Howlett At Harry's

Characters: Logan and Logyn
Rated: PG
Summary: Logyn meets Logan at the X-Men's favorite local watering hole - Harry's Hideaway - and discuss some history.
OOC Date: 2017-12-20
IC Date: December 20th, 2017
Where: Harry's Hideaway in Westchester

Harry's Hideaway, a wonderful bar that's now been dimlitted and set to a beautiful shaded area, perfect for two people to talk, even though it's -not- gonna get romantic. Logan sits there at one of the booths with a beer in hand, and he had called Logyn, his sister counterpart, to come join him down at the bar. After she is good and summoned, Logan just kicks back and relaxes, taking a small breath as he awaits for his guest to arrive, then they can talk about memories and the like.

The time for personal questions had come.

Logyn doesn't have a phone, but one of the students at Xavier's took the call and relayed the message that her 'brother' had called for her. This earns the boy a curt nod and a lactonic, "Thanks," from the trans-dimensional woman who heads to the garage to get her motorcycle which she rides into town. After parking she strides into Harry's and then, after allowing her eyes to adjust to the expected 'poor' lighting of the bar, continues on to the booth Logan has situated himself in. "Hey there," she says to him as she slides into the booth on the side opposite him.

Logan was just simply sipping on his beer when Logyn finally arrived, offering her a small smile and a little nod. "Hey. How we doin' today?" he says as he orders her a beer. the kind he likes to see if it's the same as the kind she likes. "Or did you have another type in mind?"

"A Bud's perfect," Logyn says and then calls out to Harry, "Pour us a pitcher actually." She then looks back at her 'brother' and says, "I'm doing okay, can't speak for you to answer how 'we' are doing," with a wink.

Logan gives her a small smile then when she summons the pitcher from Harry. "Heh, fair enough…" he gives her a warmer smile then, before he sips his beer and Harry come over with the pitcher. They can't really get drunk, so they may as well drink to their hearts content. "So, what have you been up to today?"

"Oddly enough - with our staying at a school - I've been spending the day learning things," Logyn says before she takes the pre-poured mug of beer and drinks a quarter of the pint in a few gulps. "One of the kids showed me how to navigate Wikipedia this morning, so… well, I find some of the differences in the world amazing. Even more than the extra foot you're carrying around."

Logan nods quite a few times at her words. "Heh, what, you gonna be attending there now?" he questions for a moment, before a smile crosses his features. "Oh shit, kids teaching you how to use Wikipedia….words of wisdom, don't trust anything you see on there. Anyone can edit it." he shrugs then, though when his height is mentioned, he grins. "You're just unhappy because you're short."

Logyn hehs and shakes her head. "Nothin' wrong with being short. In fact, it helps getting into places your oversized frame'll have problems with," she says before drinking some more beer.

Logan smiles then to Logyn, chuckling a little bit. "Alright, alright, you got me. Not bad, sister." he gives her a little wink then at that last bit. "So then, what will you do now? Stay at the school? take some classes? Roll with the X-Men?"

"Haven't put much thought into it," Logyn replies. "I hoping at least for some help setting up enough of a public identity to get by day-to-day at the very least. But I could roll with the Xs if that was something the team was open to my joining."

Logan nods a few times. "There isn't exactly a restricting quality against you to my knowledge." he smiles then a moment before he continues. "If you need help with an identity, I have you covered." he states pretty easily enough, his eyes on hers then for a moment. he takes a sigh, pulling out his dog tags. and looking at them. One side says 'James Howlett' and the other side says 'Wolverine'.

Logyn nods. "So you know about the Howlett-thing," she says without further explanation.

Fade to Black

Editor's Note: The scene was paused with intent to continue but due to the timing of the holidays and my having no Internet on December 21st, the scene remained paused long enough that we decided to wrap it here.

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