In Over His Head?

Characters: Aspen Matthews (Fathom), King Orin II (Aquaman) & Sebastion Gilberti (Bastion)
Rated: PG
Summary: Orin and Aspen meet a diver, Agent Gilberti, who is there to retrieve some ‘dangerous’ salvage for SHIELD.
OOC Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018
IC Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Where: Atlantic Ocean. Off the coast of Manhattan.

The area is barred from access, multiple boats patrol, their searchlights panning over the blackened night waves. Back and forth they move, searchingly. A simple glimpse would suggest, on first guess, that the police are doing some kind of search for something in the water. But it isn't police, that's not right. Government. More accurately to those in the know? SHIELD.

Something is indeed in the relatively shallow water off the coast in this area of New York city, bordering heavy industrial docks. All the shipping lanes here are temporarily closed, as the hunting vessels keep everybody out, for the most part. Sometimes they will let a ship through: that suggests it isn't actually something like a murder investigation. No, it's something else.

Most of the teams have stopped any diving activity due to the night, but not all of them. One of the larger barges, with the massive hooks resting in the water for hauling up any number of extremely heavy objects, currently has a dive crew at the most eastern edge of the zone. A number of very tired scientists have coffee in their slickers, and debate the insanity of continuing to do this at night. But there is a diver going down, on a subwing: a wide technological underwater diving solution: one that pulls the diver down through the water. SHIELD operative Gilberti is not going to be diverted just because it is a little DARK. The mass of debris underwater at this site holds something that needs to be dealt with.

Orin held onto his trident as he felt something dark stirring in the deep waters. Looking to his wife, and while he tells her to stay put with full knowledge that she will disobey this command, Orin swims closer to the surface world as he notices upon the massive debris, the Atlantean King looking on as he prepares to investigate….of couse, he does't need air whatsoever, though he's still going to check this out.

His trident brimmed to life in his hand, thoug hthe cover of darkness helps him considerably, even hiding the appearance ofh is golden trident and his physical form….let's see what evil rests here.

As it stands, he has no interest in SHIELD. don't pollute hte water.

Something taints their waters… Their people possibly in danger by whatever it is… And she's told to stay put? Yeah. Good luck with that.

Physical form is forgone in favor of shifting into water. It makes her almost impossible to detect, even in broad daylight. Orin goes one way and Aspen comes in from the other. It leaves who, or what, ever this is little to no way to get past them unnoticed. Even going straight up will be seen.

Like the King, Aspen could care less about SHIELD. Or any organization from the surface world, really. What she does care about, however, is discovering why they have opted to invade the waters.

The diver seems to pay Orin and his trident absolutely no mind: probably no clue he is there. Same with Aspen. No clue.

Gilberti's dressed in full diving gear: a breathing apparatus, black sleek wetsuit, fins, all of those cumbersome things that humans need when they come down underwater. And, of course, a very massive searchlight lamp mounted on the subwing. All of that means he's really unidentifiable, other than being a diver guy. The diver ends up moving over part of some of the debris, scanning over it, and then stopping, clipping the subwing's tether onto an edge of a spike of metal — probably the blade of a crashed helicopter?— and entirely FAILS to tread water, sinking like a rock onto part of the rounded metal dome he seems to have landed on. He just sank, without the subwing to pull him, like he's wearing cement shoes. He is then drawing out a small object, holding it close to his face, and trying to get readings off the glowing greenly lit screen. Big chains of bubbles flutter upwards from around his face and the breather, making it even harder to see. He smacks the side of the device and clips it back onto his waist, and starts to walk around in the debris pile, hunting.

A bit further. Device again. Finally it turns yellow, and he squats. He found some weird big piece of armored metal thing imbedded in the sea floor. It's about the size of a small car. He's quite obviously trying to figure out how to get under it, circling it.

Orin swims through some of the wreckage, humming softly to himself before he just uses his super strength to practically rip off a piece of the metal so he could swim inside…Trident held at the ready with no idea that Aspen was even there.

That's a talk later.

Either way….his focus is on this new threat.

Where her husband heads inside, not that Aspen knows that, the young Queen prefers a much more direct approach. She comes up behind the diver, shifting from water form to 'human' and crossing her arms over her chest.

"You do not belong in these waters."

While she doesn't sound hostile, per se, there is the definite tone of 'explain quickly' that matches the look on her features. Oddly, she seems to just 'hover' in the water instead of tread it, as if the waters themselves were keeping her in place and suspended there.

The wreckage is a variety of things. There's a ship to investigate or the downed helicopter that will be easy to rip open and look in. General debris that rolled down here over a few months from some fights. And a few other things that look more like they could be big, high tech missiles or something like that. They're solid, though, not things to go inside like the ship or helicopter.

So, the Queen appears. Behind the diver…? That means he won't know she's there at first. Really, he just doesn't see her yet, he's looking down, and has a lot of equipment on destroying his peripheral vision, particularly with it being this dark. His hearing in the water just isn't going to be useful in this situation unless he's paying attention, either. It won't seem like he's ignoring her: more that he didn't even react even a little bit. Unaware. He pans his light down, really focused on the zone at his feet, at the dark indigo metal. He bends and digs a little with a gloved hand.

And then … figures out that she's there, during a cursory check around him again. He startles at her, his light immediately shone at her. There's a bit of a release of breath, in form of extra bubbles. And Gilberti ends up looking back at her steadily. Inside the mask, is his muffled "…hello." He took it well, considering. After all, he didn't really EXPECT a woman in a bathing suit down here. And isn't reacting as if he'd heard her demand before.
Orin quietly investigates th wreckage….though the sound of bubbles from the diver causes Orin to immediately turn towards one of the walls, Trident in hand and in a defensive position…he wasn't alone in investigating this. Normally surface worlders wouldn't dare come out into the seas at night. Though Orin sees as good as day in such midnight black water.

Either way, he looks at the missile-looking pods and his face turns grim. Were they planning an attack on Poseidonis? Highly unlikely. certainly going to attack something else…but there's something here. Orin feels….off.

Ugh. Aspen hasn't gone on a dive with a human in ages and forgot how annoying and cumbersome those suits could be.

Her eyes narrow faintly and her voice lifts, the water being used to carry it. "You don't belong in these waters. Why are you here?"

Does she risk drawing the attention of her husband? Absolutely. And she'll undoubtedly be spoken with later about putting herself in possible danger but.. That's later. For now, she's focused on the diver and the material he had been so interested in earlier.

It may become necessary to create an air bubble for the human.

So, Gilberti realizes he might be blinding Aspen, and drops the light down to her feet in a polite manner, so as not to shine it in her eyes. She did come out of nowhere, though! He holds up a hand near his head, to indicate that he's trying to hear her. The diver isn't entirely sure how well he will be heard if HE talks, but doesn't appear to have any pause to answering her question. He starts visually, just in case: he shows her his device. He points at the big object next to him that is embedded. He then adjusts, pulls a new flat probe object away from his belt a little on the line it is attached to, indicates it, shows it being pulled upwards. And then points upwards. And finally, he tries to kind of shout it inside his mask, though he isn't sure she'll get anything he's saying: "Some dangerous things fell down here. We're cleaning up. Trying to pull these out and disarm so nobody's at risk." He pauses, and then gives her an encouraging looking thumbs up. There's nothing but a direct honesty to his tone and behavior. "Going to pull them up. I don't belong, no: I don't want to be down here either, but it's my job." There's a smile in his voice, but his expression? He's in a somewhat foggy mask and breathing apparatus.

Orin hmms softly then at what he finds…before he feels out the shifts in the water. He can feel it…his wife, Aspen was there against his consent, and a -human-. Regardless, it's the first step to getting answers, and beside Aspen and the diver, Orin appears, swimming towards them -very- quickly. He gives his wife one of -those- looks as he silently says that they will talk about this. Uh oh.

Then he turns his head to the diver. narrowing his eyes at him as he looks to the wreckage….then back to him.

Talk fast man!

That look is shot at her and Aspen's brow twitches for a moment as she meets her husband's gaze. "He wants to take up the wreckage. Says some of it's dangerous. You'll need to raise your voice. Those suits make it impossible to hear anything. I hated diving with humans for that very reason." She has no issue hiding that the she isn't human. Her very presence makes it clear.

Her attention turns back to the diver. "What is it?" And why the sudden interest? This stuff has clearly been here a while.

Ugh, this is not a great situation now with her question. Gilberti clearly appears to either sigh or flinch. Blah. "We would say it is classified, ma'am," he has to say, as if well aware that isn't at all an answer that she'll like. Or even one he'd like to GIVE, actually. "I can say that somebody realized they are here, and nobody wants one of them causing a danger anymore. I'm here to disarm the things, if they need it, before they're hauled up. I'd like to do that."

The most WEIRD thing would be that while Gilberti turned to look at the new person arriving, he didn't behave as alarmed as he probably SHOULD have. Then again, maybe this is just another day in the life of SHIELD. New weird shit? Yeah, that's just a day in the life. He is entirely non-aggressive, in his posture, standing there on the wreckage. SHIELD science guy just doing his thing.

Arthur Curry takes a deep sigh as he can underwater, before he nods softly to Aspen, his hand giving hers a squeeze before he turns his sharp gaze to the surface dweller before he shakes his head softly. "Hmph." is all he says to the man, though he's tempted to take the helmet off of his head, see if it's still calssified information. Though of course, air bubbles would likely be needed.

"What was the purpose of this wreckage? a failed attempt at attacking the enemies of your people?”

Finally, Aspen moves from where she had been 'standing' and dips down to investigate the wreckage more closely. "This has been here for some time, Orin… If you give me a moment, I know enough about science to be able to take a well educated guess on what it may have been and what it was used for. I'm finding it difficult to believe that, this close to shore, they are just now becoming aware of anything that could be considered overly dangerous. Especially if it's classified…"

A look is tossed over her shoulder. "Do I need to create an air bubble for the human so he can talk properly?" Here eyes flit between the diver and her husband for several seconds before she turns her attention back to the wreckage and continues to examine it.

"….Look, I'm not … the leading say on this project; those are up on the ship above me whining that it's too dark," Agent Gilberti says, sounding (well, muddled due to the breathing apparatus, but regardless of that) not quite comfortable with where this will be going.

"But I've just invented a new larger range tracking method, and this came up —we thought this was all destroyed… but it isn't. Obviously it's here, but these big rock formations masked it."
While he talks, he moves to attach what is clearly a little flashing-light beacon to the top of that piece of salvage, slamming a hand down on one of the little metal feet to get it to sink into the metal. It sinks in. Gilberti is possibly a little -too- strong, or the metal is deteriorated. He is still clearly distracted with the issue of that it is sunken into the ocean floor here.

For those with a good guess (like Aspen?), a good timeline is maybe just over a year or two. They look like weapon parts or engines or some weirdness. It meshes with 'dangerous', blowing them up could be really bad.

Orin looks at Gilberti as he attempts to explain the situation, but Orin appears to be somewhat mildly annoyed at the breathing apparatus blocking his voice, to which he looks at his wife. "Yes please." giving her full permission to remove his helmet and cast an air bubble around his head.

"Now then..How do you suggest removing it?" he asks then, because the only answer he got was 'we'll take care of it’.

Aspen stops in her inspection and turns to face the two men. Her head tilts and her eyes narrow faintly before she fully relaxes and brings her hands up. In front of her and at Sebastion's feet, a bubble forms and grows until it's surrounding him fully and is completely devoid of water.

"You can take your mask off now," is said in a slightly raised voice. "You'll be able to breath just fine." There's a small smirk. "And if we intended harm, we would have done it already." A wink is tossed and then she's examining the metal again.

"From what I can tell, my love… He's correct. There's parts of a helicopter here. Missile casings. It's… a heap of weapons and military vehicle that shouldn't be here…"

"Well, some of these pieces may be able to propel /themselves/ up if they are still functional, so if I can check them out, might be really easy. Otherwise we have some big salvagers that can haul these things up, probably with repulsors placed underneath," Gilberti says, half of the speech muddled in spots due to the hiss and choke of the breathing apparatus that has proven to annoy the underwater denizens. "So if I can't roll them over to CHECK the access panels, then yeah, brute force with a crane," Gilberti says as a guess.

And then she's making a creepy air pocket around him. And he reacts like most people do when confronted with weird abilities, which is to kind of pull back away, uncomfortable. He doesn't take the mask off at first, but seems to be visually inspecting. He carefully partially unhooks the lower mask, but is holding his breath. No trust is there on either side: they trust him as much as he them, potentially.
Orin looks at Aspen as she creates an air bubble around the man in question, a small smile on his face as Gilberti appears to be following as he is supposed to do…at least for now. Though when he sees him start to be reluctant, he frowns. "If we wanted to kill you, you would be dead." he echoes his wife's words, before he looks to her in her observation.

"hmm….I see. If it is not removed soon, I will remove it myself." he states then, as if to show threat to his intolerance of having such weapons of destruction in his ocean. Either way, he looks to Aspen. "Word has already been sent to the council." before he looks back to Gilberti. eyes narrowed like he sure as hell didn't trust the fellow.

"I trust you'll make haste."

"Orin…" Aspen's voice is gentle but there's an arched brow directed at her husband that speaks volumes about his 'grrr face'. Her own attention turns towards the man. "As I said, you certainly don't belong in these waters and neither does this," is said with a motion to the debris. "It's imperative that it be removed at once. For everyone's safety…"

Her head tilts. "Some of it is stuck though. I can help with that if you'd like. We can get the pieces to the surface with relative ease. If you need to check on something, by all means. You can move about in the air bubble without any detriment. It is only to allow you to breathe without the mask and tank so we can communicate easier. It will move with you." She even puts some distance between her and the salvage in order to make him feel… safer.

"Yes, I see, but comments about murdering me and how easy that is don't make me feel comfortable," Gilberti says, in a really flat deadpan manner, as BOTH of them decide to declare how super effortless it is to kill him.

"Great. Back to work for me, then," Gilberti says finally when Orin suggests he make haste. Same thing as always: he has something to do, and has people asking him questions! He moves, unsure if the air balloon is going to follow him, or what, despite what she says. He is pretty brave, considering, though.

"I'm glad we all agree to get these objects up and out of here. If you're willing to unearth them, that will speed it up. Otherwise, I'm going to do it at whatever rate it ends up being," Gilberti says, with a half-grin. He's more amiable without the mask on, with a sort of relaxed and indifferent expression. Not communicating through the mask likely helps a huge amount.

"Are you able to just roll this one over? The access is face-down." He taps the big domed piece with the beacon on it.

Orin looks to Aspen then, a knowing look on his face. "I am well aware, Aspen." he looks then to Gilberti as he suggests that if he had help, this would go impossibly faster. Nodding once. "That was all I needed." a look to Aspen then with a kind smile. "Could you help me remove it please?" he asks, knowing full well it is within both of their powers to help as Aquaman uses that trident, angling it in a certain way as the water begins to swirl and take hold of the wreckage….

Then it starts to try to lift it.

"hhnnnr.." he grunts softly. still heavy, despite his great strength. Either way! "Now then…lets see how fast we can work.”

Aspen's eyes soften. "My apologies. We were, perhaps, a little too… harsh." She gives Sebastion a gentle smile before nodding. "Of course I can. While you look at that one, we will get the rest lifted. Please make sure someone up there is ready to take these."

As asked, she rolls the piece of salvage over by directing a strong current at it. "It might be best to keep closer track of such things." Then her attention is turned to her husband and she smiles. "Of course, my King." A wink is tossed and her entire form shifts to water to amplify her strength and control over the element and then she's pushing against the debris with an even stronger current, ever so carefully directed, than she used to flip the other piece.

Between the two of them, it should be easy and take a relatively short amount of time.

Gilberti just about pounces. "Careful this one. Worst of the lot." Fearlessly, to an extent, because he immediately moves under the one he really wanted, and twists upwards to feel along an edge where a big piece was torn off, and… aha. He pulls open the panel he wanted, shining his light up into it. "This bubble is helping a lot," Gilberti announces aloud, as he looks up into it, assessing damage.

"Testing something!" he says, after dropping his light and pulling a long tool from his belt. He inserts it into the side of the mass, and suddenly there is a huge response.

With a huge WHUUUUUUURRR the massive machine engages, and there is an onslaught of energy that bursts from the side that was up, entirely destroying the little beacon. It tears upwards through the water, boiling in a spiraling column of pure reddish laser. It is blinding and powerful. Gilberti is safe under the thing, and fortunately no people are above them! It beams up like an explosive SKY-LAZOR, and then churns and disappears.

Gilberti is apologetic. Kind of. He sounds excited, but panic can make that same sound. "I'm going with 'operational,'" he calls from below it. "That got shorted with the propulsion. We're good now. Up it goes. Pretty sure they'll be aware it's coming."
As soon as that massive laser appears to go right off, he looks to Aspen as he covers her, serving as a royal human meat shield. Either way, when it'se clear it won't harm them, he rises to his feet and looks at Gilberti, -big- frown on his face. "If she had suffered a single scratch on her body, you would have paid a dear price. warning, first." he tells him then after a deep sigh, before he continues his efforts of lifting the massive thing.

Looking to Aspen, his gaze is concerned. "Are you alright?" he asks curiously, making sure that his love is unharmed…it would be a horrible event if she were injured….

Because Gilberti would not like what follows.

Suddenly covered, Aspen grins. Technically, he did warn but not that the reaction could be so… violent. She makes sure to stay very still until her husband moves. "I'm fine, love. I promise. Not a scratch." Not that she can easily be killed but that isn't exactly something they talk about often. It tends to be an avoided subject.

A look is cast over at Sebastion and she grins. "Warning and then time to react next time, hm?" She manages not to chuckle and then turns her attention back on lifting the debris up and out of the ocean. "Glad you were able to get everything functional to remove it," is said to the man in the bubble.

"It wasn't aimed at anyone," Gilberti says offhandedly, but there's a weight under it: the scientist knew a bit more about it and the safety of it than he's possibly letting on, though it doesn't appear that he fired it on purpose. He shut it off too quickly for it to have been intentional.

However, it looks entirely dormant (aside from the WHURRR that it still appears to be creating, which might make absolutely nobody other than Gilberti feel comfy).

"Me, too," the man adds to Aspen's assessment. Yes, very glad. He begins to pick along the debris and dislodge other things. One of them — there's NO hiding what it is, once the helicopter is removed from it. It is a big robotic arm, big enough to grab a person in the huge hand. That's probably safe. Gilberti is fearless of it, climbs over to the severed area of the forearm, pokes around in it with confidence.

Orin seemed relieved that Aspen was unharmed…many reasons as to that, but first and foremost was that 'she's my wife and if something happens to her, the world burns' kind of deal. Either way, he keeps lifting..and lifting….until he sees that massive metal arm.

"What in the name of Poseidon?" he looks at it then, setting aside the wreckage 'gently' as he lifts it up towards the surface, since the surface worlders are expecting it anyways, and has the water due the rest, keeping it there in an act of definite superhuman force.

Then he swims down to the arm. "hm…just weapons, huh?" he looks at Gilberti, now feeling justified for why he does't trust surface worlders. "Always inventing new ways to kill each other." a look to Aspen then, concern on his face.

Aspen's eyes widen at the arm, a concerned look shooting to Aquaman and then back to Sebastion before sliding to her husband once more. "Mm. So it would seem…" Something tugs at the back of her mind. Stories that she had dismissed and just can't quite remember. It just wasn't important to her. "I think we should speed up getting this out of here." Something about all of this is starting to creep the Sea Queen out more than a little. And it takes a lot to shake Aspen.

Gilberti actually looks entirely offended by the weapons comment. "This is HARDLY just a weapon," Gilberti says, in a way that leans extremely defensive. As if it's personal. "—-Observe," he says, annoyed, and fiddles with the arm's severed 'elbow' a little bit, opening it up, removing part of the lower forearm in a way that suggests a LOT of familiarity, and anchors his own hand into the lower part. And promptly begins to carefully leverage the hand into action: a puppeteer of a ridiculously large robotic construct:

The terrifying robotic severed limb turns, fingers grasp in a slow test, puppeted, and using it, Gilberti begins to help unearth the other objects. It is clumsy, awkward, but clearly helping. Also churning up a lot of rock and debris that clouds the water, but that's just a side effect. There are a few more pieces of the robot thing, but none as large as the arm. All of those can be lifted, with them working together, raised from the water, and taken onto the salvager above.

Gilberti probably meant to show usefulness. It's actually probably quite AWFUL to watch (or creepy, as the Sea Queen is feeling), as dismembered things moving is always uncomfortable to those with limbs.

Orin watches the arm as he looks to Gilberti, humming softly. "-just- being the operative word." he looks Gilberti right in the eyes before he looks to the arm, watching it turn and grasp, though Orin moves back to protect Aspen, he looks back to Sebastion when it turns out that all is well.

"You will tell no one of this meeting." he says then, eyes locked onto his own. He was serious, Poseidonis was still quite the secret after all. He looks to Aspen then with a smile, reaching for her hand as if preparing to send them both away.

"Until next time, Surface Worlder.”

As if the general feel of everything wasn't enough, seeing the limb suddenly moving has Aspen actually looking kind of pale and green. Yes, even in the water. "Orin…" She's normally not nearly so squeamish.

When her hand is collect, she smiles at her husband and then turns her attention on Sebastion. "The bubble will last about thirty minutes after I'm gone or until you break the surface. Whichever happens first."

One more strong current is sent to the debris to make sure it's all loose and easy to retrieve. "That, hopefully, will help. Take care and, please, he more careful with such… things… In the future."

"Yes. I'll take all the credit. I did not get your name in order to forget it, regardless," Gilberti answers, with some mixed dismay. He isn't good at asking people their names. He should improve at it. But he has a feeling he would not have been told anyway. "Until next time," Gilberti agrees, using the arm's propulsion system to bring him over to his equipment at the bottom, and then gets the arm aloft and collected.

Gilberti will leave, as well, glad to be out of the water… but more glad to have the prizes intact.

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