Expo: Opening Ceremonies

Characters: Linda Danvers, Tony Stark, Haven MacKenzie, Domnique Thiebeat], Erid Irons, Dani Masters, Drogo, Riri Williams
Rated: PG
Summary: A combination of science and technology luminaries and other interested parties gather for the opening ceremonies of the StarTech Science and Technology Expo in Metropolis.<br/><br/>This is the beginning of the week-long Expo storyline.
OOC Date: 2018-03-11
IC Date: 2018-03-11
Where: Metropolis Convention Center - Science and Technology Expo

Business District - New Troy - Metropolis, DE.
This area is almost always busy, the hustle and bustle of businesses open all hours of the day and night seeming to never end and keeping people coming and going constantly. At best, there's lulls in the crowds and traffic but it seems as if it never truly ends.

Here is where you'll find some of the businesses that are most associated with Metropolis, such as LexCorp and The Daily Planet. Any living areas here are set up mainly above the multitude of shops that line the streets. To find a house here is a rare thing indeed though there is the occasional stacked condo buildings.

As always, trees have been planted and occasionally a well manicured patch of grass can be found. Mainly, however, this section of New Troy is the epitome of 'urban jungle'.

Metropolis Convention Center
Taking up almost three entire city blocks, the Metropolis Convention Center is a tremendous edifice connecting its three segments with fully-enclosed skybridges and tunnels, gleaming apparently glass fronting main entry and a shimmering fountain across its open plaza, its upper rear floor actually extending out over the Hobb's River and looking over Hamstead in Bakerline.

The convention center includes several tremendous exhibit halls and spaces, some in fact larger than a football field, and most with three stories of vertical space. The convention center also includes numerous smaller exhibit halls, meeting rooms, eateries and other amenities.

Science and Technology Expo
Sponsored here in Metropolis by StarTech, Inc., the often groundbreaking science and technology company established by one-time teen STEM wunderkind Linda Lee Danvers, the Science and Technology Expo is intended as a showcase for companies to demonstrate their own efforts to improve the world with their pursuits of new science and technology; as a showcase for brilliant researchers and students pursuing efforts to expand humanity's understanding of their world through science and make their world better with technology; and as a showpiece for the world as to what science and technology can do for the people.

The Expo has three major exhibit halls. The largest of these is dominated by the large booths and exhibits of a lot of companies. The second largest is equally dominated by a large stage and the smaller booths, tables and exhibits of students and researchers from around the country and the world. The smallest of the exhibit halls has been partitioned off into several smaller spaces for hosting panel discussions on various topics including the possibilities and consequences of various technologies, the ethics of science and technology in the modern era, and the benefits of Open Sourcing scientific discoveries and technologies.

+view expo to view specific booths and spaces.

  • +view startech
    StarTech, Inc.
    StarTech, Inc. is the main driving force and sponsor behind the event, and as such has the largest presentation space in the main exhibit hall. That space is broken up into almost a dozen (actually 10) different booth spaces, covering a wide array of technologies the company is working on and supporting, including consumer electronics (AR smart glasses and smart watches, sensors, etc.), apps and programming; materials sciences for new lighter and stronger construction and vehicle parts; corporate-funded space flight; neural network drone fleets working on anti-pollution recycling efforts; and much more.
  • +view stark
    Stark Industries
    SI is definitely here in force and has a substantial booth presence in the main exhibit hall. Most of the center of the booth space allotted to SI has been set up as a battle bots arena for middle- and high-school aged kids with their own bots to compete, either against one another or on obstacle and other challenges to prove their mettle and gain recognition. The bot competitions are being filmed to closed-circuit and projected on a massive Jumbotron set up on one wall of Researchers Hall.
  • +view-eridirons
    Erid Irons
    A placeholder. Erid Irons is one of the more impressive presenters in the Researcher's Hall, and noted as on the schedule for the main stage in Researcher's Hall towards the end of the Expo. Her booth and presentation are both on broadcast (wireless) power transmission.
  • +view waynetech
    Wayne Enterprises
    A placeholder. WE is definitely here in force and has a substantial booth presence in the main exhibit hall.
  • +view lexcorp
    A placeholder. LexCorp is definitely here in force and has a substantial booth presence in the main exhibit hall.

The Science and Technology Expo hall has been open for over half a day, with groups and corporations both large and small working hard to get their materials and booths in and set up. The press is out in force covering the event, most hoping for shots and stories on some of those big celebrity names expected to be seen around such an event. But just as many at least lesser outlets are genuinely hoping to cover some of the future of science and technology being presented here during these seven days.

The time for the opening ceremonies is approaching, and a few announcements have been made across the public address system letting people know when the main hall's stage is preparing for those opening ceremonies. Some of the press clamor to get shots of Linda Lee Danvers, since everyone knows the teen founder (at the time) and now CEO of StarTech will surely be central to the presentation at those opening ceremonies. It is pretty clear to most that the Expo is Linda's baby, something she personally feels strongly about; there are even rumors that she has personally funded from her own pockets a collection of free tickets to promising students and researchers from around the world in hopes they will attend.

Said tall blonde, dressed in a sleek navy blue pantsuit with a white mock turtleneck can be seen moving through the main exhibition hall, making a point to meet and greet those who have their booths set up, no matter how small or large the concern they represent.

"Thirty minutes to the opening ceremonies. Repeat: thirty minutes to the opening ceremonies in the main exhibition hall. Thank you."

Haven is here thanks to Tony, here because so many toys and things to check out. Some things she might even have talked about tweaks to! Blonde hair has been styled to careless waves, earrings double drops of gold and smoky quartz, thick gold bangles on her right arm. The dress is classic: Black and close fitting, lace allowing a hint of sexy, while remaining subtle. She's a lucky woman who can make her feet not hurt in killer stilleto heels in black and gold. Her badge is discreetly clipped at the faux belt at her waist, declaring her here as part of the Stark Industries crew. Eyes are delicately shadowed, lashes lengthened outrageously, and her lips shine with a neutral gloss.

Dominique Thiebaut is mildly famous in Europe. In America, that amounts to maybe twenty people in the nation who know her by sight: Americans do not care about the officials of other nations, so she attracts no particular attention as she walks through the Expo in business-sharp with a smaller, amazingly-afro'd girl on one side and an older, blonde woman in a rather severe red pantsuit on the other. The three large men in black business suits with ear pieces in place who trail the trio at a discreet distance slightly too casual to be actually casual might attract more attention. Dominique ignores them, cheerfully chatting with her friends. "I don't think the medical presentations begin for some time, Riri. Would you like to look at the engineering displays first, or something else?"

The Stark Industries area has been off-limits from the beginning, the great hall draped in secrecy. Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be when everyone knows that Tony Stark himself will be in attendence? His hand is in it; and the air around it is electric. The press is wondering in their newscasts what the man has up his sleeve, given the events of the last month, that is, the announcement of a green, renewable source of energy.

Tony Stark himself is in tux; black suit, white shirt, bow tie for the event. He's asked for it to be straightened at least 10 times from his lovely, and very, very… was 'very' mentioned yet? very patient Assistant and early-in-the-relationship girlfriend. "It's gotta be ri—"

"Shh, Tony, it's fine.."

"But you know it's kinda—"

"Really, it's fine. It was fine the first five times…"

Over and over, talking over each other before Tony makes his entrance, waving to those in attendance, the phones held high in the air to get a video of him to put on youtube or snapchat or somesuch. "You'll love what we have here tonight, and all week!" he announces to those reporters that have caught up with him. "Just wait.. this is the place to be."

Tony has 'his people' here, and they've been given a spot close to the festivities (after some money paid out!.. no expenses spared), and casting a quick glance to that area, he offers the 'retinue' a quick, smile and a nod of greeting. He'll be over there later, absolutely!

One of the lesser recognized attendees, easily eclipsed by the big names (or simply by those who are wealthier or more beautiful in person), is a young woman with her hair pulled back in a elegant if simple bun, dressed in blue. Erid Irons' definitely not a model, with a more sturdy looking build, but a pretty face marred by the scar running over one eye and the smaller scars here and there on her face. She steps out of the rented limo, next to her PA Dani, then sighs a bit. "…hate public events." she mutters under her breath to Dani. Her dress, while fairly stylish, is certainly not cream of the crop or the latest fashion, and she hasn't even tried to go for stiletto heels, preferring more practical pumps she can keep her balance in.

She does, however manage a comfortable, swaying walk past the doors down the carpet leading inward, joining the crowds moving indoors and presenting her ticket at the door.

Somewhere in this is a young Chinese woman with purple hair who promptly had a little freak out over having to put on a dress in front of cameras and told her friends Dominque and Riri that she'd just meet them inside. Yes. And fled in proper heroic fashion. But she's in here. Somewhere.

Drogo is here because he's always heard about this famous Expo where all kinds of inventions, students, researchers, the best that there are come together to celebrate and show off such knowledge. Either way, He awaits amongst the crowd, sitting on an elevated ledge as he watches the stage where all of this amazing business will go down. It was nice to see Tony Stark and Linda Danvers there, two people who have been revolutionizing lately.

He wears a simple longsleeve shirt with a formal-looking trench coat and black jeans, boots adorning his feet as he looks about.

"Man…bigger than I thought it'd be."

Riri is not the most engaging individual but it doesn't seem to help her visibility. Wearing two inch heels, a fairly conservative short-sleeved azure dress with three ivory white buttons in the front, and a massive afro that is probably visible across the Expo, she manages to be a fairly striking (though tiny) figure in spite of herself. She periodically fingers her Expo pass (and Exhibitor's pass), tugging at it gently as she more or less mills her way through the various exhibits looking almost… lost the entire way. It's a big place, after all.

It is probably good for those seeking Riri's attention that she didn't restyle her hair.

Dani Masters holds the car door open for her boss, balancing a tablet in the other. Hey, SOMEONE has to manage schedule. She's deliberately not showing up her boss, hair pulled back into a ponytail and wearing a simple black dress, along with what totally aren't a pair of StarTech AR glasses with the warranty rather aggressively voided. She, however, has elected to go for the heels. Balance is a lot easier when you can cheat by doing what meat can't always, and she does move with a certain fluidity, reminescent of a dancer. "I know, Ms. Irons, but we have to get our brand out there. Show up, spend a couple hours schmoozing, and then you can get back to the lab."

"Tony, I'm glad you could make it to the opening ceremonies. I'm really glad to see all of the support for the Expo." Linda Danvers comments, as she steps up and extends her hand towards the man in question, welcoming Stark; she's anything but blind to the increase in the effectiveness of this event when Stark Industries agreed to participate. "I look forward to seeing you at the charity dinner later this week." The blonde then offers a slight bob of a nod to Tony's assistant, and continues on her way.

Linda can be seen greeting a redheaded woman in a wheelchair, and a purple-haired asian woman, as well as several others as she heads for the main stage, those StarGazeR glasses of hers shading automatically but briefly to shield her from the flashes of many cameras, reducing any chance of red eye in the shots as well as the dazzle effects on the wearer.

Once up on the stage, Linda moves towards the microphone and the podium pretty fearlessly; unlike many with such a high public profile, Linda moves through here without a security presence, despite the objections of her Board of Directors. (Her insurance premiums must be staggering.) With a light tap to the lapel mike that has been lying dormant on her suit jacket, Danvers steps up to the podium but leaves the mike there turned off; she brought her own.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the StarTech Science and Technology Expo. I want to thank each and every one of you who has come, whether to demonstrate your own science and research, your technology and products, or just to see what is being presented. Of such as those gathered here lies much of the hope for the future of our world and our people. Science and technology can achieve much. But the key to all of that is hope and a belief in those possibilities. A willingness to strive for that potential. And amongst everything else, this expo is a celebration of that spirit. So give yourselves all a big round of applause!"

Of course, there is the obligatory responding round of applause, and more flashes as Linda steps back from the podium. A big video presentation starts off next, showing off logos and faces of many of the presenters, a giant advertisement for everyone and everything here this week. When that ends, Linda's mike goes live once more.

"I hope all of you here, presenters and staff along with visitors, researchers and enthusiasts, will use this week as an opportunity to get to know others in our fields around the world. The connections and inspirations we make this week can be the stepping stones to possibilities we've only begun to imagine. And I personally looking forward to seeing what each and every one of you has to offer."

"And with that said, I would like to welcome to the stage one of the platinum co-sponsors to this week's events, CEO of Stark Industries, and another of the world's brightest minds today: Tony Stark." Her own mike is silently switched off, as the one on the podium goes live, and a corridor is assured to the stairs leading up to the main stage.

Haven will nod to Stark, quiet and subtle acknowledgment. She's just here for the expo, to see all the fun toys, mentally mock the ones that would fail in the field.. and admittedly try to find out what medical possibilities some of them have. Because anything to do her other job with less strain, would be a boon. She'll listen to the blonde who headed up the thing, before politely applauding for the 'boss'. She won't wolf whistle, no matter how tempting.

Dominique (and her entourage) stops to listen to what Tony Stark might have to say. She observes the proceedings with a pleasantly polite expression on her face, that betrays nothing of the deep reservations she has at this moments. Her older companion seems disinterested, maybe even bored by the way she pays no attention to the stage and keeps scanning the crowd.

"I'm curious to hear what he'll have to say about you," Dominique says to Riri.

Tony is all about shaking hands, smiling for the cameras that go off when each and every person he 'glad hands' is recognized. When Linda appears before going on stage, he not only offers the hand to shake, but he's leaning in to give what looks like a brief 'continental' kiss on the cheek. "Everything looks great. Definitely have some fun with it," is whispered. There, and gone, and he's clapping his hands for the lady as she ascends to the podium.

When each and every corporate logo crosses the screen, there are the obligatory acknowledgements, polite applause for the lesser known exhibitors. When the Stark Industries logo flickers on and lingers, Tony is getting ready to ascend the stairs. Of course he's got nothing truly planned, but since when has that stopped him from making some outrageous statement?

With the mention of his name, the man is already crossing the stage, holding out a hand in encouragement for everyone to applaud the lovely Linda at the podium before he both applauds and then opens his arms for his own acknowledgment for his own applause. He's basking in the limelight, of course.. and as he walks, he's full in the confidence that everyone has seen on television over time.

Once he gets to the podium, he taps it once, twice.. and laughs, "This thing better be on.." Beat. "Hey, anyone good with sound systems here?" There is laughter, and in the next moment, he's pulling the mic from the stand.

"I'd like to welcome you all here, on behalf of Stark Industries as well. We've got a lot of exciting islands of tech, and no one is going to walk away from here without wanting more. More information. More knowledge. More… input. More education." Tony walks the stage, and he's looking at the audience before his eyes catch Riri, and he continues. "A good friend of mine once asked, 'What's going to haunt me more.. owning up to responsibility or realizing that I was too late.'" He smiles as he turns to the rest of the audience, and he opens up his free hand, "Time to get the job done, and now!"

With that statement, in the corner that is Stark Industries' section, the 'veil' finally lifts, and the bit of Stark Industries looks an alarmingly bit like a WWF fighter's arena. "During the course of this week, rather than showcasing all of my stuff, I'm going to have students coming in.. regular high school students coming in with their creations. I have a pool in the back for High school and their robot creations, and that ring there…? Let the battles begin!" Battlebots!

Tony looks at the audience again, and smiles, "If the youth are following our lead, let's show 'em that it's not for all the wrong reasons." Beat.. "Thank you!"

With that, Tony puts the microphone back in place, and begins to walk off, waving to the crowds..

Erid lets out a long suffering sigh at her assistant, frowning. "The requirement is understood. But distasteful at times." she says, walking with Dani to find a spot where she can watch the proceedings. Since she lacks much of an entourage other than Dani, she's not exactly where she gets to claim one of the best spaces, but she can at least see what's going on "At least this should be interesting to see what the most cutting edge technologies and inventions are here, and how ours compare." she says to Dani quietly, frowning faintly. Such a strange technological growth pattern this world has. Very different than her own. Inferior in some ways, but with suprising jumps beyond even what she's seen in her own world. But then, that's what you get when you go with a patent hack like Edison over actual (if questionable at times) genius.

Speaking of questionable genius…Tony Stark. She's studied what she can of people who've built actual functional power suits here. And of those, Stark is undeniably the star, if his techology follows a different design path than her own. Other than that there's…what, the Hammer Industries designs, which are painfully flawed. She actually flinched at the stupidity involved in some of the leaked tests she was able to hack. Don't people understand the ideal of mechanical limitations that match the range of human motion?!? That poor pilot. And no universal healthcare, so she hopes that they at least had a really good health plan. Such as they are. Ugh.

Somewhere in the crowd, a Chinese girl with purple hair huffs at Tony's reference to 'responsibility' and makes a comment under her breath that only the girlon the other end of the smartglasses she's wearing will pick up. Hopefully.

Drogo merely sits down and listens, a small smile on his face, especially when Stark seems to give the big welcome on stage, as per the usual Stark-line. His ears are perked to listen to the words that are said, with that in mind, he simply lounges. Though a tilt of his head as Stark takes a unique approach to actually letting the festivities begin, Drogo can't help but laugh as the metal and weather manipulator hops to his feet to start walking around and the like.

He catches the sight of multiple people there, including Dominique, Haven, and even Linda Danvers as she finished her own speal. a small chuckle then. "Man…talk about everyone being here. I wonder….nah, Richards probably won't be around."

Dani nods, whispering back in her boss' ear. "Yeah, it'll be good to see what they've been hiding that I haven't been able to dig up. …Honestly though, bringing in the kids does seem like a Tony Stark thing to do. Considering his major change of heart in the recent past. So far though… Haven't seen a lot we can't emulate if needed." She blinks a few times, zooming in on the stage as her glasses 'play along' for a better view. "Say what you will about his habits, but the guy's got charisma."

When Tony looks over at Riri she catches his gaze for a second and blinks once. The girl doesn't dare look away when she replies to Dominique's words. "I don't think he'll say…. anything about me?" She starts, though the confidence bleeds from the girl's voice as she''s speaking. "I mean, he did me a solid but we don't work together or anything. Probably." Riri manages a shrug to bolster her flagging confidence at this point and then tilts hrr head toward a nearby display.

"Let's make sure we get a good look at everything. Make sure Sev can get all of the details." Riri and her afro determinedly forge a path through the crowd. "Is there anything you want to see, Dominique? …I wonder if there's snacks in the back."

Wanting younger students involved has been a big part of the push for Linda as well, and she applauds enthusiasticclly when Tony unveils his battle bots arena for the younger set as the lynchpin of the Stark Industries booth space. It's pretty awesome, and she starts tapping out on a holo keyboard instructions to get cameras covering that closed-circuiting to a big jumbotron in the Researcher's Hall, so that all of the kids and their creations will get equal time with all of the other booths in there.

Linda steps up once Tony is done, and gives an obligatory and brief rundown on the remaining scheduled events for the Expo, including various big researcher demonstrations - like Dr. Erid Irons next Saturday - and company demos, a charity gala being held to benefit students in STEM fields and STEM research projects, and much more.

"I know many of us here are more comfortable with our textbooks, test tubes and computer screens than we are meeting strangers. But remember to get out there and meet one another. Build the bridges towards a true community of science, technology, and imagination. And have fun! Enjoy what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life."

Haven will turn to look towards the battle bots, a hint of laughter. Trust Stark to do something fun and engaging, and not be serious. There's a shake of her head, before she will start to roam farther afield to look into other inventions, see what's what. She'll keep an eye, so to speak, on the boss, and do nothing to attract untoward attention. She's here on the Stark name, after all.

Dominique smiles at Riri, and subtly brushes her fingers against Jocelyn's wrist; a subtle sign the woman whose attention seems to be wandering should follow. "I'm interested in the medical presentations, myself, but I'm sure any or all of it could be useful. Please, pick a path you enjoy, Riri," she invites. She doesn't say aloud that she wants to see Riri in her element, having fun and coming out of her shell. Dominique pats her jacket pocket absently to feel the bulk of her paperwork, and awaits Riri's leadership.

Tony is off on the side, and when Linda retakes the mic, he's applauding as the openings seem to begin to wind down. With a spring in his step, he's descending the stairs, pulling at the lapels of his jacket, smiling politely as he passes reporters that are vying for his attention, shouting out questions that are missed in the noise of the hall. At least, that's his story and he's sticking to it.

Now, he's on the approach to 'his' area, talking quietly to one, then the other, before he picks up his step, coming out and behind Haven's right side. "Convincing, right?" He shoots a 'Stark smile' at her. "Now, your job is to have fun.. but not too much. I want to see what you can come up with by.. oh.. next week? If anything hits you, anyway." There's a pause before, "You look nice, by the way. Just in case no one's told you that." He offers a tight smile, though it's got that brief moment of genuine-ness. He's on to the next thing, however, and turning away, "Time to find someone."

Erid hmmms. "Battlebots?" she says curiousy, glancing at Dani. "Should enter, maybe." she murmurs, a faint twinkle in her eyes. "Could make something suitable…but is just for kids. Don't want to crush their hopes and dreams. Literally." She seems faintly amused by that, then mms. "…who to talk to…hmmm…perhaps starting with Miss Danvers?" She glances at Dani for her opinion, but doesn't move from her position quite yet, stil evaluating those she can see.

Drogo chuckles a bit at the many people whispering Battlebots to themselves and looking around, though Drogo was an extremely intelligent person, he knows that he's not exactly one to start creating Battlebots because he can. Either way, it is what it is. He looks to both Erid and Dani, only to approach the two ladies.

"Hello there. Enjoying the expo?" he asks.

Dani nods, grinning ruefully. "Yeah. I mean, I'm good at social engineering, but I can't pass for a high schooler. Plus then I'd have to go to school…. But yeah. Definitly Miss Danvers, Hopefully at some point this week talk to Tony…" She pauses, turning as she senses someone approaching behind her. "Well, I certainly am. Probably won't be by the end of the week with the amount of things I'll have to set up though."

"Medical ones, then. I just want to see everything and you spend enough time staring at robots because of me."" Riri shrugs slowly and then continues on through the crowd, picking up her pace slightlly as she goes. "I almost want to enter the Battlebots competition but I guess I don't- really qualify anymore." The girl is only sixteen but it has long since ceased being an appropriate benchmark for her success. She continues forward, letting Dominique's sillent entourage help ablate the crowd so that she can squirm through. "Hey. It's a demonstration on gene editing and cellular degeneration. …Huh." And so it will continue for awhile.

Once she comes down from the stage, Linda Danvers starts once more to make her rounds of the main exhibit hall, meeting and greeting many if not quite all of the attendees to the opening ceremonies. Before it's over, she'll be making tours of the other exhibit halls as well, Researcher's Hall especially, to welcome all these brilliant minds.

"Good afternoon, Dr. Irons. I'm so glad that you could join us this week. I am really looking forward to your presentation." Linda offers as she takes the woman's hand in her own. If she notices anything at all that could be considered odd or interesting about Irons or her assistant, she says nothing and shows next to nothing as well; only a real expert at micro-expressions might manage to spot any tells.

Haven will arch an eyebrow to Stark. "I'll let you know what I think." She will wander, getting lost in thought as she makes her way towards the medical inventions. Because no matter what she may say in her 'regular life', it matters. All of it matters.

Dominique takes in a few medtech demonstrations, dropping subtle hints now and then that she'd be happy to follow Riri if Riri has a preference for something else to do. She doesn't ask the older woman any such thing, though that would be a hard detail to pick up on in a crowd of tech nerds with little to no connections to one another.

Erid lets Dani field Drogo's initial pleasantries, though she joins to be polite. She's not exactly the most social person, but she's at least trying. When talking, her Sokovian accent definitely comes true, though her odd manner of speaking definitely suggests English is not her first language. As Linda arrives she smiles at her faintly, shaking the hand is offered. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Danvers. Thank you for hosting us here." she says in a steady tone, her ice blue eyes meeting Linda's directly. "Pleasing to know you are interested the demonstration. Will be very useful to people in places where there is less infrastructure. No wires needed."

Dani Masters Dani nods and grins to Linda. "She's been looking forward to it too, I had to drag her out of the lab to get her to eat dinner a couple days ago." The PA extends her own hand. "Dani Masters. A pleasure to meet you Miss Danvers, and I'm hoping we can work together in the future. I'm a big fan of your work."Dani's own body language isn't giving anything away either, except that she's happy to be here.

"Indeed. It's a great possibility that lies ahead." Linda offers Dr. Irons. She greets Dani, smiling and nodding. "And good to meet you, Ms. Masters. Thank you for taking care of Doctor Irons. I know as well as many that those of us with big brains often need a keeper to help us take care of ourselves, because we lose track of such things ourselves." There's a friendly twinkle in her eyes as she offers this to Dani. She is curious to learn what the side effects may be of the broadcast power solution.

"I hope you also take the time to meet others here, and see what everyone else is working on. We'll see each other again through the week, and on Saturday for your presentation." Linda gives each woman a brief nod, and then she heads off to meet the next persons in her circuit of the exhibit hall.

Erid shoots Dani a 'look' at the explanation of how she got a bit lost in her work. Food happened! Eventually! Then turns her attention back to Linda. "Expect I will. Much to see here. Much to do. Many things to compare to my own work." She shrugs a bit. "Also, Erid is fine to call me by. Doctor seems very formal. This is a place ot not be formal." She motions to the many people scattered around, already splitting up to explore the demonstration area."

As Linda peels away from Erid and Dani, she spots the European woman and her entourage. She moves past a few others, nodding, smiling, shaking hands, as she makes her way closer and then stops, letting them come to her so as not to concern the security team. "Good evening, Ms. Thiebaut. I was very interested to see your application for tickets here." She nods to the African-American woman at her side. "I am hoping you will end up making a presentation of your own some time this week, so that we can all learn more about one another." She offers her hand, but is prepared to have it refused; she has heard some royals are like that.

Dominique offers a friendly smile and American levels of eye contact as she accepts and shakes the hand. "And you, Ms. Danvers. You must be proud of the results of your work here so far," she returns, scanning pointedly around the expo to indicate its scope with her eyes by way of explanation of what her words mean. "I'm afraid I'm still exploring the legalities of making technological presentations as a foreign national, but if you'd like, I can keep you apprised of the team's findings so you can plan your schedule?"

"That would be wonderful, if it weren't too inconvenient." Linda offers, extricating a card from a pocket of her pantsuit's jacket, and offering it to the other woman, yet prepared to offer it instead to one of her entourage if subtle cues should guide her that way. "I realize with intellectual property laws being what they are internationally, there can be issues. If I or my people can be of any assistance in parsing through any of that, please let me know. Nevertheless, it is a real pleasure to see you here, and know that with each representative like yourself we are taking one more step towards making this truly international. A worldwide conference, the sum of humanity working together for a better world." Clearly something the blonde woman is very passionate about. "If nothing else, perhaps I'll get a chance to read one of your articles soon."

Dominique accepts the card as if it's the most natural thing in the world to do, and pulls one lapel of her jacket away from her blous to slide it into a presumably safe inner pocket. "Business cards?" she muses, smiling. "I wasn't sure how many people here would be using something so low-tech and how many would prefer to avoid the possible dangers of direct connections between smart devices." She smooths her lapel. "I appreciate the cards, myself. Apropos of that… Mistress Jocelyn?" She raises her voice slightly, to get the attention of the older woman who was hanging politely back out of earshot (or at least easy earshot). At Dominique's voice, she steps forward, producing from her own pocket a brass container of business cards, from which Dominique's contact information is produced and offered politely to Linda Danvers. Apparently she wasn't totally out of earshot, then.

"I figure most will just scan the cards with their devices." Linda offers honestly, with a smile. Her own glasses likely scan in Dominique's card as soon as she receives it from Mistress Jocelyn. "Thank you. I am sure many would prefer an all-digital means, and it can be done. But I like to be prepared." And besides, the cards can be pretty and that and the personal contact of handing them over can be very worthwhile personally. "I hope that you, and all of your team, enjoy your stay here. And in case no one else has said so yet, welcome to Metropolis. The City of Tomorrow is a pretty miraculous place for ideas." Not that Linda Danvers is biased or anything.

"If you're representative of Metropolis's residents, then I'm sure this city is a miracle indeed. But will you excuse me? I've another presentation rather important to my own work. It was lovely to meet you, Ms. Danvers. I'll keep you updated on my findings."

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