Expo: A Dire Theft!

Characters: Linda Danvers / Superwoman, Tony Stark, Erid Irons / Dire, Dani Masters / Delta, Pepper Potts, The Flash
Rated: PG
Summary: The StarTech Science and Technology Expo continues with the presentation of Dr. Erid Irons' power transmission technology and some other things. However, that presentation is interrupted as the supervillainess Dire and her flunky Delta appear on the scene to steal technology from the Expo. They are confronted by Superwoman and The Flash from the Justice Defenders, and driven off, but not without getting away with a lot of new tech.
OOC Date: 2018-03-17
IC Date: 2018-03-17
Where: Metropolis Convention Center - Science and Technology Expo

Business District - New Troy - Metropolis, DE.
This area is almost always busy, the hustle and bustle of businesses open all hours of the day and night seeming to never end and keeping people coming and going constantly. At best, there's lulls in the crowds and traffic but it seems as if it never truly ends.

Here is where you'll find some of the businesses that are most associated with Metropolis, such as LexCorp and The Daily Planet. Any living areas here are set up mainly above the multitude of shops that line the streets. To find a house here is a rare thing indeed though there is the occasional stacked condo buildings.

As always, trees have been planted and occasionally a well manicured patch of grass can be found. Mainly, however, this section of New Troy is the epitome of 'urban jungle'.

Metropolis Convention Center
Taking up almost three entire city blocks, the Metropolis Convention Center is a tremendous edifice connecting its three segments with fully-enclosed skybridges and tunnels, gleaming apparently glass fronting main entry and a shimmering fountain across its open plaza, its upper rear floor actually extending out over the Hobb's River and looking over Hamstead in Bakerline.

The convention center includes several tremendous exhibit halls and spaces, some in fact larger than a football field, and most with three stories of vertical space. The convention center also includes numerous smaller exhibit halls, meeting rooms, eateries and other amenities.

Science and Technology Expo
Sponsored here in Metropolis by StarTech, Inc., the often groundbreaking science and technology company established by one-time teen STEM wunderkind Linda Lee Danvers, the Science and Technology Expo is intended as a showcase for companies to demonstrate their own efforts to improve the world with their pursuits of new science and technology; as a showcase for brilliant researchers and students pursuing efforts to expand humanity's understanding of their world through science and make their world better with technology; and as a showpiece for the world as to what science and technology can do for the people.

The Expo has three major exhibit halls. The largest of these is dominated by the large booths and exhibits of a lot of companies. The second largest is equally dominated by a large stage and the smaller booths, tables and exhibits of students and researchers from around the country and the world. The smallest of the exhibit halls has been partitioned off into several smaller spaces for hosting panel discussions on various topics including the possibilities and consequences of various technologies, the ethics of science and technology in the modern era, and the benefits of Open Sourcing scientific discoveries and technologies.

+view expo to view specific booths and spaces.

  • +view startech
    StarTech, Inc.
    StarTech, Inc. is the main driving force and sponsor behind the event, and as such has the largest presentation space in the main exhibit hall. That space is broken up into almost a dozen (actually 10) different booth spaces, covering a wide array of technologies the company is working on and supporting, including consumer electronics (AR smart glasses and smart watches, sensors, etc.), apps and programming; materials sciences for new lighter and stronger construction and vehicle parts; corporate-funded space flight; neural network drone fleets working on anti-pollution recycling efforts; and much more.
  • +view stark
    Stark Industries
    SI is definitely here in force and has a substantial booth presence in the main exhibit hall. Most of the center of the booth space allotted to SI has been set up as a battle bots arena for middle- and high-school aged kids with their own bots to compete, either against one another or on obstacle and other challenges to prove their mettle and gain recognition. The bot competitions are being filmed to closed-circuit and projected on a massive Jumbotron set up on one wall of Researchers Hall.
  • +view-eridirons
    Erid Irons
    A placeholder. Erid Irons is one of the more impressive presenters in the Researcher's Hall, and noted as on the schedule for the main stage in Researcher's Hall towards the end of the Expo. Her booth and presentation are both on broadcast (wireless) power transmission.
  • +view waynetech
    Wayne Enterprises
    A placeholder. WE is definitely here in force and has a substantial booth presence in the main exhibit hall.
  • +view lexcorp
    A placeholder. LexCorp is definitely here in force and has a substantial booth presence in the main exhibit hall.


The StarTech-sponsored Science and Technology Expo has been running for a a week. Demonstrations throughout the week have covered a wide array of scientific inquiry, research, experimentation and technological advancement. Presentations have been made by huge name multinational conglomerates, small think-tanks and by individual scientists, researchers, and students.

The presentation of one Dr. Erid Irons is not the most famous or most ostensibly important of the conference, but is is definitely one of the top ten or twenty to be generating the most 'buzz' amongst the other scientists and curiosity-seekers throughout the expo. After all, broadcast power generation is a big deal, potentially a way to improve conditions around the world in less developed areas, and also open the way to off-planet power generation as a means of more safely employing less safe means of generating that power while then reducing or eliminating exposure to the arable land, and the people, animals and plants that live there.

It is for that reason that Linda Danvers is present on the stage at the main hall as the hour approaches, keying open her lapel-mounted microphone once more as her StarGazeR glasses cover her face and provide her with a running script, as well as other useful information.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. One of the most anticipated presentations of the Expo is upon us. Dr. Erid Irons is coming to the stage, along with one of her assistants, Ms. Dani Masters. Her presentation on broadcast power systems offers to be one of the most potentially transformative of the day. So, without further ado, Dr. Irons. The stage is yours."

Applause follows, as Linda steps to the side to make way. Soon enough, she'll take the woman's hand, and then head down the steps to find her ideal spot for watching this show without interfering.

Back in from New York City, Tony Stark is impeccably dressed, standing off to the side, watching the media play. He's been reading the tech journals, watching the announcements closely, reading the white papers; anyone who doesn't think he keeps up with what is going on in his field? There's a reason why he's a billionaire. With a glass of scotch in hand, he's got his head canted slightly to the side, watching the women take the stage. For as much as the media is watching the stage, they're also keeping a close eye on the 'distinguished guests' in the audience.

Erid Irons seems a bit more confident today, or at least more socially outgong, perhaps because of her presentation has her more on solid footing than more purely social interactions do. The demonstration for her broadcast energy transmitter is centered around a slightly squat column, standing about ten feet in height, topped with a dome of metal, hooked up to several laptops nearby on a table. Arrayed along the edge of the stage is a series of everyday looking equipment: a desktop computer. A server. A small electric car. A lightning system. Hospital monitoring equipment. All have been set on top of a raised platform to make it easy to see they're not plugged into anything, while all have been opened up so a small battery-looking item can be seen plugged into each where the standard batteries or plugs should go.

Erid taps her mike slightly, then begins without much fanfare, her accented voice filling the hall. "Thank you for coming to this demonstration of power. Ah, wireless transmission power, that is." she corrects herself. "In Sokovia, many things have been lost. Wires for power transmission. Energy grids. Many places must use gas generators, which are ruinously expensive to maintain."

The ash-blonde walks over towards the tower, raising her hand to take it in. "This will change this problem. Wireless energy…a broadcast energy transmitter. A grid of these are like cell tower. Except transmitting power to all within its radius. Cell phones. TV. Cars. Lights. All these things, but not dependent on costly or easily disrupted wire networks. With these, power is for the people. All people. A city can choose to run such things. Equal to everyone inside. MOre towers, more coverage, more easy of use. More economical. Environmental." She pats the column, the metal ringing softly from the smack. "Better for all. Look…" She nods to Dani to start the experiment, stepping back from the column.

Meanwhile, The Flash is presently gulping down a series of hotdogs at a faraway table at the expo. Sadly, his own batteries will not charge off 'remote power', and he needs the calories to keep the Flash-fuel burning. The well-known hero had dropped by earlier because he was simply curious, and hey - it was something interesting going on, and who wouldn't want the Flash around? Apparently a few of the women and men who are watching Flash and his pile of hotdogs with a measure of car-crash fascination and horror, mixed with amusement, but their attention is mostly, as is everyone else's on Erid's presentation.

Dani, today dressed much more casually in a turtleneck and jeans, leans forward and enters a few commands into the computer in front of her. There's a clack as a heavy duty relay energizes, and a low hum begins to emanate from the tower, audible to those fairly close to the stage. Hopping over the table, she walks a circle around the arrayed devices, hitting power buttons as she goes.

Everything lights up, and just as she returns to the beginning, of her loop, a toaster pops up a neatly browned slice of bread, and the cell phone rings. The brunette picks it up with her free hand, taking a bite of the toast with the other. Dani accepts the call, nodding a few times, before holding it out towards Erid. "Doctor Irons, it's the Future calling." Hey, it's cheesy, but what tech presentation isn't?

No longer the center of attention, Linda Danvers is off the stage and over to the side, watching the presentation unfold. However, she also has quite a few sensors trained on this, getting all the readings she can. One of the most likely issues with broadcast power is the possibility of interference with the rest of the EM spectrum of transmissions that make up the backbone of modern life and technology; so she wants readings to see what those effects may be so that intelligent minds can look for solutions to those issues if they exist. Honestly, she wants this to work.

Tony watches the demonstration as the hum rises from the transmitter. Dark eyes narrow as he stares, his expression… inscrutible for the moment. Until, of course, a camera pans across towards him, and he seems to have an uncanny knack of timing. The glass is lifted to his lips again, though not before a gesture of 'toast' towards the reporter, and he takes another swallow. Leaning over to his right soon after, there's a whisper of something passed between himself and his lovely companion, a tight-lipped smirk, and then he straightens again.

With the soft hum of mechanisms coming to life, the car starting up, its lights coming on, the server springing to life, the desktop humming as it starts booting up, the stage is soon filled with electronic movement and life, so to speak. Erid takes the phone with a raised brow, then holds it up. "Transmitter can power anything. The power draw is dependent on how much each device draws. Anything from car, to cell phone, to tablet, to radio. Since there is no battery, never need to change anything out once installed. Draws power only when is on, does not waste power with need to charge, or overcharge, existing battery. She tucks the phone away in her pocket. "But energy is not everything. Need peace. Reduce injuries for police, for fire fighters, even soldiers." She touches a button on the phone as robotic table rolls out onto the stage. It's odd….a torso is on top of it, a mock up, with a odd vest filled with blue goo over it. There's an identical one next to it. Also a bat.

Erid pats the gel. "Impact gel. Kinetic dampening. When struck, material disappates energy through entire armor. Very efficient. Injury that would break bones cause only minor bruising, maybe not even that." She offers the bat to Dani. "Dani will demonstrate. First unarmored to show you when would happen. Then armored to show you the difference."

Dani snags a pair of safety goggles, slipping them on as she picks up the bat. She gives it a few twirls, before swinging for the fences, and sending the mannequin spraying across the back of the stage as shrapnel. "See? Not a fake bat." The assistant takes a step forward, and swings again.

This time, the bat stops dead when it hits the gel, the recoil almost knocking it out of Dani's hands, although she manages to catch it after a few fumbles. "We're also looking into putting it in civilian safety equipment. Think bike and motorcycle helmets and leathers, sports equipment… Should reduce traumatic brain injuries in head impacts by at least half."

"Huh," mutters Flash, eloquently, mowing down the last of the hotdogs, and then he's slowly standing up, taking a few steps forwards and remarks to a random group of tech-savvy college students or members of some other tech-corporation, "Neat. That," he says pointing a finger from his red-suited costume, "Could really save some lives."

This is something he can get behind, considering all the people he's had to save from potential car wrecks, and other such disasters.

He pauses, and poses for a picture from a media outlet with a thumb-up pose, a wink, and an arm around one of the students before everyone refocuses back on the demonstration.

Linda certainly had not been expecting the presentation to move so rapidly beyond the aspects of broadcast power transmission, but she makes no sign of that surprise outwardly. She is recording everything, including her sensor readings, for later review. She does offer a moment of applause, along with much of the rest of the audience, at the bat-to-mannequin demonstrations.

Tony doesn't appear to be watching closely anymore, now that the power transmitter demonstration is completed. He's turning away, another low whisper given to the lovely red-headed lady. His hand rises to touch the small of her back, gently guiding. He does twist around in time to see the mannequin get batted across the stage, turning back around once more before the bat meets goo. "Interesting," he offers a little more loudly, now picked up by the reporters vying for his attention, looking to get some response to the power displays.

Said red-head leans towards Tony, lips twitching slightly before her eyes cut up to Tony and Pepper just smirks outright, giving a faint nod. There's a shift of posture, a slight twist of her body that puts her a fraction of an inch closer to Tony when his hand alights on her back. It's the pause that has those intelligent eyes snapping back to the stage and a brow arching. "Mm. I wonder how long it lasts though," is the aside given to Tony in return for his comment though much quieter than he was. She does offer a polite clap along with everyone else, carefully done so as not to spill the drink in her hand. After a moment, she leans back towards Tony and whispers something before nodding to the reporters even while grinning at him with a knowing look. And then her attention seems to be back on the stage and it's presentation.

Erid nods to the applause from the crowd, then moves over to open the armor and slide it off…revealing undamaged ceramic underneath. She then swings herself, though not quite as hard as Dani, the ceramic shattering just like the first to show it really did just stop the impact dead." That is part of this…another is more peaceful ways to control riots." She starts walking over to another display as it rolls on. "Erid Industries is currently working to improve existing sonic disabling devices. More healthy than tasers, better range. Controllable for who it goes off…"

As Erid explains, meanwhile..the next demonstration appears to be having problems as two of the scientists stab at controls next to the stage. "It's not responding!" one hisses, the other murmurs. "I KNOW it's not responding, it's starting the descent early!" The first looks a bit panicked. "Ah, I can't…I mean, once it's programmed, it's supposed to go through the planned hoops…" The second shakes his head furiously. "Kill it!" "It's not responding!" Not suprisingly, they're both from Hammer Industries.

And thus, when the shadow falls over the skylight above Erid and the ongoing presentation, she looks up, blinking as a shadow falls over the stage, then the skylight starts to slide open, revealing the bulk of some sort of industrial sized transport drone as it starts to descend straight towards the stage. The skylight doesn't QUITE get open before the drone hits it head on, a sharp *cracktinkletinkle* warning of oncoming glass as Erid grabs Dani and runs off stage right with her, where a pair of rough looking gentlemen who scream 'paid bodyguard/security' promptly move to cover the two women, directing them behind them down the hallway off stage and away from danger.

The massive drone hovers down over the stage, its four turboprops rumbling as it turns in place. It appears to be part zeppelin, part drone, and at least it seems to be built for if it bumbles into a solid object, with bumpers along the sides.

Then the vehicle jerks, before there's a soft *bang* from it as smoke starts billowing out of it, before its payload doors part and slide back against either side of the side of the vehicle, a tremendous gust of smoke washing down on the stage like a waterfall. Or…like…dry ice?

For a moment it obscured the stage, along with the sounds of several heavy items hitting it as a pair of Hammer drones (one in UPS covers, one in Amazon colors) hit the ground heavily. Then a pair of red eyes glow from within the fog as a massive figure floats out of it, hovering over the stage, a grating, electronic squeal of a voice booming over the audience. "IT IS A PLEASURE TO MAKE HER OWN POWER DEMONSTRATION…REMAIN CALM AND AWAY FROM THE DEMONSTRATON AREA…OR YOUR FATE SHALL BE DIRE!" Seemingly miraculously, no one is injured by Dire's arrival…other than the Hammerdrones, and they feel no pain anyway.

A few seconds after Dire disembarks, a black armored figure familiar to anyone who'd seen footage of the fight in the trainyard a couple months ago drops through the skylight as well, landing in a crouch to the armored figure's right. «Heads up, Boss. We've got at least one cape in the audience, Speedster who was there the night we arrived. All in red, calls himself Flash.»

Rising to her feet, this time she speaks out loud, voice somewhat electronic and roughened by her helmet. "Remain calm, people. We're just here for the tech, nobody has to get hurt. As long as nobody gets any funny ideas." Taking a few steps back, she starts to walk around the stage, slapping silvery disk shaped gadgets onto the various tech demos.

Flash sighs, and puts his hand on his head in a facepalm, "Oh, man. Not these guys again," he says, lamenting. Then, to his small gathering of fan club who were trying to take selfies with himself, he excuses himself, politely, "You all should leave, now. I heard there's free hotdogs in the display room," he says, pointing to the double-doors that lead out from the presentation center into the various booths, and then? Then Flash is gone.

And now, Flash is suddenly next to Delta, and there's no longer a smile on his face. Instead, he gives Delta a rather disapproving look, then looks over at Dire, holding his hands up in a peaceable manner.

Of course, everyone will be focusing on him, and the present danger, so unknowingly he might be giving others present a sufficient distraction, if so needed.

"Hey, now. Remember our talk, in the trainyard? Be nice, don't cause any trouble, and we can all be friends? Let me take you guys out for a hamburger and coke," he says, reasonably.

Poor, poor Flash. Always believing the best in people. And, probably the only guy in the world who can get the Ultra Humanite to have a Spirit of Christmas.

The presentation on the stage in the heart of the main hall of the Expo was going so well. Linda had lots of readings to work on later, and was rather curious about this latest talk of energy-absorbing gel armor. But then someone starts talking about their presentation being out of control. A quick glance around with the aid of things like X-Ray vision turns up the problem up above long before it actually comes crashing down through the glass of the skylight. And if Linda Danvers cannot do much about what is forthcoming, that doesn't prevent her from taking some mediating action.

An alert text message is sent anonymously to the security staff of the Expo, mentioning a problem. Another alert is dispatched to the Justice Defenders, though it's unlikely any who are not already present will be able to get here in time to do anything. The security personnel will be trying to move people back from the stage and the skylight.

But all of that is too late. The drone comes through the skylight, and something has to be done. One moment, Linda Danvers is in the crowd, being pushed aside by the press of the crowd and the security personnel. And in the next moment, she is gone.

Then the air is rent with a sonic boom sounding out to sea, and moments later the crimson-caped azure blur of Superwoman appears on scene, swirling rapidly around the stage area, gathering up all of the glass and framing members falling, dropping them into a portion of the stage now unoccupied. She doesn't interfere with drones, as they do not become a threat.

But when threats are levied, Superwoman floats down to confront the armored figures. "This tech does not belong to you, and it is not yours to take." She does not bother with introductions; doesn't everyone know who she is?

Tony looks up as the shadow forms overhead, ducking the moment the glass begins to break and drop down like little knives, his arm and a good portion of his body moving to protect Pepper from the spray. At the same time, however, Happy is moving and doing exactly the same thing for his boss. "Pepper," Tony reminds the security man and friend, "Protect Pep—"

The speech.. the synthetic screech preceding it makes the man flinch, and as the sound booms out of the speakers of the momentarily(?) out of control drone, Tony straightens and looks back at the stage. "Really?" His voice is a little louder, "Really?" comes a second time.

Turning back around to Pepper, Tony's head ducks. "I'm sorry, babe.." He gestures towards the stage with a brief tilt of his head while looking theatrically apologetic. "Of all nights, too.."

Turning back around, Tony starts walking towards the stage, "Hey!" is called out. "Really? At a demo? Are you stupid? This is the stuff that isn't in development yet. Still in research… jeez.." As he walks, his voice kips lower, "Happy, if you could get—

"I bet that goo has a halflife of, what… a day? Though, maybe you could use it as a sleep mask overnight.."

The glass shatters above and Pepper instinctively twists and ducks, frowning as Tony covers most of her. "No. Prote—" She doesn't get to finish. Instead, she winces and brings her hands up to her ears. "Why do they always feel the need to be loud? Like whatever they break on entrance isn't enough to get attention…" Sound like someone who has dealt with a few such issues?

Despite the situation, Tony's look and his lementing makes her smirk. "Go get 'em boss." He's already walking away and while Happy does exactly what Tony told him to, it isn't without getting glares from Pepper and slapping of his hand as he tries to draw her away. When she isn't watching Tony intently that is.

Wonder how much trouble his mouth will get him into tonight…

The masked armor tilts its head slightly, hands clasping behind its back as it floats in midair as Delta moves to mark all the Iron's tech on the stage, as Dire turns her attention to Flash. "AH. THE FLASH, WASN'T IT? HAVE NO FEAR. NO ONE WILL BE HARMED AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INTERVENE." Dire inside the armor subvocalizes 'scare', and outwardly the mask's eyes glow to intimidating red, as she speaks outwardly again, in a more threatening tone. "IF THEY DO, HOWEVER, DIRE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR WELL-BEING.

And then…Superwoman is here. Inwardly, Dire sighs to herself. Of COURSE she'd appear here. Then again, it was a calculated risk. Give her strength levels, the successful operational parameters of this particular plan just dropped considerably. "Ah well, primary purpose it is then." she thinks to herself, before answering verbally as she turns her mask to the Kryptonian. "SUPERWOMAN. POSSESSION IS 9/10THS OF THE LAW…THOUGH IN PRACTICE, I FIND IT TO BE COMPLETELY UP TO WHO POSSESSES IT IN HOW IT'S USED." the armored figure says, raising a hand to waggle a finger at her, then glances over to Tony as he protests as well. "OF COURSE NOT. BUT NOW IT WILL BE IN DEVELOPMENT. FOR DIRE." The armor's gauntlet manages a snap, and there's a brief intense glow from the discs covering the broadcast energy tower, the gel, the sonics Erid was about to demonstrate…and with a flash, they glow brightly then teleport, disappearing. "TECHNOLOGY PATENT LAWS HAVE BECOME SO INTRICATE, THE WEALTH OF SCIENCE NO LONGER SERVES THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY THE COST. THERE WILL BE NO ADVANCEMENT AS LONG AS WE ARE HELD BACK. HAVE NO FEAR THOUGH. DIRE SHALL CHARGE NO FEE FOR THE USE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY, AFTER SHE HAS DEVELOPED IT." The left hand of the suit extends as a shower of several more discs fire off, landing to latch onto the two Hammerdrones nearby.

Delta rolls her eyes inside her helmet as the Flash appears. She kind of wants to see what Tony's going to break out, but best to keep the heist moving, and leave the monologuing to Dire. She ducks at the sonic boom, before tilting her helmet to one side as Superwoman appears. "…Huh. You're new." Despite the apperance of the heroes, though, she doesn't seem to be slowing in her 'tagging', devices and gizmos continuing to vanish as they are appropriately disc'd. "Seriously, you guys don't have to make it this hard to get badges and stuff. But we knew if we showed up, there'd be a big fight, and we wouldn't get to look at anything! So if there's going to be a fight no matter what…" Delta finger-guns at a display case full of microdrones, now bearing four discs, which beams out in response.

"Seriously?!" Flash looks put out at Dire and Delta's words and actions, and he gives Superwoman a 'look', telling her, "These are the portal-girls I told you about last month," as if she would remember that. Then again, there's only so many visitors by strange portals, so, Superwoman probably will.

Then, "That's enough," and then Wally's arms begin to spin, rapidly around and around in a small, circular pattern creating a rather massive windstorm directed straight at Delta, which will be more than enough to prevent any further discs from going out from her, as well as likely, unless other methods are employeed, send Delta onto her back even if she is a bit weighted.

"Sorry, ladies, these things aren't yours."

"I am responsible for their well-being, 'Dire.'" Superwoman intones back. She doesn't seem to be terribly impressed, but she is neither dismissive nor condescending. She gives a nod towards Flash as he speaks, already putting together what she recalls of his report - all of it - with what she has observed thus far today.

Moving as quickly as she is able, it may be that ost will miss the act. Flash is likely to spot it. Whomever else? Kara cannot know. But she flicks out her hand just before that windstorm hits, tossing a tiny object onto one of the units that has not yet disappeared, then returns that hand to exactly where it was, in the posture it held before she moved it.

"Apologies, Mister Hammer." Superwoman calls out, as she shoots forward through the air, punching her fists into the Hammerdrones and pulling those fists out quickly with the discs crumpled within her hands. Then she turs back to see what happens next. "Return Doctor Irons' technology, Dire. If you do not, there will be consequences. And you will not enjoy them." Yep. Kara can monologue with the best of 'em.

"J," Tony begins talking softly once more, "I want energy readings from my position, 100 meters out. I'm seeing teleporting tech."

"Yes sir.. scanning. Shall I send a drone?"

"Nah.. not right now. Seems we have a cape here, so I'll be stepping down." Aaaand.. something else. "Just.. do what I ask and send me the telemetry. Pep already knows my night is screwed, so.."

Behind him, Tony is trying hard not to look behind to watch Happy escort Pepper from the venue. He's got her safe, giving him the chance…

"And control it, right? And when you've got control, anyone who stands in your way is going to suffer," Tony raises his hands to offer sarcastic air-quotes, "Dire consequences?" He shakes his head, "We don't work that way." Beat. "See?"

To underscore that, Tony.. turns his back. Where once he was advancing, he's departing. The speedster and Superwoman (who hasn't heard whispers and stories?) can handle it all. He waves his hand in the air behind him in farewell.. "Good luck with that."

When it became very clear to Pepper that Happy wasn't going to go get Tony's briefcase until she moved, the redhead consented to fully being 'escorted' out of the area and off to … Whereever Happy deemed as appropriately safe. Which means she was likely tucked into the car where she could sit and worry and fret without anyone seeing her because she has no idea what was going on inside!

Poor Tony. He's likely to get an earful later. She might even hide the scotch.

"IT IS A POOR GENIUS WHO CARELESSLY HARMS THOSE UNINVOLVED." the floating armored figure notes. And then watches as Superwoman crushes both Hammerdrone's chests. Speedsters. God she hates speedsters. Delta goes flying as it finally dawns on the audience that they should be leaving as they rapidly start heading out the exists as Expo security guides them and keeps panic from turning it into a stampede. More of the items flicker and flash, vanishing, as Dire tilts her head down. "DIRE CONSEQUENCES, INDEED." she murmurs. She raises a hand as golden light swirls around it, then a particle beam slams out, smashing into one of the still hovering drone's engines as it coughs, then sputters, bursting into flame as it starts to veer towards the side. "BUT DIRE TRUSTS YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PREVENT THEM, HEROINE." She flips off her external speaker and flips to her comms with Delta. "We may have to execute our escape earlier than anticipated. This suit cannot withstand Crusader-level combat, and Superwoman is that powerful at least. If we can distract them, we will depart."

Delta somehow manages to convey exasperation through a helmet. "Seriously? Portal Girls? You're making us sound like a bad cartoon." …Oh hey. The wind trick's definitely new. Recessed a-grav emitters in her backplate start to glow a dim blue-violet, and she leaps into the air, wobbling a bit, but managing to stay in a fairly stationary hover. Working doubletime, a fork of herself probes the convention center's defenses, and finds its way into the lighting and sound control booth. The computerized spotlights above come back to life and all swivel to aim directly at the Flash's face. "Talk about blinded by science." «Copy that, boss.» The reset of the lighting grid overloads with a blinding flash, bulbs popping as the center is plunged into darkness. «Now!» Boosting her a-grav to the max, Delta does her best to juke out of the airstream she's trapped in, and head for the hole in the roof.

"… no, you're making yourself sound like a bad cartoon," Flash counters. If anyone besides Spider-Man loves to talk smack as they fight, it's Flash. Then, as the room is sunk into darkness, Flash is momentarily blinded, and disoriented.

And in the next moment, he's in the exact spot where Delta was, attempting to grab onto her in one way, shape or form, be it arm, leg, wrist, or ankle, depending on her vector. "That's far enough," he tells her, warningly as he latches onto her. Still, he's using kid gloves. They're clearly not trying to hurt anyone, and not using lethal force. So, he's playing 'nice' as he can, while still trying to dish out a little bit of due justice.

Neither darkness, nor sudden spotlights are going to disorient or blind Superwoman. But it seems Dire is smart enough to guess that, given she instead damages one of the drones and sends it careening towards the civilians. Naturally the Kryptonian powerhouse of the Justice Defenders can't just let that go, and she flies in to catch the thing as she uses superbreath to put out the fire. She doesn't try to guide or lead Flash; she trusts him to do his job as he trusts her to do hers.

As Superwoman moves to control the drone in danger of crashing, Dire starts to fly upwards, then pauses as the Flash grabs Delta, moving towards the pair. "DIRE HAS ACCOMPLISHED HER TASKS HERE…BUT SHE WILL NEED YOU TO LET GO OF DELTA." she says, almost apologetically. After all, Flash and Superwoman have been very polite. She could hope for more heroes who are polite, if misguided, as opposed to the ones who try to solve everything by punching it at super speed.

Speaking of which, she reaches out to grab hold of the offending limb holding Delta, then her fingers crack with electricity as she pours it into Flash, attempting to taser him long enough to stun him. "DIRE DID WARN YOU OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF INTERFERENCE, HERO!"

Delta is abruptly jerked off her ideal flightpath as she's suddenly dragging a hero along by her left arm. "Thanks for the assist, Boss! I was just going to take him up until he let go, but this works too." Assuming she's now freed of the additional burden, she makes her getaway rather significantly faster this time, blasting skyward.

The electricity lights up, like lightning will, briefly, the area and Flash can't override his impulses with the electric flow going through him, and it gives Delta the time she needs to get the air she needs to move out of the roof as Wally's knocked back with a thud as his butt hits the floor.

In a nanosecond, he's back on his feet again, "You warned us," Flash agrees, "Now I'm warning you. Turn yourselves in now." One can almost hear the frown in his voice, even if it can't be seen in the darkness. He's lost his position, and he's not going to risk blindly fighting. The civilians are safe, and that's the important things.

If she were perhaps more upset, Superwoman might have unleashed heat vision upon Dire's armored form when she attacked Flash. But she recognized the equal restraint being showed, and decided not to risk potentially permanently harming if not killing the pilot of said armor when it is unnecessary.

As soon as the Amazon drone is settled firmly on the ground, shut down and fire out, Superwoman shoots up through the open skylight into the evening sky, zeroing in on the retreat of the villains with the intent to give pursuit … assuming they are there.


But then…Superwoman appears to be getting that drone under control….

"UNTIL NEXT TIME, FLASH, SUPERWOMAN." She accelerates upwards after Delta, transmitting to her companion. "Break right, Dire will try and draw Superwoman off if she follows. Ensure there are no tracking devices in the tech taken, some may have decided to take security measures with their prototypes." And with that, she shoots off at a right angle to Delta's path, a sonic boom rattling the area as she puts full power to her gravity nodes, trying to put some distance between herself and Metropolis.

Well, mostly Flash and Superwoman….but speedsters. Sigh. Okay. She'll need to figure something out. Hmm.

«Breaking» Delta pulls a turn harder than any human has a right to. Luckily, she doesn't have to worry about G-forces. She drops altitude again to stay below the radar, eating up the miles with evasive maneuvers as she heads back to base. «Soooo. That went okay. And don't worry, The containment area's got a faraday cage. Should prevent any trackers on this planet's tech base that we know of from working.»

"Hey!" The voice, underneath Delta, comes up suddenly, sharply, as The Flash is easily transitioning around, over, and about buildings to keep up with her as a very red blur. By the casual tone of his yell, one might easily get the impression he's not even trying to be fast right now, he's just keeping up with her, "Don't you know it's rude to steal and then run away? What kind of manners do you have, anyways?"

Superwoman and Flash have worked together enough to trust each other, and with them having 'picked' out their prospective responsiblities, Flash simply zoomed out of the building, found Delta in his sight and is now following her, rather easily.

"C'mon. Let's be friends!"

Superwoman spots Dire flying off in the opposite direction, and radios in. "Flash? Dire is headed West, and your target is headed East. I will pursue Dire. Be careful. No backup." That said, off she goes …

…right up until Dire flares with light and disappears.

Darned teleporters. Kara pulls out her customized phone and starts pulling up tracking data on the tiny locator beacon she placed on some of Dr. Irons' tech. And watches the pulses cover half the eastern seaboard. "Seriously?"

Delta tilts her head to one side, looking down at Flash from her altitude of about fifty feet. "Funny thing about your name! Flash, right? As in 'Gone in a flash?' Well, you're not the only one who has that trick. Beam me up, Scotty!" She wiggles her fingers, and disappears in a blue-white pulse of light.

Flash putters out as Delta disappears, much as the tech did, he taps his ear and reports back to Superwoman, "She's disappeared on me, just like the tech. We'll need to go up to the Tower, and see if they have any tangents on where this stuff all went. Looks like our visitors aren't going to be the friendly types like we hoped." He sighs, a bit disappointed in that. Then asks Superwoman, "Lunch is on you this time, right?"

"Isn't lunch always on me, Flash?" Superwoman complains. "The tracer I put on the tech is reporting, but I can't narrow it down. It's projecting over half the eastern seaboard. I'm guessing they have scrambler tech in place over the site. I'll meet you at the booth."

First, Linda Danvers needs to make an appearance before someone starts panicking. Fun!

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