in his eyes playing easily. "That is good for me, yes? You would not like me corrigible." Not even a word, sorry Pietro.

Okay… Dinner can wait a bit. Curling up against the man beside her is far more appealing. Which is precisely what she does. Head on his shoulder and her beer in one hand, she relaxes against him.

His question makes her giggle as she looks up at him. "One, that isn't a word handsome, sorry. And two…I think I really really would. A lot actually. But after the movie." The next move is bold but he left himself open for it. She steals a quick kiss since He's facing her and then with a smirk, turns her attention back to watch .. Die Hard, apparently.

It'll be an interesting night.

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