Expo: Sister Texts 2

Characters: Kara Zor-El, Divine
Rated: PG-13
Summary: As a follow-up to Sister Texts 1 and Texts From the Lost, Kara and Karen continue their burner phone texting conversations, while Linda walks around the Expo.
OOC Date: 2018-03-15
IC Date: 2018-03-15
Where: Metropolis Convention Center

It's been a good month almost since the last time Divine…Karen…has been in contact. The longest, perhaps, but then, she's mentioned that she doesn't know when or where she'll be put into the field at times, and she can't risk the phone that is her lifeline too often..

But, finally, today, Linda's phone gives a soft buzz as a text arrives. "R u there?"

Even in the heart of the Expo, full to overbrimming with people, gadgets, and all manner of noise, Linda Danvers cannot miss the soft buzz of the latest burner phone she has tucked away in her briefcase. She's pretty prompt about initiating a secondary pairing with the phone to her glasses, so that she can see the message and respond.

"Here. Hi. Been worried 'bout u. OK?"

There's not a quick pause before the message comes back. "Safe. Safehouse. Our foxy friend showed it to me. A place to go when I leave that they won't know about. Truck too." A slight pause, then. "I want to help her too, but I'm not sure how yet."

Karen sighs to herself, wiggling on the recently cleaned if old couch she's curled up on, surrounded by cleaning supplies. It was a safe house, not a clean house, as it turned out.

"Glad. Want to help vulpine one too." Meaning count Linda in. She's totally in favor of working on that. She continues to mill around the Expo a tad aimlessly, a bit more mentally involved in the task of their intermittent texting conversation than anyone would imagine. It takes that kind of involvement to feel her way uncertainly through the emotive minefield of her connection to her clone sister. "Little bro OK. Checked on last week."

Karen smiles faintly, tapping away. "Glad to hear is fitting in. Getting better at leaving too. Still get headaches when away too long. Anxious. Started to realize it today. Foxy one made me say outloud that i was going to leave. Instant migraine." Which would explain the bottle of aspirin sitting on the tv tray next to her, as it happens. "Can help her. Have to destroy records. One person holding her with past sins. Don't know what to do wit him. Should kill him. Would have killed him. Not sure now. Records, no problem. If I find them."

"Know better than argue." Linda sends. She is well aware that Karen was raised to 'solve problems' and that killing is perfectly natural to her. It isn't to Kara, and Karen knows it. They've discussed it ad nauseum. "Might be easier to leave alive, without records. Then no one to seek vengeance for them. But you're on scene. You have to make call. To protect, will back play."

There's a longer pause. "…don't mind you arguing." comes back finally. "Not sure anymore. What to do. What to think. Easier when someone tells you what to do. Only one set of possibilities. Orders. Now I don't know. Fox would kill him. You wouldn't. Don't know." The sense of frustration and confusion behind the texts is fairly overt.

"That frustration?" the first text response reads.

"That's freedom. Choice. And responsibility." And that is the point of all of the lectures and arguments.

"More than anything else. Just want you to have freedom to choose."

Linda is distracted by someone insisting on her attention, so her follow-up is a bit delayed. But it does arrive.

"Will back you. May be idealist. But never second-guess woman on the ground, in the field."

"Responsibility gives me headaches. -.-"

There's a longer pause as Karen considers. "Don't like hiding. Fox says is best. Stay here. Can't find me here. Figure out what to do…"

Bring America here, she starts to type, then deletes it methodically, frowning to herself, feeling a little…nervous? She hasn't mentioned that yet to her sister, after all. She doesn't know what she'd think. Probably she wouldn't mind it, she thinks, but still, it's…still so new. Maybe…maybe a little later she'll tell her.

"Feels like running away. I am running away. But, like letting them make me run."

"Gives all of us headaches at times." is Kara's first response.

She waits a bit, puzzling out how to say what it is she has in mind. It's not easy, as this is really sensitive subject areas for Karen, and she knows that.

"I get not liking it. Not wanting to give them that." Of course she would. They're sisters, despite whatever weirdness has happened to bring Karen to fruition.

"Maybe, if we work together, we can work out a way to turn and face them, together? Free Fox, and you?" It's a tentative offer, and one she's almost certain will be rejected. But she offers it anyway.

"I'm not against facing them. I don't want them to go after you. Or me. Or the kid." she responds after a moment. "Rather have a face to face fight than sneaking around. NOt smartest I know. But not my style generally." Karen admits. There's a pause. "OK. I don't know how to do that yet though."

"I don't want them to go after you. Or our little brother." Linda texts back, smiling. "And I'd rather have a face to face fight than sneak around, too. We're not so different, in a lot of ways." That's her one little rib of 'we're sisters, silly' she's going to make right now. "I don't know how, either. But maybe together we can figure out a way."

It's maybe a few minutes later before Linda sends another message. "Hey. The headaches thing. I don't wanna jump up and down on anything. But. That sounds almost like brainwashing stuff. You be careful. Might be worth asking Fox, next time you see her, if she thinks they've done that."

Karen frowns more at that. "Yes. UR right, should ask her. Just…thinking fuzzy, when I focus on it. Probably a bad sign." she admits freely. She may be brainwashed, but there's nothing wrong with her mental processes….just some areas she's having to force herself realize are there and need to be focused on despite the vague sense of unease she gets when she does.

"I'll send you a new number 1 hour. I'll wait for yours. Be safe, Sis. If you think of something, let me know. I'll do the same." Two bright Kryptonian minds on a problem might just manage to figure it out. Right?

"Right. I'll be waiting. And safe. Just…thinking. I could use the second brain. Since I don't trust mine as much at the moment." After a moment, there's a little smiley sent.

"I trust you. Fifty-seven-point-six counting."

"I'll be waiting then. Sis." Karen stretches out on the couch, looking thoughful. It's…a little surreal. Talking like this. She's starting to wonder if she's got something stuck in her head that makes her react badly when she actulaly sees Kara, but not when she talks to her like this. It would explain some things….

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