Healer Walks the Heart of Harlem

Characters: Mack, Tigger
Rated: PG
Summary: Mack makes her way into Mutant Town following the incident there, looking to help heal the injured and gather more information for SHIELD. She runs into the homeless, and the mysterious Tiger of Mutant Town.
OOC Date: 2018-03-03
IC Date: 2018-03-03
Where: Alleys of Mutant Town

Mutant Town has seen some rough times of late. The Fearsome Five set off some kind of rage-inducing psychic weapon a week or so ago, which caused all manner of chaos and damage that is only now being repaired. Thankfully, no lives were lost, but quite a few injuries were sustained, and more than a little property damage.

The weapon in question was supposed to be secured by SHIELD, but when they arrived it had apparently been thrown into space and put on a trajectory towards the sun. There are some hard feelings over that, to be sure.

There are also some issues amongst the community regarding the incident. The police are even more tense around here than they normally are, having seen theis whole place erupt so dangerously. And even the Animal Control personnel have been stepped up, as there were multiple sightings of a 'humungous killer tiger' throughout Mutant Town that afternoon. One wouldn't think a supposedly fifteen-foot long tiger would be hard to find in the space of only a few dozen city blocks, but no one has found the thing, and Animal Control is getting very nervy. They can't seem to figure out where the thing could have come from, and they're even more pissed off because it seems a large segment of the local population don't want to help them or even talk to them about the tiger.

It's like the damned thing is running a protection racket or something.

Haven is around, because SHIELD is curious about the aftermath, and the truth is, she can help. When there is injury, she at least can be useful. She's in comfortable, beaten up and faded BDUs, a long sleeved black henley, and her favored black jacket, with the universal red cross of medics on an arm band around the sleeve.

Her messenger bag is slung over her head, crossbody, full to bulging with medical supplies, and a couple other things. She will wander the streets pretty fearlessly for an unknown face, blonde hair back in a braid, no jewelry other than the tags tucked under her shirt.

Most people trust medics when they won't trust anyone else, so no one causes real trouble for Haven. But unknown faces don't get a lot of trust around here, especially when they are visibly 'normal'; the assumption is such normal people are going to be less accepting of the less normal who live around here. Nevertheless, though most are a bit standoffish, no one confronts Haven, and some eventually relent to being treated. They are hurt, and they can't exactly afford most standard medical care.

The most challenging for Haven might be the most disadvantaged here: the homeless, those living on the streets. They are suspicious and skittish, noticeably untrusting of strangers. One thing Haven may notice is that there are a lot of street cats amongst the homeless. Not being kept by them, but around: on rooftops, milling around trashcans, lying about on fire escape platforms. And the cats keep a close watch on everyone and everything around.

One of the homeless men, with ruddy lobster-esque skin and pincer-like hands, but with a ragged sling around his arm and a wrap firm around his midsection, questions Haven. "You're not from the rigs. No colors, mo patches. What you want here?"

She will heal those who allow her, with means both normal and …not. Maybe it will help spread that for all she looks normal.. she's one of them. It may help, when she comes back. She will also hand out little treats to the small children she helps, or are with parents she helps, just cherry lollipops, because they're the best.

Blue eyes will move to the face of the lobster-esque man, brows lifting. "The rigs? I'm not familiar with the terminology. I'm here because I'm a medic, I can help, and I'm a mutant. Do I need another reason?"

"The rigs. Ambulance rigs." the man explains, honestly. "We don't see medical around here, except those from the rigs. Not usually." But when she admits to being a mutant, and demonstrates it, that does indeed ease things up a bit. Word of that seems to spread ahead of her coming through the community, and more of those who were shying away seem to come closer. And not all of them come for themselves.

"I could use some of your help. But Kendrick … he needs you more." The lobster-esque man pushes hard against the wall, scrambling up to his feet. He turns to one of the others nearby. "Go. Tell her I'm bringing the healer. We'll come to the alley the long way." He then leans in closer, perhaps hoping Haven won't hear him so clearly as he adds, "You don't tell her, she'll rip a stranger's face off before they can get to Kendrick."

His friend, a shaggy and unkempt black man in desert fatiques, nods and gets up, jogging down the alleyway and disappearing.

"I'm Barnacle." the lobster guy offers. "I'm Barney, really. But I've been Barnacle for a long time." That said, he leads the way, trying to get Haven to follow him down the street. "Kendrick is this way. I sure hope you can help him."

"Hi. Do you prefer Barney or Barnacle. How hurt is Kendrick? I mean, I can help more than one person. It's how my power works. I can help you while we walk, if you consent." She'll let her gaze go a little hazy as she moves with the man, assessing his injuries. She doesn't seem at all concerned about a trap, or being attacked. She may be armed with more than her powers. "Why don't you tell me what's happened to Kendrick?"

"Prefer Barney, Ma'am, you don't mind too much." he offers, honestly. "If'n it no trouble, you do what you can, Ma'am. Please. But Kendrick need it more."

Barney keeps leading the way. He has three bruised ribs, and one fractured. And his humerus is broken, the socket of his shoulder cracked. He hobbles along and leads the way down the street, three alleyways down. When he reaches the mouth of that third alley, he slows almost to a stop, and lightly presses a claw to Haven to slow her as well. "Kendrick was beaten. Baseball bat. She got to him, scared the attacker off. But he won't go to the hospital. Hides from the rigs. And she won't make him. That's not what she does."

When they come around the corner, Haven will get a frightening look at just who 'she' is. There's a man lying on a pair of crushed-down cardboard boxes, and covered with a US Army blanket. And resting right up against him, visibly sharing warmth, is a ginormous tiger. Haven may also be able to spot an older black man, scruffy-looking and possible a bit familiar, ducking out of the back of the alley through a rough fence. The tiger's amber-backed green eyes stare intently as Barney comes around the corner, moving slow, hands up, leading the way.

"Barney it is. Call me Mack." It seems an odd name, for a pretty blonde woman wandering the darker parts of the city. There will be a tingling and warmth spreading over his ribs, that may rise to be almost a stinging sensation. "You broke a rib, Barney. That's not the worst, but you'll be able to breathe easier. I want to save for Kendrick, but we'll see about your shoulder and your arm, after. Okay?" She knows she needs to hoard her power. If she overdoes it, there's no one that knows she's here.

She will noticed the messenger man darting away, before she notes the tiger. There's a jerk of a step back, as blue eyes meet those amber green ones. "So, is this the nameless she?" She'll ask Barney, as she retakes that step. "She'll understand that I'll need her to move to help Kendrick?" Her eyes leave the tiger to let her powers and vision assess the man on the boxes.

Barney inhales deeply, just once, to test out actually being able to breathe more easily, and then glances at Mack, nodding. "Thanks." Then his gaze goes back to the tiger. Can't blame him, right? "It's alright." he offers. "She really can heal." he explains.

The tiger is on the far side of Kendrick's body, watching closely. But she does not stand, does not leap, does not snarl. She just breathes, watching carefully. She does yawn once, huge mouth stretching even bigger, and then goes back to watching, but not interfering. She is pretty damned huge - a Siberian, if Haven would know the difference - and a bit over twelve feet long. She would probably stand almost six feet to the shoulder if she was on her paws. Clearly, she has kept Kendrick warm and safe.

"She'll understand more'n y'think. Promise." Barney comments.

Mack's powers will assess Kendrick: he has countless soft-tissue injuries. One arm is broken in four places, three ribs are broken, two more badly bruised, and he has contusions on more than one major organ. His leg is also broken. Worst of all is the scalp laceration and the skull injury beneath. Thankfully, Kendrick is conscious, though he starts shying away from Mack when she approaches.

The tigress leans in, bumping Kendrick's shoulder with her jaw. Then a huge fluffy paw lifts and lays down - very gently, in fact - on his upper chest, away from the ribs. Just enough to still him from moving.

Haven will take a deep breath of her own. "I may have to come back for your arm and shoulder, Barney. There's a lot of work here to do." She will reach into her bag, pulling out a sports drink that she will open and chug before she slowly starts to approach Kendrick. She will get out a protein bar, and offer one to Barney and Kendrick, because she isn't fool enough to think they get enough food.

"Kendrick? I'm Mack. I know you're scared, but I'm not a doctor, I don't work for the city or anything. I'm here as a mutant, who wants to help others. Okay? I'm just going to put my hand on your arm, all right? You'll feel heat, and there's going to be a feeling like when your foot falls asleep. That tingling pins and needles? But don't panic." She will move to kneel next to the man, eating her protein bar with one hand, the other resting feather light on his arm. The head will be first, as Haven lets her eyes shut. She doesn't heal the bones, so much as make his system do it himself. The scalp needs to be healed first, before it can get wickedly infected.

"Kendrick is important. I can wait, Ma'am." Barney offers. He does not leave Mack, but sits down at the mouth of the alley, much like he had back in his own, watching the street, keeping watch.

Kendrick moans softly as that heat begins inside him, but the tigress keeps her paw on his upper chest, keeping him relatively still. She watches Mack carefully, but patiently. She breathes audibly, her tail flicks now and then, but otherwise she makes no move. It is the kind of patience one is never taught to expect from a predator like this. And there is no question but that is what this creature is: an intensely lethal predator. Yet somehow these homeless people trust her.

Barney nibbles on his protein bar as he keeps watch. Kendrick does not, right now. Oddly enough, though not well kempt or terribly clean, they are not quite as bad off or starved as one might fear. Nevertheless, they are not super well off, either. Kendrick is just keeping his held tightly, waiting perhaps.

There's not much to watch, when it comes to Haven, really. One may notice color drains away from her cheeks, eyes moving behind closed lids. Her respiration increases slightly, a pucker along the skin of her forehead. She just seems to be kneeling, concentrating. Kendrick may feel the laceration closing up, skin is always easier than sinew or bone. But the worst of that will be done first, before the heat will fade to a faintly lingering glow of warmth.

Then the tingling will resume, lower down, along those ribs. The pucker in her forehead will become more pronounced, teeth catching at her bottom lip. But ribs are a frequent flyer with Mack, so it's not difficult, really.

The tiger and the injured homeless men stay pretty still themselves. Barney moves the most of all, keeping watch down the street in both directions. But nothing more.

After a good long while, as the color continues to drain from Mack's face, she will feel a warm, wet wufft of air across her face, and the lightly ticklish brush of whispers against the skin of her cheek. The tigress has leaned out over Kendrick's body, apparently checking on the pale, hard-working concentrating woman.

There will be a spike in the heat Kendrick feels along his ribs, as Haven jerks. Blue eyes are intensely blue, her jaw clenching as her hand not touching Kendrick drops that last bite of protein bar to flinch towards her lower back. She will suck in a deep breath, reining in control again over her powers. "Please no startling the medic. It's never a good idea."

A deep, bone-thundering rumble of a purr comes from the entire body of that huge beast, as a light touch comes to her cheek, a cold, wet nose. Just one touch. Then the tigress backs up, continuing to watch but giving Mack a bit more room. If she could, perhaps she would explain that she was a mite concerned over the woman's pallor, worried she might pass out and hurt herself. But right now, she just watches, as that rumbling purr continues to course through her, through the air, and through Kendrick.

It felt weird to be talking to a tiger, but.. well, she's done stranger things. She will shift, moving to sit cross legged, and resettling herself to work. The broken ribs at least, are taken care of, which will help Kendrick breathe more easily, and relax a little, which will help his own body help. "Okay. Arm or Leg? I can only do one with certainty, today."

The tiger continues to watch. Kendrick looks up at Mack and then takes a breath, sighing as he feels moe oxygen enter his bloodstream than he has felt in days. "Try the leg." he requests, softly. "Then I can make it to the soup kitchen, that stuff." He's honest; this is his life, and the best he can do. But he is clearly deeply grateful.

"You do great work, Mack." Barney offers from behind her. "Thank you." And he stays there, watching over the streets, keeping her safe, his friend Kendrick, and the tiger.

And the tiger lifts that huge paw from Kendrick's chest … and rests it lightly on the lap of the seated, hard-working healer.

"You got it." She'll offer Kendrick with a faintly wan smile and a wink. She's not the judgmental type. She knows that but for the grace of genetics being kind to her, she could be far, far worse off than she is. There's a deep breath and a roll of her shoulders, before she is about to settle down to business again.

Only to pause at that paw, and let blue eyes look up into those big green ones again. "Please no touching. I need to focus on Kendrick, and if I'm touching more than one at a time, it can interfere." There's a quick hint of a smile to try and show that it's not that she's offended, she's focused. Then she'll glance at Barney. "If I'd had red meat last night, I might have been able to do both."

The tiger doesn't seem offended. She actually nods that giant head of hers when Mack explains, and then lifts her paw, laying it down on the tiger's side of Kendrick. She honestly was just saying thank you in her way.

Barney comments, "Well, you ask, she'll get you some. But it'll take us a bit to cook it." And he's not kidding. Or at least he doesn't sound it.

"It would need time to digest. Just as well I go home and eat, get some sleep. I can come back tomorrow for his arm and yours." Haven will explain, before her head tips to the side just a bit. She'll hum to herself quietly, as she'll work at the leg. It will warm and tingle to the point of stinging, feeling like it's swelling. Thankfully, it is not a compound fracture, and while Haven will get to the point of alarmingly pale, with shadows under her eyes that are visible now.

"Fair 'nuff." Barney offers. "Sorry. But I had to ask." He doesn't interrupt further, but keeps up his watch. Clearly this 'tribe' of homeless work hard at looking after one another, and have expanded that to cover those who help their own.

When Mack is finally done, when she finishes and her eyes come open, shadowed with pain and exhaustion, face pale and weak, the tiger hops lightly - on cat feet, after all - over Kendrick and shoulders up beside Mack, supporting her with her broad furry flank. Then nuzzles lightly at her cheek, that vibration of that basso purr still pouring through.

"I appreciate the thought." Mack will drawl to Barney, even as she works, amused. She's seeing things inside her head, things that most people can't.

Blue eyes slide sidelong to look at the tiger. "You are awfully touchy-feely for a very large feline predator, you knwo that?" She will move, to rub her hands over her face and try to shake off the worst of the fatigue. "Okay, so look for me tomorrow? I will come back." She'll say to Barney.

The tiger stays close, supporting Mack until she is up safely to her feet and stable. Then she steps aside, tail swishing to the side.

"Thank you, Mack. Really appreciate it. We'll look out for you, tomorrow." Barney offers, as he steps over and offers his arm, just like an old-school gentleman. "And we'll get you taken back where we found you." He glances down at the tiger.

The tiger backs away and offers a nod to the man before she pads back over, nudges at Kendrick's tummy, and then slinks over behind the fence, a last flick of her tail before she disappears.

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