I love arrows!

Characters: Nat Clint
Rated: G
Summary: After finding out that all the arrow shafting and heads were grabbed up by a new archer on the block (Roy, that means you!), Christmas comes early in the Barton apartment. Lucky gets attention.
OOC Date: Sat Nov 25 20:11:36 2017
IC Date: Sat Nov 25 20:00 2017
Where: Clint's apartment, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NYC

Nat had no desire to see the massive tree in Times Square. It would soon be on every video ad and in every magazine anyhow so, why bother? Clint, undoubtedly, had time to take the dog to 'see' it though. Where Nat went when she left the club had taken a a little longer, by hours, than she had expected.

She she does show up, the sound on the door is clearly made with her foot as her hands are quite fully. Beer, pizza, movies and a long box that gives no indication, at all, of what's in it.

She hasn't even taken the time to change from what she was earring at the club. Granted, it was 'civilian' clothes, but still…

Judging from the way she kicked the door, the bird inside better be quick in opening it or she might kick it down.


It's the dog that hears Natasha's footsteps up the stairs before Clint does, and he's whining at the door, sniffing at the base before he looks up and sits down, staring. A second later, he's backing up, sniffing at the bottom of the door again and whining, letting out a short, staccatto'd 'woof'.

"Hey, you already went-" And then Clint hears it, the distinct sound of steps then a kick/bang of the door. Swinging around to get up, he half-strolls towards the door, "Hold on, hold— Lucky, buddy, out of the way.. Aunt 'Tash is here. Back it up.." An arm swings out to grab the dog's collar to pull him back as he opens the door.

"C'mon in… geez.. what.." Clint reaches out to grab one, two things, more notable the beer if not the pizza as well, and is ready to close the door once more once his partner is inside. Of course Lucky is giving the box a BIG sniff…

Pizza dog!


One hand freed, Nat reaches down to pet the dog as well as pull him away. "Hey, let him set it down. Go sit and wait."

Straightening, she holds up DVDs. Die Hard and the GoT set. Because Nat watching Game of Thrones makes perfect sense!

"Sit it down and then grab your fletching gear and come sit with me. Feed Lucky first." She's already moving over to the couch and tossing the DVD cases on the nearest stand. The other box is held in her lap, her face stoic except for the almost unreadable hint of excitement mixed with irritation in her eyes.


The moment the box is lifted out of his way, the whine begins anew, and he leans against 'Tash's brief push/hold on him only to dig claws into the floor in order to run towards the coffee table where Clint is setting the box down. *SNIIIIIFF* The tail is wagging!

Clint sets the pizza and beer down onto the coffee table in front of the well-worn couch and pushes Lucky away a little, moving his snout. "No.. not yet."

He was going to help her with the rest, but brows rise and he takes the one, two steps back to the couch and *flops* down heavily before leaning forward to open the box. A bit of the cheese that sticks to the top of the box is peeled off and tossed at the dog, who leaps into the air, snatching it with a *clop* of his muzzle. "Good boy."

Clint looks up and lays on his side to grab his shaft scale, his fletching jig, and sits back up. "Okay, come sit down.. let's watch some of that Die Hard action. I got room right here.. Lucky, you stay down."


Nat hands the box over. "These were meant to wait until Christmas." She takes a seat next to him once the box is taken.

"Elite Carbon fiber, dynamic dual spine, straightness to 1/50,000 of an inch and a sorting tolerance of 0.0015. .203 inside diameter." There's nothing on the market or even in SHIELDs reach like it. "Ninety percent less oscillation than the previous ones." The shafts need feathers and tips of course. "The heads aren't done yet." Which pisses her off almost as much as his equipment being stolen in the first place.


Up comes Lucky's nose to sniff the box, the tail wagging over the pizza box. One paw is placed on the couch, but as Nat takes her seat, the paw comes down again.

"Lucky, go lay down.."

Clint shifts a little as 'Tash takes her spot, handing over the arrow box. Brows rise as she starts reciting the specs of the shafting, and he blinks once, twice.. and whistles softly. "You serious? I mean.. this is.." He takes a shaft out and sets the end of it to spin on the palm of his hand, blue eyes keenly staring at it. There's no bend. Nothing. "Damn.. 'Tash, this is.." Amazing. "Why? I mean, Christmas, I get.. but.." He pauses a moment before, "Does this mean you want your Christmas present now?"


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